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Moving this weekend look forward to a fresh start!


Click here to support Toby's Fight Against MDS(Myelodysplastic Syndrome) organized by Toby Gutierrez

Please help out our good friend Toby and his family!

gofundme.com We are starting this page in efforts to raise money for our dad, Toby Gutierrez. He was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has raised his family here. Toby Gutierrez is a hardworking husband, father of two, and a grandfather of one. He is the oldest of three siblings. Toby is 55 years old and ha...

Night Crew

Loyal to the Soil
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Westside vs The World Screening Fundraiser for Elijah

Mark your calendars December 14 at 7 PM we will be hosting a screening of the much anticipated documentary Westside vs the World. This screening will be a fundraiser for one of our athletes Elijah who is battling cancer.

Elijah has been training with us for the last four years and is a senior in high school because of all the time that he has missed he’s having to take extra classes to graduate on time. We found out last week that his cancer has come back and we want to join in the fight with him.

This will be an awesome event for a great cause so please give generously all proceeds will go to Elijah in his fight against cancer.

eventbrite.com We will be having a private screening of the much anticipated documentary Westside vs The World.

Zia Strength Systems

[11/15/18]   “I walked right in the mouth of it, and never looked back again”
@i_anaya_ 🎥: @robbie_garcia55
A few of the big dogs hitting their Bench openers tonight @ziastrength For the USPA New Mexico State Championships, December 1st.
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[11/11/18]   In the Conjugate method, it is common to hit a circa max squat, 21 days out from a meet. We have many athletes competing December 1st at the USPA New Mexico State Chanpionships. Here is how it went for 3 of our athletes.
@ziggyzackattack 🎥: @robbie_garcia55
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Today marks 7 years of Zia Strength Systems officially being open. It’s been a long tireless process that we have grinded through but we have come out the other side. Thank you to all our members for making this possible!!!
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You’ll never get better if you choose to train with people who aren’t above your level. @i_anaya_ getting coached through the Squat by @diesels_n_barbells during last nights max effort. 📷: @robbie_garcia55
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Approach the bar with intent .
@elicat23 📷: @robbie_garcia55
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[09/13/18]   Wednesday’s are all about working variations of the Olympic lifts prior to hitting the WOD and any other accessory work. Yesterday’s max effort consisted of working both the snatch and the clean off of a 6” block. 🎥: @robbie_garcia55
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New class to get in early during the week! Lets get it!

New Class!!! We got a new class for you early birds during the week at 4:30. Just another way to join the movement!

Max effort Monday at the compound, 08/20/18. Some 2” deficit and 3” block pulls went down between the evening CrossFitters and Powerlifters. 🎥: @robbie_garcia55
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Blessed by the best 🙏
All Zia and NFP members now get 15% off at either @nutrishopnm location here in Albuquerque. If you need to re-up on the supplements you know where to go!
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Bulletproof Baseball Strength Program ⚾️ 1707 Broadway NE 87108
8 week program
3 times a week at 10am M,W,F
June 18th-Aug 10th
$299 for the summer
Special team rates available
Ages: 13+
For more info email: [email protected]

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Every Sunday at 9 A.M, one of our wonderful personal trainers @cassjoygarcia runs her own class called BOOTY CAMP. Through this class, Cass will take you through a warmup, then something along the lines of: -some type of lower body, max effort movement✅
-circuit and high interval segments ✅
-finishing with movements that will target the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. ✅
Movements from Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Strongman are all things you can expect as well! -cost is $5 for members, $10 for non-members. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot us a dm!
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Zia Strength Systems

We are happy to announce the following: -Open gym hours will now be from 6 A.M all the way to 12 A.M, 7 days a week. -Office hours will be held at the gym from 4 P.M till 8 P.M Monday-Friday, where someone will be available to field any questions from members, or from anyone interested in signing up! For any questions feel free to drop by our office hours, or shoot us a DM either here, or directly through one of our owners: @mr_nfp @coach_shoob @coacht5510
#ziastrengthsystems #nfpcrossfit #newmexicostrong #newmexicotrue #powerlifting #strongman #crossfit #bodybuilding

We are happy to announce the following: -Open gym hours will now be from 6 A.M all the way to 12 A.M, 7 days a week. -Office hours will be held at the gym from 4 P.M till 8 P.M Monday-Friday, where someone will be available to field any questions from members, or from anyone interested in signing up! For any questions feel free to drop by our office hours, or shoot us a DM either here, or directly through one of our owners: @mr_nfp @coach_shoob @coacht5510
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Awesome having the @mad_scientist_duffin out training with @iamkenjonbarner and @mr_nfp. He’s really taken the time to create the best training tools out right now!
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Kasia Gregorczyk

Congratulations Zia’s own Kenjon Barner winning the Super Bowl! All your hard work has paid off! We are glad that we could be a small part of it.

A small piece of New Mexico took the field when the Philadelphia Eagles did at Super Bowl LII... check out this awesome story I got to be a part of, featuring two local businesses doing their thing!
Damage Control Mouthguards Zia Strength Systems

Go get that ring KB! @iamkenjonbarner
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It was a great weekend having @optimusprime_334 out to teach us a thing or two about the squat! Also a big shout out to @coach_stev_strength and @coacht5510 for rounding out the day with some very important topics as well! You should always be learning!
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Come check out World Record holder Ray Williams at Zia Strength Systems Saturday at 9 am for the You Don’t Know Squat Seminar!

Sign up at ziastrengthsystems.com or walk ups are welcome.

Other speakers will be Performance Ranch’s own Estevan Lucero and Zia Strength Systems’ and Elite Powerlifters Anthony Trujillo.

Seminar will cover squatting for athletes, box squatting and much more. Come learn from the best!

Schedule is out for You Don't Know Squat seminar on January 27th. Registration is still open go to ziastrengthsystems.com to sign up.

THE COMPOUND: When a dream becomes a reality

Sign up this month! All new memberships this month will be grandfathered in at the old Zia and NFP rates. As of January rates will be going up.

Open Gym $40/month 12 month commit, $50/month-to-month

Classes $75/month 12 month commit, $100/month with 6 month commit, $125 month-to-month

NEW RATES as of Jan 1
Open Gym $50/month 12 month commit, $60/month-to-month

Classes $85/month 12 month commit, $110/month with 6 month commit, $135 month-to-month

Come check out the new "Compound" this today all drop ins are free this month!

[12/05/17]   Gym is open regular hours today!
1707 Broadway NE 87102

So after a long weekend of moving we are one day away from opening back up. Zia Strength Systems will be open again regular hours on Tuesday at new location 1707 Broadway NE 87102.

Six years ago we set off to on a journey to be the best! Even with all the naysayers we continue to thrive and move forward. We started in a 1,600sq/ft facility and in less than a month we will be moving into a 10,400sq/ft facility. Thank you for all the support over the years as we look forward to what the future holds!

Shout out to all our strongman competitors as many of you placed and many it was your first time competing!

Zia/NFP Testimonial: Tomas Montoya

Another amazing testimonial from Tomas Montoya, stories like this make me so proud of what we have done and I know why we have been in business when other gyms haven't made it.

Vince LaVolpa ZIA/NFP Testimonial

Vincent LaVolpa thank you for all the hard work and support! You are a very valuable member of the ZIA/NFP family.

Vince has made huge strides in the gym and we have definitely have benefitted from you as well!

Zia Strength Systems

It's official @zia_nfp will be moving to a new location stay tuned for more details!
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"All work is easy work!" These boys tough to deal with! Two of the hardest working strongest athletes we've come across!
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#andnew congrats to @yanamma on becoming the @invictafc Bantamweight champion! Everybody @zia_nfp are super proud of you!
#ziastrong #ziaathlete #nfpcrossfit #athletes #motivation #mma #girlswholift #girlswhofight #jacksonwink #invictafc #ufc

REGISTRATION IS OPEN go to http://ziastrengthsystems.com/ and get the early bird rate before October 1st for $75 goes us to $100 after Oct 1st.

Ask about group/gym rates!
@ydks_usa @zia_nfp @optimusprime_334
#ziastrong #ydks #youdontknowsquat #squat #deadlift #powerlifting #strongman #strong #strengthandconditioning #seminar #stronger #training #coach #fast #speed #athletes #worldrecord #fitness #fit #motivation #goals

Congrats @dmitrifong on being named the WAC Defensive Player of the week! She put in so much work this summer, just shows what hard work does!

FINALLY!!! Excited to announce our You Dont Know Squat Strength and Squat Seminar December 2nd at Zia Strength Systems in Albuquerque. We will have some great speakers along with World Record Holding Powerlifter Ray Williams as our keynote speaker.

Registration starts Monday August 14th. Early bird price is $75 after October 1st it will be $100.

Email [email protected] for group or gym rates!

Stay tuned for more details.
@zia_nfp @ydks_usa
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Stoked to be partnered up with not just an amazing brand but amazing people @apemanstrong!
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Oh no Zia is doing strongman again! Had a blast today going through strongman techniques!!!

Ready for football season! Ready to watch @iamkenjonbarner do his thing in his new digs with the @chargers!
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Strongman Saturdays at Zia Strength Systems class starts at 10:30 am class is $10 to non members.

Class will include training, technique on strongman movements.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Albuquerque?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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THE COMPOUND: When a dream becomes a reality
Zia/NFP Testimonial: Tomas Montoya
Vince LaVolpa ZIA/NFP Testimonial




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