Functional Fury, Albuquerque, NM Video February 21, 2019, 9:39pm

Videos by Functional Fury in Albuquerque. At Functional Fury, we believe in creating an energetic and fun atmosphere to inspire attaining personal fitness goals for all ages! Come check us out!

Work will be done.

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Live Kettlebell Workouts you can do at home. 💪🏽We have been doing 8 live kettlebell classes a week for our members since we had to abide by the government mandated closure of all gyms. It has been such a reward seeing the dedication from our Functional Fury Family. 💪🏽We want to share a live workout with you or someone you may know who has been wanting to do some kettlebell classes. 💪🏽This Thursday, April 9th you can join our class at no cost to you and even more... 💪🏽It’s Tye Dye Thursday! If you wear your tye dye, snap a pic of yourself and our live video, and post it to your page tagging us you will be entered into a drawing for a Functional Fury gift certificate. Don’t miss out! Classes are fun, yet challenging. **KETTLEBELL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED** Click one of the links below. It will take you to our online waiver & liability form. You will receive a receipt after completion which will have your access link to Thursday’s classes. 4/9 9:30am class 4/9 5:45pm class #kettlebellclasses #homeworkouts #functionalfurygym

Here’s a clip from our 3rd live video workout. It was a great workout, had quite a few members online with us this morning. Stay connected with us. We’re doing live class style workouts Monday thru Saturday. We’ll be posting the links daily so that you can join in too! #functionalfury #kettlebellworkouts #homeworkouts


Kettlebell’s are a great tool to have at home for simple, effective, workouts. Here’s a clip from our noon class today. We put together a simple bell combo for you to do at home. We performed each move 1x, then 2x’s, then 3x’s each before putting the bell down. You can continue onto 4 & 5 or make it a ladder, going to 3, performing 3 twice and going back down to 1. Try this combo at home and let us know how it went for you. As always make sure you are using proper kettlebell technique when using the kettlebell. A big thank you to my demonstrators!! You guys are awesome!

Let's LEVEL UP for the New Year! This is it! It's time to get ready for your New Year's Resolution Weight Loss Plan. Keeping it Short, Simple, and Sweet is our goal for this challenge program. And we plan to make it one of the best, most powerful programs we've ever offered. We're here to get real today. Our goal for 21 Days beginning Monday, January 6th is to eradicate any feelings of failure from your life so that you can truly level up. Because honestly, we're tired of watching people become victims to their own lives and circumstances. We're here to help you take back control. What do I get with the program? *Full detailed flexible meal plan packed with awesome recipes you'll want to make over and over again *14 workouts you can do entirely at home with no equipment *Access to unlimited fitness classes throughout the 21 days. These classes will be held at Functional Fury Gym @ 141 Osuna Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107 *Us in your inbox every single day addressing the mental challenges that have kept you from being successful or sustaining success in the past *A new outlook on what's possible in your life that extends far beyond food and weight loss (We're incorporating a lot of components of life coaching into this program) *Average weight loss will be 8-16 pounds in 21 days if you follow the program *New levels of confidence that will have you feeling you can dominate any area of your life you choose! When does it start? We officially start on Monday, January 6th. You will have all the materials you need by the end of day Saturday, January 4th so you can fully prepare. Your registration must be received no later than the evening of January 4th. Your orientation date and time will be Saturday, January 4th at 11:30 A.M. @ 141 Osuna Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107. It is important you attend the orientation. You will be weighed and measured at this time and have your before picture taken. We will also go over your Challenge Manual. How much do

BRING OUT THOSE UGLY SWEATERS!!! Wear your ugly sweater to any or all classes or your personal training session from December 20th thru December 24th and be entered into a drawing for free Functional Fury gear. #uglysweater #functionalfurygym

Guess what’s coming to Functional Fury Strength & Conditioning? FUNCTIONAL FURY ABROAD 🌎We are going global! What does this mean? 🌎This means you can now become a part of our culture even if you live out of town or maybe live in town but find it challenging to get to the gym. 🌎You can now access Functional Fury workouts online to do at home or at your local gym. 🌎Are you ready to add some “Fury” to your daily routine? You can have ready to do workouts on your phone or computer. 🌎Let’s give it a go. Our 6 Week Fitness Challenge is ready for you. 6 weeks worth of workouts, a simple meal plan, and coaches to encourage you along the way. HOW DOES THIS SOUND TO YOU? WE ARE READY TO LAUNCH AND LOOKING FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE READY TO BE A PART OF THE FURY CULTURE. 📞Let us know what you think. Comment below or DM us. #functionalfuryabroad #functionalfurygym #onlinetraining #strengthandconditioning STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION AND THE LINK TO GET STARTED.

Functional Fury’s Youth Strength & Conditioning class is back on the schedule. Bring your kids prepared to learn on; Tuesday at 5:30pm & Saturday at 10:30am. 🏈Is your child currently playing a sport, on a break between sport activities, or planning on playing a sport? This class focuses on teaching and enhancing the athletic skills required to play in their sport. ⚾️Wouldn’t you like to see your child’s confidence flourish? Giving them the basic skills needed to perform well in their sport and growing those skills will increase their confidence level and create a greater experience during their sport season. 🏀This class will teach and build on their speed, agility, & overall strength. 🏐Now days most athletes are including strength & conditioning classes into their weekly training routine to help them perform better in their sport, to help them move better, run faster, jump higher, & much more. 🏒Bring your child between the ages of 8-17 years old. Contact us at 505-369-3170 to sign-up today.

KETTLEBELLS.....What are they exactly? How do you use them and what are they for? 💪🏽A kettlebell looks like a cast iron cannon ball with a handle on it. It’s an effective exercise tool that can be used alone or combined with other exercise combinations. 💪🏽The odd load effect of the kettlebell allows for a total body workout combining strength, cardio, balance, & flexibility all in one. 💪🏽Kettlebell training increases strength, builds lean muscle (so you won’t get big and bulky), and helps shred unwanted fat. Here at Functional Fury Strength & Conditioning we offer a variety of kettlebell classes. Whether new to kettlebells or an avid kettlebell veteran, come in today to see what are classes are all about. 📞Contact us at 505-369-3170 to sign-up for a class today. #functionalfurygym #kettlebelltraining #kettlebelllife

DIY projects happening in the Fury House today. It’s more of a reward for us when we know we did it ourselves; besides, it doesn’t have to be perfect only FUNCTIONAL. 💪🏽Have you considered turning yourself into a DIY project but not sure where to start? 💪🏽Would you like to see some changes within yourself, inside and out? 😳Creating change can sometimes present itself as challenging yet if you change your mindset first those changes can turn into an enjoyable, adventurous, rewarding journey. 😀And when done with others who share the same goals, it makes those changes that much more fun. 📞If you’re ready to be FUNCTIONAL not perfect, Contact us for information on our upcoming Online 6 Week Fitness Challenge Or 📞If you’re ready to makes changes with those who share the same goals, contact us for class and personal training information at 505-369-3170 or stop by @ 141 Osuna Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107. #functionalfurygym #DIYprojects #online6weekfitnesschallenge #classesandpersonaltraining. We appreciate you guys!

Getting in a good run with Jolene. Enjoying the trail and the weather. Jolene will be running in our Functional Fury relay along with Dwayne Davis, Josie Flakes, Theresa Kester, & Jordan Velasquez at the Duke City Marathon. So proud of her for always working hard, being consistent and proactive with her health and fitness. Thank you for pushing me Jolene and holding me accountable. #functionalfurygym #runningwithfriends #fitforlife

We make it a priority to stay fit and healthy not just for ourselves but also so we can serve you better. It’s you our members, our clients, our friends and family, our community that drives us everyday to make a difference in peoples lives through what we do at Functional Fury Strength & Conditioning. WE APPRECIATE YOU! #grateful #functionalfurygym #fitforlife

We want to help you reach your fitness goals! Functional Fury Strength & Conditioning has been open since 2015 and recently located at 141 Osuna Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107. 💪🏽We offer Russian Kettlebell Classes, Early morning boot camp classes, circuit training, Personal training, and sports specific training. 💪🏽We spend our time wisely with functional workouts because we value your time. With us, no second is wasted. 💪🏽Health & safety is of utmost importance to us. We value your wellness that’s why we offer various programs to fit all fitness levels. 💪🏽We are consistent. Consistency is key to attaining results. We are consistent with how we train & strive to give you the best service. Let us know how we can help you. Call us at 505-369-3170. P.S. Call us or DM me for our new member discount special. Offer is good through June 30th.

Wrestler learning.

Wrestling/ workout buddies. Cibola high school.

Great KB Cardio Explosion Class today! Everyone got their cardio in before the weekend. #Beastmode Fury style

Great class this morning! Way to start you Saturday morning. You guys killed it! #beastmode fury style.

Work will be done.

This is what a girl does on her birthday. Leg day with some sled work. Feel that burn!! I’ll admit, I wanted to be lazy today for my birthday however; that just wasn’t gonna fly. I had several clients today who were depending on me and having turned one year older getting a workout in and spending time helping my clients reach their goals made my day that much greater. I’m grateful for today, grateful for my love Dwayne Davis for spoiling me for my birthday and pushing me through my workout, grateful for my kiddos, grateful for my friends, clients, and family. Thank you to everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes!! #furybeastmode #happybirthdayjess #alwaysgrateful

Emotional Detox..... how many of you have experienced this?

Don’t blow it because the day didn’t go as planned.

Always good work going on.

Kids get that work also.

Left side wrong, correct side right

Wrong way left, correct way right.

Still got a lil juice for 36.

Come get that work.

Youth Camp! We're giving you a taste of our new Sports Specific Youth Program beginning next year. Our Fury Fuel Program is a sports specific program designed to help maximize the individual skill of all young athletes. Sign-up today to take advantage of this terrific discount! Only $24 for 3 days of camp, Thursday, January 3rd-5th. Click below to register today:

Save Money!!! Looking for a great Herbal Cleanse, extra energy or a great way to hydrate.... ON THE 8th DAY OF CHRISTMAS THE FURY GAVE TO ME....AN $89 value gift set consisting of an herbal cleanse, spark focus & energy supplement, & rehydrate electrolyte replacement supplement for only $65. Order today!

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