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Brute Strength and Conditioning offers personal training, partner training, small group training, large group training, our signature "BRUTEcamp" & personal fitness assessments for all your fitness goals!

Brute Strength and Conditioning is a full-service, total body, fat loss and strength building program dedicated to helping clients achieve their peak physical and mental condition through exercise and nutrition monitoring. Services Offered -Intro Session Meet and greet with a Brute Strength fitness professional to learn about our program and get you started. We will also do a fitness profile and set goals to make sure you see success. -Fitness Profile Fitness Profiles are used to measure progress on your fitness journey. Fitness Profiles include assessments that test: health/lifestyle (CAD risk assessment, & medical history), body composition (height, weight, BMI, & Body Fat %), muscular fitness (strength, endurance, & power), cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2max), & flexibility. -Personal Training 1-on-1 workouts with a Brute Strength fitness professional -Partner Training 2-on-1 workouts with a Brute Strength fitness professional -Small Group (Semi-Private) Training Small group workouts of 3-5 people with a Brute Strength fitness professional -Team Training Large group workouts of 6+ people with a Brute Strength fitness professional -BRUTEcamp Each BRUTEcamp is done in an energetic group setting making classes fun, motivating, challenging AND it keeps the cost of working with a certified personal trainer affordable compared to private 1-on-1 personal training sessions! Purchase of the BRUTEcamp classes includes daily nutritional coaching and fitness profile updates every 6 weeks. What makes our BRUTEcamp so special? The Workouts Our BRUTEcamp doesn’t just focus on strength training. It doesn't just focus on cardio. And it doesn't just focus on flexibility. We know that you want to "get toned", which requires building muscle, so you will see plenty of exercises throughout the program that will help build lean muscle. Oh, but you don't want to "get bulky" though right? Getting "bulky" doesn't happen by accident. You have to intentionally want to get massive muscles (especially as a female). So it's a good thing our BRUTEcamp is specifically designed to help you reach your individual fitness goals. If building big muscles is not on your list of goals, then there isn't really anything to worry about (however, if it is one of your goals then we can DEFINITELY accommodate that as well). We also know that you want to "lose weight", (but in fact what you REALLY want is to lose FAT, which requires a caloric deficit), so you will see plenty of cardio and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to increase calories burned throughout each workout. We believe that exercise shouldn't focus solely on one aspect of fitness. So there will always be multiple elements of muscular strength/endurance/power, cardiorespiratory fitness, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance, and reaction time in every workout. This allows us to help you "lose weight", & "tone up", but also to get stronger, increase mobility, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase bone mineral density... The benefits of regular physical activity and exercise are endless! And if that isn't enough, the workout structure changes every day from circuit training, to HIIT, to CrossFit-style training, to Tabatas, to obstacle course training, to martial arts/boxing. This is exactly the change that keeps people excited and motivated to come back and push themselves every day! When it comes to our BRUTEcamp: You can go at your own pace because every exercise can be modified to fit your individual needs! So whether you are just starting out or you are an elite athlete each workout can be tailored to fit your individual needs. We take pride in creating workouts that are designed to be challenging while still accommodating all fitness levels. The Contests It’s easy to lose motivation after a few weeks of eating veggies and drinking water. That’s why we have contests EVERY 6 WEEKS. Every 6 weeks you get a chance to win prizes just by doing your best with nutrition and exercises. This keeps our BRUTEcampers motivated and ensures success. Moreover, we keep the most accurate records around to make sure that you know exactly how your body is changing. Nutrition This program is great and the workouts are fun, but NOTHING will replace great nutrition habits. That’s why we don’t leave you to fend for yourself. Our fitness records update your required calories and we keep each other accountable by connecting you to your trainer using the MyFitnessPal app; a food journaling application that allows us to see how you’re eating in real time. The PEOPLE Brute Strength & Conditioning is not just a gym, it’s a community! We are a community of supportive men and women who motivate each other. We are everyday people, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sons, daughters, teachers, students, athletes and professionals who want to become stronger. Besides, people that are willing to wake up early in the mornings are a rare breed, so we’ve got to stick together! Occasionally we’ll break away from the boot camp to enjoy an obstacle course run, a hike, a yoga class, or a self-defense class. In case you haven't caught on yet... we like to mix it up! Whether you’re here for a month, a year, or a decade our goal is to: 1) Help you understand a better way to work out 2) Build relationships that will help you with your fitness journey, where ever you go! So if you're ready to start your fitness journey contact us today!

Operating as usual

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Not knocking the scale, BUT there are a lot of other MAJOR advantages to working out.
How you monitor progress can be done any of these 10 ways, & honestly they're all really important.

So don't get down if the scale isn't changing, as long as you're getting stronger, feeling more confident, & daily life activities are getting easier then you're making progress. Keep it up!
Remember, the scale doesn't differentiate between muscle & fat but the mirror will!

And just so you know, I'm putting together a brand new program starting April 1st. This is specifically for stir-crazy social distancers who want to focus their energy on slimming down for summer by losing 10lbs of fat in the next 60 days. It's a remote program, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

I'm looking for 8 home-bound men &/or women to test it out at a HUGE DISCOUNT, help me work out the kinks & get amazing results that I can then use as a case study. If that's you, comment "tell me more" below & I'll message you with details.


If you want to build muscle, the rules are fairly straightforward. Do more in your workouts than you did the last time; whether that's one more rep or lifting 5 more pounds. This works best for the big compound/multi-joint lifts (squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bench press, clean, jerk snatch,...) & try to really focus on the muscles you're working to really FEEL the contraction (this is called the mind-to-muscle connection).

On top of that, eat lots of protein, get lots of sleep, & lastly...

Most importantly: STAY CONSISTENT!

Just keep pushing yourself everyday to be a better you!

And just so you know, I'm putting together a brand new program starting April 1st. This is specifically for stir-crazy social distancers who want to focus their energy on slimming down for summer by losing 10lbs of fat in the next 60 days. It's a remote program, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

I'm looking for 8 home-bound men &/or women to test it out at a HUGE DISCOUNT, help me work out the kinks & get amazing results that I can then use as a case study. If that's you, comment "tell me more" below & I'll message you with details.

Healthy lifestyles have never been more important. Help keep your

"Congress is working on an economic relief package for businesses and industries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Health clubs, studios and the businesses that provide their supplies and equipment are among the hardest businesses hit, due to mandatory closures.
As a valued customer of the fitness industry, you are invited to ask Congress to include the fitness industry in any relief package afforded to other industries.
Your club needs your help! Tell your Senators and Representatives that health clubs need relief!" When this pandemic ends, Americans will need a places to continue to improve their health. Congress, don't let COVID-19 destroy the health and fitness industry too.

Global pandemics are (thankfully) a rarity due to modern medicine, but the response we've seen with Coronavirus has led to disruptions for businesses, travel, & events like I have never experienced. Whether or not you're afraid of getting the virus is one thing, the potential economic impact is another; and frankly, that's the thing that scares me most.

As of Thursday (3/19/2020) Brute Strength & Conditioning, under official mandate by the state of New Mexico, has been ordered to close its doors until further notice.

This is a very hard & trying time... not just for me here at the gym but for everybody. This is heartbreaking to say the least & the uncertainty is the most stressful part... I am still here, wanting to work, wanting to train, wanting to help you guys!

Our only options for in person training right now (with appropriate social distancing of course) are outside locations such as a park, a track, or perhaps a hike (btw I LOVE hiking so I think we should go ahead & plan a couple of these already).. If this is something you are interested in let me know so we can coordinate!

Our other option is taking the training online.


I am happy to announce that I will begin offering online training in response to this current situation.
That's right! You'll be able to complete your workouts from the safety of your home so you don't skip a beat or get off track with your health & fitness. After all, your fitness routine is a huge part of what keeps your immune system strong, so placing it on the back burner is just not an option right now! I am planning to take care of you through this 100%!
So if you are a current member of the #brutesquad please reach out to me so we can get you set up on the apps that you'll need to continue your routines.
If you are not a current member but would like more info on these online training programs please reach out! I will get you info & can get you involved in the Brute Strength community ASAP!

I love you all & I want to continue supporting all of you with your fitness & nutrition needs, and I thank all of you for your continued support!

-Shane Boyd, CSCS

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Introduction to Multiple Sclerosis: Warning Signs, Diagnosis, Treatments - Buzzy USA


A good friend & now Brute member was recently diagnosed with MS. He made the decision to join the gym after being diagnosed & has been working out 1-on-1. He is determined to not let his disorder define him & to keep his quality of life high. And let me tell you: he has shown INCREDIBLE determination & mental fortitude when it comes to his sessions. Anything I throw at him he's ready & willing to take it head on! I know (and he knows) that this journey will be a rollercoaster, but it is so great to see the progress he has already made, makes & continues to make every single session. I'm so proud of him! I'm learning all I can to help him as much as I can.
So for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week here's a short article outlining the very basics of what MS is all about. The more we know & understand- the more we can help those affected! Around one million people in the United States suffer from Multiple sclerosis or MS, according to Healthline, [1] and about 200 new patients get diagnosed each week. Understanding multiple sclerosis symptoms and treatments is crucial if you or your loved one has MS because it is a very difficult con...

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Should You Avoid the Gym During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Short answer = no.
There's no need to avoid the gym... UNLESS you are feeling sick or showing any flu-like symptoms.
We love your dedication but if you're feeling sick, as a courtesy to other gym-goers, please stay home to rest & recover. The gym will be here when you get better!

P.S.- WASH YOUR HANDS!! Many studios are taking precautions

Proactive Coaching

In search of constant growth...

[03/04/20]   Research shows:
Focusing on the targeted muscle while doing an exercise can boost muscle activation by up to 26%!
So don't just passively lift your weights, focus on the muscles & watch them grow!

ONEighty Athletics

[03/02/20]   March On with a little
Monday Momentum
What are you going to accomplish in the next 30 days?
Setting multiple smaller, more achievable goals is an effective way to reach big goals!

Happy #leapday BRUTES!

American College of Sports Medicine

People of all ages and abilities who regularly participate in resistance exercise reduce risk of numerous diseases, improve quality of life and reduce mortality.

Learn about the benefits of resistance training and the key components of a resistance training program in this infographic.


Your fitness journey will be a trying process. There will be ups & downs. It will be hard. You will have setbacks. You will want to give up.....
Keep at it! Keep working hard. Keep pushing though! Trust the process! Your time to shine is coming! Just don't give up!

[02/20/20]   Did you know:
Adding 2,000 steps (about a 20min walk) per day can lower your risk of heart disease by about 10%!
So get stepping!

New study shows that lack of sleep can lead to overeating

Study found that individuals with poor quality or lack of sleep tend to eat 500-800 excess sugar & processed calories per day compared to individuals who get sufficient sleep. An extra 500 calories per day translates to 1 pound of fat gained per week.
So do your best to get your sleep in! It's part of the program!

A new study in the Journal of the American Heart Association reveals that lack of sleep can lead to overeating, and a diet with more sugar and caffeine. The CDC says one third of adults do not get enough sleep. Dr. Carol Ash, a sleep specialist with RWJBarnabas Health, joins CBS This Morning.


[02/18/20]   Tuesday Tip:

Don't fall for gimmicky gadgets or diet pills/shakes! If it seems too good to be true, it usually is! No goal was met without a little SWEAT!

Happy Valentine's Day Brutes!

Join us tonight at 5:45pm for our special Valentine's Day themed BRUTEcamp!

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[02/13/20]   People who workout together reach their goals together. In fact it ups your odds of success by nearly 94%! So grab a partner & try our small group training or BRUTEcamp classes!

Making heart-shaped wet-spots after this weeks Valentine's Day themed BRUTEcamp! It was a good one! If you missed it this morning we'll be doing it all over again at tomorrow's evening class at 5:45pm. If you haven't tried out our BRUTEcamp classes yet, first class is FREE! So come on out & fall in love with fitness this Valentine's Day!

[02/12/20]   You should workout🏋️‍♀️ because you LOVE 💚 your body, not because you HATE👿 it! Shift that mindset & start enjoying the journey🛣!

[02/10/20]   Studies show that just 30 minutes of physical activity per day reduces the risk for heart disease by 30-40%!

Crunched for time? Try our 30min class at noon on MTWTh!


Fitness Trends to Watch in 2020

Check it out! We're trendy!
We offer services that fit nearly all of the current fitness trends for 2020! If you haven't tried out any of our fun, effective (& trendy) fitness services yet, what are you waiting for?!? Give us a call today! The most popular workouts for the new decade are the ones with staying power.


Don't be THAT guy! Come try our fun & effective workouts!
Click the link below to sign up!

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Losing is NEVER an option! You either win or you learn!

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Brute Strength and Conditioning

[01/20/20]   "If you can't fly then run. If you can't run then walk. If you can't walk then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

If you haven't tried our HIIT BRUTEcamp group fitness classes yet, you don't know what you're missing!
Each class is specifically designed to help you burn fat & tone muscle to get you back into shape in no time!
Click below to sign up for a class on us!


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a very popular fitness trend. HIIT workouts can take many different forms, but do you know the definition of HIIT?
HIIT exercise programs typically involve short bursts of high-intensity bouts of exercise followed by a short period of rest. The relationship of the work and recovery interval is important. Many studies use a specific ratio of exercise to recovery to improve the different energy systems of the body. Some programs use a 1:1 ratio, while others may relay on sprint intervals or a tabata-style interval. Learn more:

Happy New Year BRUTES!

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