Two Eagles Balloon Team

Two Eagles Balloon Team


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The Two Eagles Balloon Team was formed to break several long-standing aviation records in gas filled balloons.

Operating as usual


A Chick in the Cockpit


Cameron Balloons Ltd


We are very proud to say, we have done it!
The world’s largest EVER hot-air balloon is built!
A huge well done to everyone at Cameron Balloons for all their teamwork and their truly Herculean efforts with special mentions particularly to Marion, Donna & Steve who have been integral in building this huge balloon.
The Cameron Z-3,500,000.
This 68metre tall, high-altitude, record-breaking attempt balloon is packed, ready for “round one” of its final inspections.
#AmazingAviation #Innovation #ExtremeEngineering


The documentary on the Two Eagles Flight is now available at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum. And there’s even a preview of the show running at the bottom of the stairs. Stop by, check out the preview, then take one home.


太平洋横断に挑戦するガス気球の離陸【TWO EAGLES Take off in SAGA】

This well-done video captures the feel of launching last year in Saga!

ガス気球を使用しての太平洋横断への挑戦。 その離陸の様子です。 場所 佐賀県佐賀市 撮影 2015年01月24~25日 10/05/2015

There is a very nice article about the Two Eagles flight in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta program!


A really big day for the Two Eagles Balloon Team as our capsule was installed in the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum


FAI - World Air Sports Federation

At the end of race Day 2 of the 59th Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett, the teams ESP 01 (Gonzales/Aguirre Gas Balloon Team González-Aguirre) and USA 02 (White/Sullivan FLY GAS) mark the golden and silver position. As the teams reported, both landed safely in Eastern Poland, close to the border of Belorussia.

But watch out for the 2014 champions team GER 01 (Eimers/Zenge Gordon Bennett Team Eimers / Zenge) who keep on fighting with challenging weather conditions on a track with still might take them a little further North compared to the two leading teams.

Who will make it ultimately? Is it GER 01 or ESP 01 or USA 02 who will win? All of these three certainly are some of the World's top gasballoon pilots. But, don't forget the dedicated and committed teams following. Some of them are winners in previous races:
- Team SUI 01 (Frieden/Witprächtiger Gordon Bennett Gasballonteam Frieden - Witprächtiger) became third in the Gordon Bennett 2013 in Nancy, France and twice second place in 2009 and 2012 - and won in 2010 in Bristol!
- Team BEL 01 (De Cock/Peirsman Gas Balloon Team Belgium United), where the first pilot was winning with Ronny Van Havere the Gordon Bennett in 2006 in Waasmunster, Belgium.

All pilots entering their third night into the race are fighting for the title of champion and all to be taken very seriously. We can be happy to watch these brave pilots from our chairs and enjoy the enjoy the thrill as it continuous to develop. The pilots are showing true airmanship, true character and a remarkable performance. The tension remains high - This is air sports at its best. Who will finally make it to the podium? For sure, they all deserve it! 07/17/2015

Two Eagles Balloon's Duration and Distance World Records Ratified by FAI FAI has ratified two world records following the Two Eagle Balloon's fantastic flight across the Pacific Ocean in January.


The Day/Night cycles of the Two Eagles flight across the Pacific.

[06/02/15]   The records set by the Two Eagles team have now been ratified by the NAA as National Records. The record dossier has now been forwarded to the FAI for approval of the World Records.

Distance : 6,655.9 mi
Duration : 160 hrs, 34 min
Class A, Balloons
Subclass: AA-13 through AA-15, General

Here is the article that appears in the May/June 2015 of Ballooning magazine.


In 2005, I announced this project at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum. I had a press conference on the back patio with the capsule as a back drop. Ten years later the capsule returns to the Balloon Museum as a display piece from our successful record-shattering voyage. The project has gone from a dream to history. It is a great day!


TWO EAGLES Timelapse60fps

2015/1/24-25 TWO EAGLES gas balloon lift off from saga,japan Timelapse ver.60fps


#TwoEagles Balloon Team with Miss Santa Fe and the New Mexico Capital during Two Eagles Balloon Team Day. 02/03/2015

Balloon pilots return to New Mexico after historic flight, receive emotional hero's welcome

#TwoEagles Balloon Team In the News!

"A large crowd greeted Troy Bradley of Albuquerque and Leonid Tiukhtyaev of Russia at the Albuquerque International Sunport after they finished the historic journey a day earlier. The news conference was adorned with colorful balloon decorations to mark the occasion, and the event included a champagne toast." Two pilots who completed a record-breaking flight across the Pacific Ocean in a helium-filled balloon returned to New Mexico on Sunday to the sounds of mariachi music and an enthusiastic and emo...


#TwoEagles Balloon Team present Mayor Berry and the City if Albuquerque the flags of New Mexico and USA. These flags were flow across the Pacific Ocean from Saga, Japan to Baja. Mexico on the Two Eagles. The Mayor presented Troy and Leonid with a map of their journey. 02/03/2015

Pilots break records in gas balloon - CNN Video

#TwoEagles Balloon Team In The News!

Exclusive interview with Anderson Cooper from CNN. CNN's Anderson Cooper spoke to two pilots who made a historic journey together crossing the Pacific in a gas balloon.


#TwoEagles Balloon Team Breaking News!

Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev are headed home! Its official they are on the plane distention Albuquerque!

Help Us Welcome Home the Two Eagles Pilots!

Albuquerque's Welcome Home for the Two Eagles Pilots!

4:15PM Albuquerque Sunport

Albuquerque Sunport
Be a part of history and help us welcome the Two Eagles Balloon pilots Troy Bradley of Albuquerque and Leonid Tiukhtyaev of Russia. They have just beaten what's considered the "holy grail" of ballooning achievements, the 137-hour duration record in the first balloon flight across the Pacific, among their own personal records as well!

Bring a sign and bring your friends!

[02/01/15]   #TwoEagles Balloon Team Welcome Back!

Join us at the ABQ Sunport to Welcome Back the Pilots of Two Eagles, Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev!

Their plane is expected to land today (Sunday) about 2:40. We'll be gathering just outside security to welcome them back, congratulate them, and more.



Great Team ! In México glad to see you here Troy Bradley Leonid Tiukhtyaev @twoeagles Dave Bair


#TwoEagles Balloon Team Press Release

Mais informações sobre o pouso e resgate do Balão Two Eagles

Albuquerque, NM, sábado, 1/31/15 10:00 MST (1700 UTC)

A equipe de controle da missão ouviu de autoridades e da equipe de resgate no México que os dois pilotos do Two Eagles Troy Bradley e Leonid Tiukhtyaev (tiuktieYEV) foram apanhados por um barco de pesca e levados para a costa. Eles estão bem, mas foram checados por paramédicos como precaução. A equipe de resgate está trabalhando com as autoridades mexicanas no resgate da cápsula e do equipamento a partir do local de pouso na água a cerca de quatro milhas da costa, perto de La Poza Grande, em Baja California, México.
A equipe do Controle da Missão está feliz que o voo tenha chegado a um final seguro e bem sucedido. Gostaríamos de agradecer especialmente à Governadora do estado norte americano do Novo México Suzanna Martinez por facilitar os contatos com as autoridades do México que estão tendo um papel vital no esforço de resgate em curso. O Prefeito de Albuquerque Richard Berry está atualmente deslocado com a nossa Equipe de Resgate na área de Baja e confirmou que eles têm contato visual com o balão e que os pilotos estão seguros. Está claro para nós com base em na comunicação com as autoridades mexicanas que a presença do prefeito está facilitando os nossos esforços e estamos gratos por sua participação.
Agradecemos especialmente ao Secretario de Turismo do estado da Baja California Óscar Escobedo por seu apoio. Ele reuniu esforços com o Subsecretário de Turismo Ricardo Garcia em Baja California Sur , e juntos moveram todos os recursos possíveis disponíveis para a nossa equipe de resgate em Baja.
Sujeito a ratificação, a equipe do Two Eagles superou tanto os recordes de distância e de duração de voo em balões a gás. A distância alcançada pela equipe de 6.646 milhas (10.696 km) superou o recorde existente de 5208 milhas (8383 km), definida pelo Balão Double Eagle V dos pilotos Ben Abruzzo, Larry Newman, Ron Clark, e Rocky Aoki em 1981, em 27%. A equipe permaneceu em voo durante 160 horas, 38 minutos (6 dias, 16 horas e 38 minutos), superando em 17% o recorde anterior, de 137 horas, 5 minutos e 50 segundo definidos em 1978 por Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson, e Larry Newman a bordo do Double Eagle II.
Vamos continuar a fornecer atualizações via o website em e através de nossos sites de mídia social. Agradecemos a todos ao redor do mundo por terem ajudado e apoiado o voo Two Eagles.
Streaming de video ao vivo (quando operando):
Hashtags: #TwoEagles / #WorldRecordAttempt / #ICTwoEagles 01/31/2015

#TwoEagles Balloon Team In the News

First pictures of the Two Eagles Balloon and Capsule being picked up off the coast of Baja. Son Trasladados en Barco Camaronero Equipo Dos Águilas con Casco del Globo, Los Espera Barco de la Marina en San Carlos *Cooperativa Pto,. Chale al Rescate El equipo en globo de Dos Águilas (The Tw... 01/31/2015

佐賀)気球、北米大陸目の前 飛行距離8千キロ超す:朝日新聞デジタル

#TwoEagles Balloon Team In the News!  太平洋横断を目指して25日早朝に佐賀市を飛び立ったガス気球が、30日(現地時間29日)にも北米大陸上空に到達する見込みとなった。米国アルバカーキにある今回の横断飛行の運用管制は29日(同28日)、カ...

[01/31/15]   #TwoEagles Balloon Team Press Release

Update on Two Eagles Landing and Recovery

Albuquerque, NM, Saturday, 1/31/15 10:00 AM MST (1700 UTC)
The Mission Control team has heard from officials and the recovery team in Mexico that Two Eagles pilots Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev (two-kh-TIE-yev) have been picked up by a fishing boat and taken to shore. They are fine, but are being checked out onshore by paramedics as a precaution. The recovery team is working with Mexican authorities on retrieving the capsule and equipment from the landing location in the water about four miles offshore near La Poza Grande in Baja California.

The Mission Control team is delighted that the flight has come to a safe and successful conclusion. We would especially like to thank New Mexico Governor Suzanna Martinez for facilitating contacts with authorities in Mexico that are playing a vital role in the ongoing recovery effort. Mayor Richard Berry is presently deployed with our Recovery Team in the Baja area and has confirmed they have a visual on the balloon and that the pilots are safe. It is clear to us based on upon our communication with the Mexican officials that the Mayor’s presence is facilitating our efforts and we are grateful for his participation.

We especially thank Baja California Tourism Secretary Óscar Escobedo of the state of Baja California for his support. He enlisted the efforts of Tourism Undersecretary Ricardo Garcia in Baja California Sur (South), and they have made every possible resource available to our recovery team in Baja.

Subject to ratification, the Two Eagles team has surpassed both the distance and duration records for gas balloons. The team’s distance of 6,646 miles (10,696 km) surpassed the existing record of 5,208 miles (8,383 km), set by Double Eagle V pilots Ben Abruzzo, Larry Newman, Ron Clark, and Rocky Aoki in 1981, by 27%. The team stayed aloft for 160 hours, 38 minutes (6 days, 19 hours, 38 minutes), besting by 17% the previous record of 137 hours, 5 minutes, 50 seconds set in 1978 by Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson, and Larry Newman aboard the Double Eagle II.

We will continue to provide updates via the website at and through our social media websites. We thank everyone around the world who has helped with and supported the Two Eagles flight.

Live video stream (when operating):
Hashtags: #TwoEagles / #WorldRecordAttempt / #ICTwoEagles 01/31/2015

Balloon flight sets duration and distance records -

#TwoEagles Balloon Team In the News

The record of 137 hours, 5 minutes, 50 seconds was set by Double Eagle II on a 1978 transatlantic flight. According to rules set by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the record must be surpassed by 1% in order to qualify as a new record. The Two Eagles reached that point Friday at 10:51 a.m. ET. A team piloting a helium-filled balloon across the Pacific has set two major ballooning records. 01/31/2015

Two Eagles balloon surpasses record distance

#TwoEagles Balloon Team In the News

The official record will be determined by the U.S. National Aeronautic Association, followed by the FAI, after a meticulous process of documentation and review that may take several weeks or months. According to mission control, the Two Eagles balloon piloted by American Troy Bradley and Russian Leonid Tiukhtyaev has passed two major milestones in its quest to establish new world distance and duration records for gas balloons. 01/31/2015

Balloon crew makes history crossing Pacific Ocean

#TwoEagles Balloon Team In the News

The Two Eagles pilots surpassed the distance and duration records that have held since the 1970s and 1980s, and were aiming Friday for a safe landing somewhere on a beach in Mexico's Baja California peninsula. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A pair of American and Russian pilots has traveled farther and longer in a gas balloon than anyone in history, trying to eliminate any remaining debate over a century of records in long-distance ballooning.


#TwoEagles Balloon Team News Release

A equipe de balonismo Two Eagles tem o prazer de informar que o balão Two Eagles aterrou com segurança ao largo da costa de Baja perto de La Poza Grande. Os pilotos fizeram uma descida controlada e um pouso suave na água a cerca de quatro milhas da costa de Baja. O balão está estável e ainda inflado e os pilotos estão muito bem.

Ventos nos níveis inferiores ficaram paralelo à costa, o que tornou mais prudente para os pilotos executarem o pouso na água. As autoridades mexicanas estão cooperando totalmente e a Guarda Costeira está em rota para chegar ao balão. Prevemos que eles vão rebocar a cápsula até a costa.

Gostaríamos de salientar que um pouso na água é aceitável sob as regras internacionais que regem o estabelecimento de recordes mundiais. Duas tentativas de volta ao mundo utilizando um tipo diferente de balão pousaram na água e tiveram seus registros aprovados.

O pouso ocorreu aos seis dias, 16 horas e 37 minutos da missão (aproximadamente 7h01 MST ou 14:00 UTC) a uma distância de 6646 milhas (10,696 km).

Mais detalhes a seguir.


#TwoEagles Wildfire Balloon team

We have just heard from the Mexican officials that the pilots, have been picked up by a fishing boat and are headed to shore. They are safe and paramedics are standing by on shore to check them out.

Celebrations at Mission Control 01/31/2015

Pilots in Helium-Filled Balloon Land Safely in Mexico After 7,000 Miles

#TwoEagles Balloon Team in the News

From NBC News

The trip shattered two long-standing records for ballooning. Troy Bradley of Albuquerque and Leonid Tiukhtyaev of Russia beat what's considered the "holy grail" of ballooning achievements, the 137-hour duration record in the first balloon flight across the Atlantic. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Two pilots in a helium-filled balloon landed safely off the coast of Mexico on Saturday after a nearly 7,000-mile long trip across the Pa...




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