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Why would you want it to be easy?

Yes!!!! This is what it’s about-having the courage in spite of your fear to just DO IT! No excuses! Draw a line in the sand and say “no more.” Set a good example for your kids and family and do what many won’t…but it won’t be easy, it will be tough! And I’ll do my best to help you and to make it FUN!
~Cara, NASM CPT & group trainer



Don’t forget to register and share this event!!!!

Don’t forget to register and share this event!!!!


Have you ever gone out to dinner, ate enough chips and guac to feed a family of fully grown mountain trolls, then get super worried because you thought you might’ve f**ked up your progress?


Have you ever been sick or injured or traveling and had to skip a workout or two or three or a whole week? And did you feel bad or guilty or nervous you might’ve f**ked up your progress?


I want to tell you something but I don’t want you skimming it bc it’s wicked important so listen.

You can’t f**k this up.

I’m gonna say it again.

Keep reading. Don’t skim.

You. Can’t. F**k. This. Up.

I don’t care if you blew past your calories by 3,000 extra.

You didn’t f**k up.

I don’t care if you missed one workout or two workouts or a month of workouts.

You didn’t f**k up.

I don’t care if you had an entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 6 chocolate frogs, 4 pints of butter beer and a trolley full of pumpkin pasties.

You didn’t f**k up.

Because here’s the magic of it all.

The only way to f**k up is if you stop altogether. If you give up. Quit. Say you’re done.

Otherwise, you can’t f**k up.

It’s impossible.

Because as long as you get right back on track you’re going to keep making progress.

Most people use, “I f**ked up” as an excuse to keep f**king up. To stay off track. To not put in more effort.

But that’s bullsh*t. And as of this moment it’s not a valid excuse.

Because you can’t f**k up.

As long as you get right back on track, you’re good.

This fitness thing?

It’s supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to make you happy and smile and confident and proud.

It’s not a competition.

There is no day or time or hour at which you need to arrive to achieve your goals. There is no rush. You’re playing the long game here. It’s for life, not 7 or 21 or 30 days.

This is forever.

And when you’re playing forever, you can’t f**k up. Just get right back on track.

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Opti-Health Stack 01/21/2021

Opti-Health Stack

Something I want to effectively communicate to you is the importance of reaching your FOUNDATIONAL goals in order to reach your fitness goals.

I see SO MANY not taking basic health seriously.

We're building a house on a WEAK foundation.

Want to reach your goals with weight loss? I hope you're fueling your body the proper way. From the bottom up.

We NEED to be focusing on our micronutrients, multiviatmins and gut health if we want to be as successful as possible. And of course THEN (after) reach our macronutrient goals (proteins, carbs, & fats).

Our body can't properly go through this journey without our basic needs being met first.

PLEASE do not slack here or you are selling yourself SO short. You are standing in your own way, and you are slowing down your results.

I don't say this jokingly or lightly. I often joke around but this time, not so much.
PLEASE make sure your micronutrients are in check and your gut health is on POINT.



Opti-Health Stack The Opti-Health Stack combines the best with the best to create a synergistic effect when it comes to digestion and utilization of nutrients. Opti-Greens 50 promotes gut health and a strong gut microbiome to allow you to properly digest food, balance pH levels in the body, and more efficiently utili...


What keeps you going when you feel like quitting?


Fill in the blanks. Every Monday I fill this out and set my goals for the week (in alignment with towards my bigger goals). If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!!


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1st Phorm

When Katie Medina looked herself in the mirror, she didn't recognize who she was. She didn't have confidence and was quite unhappy.⁣

Katie finally had enough and decided to take action. She joined the My Transphormation Starts Today Challenge and started working towards a better version of herself.⁣

As she put in the work and followed the plan, she began developing confidence again.⁣

That's where the My Transphormation App comes in. This app is designed to provide everything you need to take control of your life and get you on your way to feeling more confident about the way you look and feel.⁣
If you download the app now, we'll give you 7 days of PREMIUM user access for FREE!⁣⁣
With a premium subscription, you get...⁣⁣
💪5 different workout program options⁣⁣
🍱 Customized nutrition plans that have proven to produce results⁣⁣
📱The ability to conveniently scan & log food⁣⁣
👨‍🏫👩‍🏫A REAL advisor who is available to provide helpful fitness advice to help you earn the results you want⁣⁣
📚Access to daily live streams with our HQ Advisors, Registered Dietitians, and Ph.D. Exercise Physiologist

[11/26/20]   Yesterday, I got up and still followed a schedule, even being isolated because of being COVID positive. And even though I run out of breath and tire quickly, I still make the bed and do a short workout.

I believe your mind is stronger than anything and I believe in the power of positivity.

So remember-you can do anything and when you stay positive, you won’t stay down for long!


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1st Phorm

We’ve been in your shoes…⁣

When you look in the mirror and you’re not happy with what looks back at you…⁣

When you avoid social situations because you’re afraid people will judge you…⁣

When you don’t know where to start…⁣

Don’t feel alone, we’ve been there too.⁣

That’s why our mission here at 1st Phorm has always been to help people change their lives.⁣

We help real people…get real results.⁣

Which is also why we started the My Transphormation Starts Today Challenge five years ago.⁣

We wanted to give you a time-tested blueprint, through modern day technology and genuine care, that lays out the exact steps and information you need to take back control of your life.⁣

The My Transphormation Starts Today Challenge has helped hundreds of thousands of people earn incredible results!

And tonight, we’re proud to announce the start of our $50,000 8-week Fall Sprint Challenge!⁣

Don’t wait — Download the My Transphormation App and get started today at mytransphormationstartstoday.com


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“I don’t want a never ending life, I just want to be alive while I’m here.” —

You can spend your life trying to keep control and plan for every change but there will always be clouds that bring rain to catch you off guard and change your perspective and where you stand in the world.
You can either be disappointed that nothing is what you thought it would be OR you can embrace the change and find something unexpected that will bring you joy if you let it.
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“Just remember this … it’s no one’s fault but your own if the outcome you get isn’t the one you originally planned on. Especially if you didn’t try your hardest to get it.⁣”

When it comes to creating the life that you want, nobody's going to do it for you.⁣

YOU are the one who can make it happen.⁣

YOU are the one who has to be willing to put in the work.⁣

YOU are the one who is in control of whether you get there or not.⁣

In the words of Elite Athlete Derek Weida, "Whether life sucks or life is amazing, is completely your choice."⁣

But first, you have to decide which one you want. You can choose to create the life you want or just sit back and let life happen to you. It is 100% your choice.⁣

Just remember this … it’s no one’s fault but your own if the outcome you get isn’t the one you originally planned on. Especially if you didn’t try your hardest to get it.⁣

Read that last paragraph over and over until you feel it to your core.


Check out my Top TIPS on How to Stay in Shape as we transition to Fall!


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🌼 G R A T I T U D E 🌼

☀️ It’s a beautiful day and I woke up feeling so much better after being forced to take a break by my body letting me know it needed some time to get better. Just a few tips that I had to remind myself of this past week as I’ve been fighting something:

🧎🏻‍♀️Don’t neglect your body! (It tells you what it needs)

🍽 Feed your body what it needs (my protein waffle 🧇 recipe is in the video).

💆🏻‍♀️ Get whatever extra help you need.

🌜 Build good sleep habits.

🏃🏻‍♀️ Get some movement in your day (a good 30+ minutes per day).

🚰 Drink at LEAST 100oz of H2O EVERY day!!

💊 Get the supplements/micronutrients your body needs to fill in the nutrition gaps.

[07/08/20]   Macros BASICS.
What are they and why do we track?
For more detailed information I will be posting videos about each individual component of our macros.
I will also be posting a video of how to scan an enter your food in the My TransPhormation App.
Please reach out with all additional questions!
Keep it simple! Macros ARE simple.


1st Phorm

The results of the last 8 week challenge are in! Can’t wait for the next challenge to start!! Will you be in it?

2020 Spring Sprint Challenge Winners Announced...

It's time to announce the WINNERS of the 8-Week My Transphormation Spring Sprint Challenge!

This Transphormation Challenge was unique because many of us went without a gym, no sense of certainty, and a lot of stress.

But you guys didn't let that stop you, and we wanted to say how proud of you we are. Truly. No matter what life was throwing at you, you were committed to changing your life, and it showed!

You pushed through and made the changes necessary to change your life. You put in the work and followed the plan.

The My Transphormation Starts Today Challenge has helped hundreds of thousands of people earn incredible results! And tonight, we're proud to announce the winners of the Spring Sprint!

Our mission at 1st Phorm has been and will always be to help change as many people's lives as we can.

We started the My Transphormation Challenge to give you a blueprint to take back control of your life.

We know what it's like to be uncertain...

We know what it’s like to be scared to take that first step...

That being said… we are here to help you along that journey.

We're committed to doing whatever it takes to help you complete your own transformation.

Don't wait till the next challenge to make that change — Download the My Transphormation App and get started today!



Well, the #1stphormathletesearch video is on YouTube, thanks to my tech-saavy 14 yr old daughter! She is amazing at editing and did the whole video all by herself (self taught)!!!
I will share more when I post a version here to IG and thank you all for your love and support! My hope is to reach more women-moms, single moms, women with fibromyalgia or celiacs, cancer, autoimmune diseases, domestic abuse survivors and more! I want them to have hope & know their worth. I want to use my life experiences to help others overcome, grow, and thrive!!! 😄 I am a huge work in progress myself, but the foundation has been laid and I am building every day!!
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Is it love?
Is it wealth?
Is it health?
What is the word “Happy” to you?
•For me, I was taught life can’t equate to happiness. I learned the word “JOY” and how it is about a choice to have it. I always felt like Joy for me trumped Happiness.
There is a great book by Matthew Kelly called “Resisting Happiness” and afternoon reading it years ago, and listening to it, my perspective VASTLY changed!
•Happiness is living YOUR BEST LIFE!
...it’s YOU ... CHOOSING the right (often harder) path and not the temporary “easy” thing or instant gratification. (Thus “resisting happiness”.) 🤯
•Why is this SO HARD??
•Just like anything, it’s a lifestyle-a practice.
You have to have the desire to NEVER SETTLE!!!
You have to want the BEST for YOU!
Can’t wait to talk about this on my podcast especially for moms or people suffering with ailments who are not having a good quality of life. 😦 There IS HOPE for YOU!! It’s not too late!! 😃
For me, I CHOOSE the long but BETTER way-the one that yields results in every aspect of life.
I choose ME.





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I don’t post workouts a lot-mostly because there are SO MANY out there and because I just don’t think of it and it takes time to try to set it up unless I can catch my husband between sets.
But one thing is for sure:
I almost NEVER jump out of bed excited and ready to workout. 🤭
Haha, it’s true!! 🤷🏻‍♀️
I won’t post cute pics and tell you life is full of daisies and sunshine. 😳😅
Life is what you CHOOSE to make it.
Living with an 🧬 autoimmune 🧬and 💜fibromyalgia 💜means I am exhausted no matter how much I visualize or meditate. 🧘🏻Now that we went back to the gym, 🏋🏻‍♀️and my body isn’t used to the weights like we did before, I wake up feeling too sore to move...
But I get up and move. 🏃🏻‍♀️It’s a CHOICE and it sucks more than it doesn’t. I don’t do this because of an “end date” or a TransPHORMation challenge-I do this because it’s a LIFESTYLE!! ❤️❤️❤️
I’ve been extra worn out and fatigued from traveling out of state last week but I’m still pulling myself out of bed, running, and hitting the gym.
What are choices that you need to make for YOU? What are you choosing to put first?
I choose me.
I choose to embrace the “cards” I was “dealt.”
I choose health.
I choose life.


I can not tell you how badly I hate these types of posts. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 They simply fuel disorder eating habits, the diet and binge cycle, guilt, regret and self loathing.
Does this mean you can never eat foods such as are on a list like this?!
Absolutely not!
Instead learn how to incorporate them into your lifestyle. Stop dieting and TRULY learn HOW to eat! Ask me how! I am now taking online clients!


Fuerza Health


The only one you should ever compare yourself to is YOU!!! You’re not someone else and you walk a different life, cane from different people, and are uniquely your own.
But ask yourself this-
•Are you changing?
•Are you growing?
•Are you becoming a better version of you?
I hope you can look back and say yes-and that it’s more than just a reflection in a mirror!
When you grow from your experiences and learn from where you’ve been, it shows! Those around you are impacted as you are able to have a new perspective and help others.
But first, you have to help yourself!
#throwback #1stphorm #mytransphormationstartstoday #mytransphormation #transPhormationchallenge #neverstopgrowing #theonlycomparisonisyourself


Do you ever lay in bed & think “not today”?
I get asked, “how are you so motivated to get up so early and workout EVERY day?”
“What gives you so much energy all the time?”
Guys, this isn’t something you can buy and it’s not a clean-cut answer!!! 🤷‍♀️
I lay in bed when my alarm clock goes off and the voices in my head tell me “it’s ok to keep laying there” and “you just need a little more rest.” I DO NOT just hop out of bed bubbly and smiley and working out is not pretty and I’m exhausted and grouchy sometimes.
But it’s a choice and a commitment and I know when I set my mind to a goal, I work at it until I (slowly) get there!
You have to know your WHY-your reason and it has to be enough to keep you going even when you have lost your motivation and energy.
More to come on how “it’s not pretty...” let’s just say I’m a realist. Yes I’m a dreamer, I’m an achiever, a business-owner, a survivor, a hard-working mom of 6, an artist, and so much more! BUT I am human and I am real-you won’t catch only my highlight reel or hot sexy pics on here...I’m NOT a model and I’m NOT a young, slender, no-stretch-marks body! I work HARD for gains after 6 miscarriages and 4 births-it was painful and ugly. But I am me-perfectly me!! I know I have everything I need to be great within me and I remind myself to live to my full potential on a constant basis to help those around me.
Don’t settle. Don’t give up or give in to the voices telling you to stop working hard to pursue your dreams!

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Check out my Top TIPS on How to Stay in Shape as we transition to Fall!
🌼 G R A T I T U D E 🌼☀️ It’s a beautiful day and I woke up feeling so much better after being forced to take a break by ...
I don’t post workouts a lot-mostly because there are SO MANY out there and because I just don’t think of it and it takes...
Advice for you busy moms in the MSTC and how I stay on top of meal and menu planning to make sure I hit my goals each da...
Post workout...what do you do? I get asked this question a lot! I learned in all my sports nutrition classes that you sh...




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