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Soccertech Academy updated their address. 11/04/2021

Soccertech Academy updated their address.

Soccertech Academy updated their address.


When the going gets tough,
Get in more reps, Ball, Fitness & Speed 🎊


Happy Blessed 2021
Keep Believing 💕🎆🎇
The best is still to come 🎊


Take this time ti tighten up your soft touches, little touches & quick feet.
You do not need too much space!

More importantly, Stay safe & be safe for others!


It is amazing the things that are showing up in the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Remember when the key formation was a 4 4 2
Now they are so varied depending on the TEAMS.
Iran played a 6 2 2 & lost to Spain's 4 5 1
Spain's class won thru!
A lot of the top teams are going with 4 2 3 1
The 2nd forward is becoming extinct on the game.
Now that role is put on midfield players making late runs in the box & getting up to support the lone forward.
Is this the reflection of the amount of 1-0 1-1 results so far?

Photos from Campbell Women's Soccer's post 12/01/2017

Hard work, work hard!!


I actually love real football/soccer!
Parents/players whine soo much about playing time.
If you are complaining about playing time it usually, not always, tells you something!!
All players get more from good coaching, players need to stay ready when they get their opportunity to step on the field!

Here in America if a kid does not play in High School parents are happy so they can say " My kid plays Varsity" oops, sits for Varsity, yet come club season those parents want to complain to their coaches. Maybe we should start calling our teams Varsity n JV!

NM star Devin Sandoval showed everyone what staying ready means.
" He came on with 2.55 minutes remaining in the NASL Championship, he worked hard to help the team to defend, he then scored the dagger goal with the last kick for them to beat NY Cosmos for their 1st NASL Championship!"

Earn your playing time, whether it is a minute or more!!

Great Character Devon!!



Set yourself Higher Standards & Practices!
Don't accept anything but the best!

Each day every experience is part of a journey for EVERY player!

What you want your journey to be, will reflect what YOU are DOING! :))

Juggle 50-100 daily!
Improves your touch & composure!



Top players know they have a split second more time, regardless of presumed pressure!
Try it!!

It's now easier to send Soccertech Academy a message. 03/22/2017

It's now easier to send Soccertech Academy a message.

It's now easier to send Soccertech Academy a message.

Timeline Photos 05/27/2015

Timeline Photos

Ric Martinelli Battle for his life 03/23/2015

Ric Martinelli Battle for his life

Ric Martinelli Battle for his life Applebee's and Elite FC join together to Battle with Ric Martinelli. He is a Father, Mentor Friend and Coach to many as you will see in the video taken durin...

Timeline Photos 04/29/2014

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos 04/06/2014

Timeline Photos

Photos from Soccertech Academy's post 02/13/2014

Photos from Soccertech Academy's post

Timeline Photos 02/13/2014

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos 02/13/2014

Timeline Photos





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