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This page is about professional training to either lose weight, create a better over-all health, or improve muscle mass/definition/endurance.


Happy Flex Friday drop those flex pics and show some love. Next weekend the boot camps start up. So awaken the champion in you and get your butts there.



Hey everyone I'm sorry it's been so long since I have posted anything about training and fitness but the summer is here and it's time to get back in shape. I'm starting the weekend bootcamps back up. If I can manage to get everything organized in time then I'll start this coming up weekend. I'll run the first three weeks for free as sort of a demo for my clients and so that way I can work out all the kinks. I'm going to start off with three sessions a weekend. Two will be on Saturday morning and the last one will be Sunday morning. Let me know in advance if you have any requests for music because you guys know I like to have fun when I train. All my past clients know I'm very good at what I do and you will be pretty much guaranteed results immediately. So after I get a feel of how many people will be consistently coming to the sessions then I will figure out the pricing. I'll go get a video of the are where I will be hosting the camps. That way you all can see what it looks like and such. For those of you too far away to participate I will try to get something set up where I can post the sessions online and you guys can follow along at home or at an area near your location. Hope to see you all there. Awaken the champion in you.



Happy Friday everyone. Drop a flex pic and let's inspire. I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)


Hey everyone I'm going to be starting my morning boot camps in about 3 weeks. There is going to be 3 sessions a week. Wednesday, Saturday, and sunday the sessions will be 1 hour on each day. Pricing will be $100 per month to come to all 3 sessions per week, it will be $80 per month to do 2 sessions per week and $60 for one session a week. If you sign up with a friend you both receive a 10% discount. My current clients also receive a 20%discount. If you would like to come and just check it out then the price will be $15 per session with a minimum purchase of two sessions. The times will be from 5:30am to 6:30am on Wednesday. And 6am to 7am on Saturday and Sunday. Please contact me at 5052352169 for more information and to sign up spots are going quick so please hurry. Guaranteed results with in two months.


Hey there everyone. With the weather getting nice and warm in going to be putting together a boot camp that will be meeting at a park. I would like to run it 3 times per week. It will be about an hour each day. Please contact me if this is something you would be interested in joining. I'm going to be scouting parks over the next week or so and figuring out pricing.


I'm hearing a lot of people saying that it is suggested to work out on an empty stomach. Who ever is suggesting this please stop. That is ridiculous. You body needs energy to function. It may work for some people but proper assessment of a person should be taken before suggesting that.


Hi everyone I just wanted to update you all on some recent information. I might start training for The Open Gym at wyoming and montgomery. I will still keep my private training available also though but times will be very selective and in short supply so please contact me as soon as possible to schedule your sesisons accordingly.



I have posted about this before but I just wanted to repost in case anyone missed it. If you are trying to gain size and build muscle you should intake about 1.8g of protein per kg of body weight. Space out your protein intake through out the day because too much protein in one sitting and what ever you don't synthesize into your muscles your body will either process it out through your urine, burn it as energy, or store it as potential energy (fat). Also you must intake 3g of carbs (make sure they are complex carbs) for every 1g of protein so that way your body can use the carbs as energy and properly use the protein for muscle repair and growth. Another fun fact. The male body produces the most testosterone around 3pm. I hope this was helpful and let me know if you have any questions.


I hope all you champion's have a wonderful and healthy holiday. :)


I am also ready to start taking on new clients. Contact me if you are interested and let's bring out the champion in you.


Hi everyone sorry I haven't been doing my educational posts I have been extremely busy. I will try my hardest to get one posted this weekend. Let me know if there are any topics that you would like to know about.


Tomorrow is the motivational Thursday pics. I hope to see all my champion's there. Awaken the champion in you.


At the rate this country is going it is projected that by the year 2030 50% of the adult population will be clinicly obese. Not just over weight but obese. Take control of your health now and don't wait till it reaches that point.


Hey there everyone. Happy Thursday. I hope everyone has a great healthy day. Remember that investing in your health is the smartest investment you will ever make. I will be doing my weekly motivational pics today I hope to see all of you champions joining me. Remember if you aren't comfortable with dropping a pic then just leave a comment of a goal you are working on.


Good morning and happy Thursday to all of you champion's out there. My goal to improve my healthy life style for this week is to cut back to no more than 1-2 packs of cigs a week. I'm trying to use an electronic cigarette to quit. I've been incorporating a lot more cardio into my routine and the smokes have got to go. So awaken the champion in you and drop a flex pic or a comment on how you are trying to live healthier. Thanks everyone.


I hope everyone is having a great week. Our weekly inspirational flex pic day is coming up. I really hope everyone participates. If you aren't for posting a pic then just post a comment of a goal that you are working on to live healthier. Awaken the champion in you.


The Truth About Carbs

When it comes to anything you are going to put into your body always remember proportion and moderation are key.

Carbohydrates have been given a bad reputation recently. It is important to understand them and what they really are before you decide whether they will benefit you or not in reaching your goals. The body will burn calories in this order to produce energy for function. First the body will burn off carbs, second it will burn proteins, and last it will burn fat.

Carbohydrates are divided into two different groupings. Simple carbohydrates are considered bad carbs. Complex carbohydrates are good carbs. Those determinations come from the type of saccharides (sugar molecule strands) they contain. There are different compounds of saccharides, mono-saccharides have one sugar molecule and are quickly broken down, di-saccharides have two sugar molecules and are also quickly broken down, poly-saccharides have multiple sugar molecules and take longer to break down. The body breaks down saccharides into glucose ***(this is sugar that travels through the blood stream. It is carried by proteins. Glucose is the main energy source for cells, muscles, and the brain)***. When the body starts to intake carbs and brake the saccharides down the pancreas will secrete insulin. Insulin then pulls the glucose from the blood stream into cells to store it for energy. So if you are ingesting a lot of simple carbs this will increase your bodies glucose level also increasing the amount of insulin produced. This will have a negative effect as the insulin will start to pull too much glucose depleting the needed amounts for the brain and muscles. Because complex carbs take longer to break down they will release a more steady amount of glucose which can help the body regulate the amount of insulin produced. This will allow the glucose in the bloodstream to travel to the proper destinations. Think of it like this complex carbs are like time release aspirin they slowly release over an extended amount of time. Simple carbs are like a shot of morphine it will just overload the bodies sensors and in turn cause a negative effect. Carbohydrates are a necessary component for the proper function of the body and brain.

***Research is starting to show that if you are preparing for an extended time of physical exertion you should be overloading with proteins rather than carbs. You should still intake a sufficient amount of carbs but proteins will be the bulk of the overloading. Proteins not only carry the glucose through the body but can also be burned as energy. When the body burns proteins for energy it will burn them in the same manner as complex carbs. Proteins are the main amino acid that builds, repairs, and maintains proper function of cells, muscles and the brain.***

Think of your body as a car carbs are the gasoline and the proteins are the proper function of the car. You must have gas (carbs) to drive. But all the gas (carbs) in the world wont get you anywhere if the car doesn't run properly (proteins for function).

Thank you all for checking out my article check back for more postings.



I hope everyone had a fun and healthy weekend. Lets make sure to continue that fit living into the upcoming week.



This weeks educational post is about super-setting and drop-sets. This is one of the best ways to get the fastest results for bulking up and getting definition.
A super-set is where you perform two exercises in rapid succession. There is two different ways to perform a super-set. The first is to work opposing muscle groups. Example - do a set of bicep curls immediately followed by a set of overhead tricep extensions. The second way to perform a super-set is to work different areas of the same muscle group. Example - do a set of bicep curls immediately followed by a set of bicep hammer curls.
A drop set is where you perform multiple sets of the same exercise in rapid succession while gradually lowering the weight. Example - Start doing tricep extensions on a cable machine. Do a set of 7 reps at 100lbs after that set immediately lower the weight to 90lbs and do another set, drop the weight to 80 lbs and immediately do another set, and so on.
***I love to incorporate both of these routines together. Example - I use the rope attachment on the cable machine that has the adjustable height. I do a set of bicep curls immediately followed by a set of tricep extension, then I lower the weight by one plate and perform a set of bicep curls immediately followed by another set of tricep extensions. There are no rest periods when performing drop sets or super-sets. I also like to combine two handed/legged exercises super-set with one handed/legged exercises.***
***Here are a couple suggestions for some great super-set combos. Also when performing a super-set try to go as slow as possible on your second exercise. This will help activate those stabilizing muscles that are so often neglected.
(Chest) Start with a set of incline bench presses super-set with push-ups on a bosu ball.
(Arms) Bicep curls super-set with tricep extensions also using a drop set routine.
(Back) Two handed seated row super-set with an inclined one arm dumbbell row.
(Abs) Weighted decline crunches super-set with planks.
(Legs) Weighted lunges super-set with one legged squats.
(Shoulders) Lateral shoulder raise super-set with one arm shoulder press.
I hope you all enjoyed my educational posting. Please let me know if there is you have any questions or feedback. Next week ill post on the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and some recent info that doctors are suggesting. I hope everyone has a great healthy weekend.

Awaken the champion in you!


Alright everyone you know what tomorrow is. Get those flex pics ready. Lets inspire a revolution in health. Thank you again to all who participate. Don't forget to check out my posting on super-sets and drop sets this weekend.



I'm going to start posting videos of different exercises. My first videos will be for burning calories, super-sets for gains, then I'll probably do one that will show you how to shred those abs. Stay tuned for more educational posts and videos coming soon.


If you are trying to shred for some insane definition or going for those massive gains supersets and drop sets are the key. Next weekend I'll post info on how to do both of those along with some exercises so you all can try them.


I have had a request to post some info on the benefits of stretching so here it is. There has been a lot of studies on whether people should stretch before or after a work out. Stretching before a work out might reduce your force out put by relaxing your muscles. However it will reduce the chance of pulling or tearing a muscle. When I train a client stretching is one of the first subjects we go over. There are a couple forms of stretching; self myofascial release (foam rolling), static (stretching a muscle to the point of tension and holding it there), and dynamic (stretching with movement). I will usually only go over the first two with my clients because the dynamic stretching is more for the experienced person.
- Self Myofascial Release or foam rolling is strongly recommended for everyone. This is when you apply pressure to a muscle using a foam roller. As you slowly roll along your muscle you will feel tender or painful spots. When you find those spots in the muscle stop and hold there for at least 30 seconds. You will literally feel the pain go away as the muscle relaxes. This is using what is called autogenic inhibition. There is a tendon in your muscle called the golgi tendon. When a muscle is being worked too hard or is in pain that tendon will send messages to your brain relaying that info. The brain will then shut down the muscle causing it to relax. Basically foam rolling triggers a shut off switch in your muscle. Foam rolling is extremely effective for shutting down overactive muscles which tend to impair posture. Then you can perform other stretches more effectively removing knots and realigning your muscle strands.
- Static stretching is when you stretch a muscle to the point of tension and hold it there. Again you will want to hold at that point of tension for at least 30 seconds. This is activating your muscle spindles. Muscle spindles are kind of like the golgi tendon in a sense that they either tell the muscle to relax or contract. Muscle spindles utilize what is called reciprocal inhibition. That is where your opposing muscles communicate. As one muscle contracts its opposing muscle must relax. **Here is a tip to improve your static stretching - as you stretch a muscle, use the bicep as an example, focus on flexing your tricep which would be its opposing muscle. This improves your muscle communication.** Remember to hold both forms of stretching for at least 30 seconds.
- Stretching before a work out will lengthen the muscle and relax it. This allows for correct movement of the joint and also give you a wider range of motion. With a wider range of motion you can activate more area of the muscle being used.

Thank you everyone for your interest and participation. I hope the information is helpful. If there are any other topics you would like me to post about please let me know.


Saturday I'll be posting some info on stretching and the different types. Stay tuned for some good tips and information. Thank you for the interest and suggestion.


Ok everyone tomorrow is my weekly flex pic inspirational day. I hope everyone participates and please tag a friend in your pic to get them to join in. And just to show everyone that It's not about being at peak physical condition I'll do a leg pic. I tend to neglect my leg work outs so that is now my area of focus. This is to help encourage everyone to try and live a healthy life. So awaken the champion in you and lets help motivate people.


I would love to hear some suggestions on what people would like to know about for my next educational post. Awaken the champion in you.


Ok all you champion's out there, Thursday is coming up. I hope to see everyone participating in the weekly flex pics. Everyone is invited to participate and please try to tag a friend to join in. The more the better. See you all Thursday.


It's Wednesday that's a good enough reason to be healthy.


I have a couple announcements to make. First off I'll be starting up training clients again mid Nov. So contact me to start getting schedules set up. Second topic is this. Everyone knows how into fitness I am, well I want to help inspire others to start investing in their health. There for my challenge to all friends, family and acquaintances is this. Join in on our flex Friday selfie posts and once a month I'll pick someone at random to either recieve a free session, assessment or custom work out plan. I want to see the posts flooding Facebook. There is already a great fitness movement going well lets make it a revolution. So please share with your friends and lets inspire the nation.


Take some time this weekend and do something healthy to awaken the champion in you. Even if its only 20-30 minutes.




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