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[12/08/19]   HECK YES!!!!! Charrissa and Derek crushed CIM!!! Congratulations on your new PR'S, Derek with a 3:09:15 and Charrissa in 3:34:39!!!!! Super pumped for both of you!!!!


NINA!!!!!! You are an Ironman!!! Congratulations on an amazing performance at Ironman Arizona! It was so much fun, and incredibly inspiring, watching you crush your first Ironman!

[11/25/19]   Congrats to Charrissa and Derek on an outstanding race weekend at Disney! Both crushed their 10k and 1/2 marathon, and finished on the podium in all of their races! So strong 💪 WAY TO GO!!!!!!


What an amazing day at the Endurance Coaching Summit! It is so awesome to have this opportunity to better myself as a coach by learning from and being inspired by industry leaders, staying on top of the latest data and fitness trends, and meeting and networking with other top coaches! #livinthedream #tricoachterry

[09/19/19]   Congratulations to Sara, Nina, and Lexi for some great performances this past weekend! Sara earned a podium finish at Patriot Triathlon on Saturday with her 3rd place age group finish! Battling the wind and rain on Sunday, Nina posted the 2nd fastest female time on the 100 mile course at Tour de Acoma while Lexi finished 4th!! Way to go!


Congratulations on some awesome race performances this weekend!!!
Charrissa and Derek both had outstanding races at the Kauai 1/2 marathon, and both earned a 3rd place age group finish!!!
Alissa biked herself to a new 40k PR and 2nd place Overall female with a sub 60 performance at Record Challenge!!!
Way to go! 💪💪💪

[08/06/19]   Weekend roundup!!! Congrats to Jen for finishing her first 70.3 and totally rocking the Boulder course in 6:28.00!!! At the Socorro Chile Harvest Tri, Ron had a great performance and Alissa came home with the “W”!! Awesome racing everyone!!

[07/29/19]   Another amazing day for Tri Coach Terry athletes!!!! So pumped for Mandy finishing her first IRONMAN and for Derek having an awesome race at Ironman Lake Placid today!!!! Meanwhile, Patty was crushing the Jack and Jill Marathon in Washington! Soooo pumped for all of you!

[07/29/19]   Woohoo!!!!!! Way to go Lexi! Congrats on a great finish at Santa Rosa 70.3!!!

[07/29/19]   Alissa and Sara are on fire! Congrats to Alissa for an outstanding performance and 8th OA/ 2nd AG finish at Boulder Peak Triathlon, and to Sara for her 2nd place AG finish at Bottomless Lakes Sprint Tri!

[07/29/19]   Congratulations to Alissa for finishing her first 70.3 in Lubbock today!!!! Derek was also smashing the 70.3 Coeur d'Alene course! Nice racing you two!!!


Sara!!!!!!!! You are an IRONMAN!!!! It was so much fun watching you finish your 1st Ironman! Congratulations!!!

[07/29/19]   Another awesome weekend at the races, this time City of Lakes, in Santa Rosa! Alissa took home the top spot once again finishing 1st OA female for the Olympic distance! Nina finished 1st age group, and Mandy 2nd age group. Jen had an amazing day out there as well! WAY TO GO!


These women CRUSHED Milkman!!! Way to go Alissa (1st OA female), Nina (3rd OA female), and Jen (6th OA female), for such amazing performances!!!!

[07/29/19]   Awesome race for Derek today at the CapTex Olympic Tri!!!!

[07/29/19]   Jay Benson, what a great race! It was so awesome to see Sara out there crushing it and earning a 3rd place AG award, and Mandy smashing the course to finish 6th in the tough 35-39 age group. Nice work!!!

[07/29/19]   What a weekend!!!! Alissa completed and placed 11th GC at Tour of the Gila, a 4 day stage race in the Gila Mountains, INCREDIBLE!!!!! Mandy was in St. George finishing her first 70.3 in 7:00!! Rachael crushed the Shiprock Marathon!! Nina rocked the Run for the Zoo 10k course, while Jen smashed the 1/2 marathon! Way to go!!!

[07/29/19]   Off to a great April! Derek took home the Star Wars 10k Age Group WIN!!!! Patty traveled to Peru for the 70.3 and totally crushed it! Nina did awesome at the Forever Young 10k, and earned 5th Overall and 2nd Age Group at the Lobo Triathlon! Alissa won the TT at the 505 Cycling Classic and finished 5th GC! Mandy and Rachael were at the Albuquerque 1/2 crushing 13.1 miles! Way to go everyone!!!!

[07/29/19]   March ended well with Alissa crushing the Las Cruces Trifecta and coming back with the fastest TT for the women's field! Jen had great performances at the Shamrock Shuffle 10 miler and 1/2 marathon in Annapolis! Rachael C crushed the local scene at the Safari Run and Shamrock Shuffle! Congrats ladies!

[07/29/19]   Huge congrats to Charrissa for earning her 6th Star and her fastest Marathon Major in Tokyo by running a 3:39.14! Also, to Derek for crushing his PR and earning a BQ with a 3:13.12! Way to go!!!!


I had so much fun cheering with Nina and watching Derek and Becky crush Ironman Arizona yesterday! Derek finished in 11:17:32, demolishing his previous Ironman PR by over and hour while Becky also broke the 12 hour mark finishing in 11:50:10, a 42 minute PR!!! So freakin pumped!!!!!
Earlier this month, Allison had an awesome race at Miamiman Aquabike, finishing 5th age group! Meanwhile, Denise was crushing the running scene in Vegas at the Rock and Roll 5k and 1/2 marathon!
Congratulations to all of you, and thanks for the great IMAZ pics, Nina!!!!!


YESSSS!!!! An outstanding race and an amazing 28 minute Ironman PR at Kona!!!!! Congratulations Chris!!!!!

[10/12/18]   Good luck, have fun, and kick ass tomorrow, Chris!!! You have worked so freakin hard, nailed your workouts, and made big gains all year to get to this start line of the Ironman World Championships!!!!! Kona is a very special race, enjoy every minute of it!! 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️💪

[09/18/18]   The last couple of weeks have seen some great performances!!! Here are some highlights:

On Sunday in Berlin, Charrissa followed the blue line behind Kipchoge to finish her 5th world marathon major in a great showing of 3:48 and another BQ!
Meanwhile in Santa Fe, Denise had an awesome race at the Buffalo Thunder 1/2 marathon clocking in under 3 hours! She also had rocked last weekends Chips & Salsa 1/2 marathon finishing 2nd age group!!!!
Michelle also had a great performance and had a great swim in her first Olympic distance triathlon at the Life Time Tri Tempe!
On Saturday, Patty took on the inaugural Sandia Crest Marathon with a great finish of 4:20. On the same day in Rio Rancho, Becky and Laura crushed the Patriot Triathlon with Becky finishing 2nd Overall female!
2 weeks ago, Allison competed on a team in the Flaming Foliage Ultra Relay and totally rocked her miles while Lexi has made great gains and crushed her 70.3 Lake Placid swim on her way to a great finish! Alissa, coming off her Record Challenge win, competed in Colorado at the Desert's Edge Tri where she took home the top age group award and 6th female overall!
Congratulations everyone!!!!!


YEAH!!!!!!! Congratulations Alissa, on your Record Challenge sub hour time and the win!!! 40k TT in :59:56! 🤗💪


Congratulations on another big weekend!
I’m not the type for emo posts, but as I was in Colorado sharing 200 miles with some amazing women, running leg 15, the MOST beautiful 9.8 miles of the course, I couldn’t help but reflect on all of you that I get to coach! I LOVE being a part of each individual journey to achieving your goals, and I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with your training!
Now, results from this past weekend!!!!
At my hometown race, the Socorro Chile Harvest Triathlon, Alissa picked up the WIN with Becky hot on her heels to finish 1/2 Overall Females and best times for both! Julie and Denise also rocked the course coming away with a 10 minute PR for Julie and a 3rd place Age Group award for Denise!
Meanwhile in Boulder, Nina and Laura were tackling the Boulder 70.3 with great performances from both! Way to go!!!

[07/30/18]   Chris punched his ticket to KONA!!!!!!
HUGE congratulations to Chris for a great race on a tough course and in brutal conditions at Ironman Whistler and on his Ironman World Championship qualification!!! So exciting!!

Allison also had a big day in Whistler, knocking 36 minutes off her previous 70.3 on her way to a 6th place age group finish in 5:28!!!!

Becky was treking 285 miles across beautiful Utah as part of a 3 person 24 hour triathlon relay in the DOXA Threelay! They won the Iron category as the fastest 3 person team!!!!

Back in New Mexico, Denise had a great performance at the Los Alamos Tri and finished 3rd in her age group!!!

What a fantastic weekend of racing!!! Congratulations to all of you!

[07/25/18]   Big congratulations to Denise who WON her age group at this past weekend's White Sands Missile Range Duathlon! Way to go!

[07/15/18]   Congratulations to Natasha for an awesome performance and a 4th place AG finish at the Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon in Flagstaff today!!
Alissa is continuing to crush her races this season, clocking in the fastest 2 women's times at today's Double Eagle TT in :29.28 and :30.10!!! So fast and so consistent!!!!! This comes after an awesome performance last weekend at the Boulder Peak Olympic Triathlon where she finished 4th AG.
Denise was in Roswell this weekend earning herself a 2nd place AG award at the Bottomless Lakes Triathlon!!!
Julie also had an awesome race last weekend at the Lavender Run 4 miler!
Way to go everyone!!!!!

[06/25/18]   Congrats on a great day of racing!!! On a tough, hot, and windy day in Lubbock, Chris came away with a 2nd place AG finish and 8th OA, while Rachael finished with a 4th place AG award at Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3!
Charrissa raced to a massive 25 minute PR at 70.3 Coeur d'Alene while Derek also had a new run PR and a stellar finish! Way to go everyone!!!

[06/11/18]   Woohoo! Another great weekend of racing!!! At the City of Lakes Triathlon, Rachael took home the W, Alissa finished 3rd OA, Nina finished 3rd AG, and Natasha and Denise had awesome performances in the Olympic distance! Laura raced to a 3rd place finish at Deuces Wild Xterra in Show Low, and Becky had a great performance at Ragnar Snowmass! Nice racing, everybody!!

[06/04/18]   Holy moly! Another awesome day of racing!!! Congratulations to Allison for totally crushing her first 1/2 Ironman and finishing 3rd OVERALL female at the Auburn "World's Toughest Half" Triathlon!!!!! Julie also had an awesome performance in Louisville, CO at the Skirt Sports 13er!!!! WAY TO GO!


Awesome racing at a tough and windy Milkman today!!! Congrats to Alissa for her 1st AG and 2nd OA finish, to Nina for her 3rd AG and 4th OA, and to Denise for her 3rd AG finish! Woohoo!


WHOA!!!!! Awesome racing full of PR’s on this Memorial Day Monday! Charrissa and Derek were in Austin at the CapTex Tri. Charrissa finished with a huge PR for the distance with a 2:39.59, and a 2nd place AG award! Derek, also crushed his PR for the distance with a fantastic time of 2:24.31!! Smokin’ fast! In Colorado at the Boulder Boulder 10k, Alissa earned a new PR with a :43.47 finish while Chris bested his PR by going a :37.44!!! So awesome, everyone!!


YES!!!!!!!! Congratulations Patty!!!!! You’re an IRONMAN!!!!!

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Lookin strong after the first bike loop!!! #1774 #peanutrocks #weneedtogetthisguyanaerohelmet



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