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CONGRATULATIONS to our "Be Happy" app challenge winner Janelle, for logging 18 workouts at our Bosque club and winning a Water Live Inflatable Paddle Board & Accessories perfect for a water adventure! Enjoy it!

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Another inspiring story for this week's Testimonial. Laura has had an amazing second chance at life and she is not taking it for granted. Read on below:
“My name is Laura Armijo, and I was diagnosed with colon cancer one year ago in August of 2021. When I went to the emergency room, they saw a 9cm mass in my colon. When it was biopsied, it was positively cancer. Dr. Garcia removed the cancer along with 12 inches of my colon in September. The last five people I knew that was diagnosed with cancer have passed away, so I was planning my funeral; I really was! But God gave me a second chance at life. Today I am cancer free. The cancer doctors strongly suggested that I lose weight and I wanted to, but I have been this weight for the last 27 years. My average weight was 284lbs.I joined Defined Fitness in May of this year and purchased the training special to see if a personal trainer would help. I was very athletic in high school and college with swim team, so I thought I did not need help, but I did. Cindy paired me up with Ricky (Raymond) because he trains on the floor (weights) and in the pool. He has been such a help to get me on track with my weight loss and physical fitness journey. I learn something new each session, whether it be a new exercise or new mind set about physical fitness that I never knew before. I have not swum on swim team since 1989, so he corrects my strokes in the water so I can get a better work out when I swim. So far, I have lost 12 lbs. Wow, I have not done that in 27 years. My eating habits are better than before, and I feel great.
I was doing planks the other day; Ricky has gotten me to like planks; and I got emotional because one year ago I thought I was going to die and now I am cancer free, doing planks because I can.
Thank you Ricky for being an excellent trainer to help this ole’ jock get back in shape."


Get Ready to train like never before. We are proud to introduce Team Training. An absolute game changer for Defined Fitness and all of our dedicated members.Coming soon to a club near you!


Here is Teaser #2 for our Team Training launch/full video. Going live on Thursday September 1st. A completely new way to train. Stay tuned!

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We have a very inspiring story for you today. Joleen is a kind, determined, and very valuable member at our Mesa location. Here is what she had to say about her personal training experience:
"My name is Joleen Trujillo, and I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS.) I was diagnosed in November of 1996 and am now 65 years old. The type of MS I have is relapsing and remitting. Which means it comes and goes, so I never know what life is going to thro at me any given day, but whatever kind of day it is, I am always ready to go. Yes I have my good days and bad days, but I always keep going forward and keep moving. I HAVE MS..BUT SO WHAT? This is why I go to the gym. I can’t walk very well but we are working on that. Devan is one of my trainers, and he’s helping me with balance and strengthening my legs. I also have Claire as my other trainer, and she’s helping me as well with strength training and I am becoming a lot stronger thanks to them both. Claire and Devan are incredible. Cindy the training manager is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful for Jake the General manager and his great staff here at Mesa. Though I can’t walk too well YET, I sure can pedal a bike, and that’s why I ride in “Bike MS.” I would like to inspire people by telling them to never let their disabilities stop them, and to never give up. DO YOUR BEST ALWAYS!"


We are excited to announce something new to you all very soon. Here is a a teaser for our launch of Team Training. The full video will go live on September 1st so keep your eyes peeled!

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CONGRATULATIONS to our Resolution Reset app challenge winner Elvie! She logged 18+ workouts at our Metro club and won an InBody H20B Smart Scale! As you can tell from her excitement it is a really great tool to help track progress and we could not be more excited for her!

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Banners are up, phone lines are live! Our Hilltop pre-sale office is officially open for business! We are so excited to get the ball rolling and welcome new members to our brand new facility opening October 1st! Make sure you spread the word and refer your friends and family so they can lock in our pre-sale deal!
Call 505-892-4080 to get started today!

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Here is a PT client testimonial from Lisa, who is a member at our Mesa club, and had a lot of great things to say about her trainer!

"I was athletic through college. Life happened and I was inactive long enough to get out of shape. I had never had a personal trainer before. I very much appreciate Claire as a personal trainer for many reasons.
First, Claire knows her stuff! Working with a knowledgeable trainer is important to me because I want to learn exercises with proper form that I can use when I am working out on my own. Second, Claire brings just the right amount of toughness to encourage and motivate mixed with an understanding of my limitations that combined, help me accomplish my workout goals while avoiding injuries. Third, I appreciate that Claire communicates well. Claire is approachable. I have found it easy to talk with her about my workout goals, nutrition, types of exercises and their variations, and challenges encountered at the gym. I am confident I will accomplish the fitness goals I've set for myself with Claire's help."

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CONGRATULATIONS to our YETI Ready For Summer app challenge winner Kiana from Sandia! Great job logging your 18+ workouts and enjoy your YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler!


Happy 4th from us at Defined Fitness!
For the rest of the day we have a deal where you can join for $4 and pay nothing in July! We hope you have a safe and healthy Holiday!


Which means you have exactly one month left to go vote for Defined Fitness as the #1 best gym in the city! Voting ends August 1st! All you have to do is copy and paste the link from this post or from the link in our bio! It's super easy and quick and we greatly appreciate the support. We believe it is our awesome members that make us the best gym in New Mexico!

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This week we have Kelsey from Mesa, who continues making time for her personal training even with twelve hour nurse shifts. She had a lot of great things to say about her trainer Andrea;

"Dre and I have been working together for the last nine months and I have never felt stronger. My main goal was centered around proper lifting form and muscle development. Previously I did a lot of group fitness so I wanted to focus on a more customized one on one approach. I also have a hectic schedule as a nurse with twelve hour shifts, so Dre was great at being flexible. She even did 5am sessions before my day shift! It is evident that Dre prepares for each session in order to design a challenging and fun work out for me. She customizes my session depending on my specific goals for the month. Her encouragement and excitement always motivates me to lift heavier, push harder, and strive for that last rep. Dre has been an integral part of my Defined Fitness experience and our sessions are always a highlight of my week!"


Happy Friday from our Mesa team! We hope you have a great weekend and don't forget you can come and workout in our yard area to get some extra sun!


Stay summer fit with Defined Fitness

We would like to wish you all a happy first day of summer! Our turfed workout yards are a great place to catch some sun and get an extra sweat going during your workouts! Stay healthy and happy this summer with Defined Fitness!

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Happy Father's Day!
To all the awesome Dads out there that continue to balance fitness and family. We know It isn't always easy but today we celebrate you! Here are some proud fathers and their smiling kiddos!

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Got to represent the best gym in NM at the great New Mexico Beer Festival! We truly love connecting with our local community.

Photos from Defined Fitness's post 06/14/2022

Here is an incredible come back story from Chris, a client from our Mesa location;
"My story involves near death, and the ever-loving story of coming back from a massive tumor, the size of my palm, wedged between my skull and brain. The trainers and staff at Defined Fitness have had a major hand in my post tumor recovery, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their kindness and support with not only my physical journey, but also helping me gain confidence again. After removal of the killer tumor, which required two surgeries , now comes the fun part! Recovery! I was finally released from the Neurology Department. I needed to find a place to continue my physical therapy and gain some muscle back from all I lost in my stay at the hospital. (I think I literally lost every pound of muscle I had).When I walked into Defined for the first time, I was greeted by Cindi Long. She sold me almost instantly with her knowledge and professionalism of what PT could do for me. She then assigned me to Devan, who really impressed me with how well he knew how the human body operates. I just can’t thank Cindi, Devan and Clair (only worked with her once so far, and she’s really a good trainer too) for all their help in achieving not just my personal fitness goals but also a large but quiet hand in helping me build my confidence and outgoing self, come to life again."

Photos from Defined Fitness's post 06/07/2022


Did you know we have one of the absolute best personal training programs in New Mexico? Here is a client testimonial by Lawrence from our Mesa location:
"I first met Devan in October. I was 70 years old, overweight, poor stamina, and had a lack of good balance. Devan’s motivation, persistence, and encouragement has transformed me. I was a person who had never been in the gym before, and I now look forward to my daily workouts. Devan prepared a nutritional guide for me, and despite some slip ups, I have made great strides in a proper diet. His plans have been strict and informative. He started me off by strengthening my core and stability, which helped with balance and endurance. I fully intend on continuing my training with Devan. I haven’t felt this good in decades. My energy level, balance, stability, and strength have rapidly improved in the last six months. Thank you Devan!"
Join Lawrence and start your personal training today! Visit or contact your location for inquiries!


It's Health and Fitness month and our Defined Fitness Personal Training Managers are live on-air every day in May with 100.3 KPEK giving fitness tips to help our community stay on track with their fitness goals! Cindy from our Defined Fitness Mesa Club was in studio with Ryan from The Peak!

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Happy Mother's Day to all of the strong Defined Fitness moms out there making it happen everyday. We support you and your fitness goals by offering free childcare while you workout. 💪


Congratulations Derek from the Hilltop Club! He won a GoPro HERO9 in our March Make Your Move App Challenge for logging 20+ workouts! Have fun capturing all your adventures and thank you for your membership.

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Defined Fitness had a blast at the Brewers & Distillers Cup this weekend!


It pays to refer your friends to Defined Fitness and we’re not fooling. Congratulations to Cheyenne and Natalie from the Rio Club! They are our Share the Love Refer a Friend Winners of $500 each!


The place where you can get all of your ShenaniGains! Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀


Hearty congratulations to Julian from the Capital Club! He won two pairs of BEATS headphones in our February Fall In Love With Fitness App Challenge. We feel the love and can't wait to see you rocking your new headphones! ❤️🎧


Are you a CREATIVE BEAST? Do you have what it takes to fill this box or even better redefine the box? Defined Fitness, New Mexico’s largest and fastest growing fitness brand, is looking for a creative BEAST who is fired up about joining a fast-paced, fun, positive and passionate marketing team as the Digital Content Specialist.

You must have a relentless passion for developing next-level creative ideas and have an unyielding commitment to producing G.O.A.T. content including photos, videos, ads and posts for distribution online, through social media, email, digital advertising and more.


Mask Free & Healthy!


Happy Twosday 2U! Celebrate at Defined Fitness with a two-a-day workout. ✌🏻2-22-22


Celebrate Valentine's Day at Defined Fitness! It's easy to fall in love with fitness with so many workouts and equipment to choose from, what's not to love? ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Defined Fitness's post 01/27/2022

to warmer days and outdoor workouts 😎. These days are around the corner, just hang tight.


How are you defining yourself today? Will you push yourself to be better, stronger, faster? We see you trying 😉


It’s a sign! You need to hit the gym this weekend. What are you working out?


Workout Wednesday! What workouts do you have going on today? Are you going to take on the tank at Sandia??


Friday roll call. Where are you getting strong this weekend? Gym or outdoor activity.

Photos from Defined Fitness's post 01/12/2022

Shoutout to our team keeping it clean 🧽 💪🏼. It’s a new year but our commitment to you is still the same, to have clean and safe facilities. That only happens with a great team!


Ten days into the new year and our second Monday. Our trainers want you to know you can do it and stay motivated. You’re doing a great job!


The managers at the Mesa club want you to know they are there to help you with your New Years resolutions. 5 day in, how are you doing?


It’s a new year and Metro is getting a fresh coat of paint in the multi function area!! No blues for this blue.


You walk into the gym wearing this. What are you wearing?

A. Pump Cover

B. Hoodie

Photos from Defined Fitness's post 12/16/2021

The rogue rhino belt squat is now available for use at our Bosque club! Check out this amazing machine which is perfect for those with back issues who still want the benefits of squats!


So many of us have tried a dozen or so protein pancake or waffle recipes. But with the holiday baking season upon we want to know some of your favorite protein powder recipes.

Tell us in the comments what you have made into a protein packed baked good. Maybe add a photo!

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GET READYHere is Teaser #2 for our Team Training launch/full video. Going live on Thursday September 1st. A completely n...
GET READYWe are excited to announce something new to you all very soon. Here is a a teaser for our launch of Team Traini...
Stay summer fit with Defined Fitness
Mask Free & Healthy!
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