Walnut Grove Farm, Alden, NY Video September 6, 2018, 6:54pm

Videos by Walnut Grove Farm in Alden. We are a boarding and training facility located outside of Buffalo, NY, specializing in eventing, dressage, and hunter/jumpers. We're home to the East Aurora Pony Club and have an IEA team.

RSVP ASAP for the Walnut Grove Farm Event Cup! Open to all boarders and current students. Dressage Only for $15 a test, or the Full Cup for $60. September 15th. Food booth fundraiser: UB Equestrian Team. School Horses assigned based on RSVPs so ask early (she said nine days before the show 😁).

Other Walnut Grove Farm videos

What do the pics in this video have in common? 1) They're pics of people I'm missing terribly, 2) Many are some of my favorite memories from the 2019 season, and 3) None of them were taken before May. The best of our year is yet to come, Walnut Grovers (not that 2020 has set the bar particularly high, yet). Stay fit, stay sane, stay happy. Relish your downtime because the best and busiest is yet to come. #wgfhunterteam #wgfieateam #wgfeventteam #wgfdressageteam #bestboarders #bestclients #bestmemories

Happy Easter from the ponies of Walnut Grove Farm (except 'Vator, who was hosting spin class in his stall, anticipating breakfast). Have a wonderful day with your loved ones, knowing you'll probably never do more than sleep at home once the quarantine is lifted. #barntimebarntimebarntime #breakfastatWGF #seeyousoon

More fun with rails! These cavaletti exercises are great multi-taskers. They encourage the riders to focus on rating their horse (shortening and lengthening the strides) to maintain the same distance from each other, keep their tempo on tighter turns (to make the distances in the trot poles work on the serpentines), and find the happy medium 'elastic elbow' (the temptation is to over-pick to help the horse, when really the rider needs to find the right degree of softness in their contact to allow the horse to problem solve). Visually, this exercise helps the rider suss out some basic dressage geometry: If they overshoot the centerline, they'll be off by a whole set of rails. The box in the middle points them at the correct spot on the rail to hit the diagonal letters in their long diagonals. #compteam2020 #walnutgrovefarmieateam #eastauroraponyclub #haveyouhuggedaschoolhorsetoday #groundrails #makingCarliesweatsince2014 😀

For four Pony Clubbers who all had sleepovers last night, on four imperfectly perfect steeds who don't necessarily condone sharing small spaces, this is pretty good for forty minutes of practice and preparation. Tanya S Gallagher Lori Gmerek Abigail Mullen #EastAuroraPonyClub #IThoughtThereWasaRuleAboutSleepovers #haveyouhuggedaschoolhorsetoday #hanginthereTweeds #uspc #notieapracticebutalsohappento #rideIEA #proudtrainer

Congratulations to Kaitlyn's Uncle Mike S for winning the Walnut Grove Farm IEA 50-50 Raffle! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Springing into our last day of Champs like...

Happy Belated Birthday, Rumi! Rumi turned five last week, and has been with me almost a year and a half. In her second month under saddle, she trail rode beautifully in the Sandhills (with fewer than ten post-racing rides under her belt), cross country schooled (stepped up and down the down bank and done the water) at Winter Brook, and powered around the dressage ring in the magnificent indoor between Will Faudree’s and Longleaf Lodge. Last summer, she did dressage aaall alone at Twilight Dressage in the Children of the Corn Ring, trail rode in Mendon, and XC schooled at Stone Haven and GVH. She is one of two TB projects I have going, and they frequently lose rides to me having to spread my resources between my family, my business and paying clients, and life, but because of her wonderful brain and great personality, she just keeps steadily improving. Today’s jump school in preparation for Exmoor and GVRDC shows she’s green but game. Here’s to steady progress and many more Rumi birthday tributes in the future. #rumiandbeth #walnutgrovefarmeventteam #needmodressage #needmostraightness #baysfordays #ottb #hitair #samshield #thoroughbred

Baby ‘Vator’s first canter under saddle. #tb #chipintobuymaddieherfourleggedgraduationpresent #vator #walnutgrovefarmhunterteam

January 19th and February 9th WGF Slightly Rumpled Ribbon Dressage Show, Combined Test, Jumper Show, and Adult Games (Open to All WGF Students) Dressage Ride-a-Test Hunt Seat Eq U/S x rails, 2’, 2’3”, 2’6” Jumpers 2’6 2’9 3’ Adult Games If doing CT, ride USEA BN Test B and jump 2’6”, or USEA Novice Test B and jump 2’9”, or USEA Training Test B and jump 3’. $20/test or class $35 for combined test or two dressage tests $50 per eq division (one u/s two fences) $25 adult games (21 and over)

Jumping into winter break like... ... ... Have a wonderful vacation, UBET! Cheers to a great semester. Three of you are qualified for Regionals, a bunch of you are nearly qualified, and all of you have improved tremendously. We’ll miss you around the farm! Send me your schedules, and we’ll see you the last week in January. #ubequestrian #ubet #rideihsa #tandemjumping #synchronizedjumping #oreohorses #barontweedmouth #majorleague @maddieebroad @lizzieehughess @serenanichols @jamiegadd97 @katiemahar7 @epic_watermelon @nmarandola @h.eid.e @katiee_kelly Nina and Sam

I forgot to put a still pic in of Lucy and Fiona from today’s XC Schooling post. Sorry @pink_fluffy_horse , you’ll have to settle for your own post. #walnutgrovefarmeventteam #haveyouhuggedaschoolhorsetoday #princessfiona #blackpointsfarm

RSVP ASAP for the Walnut Grove Farm Event Cup! Open to all boarders and current students. Dressage Only for $15 a test, or the Full Cup for $60. September 15th. Food booth fundraiser: UB Equestrian Team. School Horses assigned based on RSVPs so ask early (she said nine days before the show 😁).

I could have been cleaning my house. I could’ve done some laundry or gotten a couple horses ridden, but instead, I present to you...Burghley. Toddler Edition. #burghleyhorsetrials #eventingnation #toddlerBurghley #futureeventers #horsenation #walnutgrovefarmfutureeventteam

Cathleen and Vinnie having too much fun at Paul’s. #radioflyer #walnutgrovefarmeventteam #hitairvest #stonehavenfarm #farmforsale #usea

Impressive Grace and Jayne playing at Paul Panchenko’s lovely Stone Haven Fran in Lockport, NY. It’s for sale! (The farm, not the mare.) #hitairvest #usea #walnutgrovefarmeventteam

When I didn’t sign Rumi up for the RRP, I resolved to just ‘take her along for the ride’ her first year post-track. I knew that juggling the farm, my toddlers, and life in general wouldn’t be conducive to pressuring her into much, despite my eagerness to climb back up the levels post-baby-makin’. I resolved to just put her on the trailer anytime there was an extra slot available, even if I’d had a week where I hadn’t gotten to ride her. It’s working, and I’m so happy with her. Here she is, yesterday, at Paul Panchenko’s beautiful farm in Lockport (please buy it and continue allowing us to traipse about it!). In between coaching a couple star students (videos to come), I’d point and shoot four year old Rumi at anything and everything appropriate. I really enjoy every ride on her, and she’s coming along slowly but surely. #walnutgrovefarmeventteam #ottb #rubyone #rumiandbeth #fingerlakesracetrackgrad #stonehavenfarm #farmforsale #xc #dropsandminicoffins #thankspaul #haveyouhuggedathoroughbredtoday #hitairvest #pretendingimnotinahurry #straightishandforwardish

These guys also did me proud today, jumping in a clinic with Daisy Trayford during Day Three of our Annual Eventing Camp. It was neat to see these four have some nerves about riding in front of a new instructor, and use those nerves for good instead of evil: They stepped up to the plate and rode really, very well. #walnutgrovefarmeventteam #portablejumps #christmashint2018 #ottb #andawarmblood #andaBoston #usea #govinnygo #wilsonthewonderful #everlasting #majorleague #lovethosefourleggedcreatures #andtheirpilots Exmoor Eventing

It’s day three of Walnut Grove Farm Eventing Clinic Week 2018. So far, we’ve had three dressage lessons, one optimum time lesson on the track, two jumping lessons, and unmounted lessons that focused on Conditioning and TPR, Longeing, and Emergency Medicine. This Intro Group of new eventers was a bit nervous about their clinic with Daisy Trayford, this morning. She brought portable XC jumps, and really gave the riders a feel of a true away-from-home clinic. Her cheerful but determined teaching style egged these four capable riders into doing things they were unsure about, leaving them more confident, knowledgeable, and resilient for their cross country schooling at Chestnut Ridge, tomorrow. I was incredibly proud of all of them. #usea #eventing #walnutgrovefarmeventteam #walnutgrovefarmcamp #portablejumps #christmashint2018 #haveyouhuggedaschoolhorsetoday Exmoor Eventing

Fiona jumping into her busy few weeks: Advanced Clinic Week, Fun Camp, UBETers return to Buffalo, and...something I’ll announce in a couple weeks. 😉 Stay tuned! #walnutgrovefarm #walnutgrovefarmeventteam #sunnybuffalo #universityatbuffalo #UBBulls #UBEquestrianTeam #equitation #forwardsbackwards #princessfiona

#tbt to when @everlasting.eventing and @horse_rider5000 did a Pas de Deux at the WNY Region Dressage Rally. They were such good sports about me entering them in it, and earned a 68%. Carlie did a great job of getting Sherlock to keep up with Ever, and Madison of shortening Ever to match Sherlock. It was a good warm up for next year’s Pas de Deux...muhwahaha. #pasdedeux #uspc #wnyregion #eapc #traininglevel #whosthedj #oneminorcollision #sherlock

I think it’s so important to get all levels of riders and horses out of the ring early and often. Check out this athletic new rider learning all the basics by being coached competently on a tolerant horse, often on the lunge line, but also developing lots more coordination, muscle memory, balance, confidence, and harmony with changes in the horse’s gaits as she goes up and down small changes in terrain than she would learn just in ‘the sandbox.’ This young lady may become an equitation rider, or an eventer, or a barrel racer, or a steeplechase jockey, only time will tell. #haveyouhuggedaschoolhorsetoday #thankyoufiona #walnutgrovefarmfutureeventteam #walnutgrovefarmfuturehunterteam #futureUBETmember #ovationhelmet #rideonturf #pinto #collegiatesaddle #caveletti #groundrail #barefoothony

Well, three year old ‘Vator had his second ride post-track today, so it was high time for me to take him over a fake ditch and the little cow panel in the field, and have fourteen year old Jill walk him over the slide (see video). #heswild #theadventuresofvator #ridetwo #bigbayandhandsome #walnutgrovefarmfuturehunterteam #17handshigh #hitair #ittakesavillage

Tuesdays with Claire and Pete. We’re working on incentivizing Pete to land on the correct lead, because when you have to land from a 4’ oxer and develop a coffin canter to jump an upright one stride on a down hill within 7-8 strides, there’s just not enough room for a simple change and a rediscovery of tempo. #claireandpete #walnutgrovefarmeventteam #usea #ottb #eapc #uspc @claire_maywalt Lynda Maywalt

Rumi gives hunter pacing a big thumbs up, so far, but ask us in an hour...#rumiandbeth #twotypesofflyspray #waitingforkatibecauseshehasarealjob

That time @becca_vincent rescued a horse from the kill pen and realized early on that he might, just might, be the world’s greatest therapy horse. Here, she’s enlisted two #USPC members to help train and bombproof him. #Atticus #eastauroraponyclub #pompomssillyhatsbouncingballsmaracas

Thinking of warmer times, today! #flashbackfriday to UBET member Maddie Broad rocking it in the Hunter Ring on Ruby Go Lightly at Mark Twain in 2016. Versatile Maddie, going into her senior year next year, has ridden to blue ribbons in four different disciplines since joining UBET and becoming a Walnut Grover: Hunters, Equitation, Jumpers, and even Eventing. #UBEquestrianTeam #UBBulls #RideIHSA #WalnutGroveFarm #versatility #isitsummeryet

I once challenged a couple young students at a show, “Any time Jayne is working and you are still, it’s a dollar fine.” “We’ll be broke!” they exclaimed. “There’s always something to do. Be like Jayne and find the task.” Kate was in utero, then, but apparently she got the message. #synchronizedgrooming #BeLikeJayne #wgffutureeventteam #wgfgoessouth2018 Jayne Schaber

It’s so rare that I consistently track a student’s progression towards a goal throughout the course of a month, season, or year; it’s fun that this came together. #majorleague #walnutgrovefarmeventteam #indoorhomeworkforcrossscountryimprovement #impulsionleadstostraightnessleadstobettersteeringandstrengthandconfidence #maybenoteverythinghastobeahashtag

Major League and Cathleen channel their inner jumping beans #WGFGoesSouth2018 #practicepracticepractice #wgfeventteam #majorleague

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