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Recipe Wednesday - Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Looking for a healthy snack to keep you full and satisfied. Click here to see how to make your deviled eggs in a new way.

Check out these 4 exercises to help reduce the risk for falls. If you’re an older adult, a fear of falling may weigh on you every day. This is completely understandable, as falls are the top cause of injury for those over the age of 65. Falls also become more common with each additional year of life that passes due to the increased likelihood of developing ot...

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Recipe Wednesday - Jerk Tilapia Fish Tacos with Zoodle Slaw

Are you trying to get more fish in your diet? Click on this link for a fish taco with a tasty twist.

After a fall, hip fractures pose the biggest threat for seniors Older adults face a slew of potential health issues as they age, but few are more common or dangerous as falling. One of three adults over the age of 65 will experience a fall every year, making them the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries in this population.

Advanced Care Staff showing their support for #WorldLymphedemaDay by wearing teal !

Happy #WorldLymphedemaDay !!! We are grateful to be able to offer this service for this chronic condition that so many individuals struggle with. Know that there are therapists and options out there to help you achieve your goals and provide the treatment that is deserved.

The facts about falls in the elderly community can be startling If you or a loved one is over the age of 65, you’re probably aware that there are some dangers associated with falling. There’s no shortage of attention on the topic, with new outlets and experts often discussing the risks involved and offering suggestions on how to prevent falls from occurring....

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No matter what is causing your shoulder pain, PT is the best solution Most people just aren’t themselves when they can’t move properly. This rings especially true for shoulder pain, which is one of the most widespread complaints of the musculoskeletal system that people have.

Recipe Wednesday - Mexican Lasagna

Here's a dinner suggestion that your family and friends will love and you can feel good about the ingredients for keeping a healthy lifestyle.

6 Ways to Decrease Tendinitis

Help yourself or someone else feel better.

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Recipe Wednesday - Mediterranean Baked Fish

Here is a simple delicious Mediterranean Baked Fish recipe for everyone to enjoy!

Most cases of shoulder pain are related to the rotator cuff Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint. Up to 26% of the population has it to some degree, and it ranks third—behind back pain and knee pain—in musculoskeletal conditions (those involving the bones, muscles, and related structures) that lead people to consult their doctor. About 1% of th...

Shoulder problems become more common as the body changes over time You have your shoulders to thank for many of the movements required to get through the day. Driving your car, turning doorknobs, shaking hands, and reaching up or across to grab an item are just a few examples of activities that would not be possible without the extreme mobility that the shoulder pr...

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Recipe Wednesday - Turkey Beef Meatball

A yummy new turkey meatball recipe to try out this weekend!

Physical therapy treatment can help for many neurological disorders Getting diagnosed with a neurological disorder may be confusing since these issues involve the nerves rather than the muscles and ligaments. Some patients may be uncertain what the diagnosis means and how it will affect their life, which can make it difficult to know what to do next.

Stay mobile with regular physical activity and specific exercises A health condition that affects the nervous system (a neurological disorder) can completely change the way in how someone interacts with the world around them. Although symptoms vary significantly between neurological disorders, some will go on to affect movement, balance, and coordination.

Recipe Wednesday - Oatmeal Pecan Waffles

A yummy new recipe to try out this weekend, and healthy too! Oatmeal Pecan Waffles.

Recipe Wednesday - Asian Style Chicken Wraps

Here is a delicious recipe for Asian Style Chicken Wraps.

Damages in nervous system can possibly cause movement-related issues Your nervous system is the line of communication between your brain and every bone, muscle, and organ in your body. It is responsible for all actions that take place within the body, from the nerve impulses that make your heartbeat, to the reflex that makes you immediately retract your hand from a h...

Your nerves are responsible for everything your body does Pick any function of the human body, and you can count on your nerves making it happen. Moving your eyes to read these words, the process of sending these images to the brain to be converted into useful information, and breathing while doing so are all made possible by the nerves.

2019 literature review part 4: arthritis, sports injuries, and opioids With the end of the year approaching, we’d like to look back at some of our favorite study summaries of 2019 in a four-part newsletter series with each one focusing on a different topic or region of the body. In part 4, we review research on physical therapy for arthritis and sports injuries, and ...

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6 Exercise Suggestions for 2020

Give the gift of movement this holiday season.

Recipe Wednesday - Mexican Pozole (Mexican Beef and Hominy Stew)

Love a hot soup on a cold winter night, but not sure how to make one? Try this recipe for Mexican Pozole. It surely will bring comfort when you are cold and hungry, and it's heart-healthy.

2019 literature review part 3: knee, foot, and ankle pain We distribute newsletters every week to educate you—our patients—on some of the most common injuries and conditions that we treat, and to explain why we always recommend seeing a physical therapist first when dealing with any type of pain. In working towards this goal, we also regularly summariz...

7 Reasons to See Your PT Now

Why your physical therapist can help you.

2019 Literature Review part 2: shoulder, wrist, and hand pain We distribute newsletters every week to educate you—our patients—on some of the most common injuries and conditions that we treat, and to explain why we always recommend seeing a physical therapist first when dealing with any type of pain. In working towards this goal, we also regularly summariz...

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Advanced Care Physical Therapy of WNY is pleased to announce that Ashley Long is now certified in the treatment of lymphatic drainage from the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy. She is now offering treatment for primary and secondary lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiencies and acute/chronic swelling. We are excited to offer these new services in our Alden office and to our patients throughout the WNY community.

Recipe Wednesday - Pasta Primavera

This healthy pasta dish is a delicious way to eat your veggies.

2019 Literature Review part 1: neck, back, and jaw pain We distribute newsletters each week to help educate you—our patients—on some of the most common injuries and conditions that we treat, and to explain why we always recommend seeing a physical therapist early when dealing with any type of pain. In working towards this goal, we also regularly summ...

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a wonderful day of sharing old memories and creating new ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

Better results and lower costs by seeing a physical therapist early Evidence on use of physical therapy during an initial episode of low back pain is mixed Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common health conditions, as about 65-80% of adults will experience it at some point in their lifetime. Many treatment options are available for LBP, and as a result, there....

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Recipe Wednesday - Meatloaf

Looking for a healthy twist to classic comfort food? Try this yummy meatloaf recipe.

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