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At the Western New York Weight loss Clinic we offer a 2 to 3 hour, sit down clinic on how to loose weight fast! No food restrictions or exercise. Expected weight loss is 5 to 15 lbs per week. All notes needed are included.

In this program we teach you how and why you lose weight. We teach health and how losing weight FAST is medically proven to keep more weight off longer and permanently. The tools used are based on results from bariatric (MD) physicians across the country, and my own personal experience.This is safe and simple to do, and only for coachable people, serious about losing weight. The expected results are 5-15 lbs per week.

[11/23/17]   Last client just lost 10 pounds in the first week! Congratulations you know who you are. So proud of you.

[10/21/17]   Now I know not many people are going to like the reality of this post, but I feel the facts are very sobering and should be noted.

60 percent of americans are overweight (20lbs) and or obese(80-100lbs). Research shows that, given all health parameters being equal, an obese person will die 20 years sooner 100% of the time than the same person who is not obese. Those are the hard facts. Please let me help, and call us. I'm here to help you lose the weight fast, safe, and WITHOUT SURGERY. How much does 20 years mean to you?

[10/20/17]   Now through November we are offering a $25.00 credit towards any appointments made. 5-15 lbs per week have been our results. Eat the foods you like, and no exercise required. You must mention this Facebook promotion to receive the $25.00 credit.

[10/17/17]   Need to lose some weight? Give us a call, I'll show you a simple technique to lose from 5-15 pounds in a week. I'm doing it myself the past 2 weeks.

I'm here to teach and coach you towards attaining permanent weight loss goals.


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Thanks Heidi

I highly recommend this program! I've already lost 13.5 pounds after 1 week! Dr. Showalter gave me the tool to lose the weight fast. I'm in my second week and my clothes are getting lose!

[07/27/16]   So, I've been writing a lot and am coming in for a landing with this interesting 18 year study on PROTEIN:

" Low protein is associated with a major reduction in IGF-1(a very toxic fat cytokine/bad guy), cancer and overall mortality in the 65 and younger but not older population"

The study was published in "Cell Metabolism", Vol. 19 NO.3 pages 407-417 in the March 2014 issue. "For 18 years 3,039 men and woman ages 50-65 were followed to evaluate protein consumption and it's effect on health: those who estimated their daily calorie intake was comprised of AT LEAST 20% protein were compared to those who had a more 'moderate' protein intake (10-19% of total calories consumed). CONCLUSION: Respondents aged 50-65 reporting high protein intake had a 75% INCREASE in OVERALL MORTALITY (that's death) and a FOUR FOLD INCREASE in CANCER death risk during the following 18 years!"

WOW! Are we ever obsessed with protein in America or what?! Folks consuming extra protein DOES NOT provide us with energy or increased strength. We can only increase muscle strength through active and passive resistance training, which causes the cell wall of a muscle fiber to tear. It then becomes inflamed, infuses with water, and increases in diameter. As the radius of any tube increases, seeing that muscle fibers are simply long, thin tubes...the strength of a muscle increase by a power of 2. BUT THE PROTEIN SCAFFOLDING(bridges if you will) UPON WHICH THE MUSCLE FIBER EXPANDS AND CONTRACTS DOES NOT CHANGE! Exercise and lift weights to build muscle, but you cannot obtain the same result by EATING more of anything. So there you go folks. As a person that's been around the bodybuilding arena all my life, MR. USA NATURAL 1989, etc. and about 7 other contests, I was amazed at the harm taking too much protein can be. I'm blown away. So, keep your protein down and you'll live longer?! Amazing stuff. So, take 'a bite or two' of protein at mealtime...and live longer,or you'll pay for it-eh? Dr. Scott

The Showalter family

Why I like to stay in shape...

[07/25/16]   So, everybody knows our bodies have a THERMOSTAT which is set to 98.6 degrees. But did you know we also have something called a "HUNGERSTAT" THAT REGULATES HOW MUCH AND WHEN WE STOP EATING? Yes, and this is my simple help and conclusion to my past 4 extensive posts regarding loosing weight-fast! It's as simple as knowing that we have a nerve that tells our brain how DISTENDED the stomach is. When it gets to it's....get this; KEY NOW: "USE TO BE DISTENDED" size, it tells the brain to stop eating."I"M full". Amazingly simple right? Well did you know your stomach is like an accordion instrument: it can expand and contract to different sizes. Your stomach can be trained to be big, bigger, biggest or small, smaller or SMALLEST. Follow this now. The medical profession, FDA and very intelligent "bariatric" (weight loss) physicians have determined that a gastric bypass surgery is safe and very effective for the obese and morbidly obese members of our society for saving their life and restoring health. It's statistically proven to "be the best weight loss diet program" that exists...for even the least healthy among our society. So think about it...if it's safe for those people it's sure safe for you and I right? Heck this surgery gets rid of peoples obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems, and I could list 50 more illnesses it helps rid the body of.(please see my previous post on the laundry list of medically documented illnesses being over weight and obesity causes from the toxicity of cytokines/toxins released from fat cells in the body.). Now, simple research/studies... that follow post gastric bypass patients reveals that they are told by their physicians to eat 3 bites a meal, three times a day, that's it! WHAT?! Yes three bites...and it's healthy. They drop 15-20-30 pounds a week! WOW! Hummmm...getting my point yet? Well doctors/PhD's follow their eating habits and find they can only eat about 4, 5, 6, 7 or so thereafter. Hummmm. Also, contrary to popular belief, the research shows there is no difference between dropping weight fast or gradual over time. In fact the people that drop the weight the fastest maintain 80% of their goal weight vs the people who lost the weight gradually over time only maintained 50% of their goal weight. So that takes care of that sacred cow idea that dropping weight fast "is unhealthy for the body" (of which I use to believe in). NOT, the research shows just the opposite. So lose the toxic fat ASAP folks. It's not for this audience for me to tell you how to do that exactly, I have a whole consultation for that and it's a whole other responsibility that I'm not going to go into on FB. I'll just say this, emphatically and please hear me: START TEACHING YOUR BRAIN TO SHUT OFF YOUR HUNGERSTAT SOONER, BY EATING WAY WAY LESS PER MEAL. And, get this; IT ONLY TAKES 3 DAYS FOR YOUR BODY TO RE-ADJUST IT'S HUNGERSTAT! WOW! If it's good for gastric bypass patients surely it would be healthy for you. AND you DO NOT have to have such an invasive surgery to get the same benefits as they do! Amazing isn't it? I teach people in my weight loss clinic how to get healthy fast, real fast. Next I'll debunk some "sacred cows" about protein. You'll be amazed at what the medical research shows on protein intake and disease. "Dr.Scott"


WNY Weight Loss for Nutrition Counseling

So to continue....
Quick summary of yesterday's imperative points: Body fat gives off very dangerous toxins called cytokine's that stop a substance in our hypothalamus called "Leptin" that tells our body to stop eating...Getting our belly fat off especially is important because the research is evident with an association to belly fat's cytotoxins and other body fat with infiltrating the nearby abdominal organs such as the very important pancreas to regulated insulin/blood sugar--a-ha! And especially the liver; causing "fatty liver", disease and eventually hardening of the liver, which we all know where that leads to: liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc,please see my previous posts for the long list of diseases associated with "FAT", being over weight and or obesity; NOT GOOD! It's serious stuff. (I'm not spending my time writing all this for nothing but for the hope it will help someone out there listening.) SO, FAT IS VERY TOXIC TO OUR ENTIRE BODY. And it causes us to CONTINUE MORE OF THE UN-NECESSARY EATING WE'RE ALREADY DOING AS AMERICANS TO BOOT:very not good. Hummm, so what are we to do? Well the research tells us that the problem lays in the VOLUME, I'll say it again "VOLUME" of food we consume per meal; way way too much that our "hungerstat" is wacked out of place to the upside. Tomorrow I'll bring a lot of this to a close going over some amazingly simple answers to the whole problem it will blow your mind it's so simple, you won't believe me. "Dr. Scott"


[07/23/16]   So after listing all the multitude of health problems obesity and or being overweight leads to yesterday, and the day before explaining how exhaling carbon dioxide is the only way we get ride of fat, lets cut to the chase with some fascinating medical information on what fat exactly does bad for our bodies. BOTTOM LINE: the research shows that FAT CELLS PROMOTE INFLAMMATION AND IRRITATE THE BODY! Here's what goes on and is VERY KEY: Intereukin-1, Interleukin-6, and TNF-alpha, three pro-inflammatory "cytokines"(very bad guys!) have been implicated in the pathogenisis(disease process) of many cancers and immune disorders, and ARE PRODUCED BY FAT CELLS! Yikes:(. This is why fat is SO TOXIC to the body. Folks if you "can pinch more than an inch" around your belly button you are over weight, it's that simple. Obesity is another step up big time, like 50-100 lbs over weight by medical standards.The faster you get the fat off around your belly especially, the better...is what the research says. Now if your still with me medically? Check this out for how our appetite works and how we cause it to go up or down; VERY KEY. Fat cells "up-regulate" a cytokine supressor called SOCS-3, which BLOCKS the action of "Leptin"-in the hypothalamus portion of the brain. LEPTIN SUPPRESSES YOUR APPETITE! So, as you gain more weight, fat cells produce more "SOCS-3", and this impedes leptin's satiety benifit! Meaning makes you more hungry and you continue to eat when otherwise you should be stopping! Get it? WOW. And yes there's some simple strategies you can do to control all this in your favor, if you're serious. I teach this at my clinic on weight loss. I've got much more real cool information to come. It's good stuff...


WNY Weight Loss for Nutrition Counseling

So yesterday I talked extensively how your body metabolizes away fat through carbon dioxide. Today lets look at what the medical research tells us extra fat does to our bodies. Tomorrow I'll tell you why and how. But for now lets see: Excess weight leads to diabetes, atrial fibrillation,congestive heart failure. Fat suppresses immunity making us more prone to viral, fungal, and bacterial infections and the duration thereof.Fat increases the risk of:beast,cervical,ovarian,endometrial,prostrate,esophageal,stomach,liver,gallbladder, and kidney cancer, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia. LOSING WEIGHT significantly reduces blood pressure.100% of obese people die prematurely.Obesity leads to venous insufficiency(swollen legs and ankles). Fat is liked to psoriasis& rheumatoid arthritis,two common auto immune diseases which both are improved with weight loss.Obesity increases the risk of kidney&liver failure.Overweight woman more likely have prolonged menstruation,infertility,fetal complication,incontinence& bothersome menopausal symptoms.Overweight men are more prone to erectile dysfunction & urinary symptoms. Abdominal adiposity increases decreased libido in both sexes.Obesity predisposes a person to gallstones,gout,hypothyroidism & pancreatitis,irritable bowl syndrome,gastrointestinal discomfort & anxiety, increased prevalence of asthma & obstructive sleep apnea. Carpal tunnel syndrome is 4 times more frequent in overweight people. Excess fat leads to osteoarthritis,low back, hip,knee & ankle pain.Extra fat accelerates the incidence of heartburn,migraines,depression & dementia. PHEW! There you go folks. All straight from updated peer reviewed top medical research journals:40 pages of abstracts. Available upon request. Tomorrow we will talk about how to get the excess fat off.
www.wnyweightlossclinic.com."Dr. Scott"


[07/21/16]   Did you know that our bodies are basically sugar making and breaking machines? We make sugar from connected carbon molecules called carbohydrates or starches. When the body brakes or cuts one of the "six chain" carbon bonds, it releases 3 component parts: heat, ATP/energy and key now: CARBON DIOXIDE, THROUGH EXHALING. Believe it or not this is the ONLY way we lose weight; through exhaling...carbon atoms from our lungs into the air. We excrete waste through urine, feces, and sweat, but not carbons. There is no weight to calories, they are only a scientific way to measure heat. Only carbon atoms have weight. Yes very minimal weight. But, added up throughout the day can you believe we breath out about 3 pounds of carbon dioxide a day! WOW! That's a lot of carbon cutting. The heart alone consumes an estimated 20,000,000,000,000 ATP molecules (555 billion sugar molecules) every second! WOW! We also emit about 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules of carbon dioxide with each breath, and each of those molecules comes from sugar. Again...wow! That's a lot of sugar! If we eat more food than our body needs for it's IDEAL weight, we turn those calories/carbon atoms, be it starches or protein into guess what folks? FAT. So fat is just a real concentrated, stored up bunch of sugar that the body "cuts" carbon atoms from when it's "starving". The body by definition is "starving" (about 4 hours after you last ate) when there in no food in the intestine for absorption: hence you feel hungry to eat or not eat. If you don't eat A HA! your body then uses fat storage's...to make again; usable sugar molecules, (hopefully around the belly) to cut away carbon atoms. Phew! This folks is how we lose weight; NOT by exercising. Mind you exercising will also INCREASE your appetite and cause your body to WANT to eat more (stop! resist the urge!) so be ware...but it does nothing to lose weight. So exercise to build muscle, look toned and be healthy, but simply eat less and breath to lose weight. We teach you how the body is able to lose up to 20-30 lbs in a month! It's not as much the types of food we eat in America that's the problem but overwhelmingly the AMOUNT of unnecessary food we eat at a given time. Being "over weight" with a BMI ("body mass index") above 25 or "obesity" (BMI above 30) are the number 1 health epidemics in America today. Many respected/"peer reviewed" journals of modern medicine today document and connect these two conditions to many, many health problems we have in America today. We teach you how to get healthy as quick as possible at the WNYWEIGHTLOSSCLINIC.COM.


No Magic Involved

www.amplifeied.com You've got to eat to nourish, work hard, build confidence, and worry less to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

[05/12/15]   Did you know that your bodies metabolism slows down as the day progresses? Then why do most of us eat our biggest meal at the end of the day? "Just sayin"..Switch lunch and dinner and you'll be sure to lose weight fast!

[05/10/15]   Had an awesome clinic meeting with Amy this morning. Thanks Amy for allowing me to help you attain your goals!

[05/08/15]   Working out is Important, yes. But you'd have to walk up both the Twin Towers (former) EVERY DAY during your lunch hour, 7 days a week; to burn enough calories to lose just 1 pound of fat per week! Not possible, nor would I want to work that hard EVERY DAY to lose a pound of bad weight per week. Did you know there's an easier way? With a glass of water I'll show you how. Check us out on the web. See the web site on my page.

[04/30/15]   I invite you to come visit us on the web at the website and see already the testimonies and lives that have been impacted already.


Proven wny weight loss, personal training, and nutritional consulting by Dr. Showalter

At the www.wnyweightlossclinic.com we teach a simple but profound technique called "achieving the lap band effect". It's a natural alternative to surgically shutting off 95% of the stomach to lose weight. No drugs, surgery, drops or pills, just knowledge.
I just taught this technique last evening to a very happy client.

wnyweightlossclinic.com Whether you're seeking weight loss, nurtitional advice, fitness, or better health, Dr. Showalter, former Mr. USA Natural, provides one hour of proven wny weight loss, personal training, and nutritional consulting to help you lose weight.

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