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How to Relieve Your Aches and Pains With One Workout

Great livestrong article about Kinstretch, the basis for the LyvWell mobility program What do the Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners know about working out that you don't? For starters, here's one.

Dehydration and lack of electrolyte replenishment is a common problem. NIH reports that 75% of adults are suspected to be dehydrated. As a rule of thumb daily consumption is suggested to be between a half oz and oz of water for each pound of weight. Every body behaves differently when it’s lacking vital components that allow the body’s systems to operate as they were intended to. My body being particularly sensitive, lets me know pretty blatantly when it’s missing something. Dehydration has been a key factor in many of my ruined days, but I was too busy dealing with all of the byproducts of dehydration to worry about what was causing them. I lacked energy, I was light headed and cranky. Instead of drinking more water, I would pop a few Excedrin, Espresso had become my life juice and I was still exhausted. Along with proper water consumption, electrolyte replenishment is also necessary for the body’s systems to function properly. This is why I nearly always have a bottle of St. Pelligrino in tow, it’s not just because I’m obsessed with their tiny bubbles and taste. Another daily ritual I’ve been practicing lately to help on the electrolyte front, has been to add this #ketolemonade into the mix. Along with being chalk full of naturally occurring electrolytes, the Aloe Vera included has a bunch of other benefits on its own, from aiding in digestion to extra immune support. Do you have any go-to’s that your body likes for dehydration or electrolyte replenishment? Are you mindful about your water consumption? How are you going to keep track of how much water you drank today? 🌿🍋. Swipe for recipe by @healthfulpursuit #lyvwelleatwell #stayhydrated #drinkmorewater #electrolytes #ketoflu #wellnessWednesday @ Lyv Well

Had to improv with my old lax stick @hunterfitness - #ithinkididthisright🎄DISCLAIMER: this drill has a lot of shoulder, elbow and wrist prerequisites so please do not attempt if you feel pain in any of these positions! 🎄

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Functional Anatomy Seminars

Kinstretch Instructor & FRCms Pam Owens
Fake mobility is when an area compensates for a joint that's not doing its job. This causes the non working joint to get worse and lose more mobility and strength. Win Kinstretch we establish INDEPENDENT joint control which leads to mobility, body control and resilient joints that can produce force and beautiful athletic movements. Come to class or learn with online coaching. Learn CARs and do them daily. Get assessed and work on your limitations to build a strong foundation for greater movements.


What is Kinstretch? The creator explains a little about his brain child.

***Class Alert***

What is @kinstretch? Here is @drandreospina explaining a little about it. Even better, come find out for yourself tomorrow night at 6:30 PM and Saturday at 9:30 AM. You won't regret it.

Welcome to Lyv Well 🌻 thank you for joining us - feel free to DM me with any joys, quandaries, concerns that you may have about mobility work. I have in-class as well as remote training available!

Lyv Well

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