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Keep it simple. Lift heavy things, challenge your mind and body, eat nutritious food and enjoy the ride. Contact Jim Begley @ 703-677-8603

Blue Plate Fitness is all about providing you the tools to simplify your life. We believe that living a healthy lifestyle includes not only exercise but also knowing which foods fuel you the best and learning how to take an introspective look into what makes you happy. At BPF we will work with you on functional movements (push, pull, squat, jump) with a focus on correct movement patterns. By movin

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Mobile uploads 10/30/2015

I've done this Weight Loss for Life program with Karie at Wellness 1st. 3 real food meals a day and protein shakes in between meals helped shift my body into fat burning mode. I lost inches and weight and have kept it off even after reintroducing some foods. If you are ready to tackle the nutrition part of your health, contact Karie Zipper for more information.

Special!! Now thru 10/31!! Get your best bud or spouse to join with you!! Feel and look your best this holiday season! Reset your metabolism!! 💪👙🙌🎉


It's your lucky (birth)day! Congrats Jen for winning again -this time a gift card to Lost Rhino Brewing Company. As I'm announcing this late we will not have a drawing for October. November's giveaway - for every canned good you bring in, you get 1 entry for a raffle prize - a gift card to the Polish Cafe nail salon - just in time for the holiday parties! Thank you for supporting the Dulles South Food Pantry.

Mobile uploads 10/10/2015

Today saw many new personal bests. Shout out tonight to our birthday girl Jen - First woman at BPF to deadlift more than 200 pounds (with a PR of 205)!

Mobile uploads 10/08/2015

On my 30th I was bench pressing close to 300 and running a 49 min 10k. I ate what I wanted because I worked out hard.

14 years later I don't know my bench press and I don't know my 10k time. I do know that I am 100% healthier and can't out exercise poor nutrition. Oh and I'm better dressed now too.


New toys and new ways to attack weakness.


Check-In Raffle Winner for AUGUST is..... Jen! Whatcha want Jen? Date Night at Ford's or ditch Randy and get some pampering at the Polish Cafe?

Mobile uploads 08/24/2015

Congratulations to some of our most recent on-ramp graduates. I'm proud of the amazing improvements each one of you made. Now on to the next part of our journey.


July's raffle winner is....Shannon Reece! Shannon - pick up your choice of either a Ford's Fish Shack gift card or The Polish Cafe gift card next time you are here. Everyone keep checking in and writing reviews for more chances at winning August's raffle!

Who Are Your Gatekeepers? 08/09/2015

Who Are Your Gatekeepers?

I read James Altucher almost every day and he always speaks to me. He wrote this article to his daughters but his question "Who are your gatekeepers?" applies to all of us. Who is standing in your way, wielding doubts and fear as weapons, between you and your true self? Surround yourself with people who empower you to break through your gatekeepers and in turn, be that support for those around you. We are all in this one great life together.

Who Are Your Gatekeepers? Dear Josie and Mollie (my daughters),Everyone hates you. I mean, I don't hate you. Most of the time.But teachers hate you. Your future boss hates you (he bribes you to work extra hours and then makes a pass at you. Trust me on this one).Your colleagues hate you (if you are demoted, they avoid you. I…

Mobile uploads 08/02/2015

Awesome way to start a Sunday morning. So proud of all the athletes getting out of their comfort zone and getting it done!


Good luck to those doing the 14.06 Tri on Sunday morning! See you bright and early for check-in.

Photos from Grid League's post 07/14/2015

This is a great opportunity to see how strength can be shown in sports. This might not be a goal of yours but it awesome to watch.

Mobile uploads 07/12/2015

PRs happened this week. But even better is the character we are building. One of the teens was cheering on a mom at the end the workout. Because of his encouragement, she picked up the pace and finished strong. She told him - when my sons grow up I hope they are as kind as you.

He may not have understood the significance of this compliment but his dad and I did. This is about more than just exercise.

Damage Control - What to do When You Over Indulge 07/06/2015

Damage Control - What to do When You Over Indulge

I've been spending as much time as I can reading or listening to books. The last book I read was "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown. What I took away is that we shouldn't carry shame. And most often I see shame associated with food choices. If you overindulged this past holiday weekend and tend to fall into a negative self talk mode - make a decision to change how you react. Read this article - I think the sentiment is right on.

Damage Control - What to do When You Over Indulge What to do when you over indulge or eat too many sweets. My response for the "damage control" mentality may surprise you.

Timeline photos 07/04/2015

Timeline photos

Mobile uploads 07/02/2015

This is the sun setting on a day of PRs. Congrats to Joe Jim and Shannon. If I missed anyone sorry.

Timeline photos 06/28/2015

Ladies of BPF - the kids, both boys and girls, are always watching. Being strong isn't for men only.

And then this happened. These three little girls came over and wanted to know all about what I was doing.

Mobile uploads 06/28/2015

Busy week ahead- meal prep is key. Mason jar salads with protein and no cook summer oatmeal can be made with your favorite flavor combos.

Photos from Blue Plate Fitness's post 06/27/2015

So impressed by the effort. Making choices that are not easy.

Mobile uploads 06/27/2015

We have had a good week. As we continue to develop I ask you to think about this one thing.

Have you decided to be different to be uncommon?

The picture is of people choosing to work hard and grow on Friday night. Be uncommon find your purpose in life and live it. Get out of the gym stay off the couch and do something

Timeline photos 06/19/2015

Check out our fancy new banner and yard signs courtesy of Angelique and Freddy and created at The UPS Store South Riding 5431. Can't thank you guys enough for all the support!

Timeline photos 06/18/2015

Father's Day is just around the corner. My father was 52 and unhealthy when I was born. Even going to get a missed ball while playing catch was too difficult.

Why am I talking about this?

Because your health is important not just for you but for your kids. They need to see you making exercise and nutrition a priority.

Recently my youngest daughter was at a friend's house talking about weights. The little girl said "What are weights?" My daughter then responded "Doesn't your mom lift weights?"

This wasn't meant as an insult to her friend's mom. It's that she sees us working out daily and making it a priority - just like brushing teeth. So she assumes that's just what people do.

My goal isn't to get as many members as possible in the gym at any cost. It won't be a fit for everyone and that's okay. My goal is to help you change the way you look at exercise. It's not a chore, it's not a luxury. It's a necessity to care for yourself and pass that mindset on to your children.

I decided, way before I got married, that I would live the longest life I could for my future children. No more missed moments.

Happy Father's Day!

Timeline photos 06/15/2015

First group (some pictured below) finished the on-ramp program! Everyone completed their very first workout again and the results? In the past month each athlete has gotten stronger. Great job everyone! Kudos to Angelique who reduced her time by 1/3 and to Jim who cut his in half.

Sometimes it's easy to forget we are only competing with ourselves.

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