Larkin Golf, Aldie, VA Video January 31, 2011, 10:34pm

Videos by Larkin Golf in Aldie. Erika Larkin, PGA certified Teaching Professional is owner/operator of Larkin Golf LLC, a golf instruction and services company.

33 wks pregnant front view ...move that belly!

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How to hit those downhill chips:)

Awesome Lesson today!

Jeremy Cates
Student of the Month! Jeremy Cates... shot is all time low 77 this week in a tournament and is starting for Kettle Run HS as a sophomore. He is working so hard, just made a great swing change and has come so far in just 2 years. Very proud of you Jeremy! Keep up the good work!

Mikey Larkin 4 years old
my little golfer in the making:) Mikey (almost 4 years old)

33 wks pregnant front view ...move that belly!

33 wks pregnant swinging
My 33 weeks pregnant golf swing... uh....:)

Mikey Larkin 2 and 1/2 yrs old golfing
I have to show off this video 2 and a half yr old's "approach shots" to the 3d hole at Stonewall Golf Club. The second ball lands right on the green:)

24 weeks pregnant, golf swing front view
Swinging the club at 24 weeks pregnant... think I'm hanging back a bit, but not bad, what'd ya think?

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