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Glowing Oasis Pilates is a boutique studio specializing in pregnancy and postpartum. Small mat classes and private reformer sessions ensure personalized attention and quality Pilates instruction.

Glowing Oasis Pilates, LLC is a boutique, home based studio offering Pilates Mat & Reformer classes in Aldie, Virginia. Specializing in Pre & Post Natal Pilates. Classes are 55 minutes in length: -Private Sessions (Mat & Reformer) -Group Mat Classes -Duet & Trio Sessions -Prenatal Private & Group Classes -Postnatal Private & Group Classes Group Class Schedule: Mondays 6:30pm Wednesdays 5:00pm Pre & Post Natal Group Classes coming 2018! Sessions are by appointment only. Pricing and studio policies listed on the website.

Roll Backs - a great exercise for all; pregnant, postpartum or neither! Also a good alternative to Roll Ups in a Pilates Class (Roll Ups + Pregnancy = 👎🏻)

1. Sit tall on your sitzbones with feet flat on floor and knees bent. Arms reaching in front. Inhale.

2. Exhale lift the pelvic floor and tuck the pelvis under, sending the upper body backward and rounding into a C curve. Imagine the abdominals wrapping around like a corset (using your transverse abdominus). Inhale to sit tall on sitzbones.

3. IMPORTANT! 🤓 If you see your stomach turn to a point when you roll back that is called coning (also “doming”). Try keeping your hands above your knees and simply rounding the C curve from the pelvis without moving the upper body backward. Coning is your body telling you it is too much pressure on the linea alba at this time. Be sure to perform the movement in a safe range of motion. 👌🏻

These are so versatile! You can add rotation, one leg lifts, stop and starts, props...possibilities are endless with this bad boy.

Roll Backs are a staple in both my pregnancy and postpartum sessions because they’re so effective. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Cat-Cow with the Ball 🐈🐄
This exercise is feels SO good regardless of what stage of life you are in, but is especially beneficial for pregnant mamas because it opens the chest, widens the pelvis, and gently activates the core safely.
Here’s how to do it:
1️⃣ Come onto your knees with a large exercise ball in front of you
2️⃣With your hands, walk the ball away from you until both arms are stretched out overhead and your torso is parallel to the floor. Really widen the sitzbones in this position (spread your 🍑 cheeks) and allow your chest to drop to the floor. Oh, yes. Heavenly.
3️⃣On an exhale, lift the pelvic floor and wrap the abdominals as you scoop the belly button up to the ceiling and arch your back, slightly rolling the ball toward you. You may feel an additional back stretch but mainly your core working.
4️⃣Inhale to drop the chest and return to the position in step 2. Repeat 6x or as much as it feels good. On your final rep, use the curl exhale to arch the back and roll the ball toward you to the starting kneeling position.
This exercise and more are in the prenatal videos I am filming. Launching later this year! 👏🏻 Stay tuned!

Eating for 2...Not! 🍽
Pregnancy doesn’t mean it’s time to stuff yourself or justify junk foods. Your body only needs about an extra 300 calories a day in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.
Do I have days where all I want is brownies? Yup. Do I eat them? Abso-freaking-lutely. But I try to mostly choose nutrient dense foods and view food as fuel for myself and my baby. Thankfully, I’m wanting mostly chicken 👍🏻. With Justin I craved cereal 🤷🏼‍♀️
Fun swap: Craving @chickfila a cookies & cream milkshake? I have found that their Greek Yogurt Parfait with chocolate cookie crumbs is just as tasty!
What did you crave while pregnant?

How to Lie Down and Get Up Safely During Pregnancy

As a pregnant belly gets bigger, curling to sit up is near impossible, but it isn’t only more challenging, its not a good idea.
Here’s why:

🌸 Crunching/Flexion is a movement that should be avoided during pregnancy as the uterus puts too much pressure on the abdominal wall, causing the linea alba to stretch. (It’s not great for the pelvic floor either)

🌸 Ab separation is normal during pregnancy. The linea alba needs to stretch to accommodate the growing baby inside. However, repetitively doing that “crunching” motion will weaken the connective tissue and can make the separation worse, leading to Diastasis Recti.

🌸 What to do? Instead of crunching to sit up or rolling back all the way to the floor to get down, use your arms lower yourself down on your side. Then press your arms against the floor to sit back up.

🌸 Tip: at doctor/midwife appointments, when lying back on the table take note as to how you are getting there. Is your belly round or cone shaped? And when they offer their hand to help you sit back up, take it! 🤝

** This goes for postpartum too!, Inc

Courtesy of Niche Fit Studio


No equipment needed! This is great for moms of toddlers (🙋🏼‍♀️) who spend a lot of time on the floor playing. Squeeze in a few reps while you’re down there! Your little one may even try it too. My 18 month old loves to squat with me 😁

1. Opposite arm/leg reach with elbow to knee curl. Bigger bellies it may be more like knee to shoulder and that is great too!

2. Cat/Cow

3. Knee lifts; engage BEFORE lifting!! Very important.

4. Oblique lifts and knee swings (and side stretch because, yum)

5. Roll Backs; if you see your belly turn into any shape other than round, STOP. Try not going back so far until you find a safe zone. It may be more of a pelvic tilt and that is okay 👌🏻

6. Mermaid stretch. Stretch out those abs we just worked!

I have a Mother’s Day Giveaway going on over on Instagram! You can enter to win a “Made to Mother” tee shirt!

⭐️Prenatal Pilates with the Exercise Ball⭐️

NOTE: The bottom left extension over the ball I do not recommend after the first trimester. It puts too much pressure on the abdominal wall, especially if you don’t normally perform that movement. This will be the last time I do it, as I could feel it was getting to be a little too much for me!

I really thought I’d look more pregnant at this point this time around but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Belly bump just looks like I ate too many tacos 😂

Help Helen Smash TV

Now this is just funny 😂😂

Best pregnancy workout 😩😂😂

Pilates Arc Core & Booty. This is so much easier on the wrists than on the mat!

March Matness Day 28 : Crab 🦀

March Matness Day 19: Jack Knife

Love this visual!

Come in and walk out feeling taller.

This visual (and explanation) is fantastic!! #Repost @munirahudanipt ・・・
You've heard it before. It's less about the gap and more about tension. But what does tension even mean? Unless you've studied the anatomy of the abdominal wall, the concept of tension can be a bit abstract. ⁣⠀
The diagram shows how the rectus abdominis (pink rectangles) is enveloped by connective tissue that is formed by three muscles off to the side (the three arrows), of which the transverse abdominis is the deepest. ⁣⠀

When the muscles contract, they pull on either side of linea alba, taking up any slack that may be there, and then it becomes taught. When the linea alba is taught, it can better withstand intra-abdominal pressure that may push up against it from the inside. ⁣⠀
If you see doming of the linea alba, it typically implies the linea alba isn't being tensed enough to prevent the pressure from "poking through."⁣
As you continue building connection to your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor, you'll notice it's easier for you to feel tension in the linea alba. It will feel firm. ⁣⠀
Notice how in the top diagram the gap looks a bit smaller and in the bottom diagram the gap is wider and linea alba thicker? The latter shows what happens when you continue working on your core. The quality and thickness of the linea alba can actually change depending on the loads you are placing on it. ⁣
This is why going from a 2 finger gap with no tension to a 3 finger gap with tension, means you are getting better, not worse!⁣⠀
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March Matness Day 7: Double Leg Stretch 📸 @secondavephotog
#marchmatness2019 #marchmatness

Diastasis Recti Recovery

It’s not all about the gap but the quality of the fascia between it

Don't get fixated on the gap. The width of the gap is not as important as testing the fascia between it. If the gap seems "springy" under your fingers chances are you will heal fast with the correct guidance. "Saggy" fascia is a symptom of other lifestyle issues such as stress, poor nutrition and fatigue. If you are postpartum, it is normal to have a two finger gap for several months. Connective tissue disorders also have an impact.Not ALL issues in the abdominal area is a diastasis recti. Make sure you are checked by your health professional before seeking an exercise program.

Balanced Body - Italia

Husband: I don’t know how you get him (our 28lb son) in and out of the Tahoe
Me: Because I do the same workouts Lebron James does
#pilates #duh

Lebron James, stella della NBA, ha inserito da tempo il Pilates nella sua preparazione atletica. Esercizi su Reformer Allegro 1 e Cadillac Balanced Body, per essere sempre al massimo delle proprie prestazioni fisiche.

March Matness Day 4: Leg Circles
#marchmatness #marchmatness2019

March Matness Day 3: The Roll Over
#marchmatness2019 #marchmatness

I’m a day late to the March Matness fun this year but nonetheless, here we go! Day 2 - The Roll Up
**Not DR or Pregnancy Friendly (2nd & 3rd trimesters)

~Shoulder Opening Combo~
HEY YOU NURSING MOMS THAT ARE READING THIS WHILE HUNCHED OVER FEEDING YOUR BABY!! That was me. No matter how hard you try to stay on top of it, when you’re nursing 8/10 times a day (or more!) it becomes challenging, and that is ok because you are feeding your baby! But between those nursing sessions, here is a great way to open the shoulders and feel like yourself again 😊 **Pregnancy & DR friendly but be very gentle in the rotational movement, making sure to lift the ribs away from the hips & engage the core
Also, you can nurse and workout looking cute in this NURSING SPORTS BRA (pretty cool, huh?) by Love and Fit - Activewear for Moms. Guardian leggings from there too. This is not an ad. I’m obsessed 😂

FitBALL fun! 4 different ways to incorporate this squishy blue ball:
Top Left: Side Kick Kneeling, a classic Pilates exercise made more challenging with instability
Top Right: All Fours Curl/Extension with Ball Behind the Knee. Great for booty, hamstrings and core!
Bottom left: Rollbacks with ball in between knees
Bottom right: Bridges with Ball in between knees. Hold at the top and pulse together for an inner thigh burn
There is a link to the FitBALL at:

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
(I’m really just posting this picture because I love the back of this bra 😂😂)

Hey you! If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram! @ thepilatesmom

Elbow Side Planks & Kicks
Love these for working obliques, shoulder stability and balance! Make sure the core is engaged before lifting hips.
**Pregnancy & DR Safe

Studio ready for a baby “sprinkle” tonight!
Love my ladies and their little babies 💙
Didn’t get a picture after everyone came with their gifts and (nonalcoholic) sparkling cider but it was very sweet and charming
#prenatalfitness #prenatalpilates #loudouncounty #babysprinkle #ilovemyclients

Too funny not to share 😂😂

Candlelight Class 2018 🕯
Thank you to all who came to enjoy this festive class! 🎄
Merry Christmas, everyone!

It’s that time of year! Your vote for best Pilates instructor/Pilates studio is greatly appreciated!

Another quickie stroller workout: pike with bent & straight legs!
He kept pushing my feet off the stroller 😂
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Diastasis Recti Recovery

It’s not just about “closing the gap”

Although the definition of diastasis recti is a separation of the rectus abdominus muscles, fascial research has guided us in understanding that this condition is far more about the fascial system than the muscular. However, when working with restoring this condition, more emphasis is placed on the type of exercise that is deemed "safe" for the condition than at looking the tension or non tension of the fascia.

During pregnancy, there is an increase in hormones that create more biotensegrity of the fascial system that allows the pregnant body to "open" without losing it's integrity. But more importantly, during the postpartum period, as long as a woman is breastfeeding, she remains in this state of suppleness, or softness of the fascial system. DR is NOT necessarily a condition of pregnancy but may be created during the postpartum period due to a misunderstanding of how this condition may develop.

Checking for a DR postpartum is usually done by a finger test in the gap. What is of more concern than the width of the gap is the depth. Fascia that is compromised will "give" under your fingers. When this happens, care should be taken in performing exercises that need a strong connection through the transversus abdominus.

Without the support of healthy elastic fascia, chances are you will over recruit and over activate the TA in an effort to strengthen your abdominals. This will result in a "bracing" effect which may further exacerbate a DR.

Postpartum exercise, especially for breastfeeding moms, should be gentle, restorative and catered towards the individual body. Resistance, endurance and frequency of exercise should be increased gradually.

Diastasis Recti Recovery

Pregnancy is NOT the main or only cause of Diastasis Recti. During pregnancy, there is an increase in hormones that creates an environment of suppleness throughout the body. This ensures that the pregnant body expands in a three dimensional way. This of course, includes the anterior and posterior abdominal wall. Ideally, there should be an equal amount of intra abdominal pressure throughout the core. It is when this pressure is disrupted in some way, that problems occur.

Excessive use of just the rectus abdominus, over recruitment of the transversus abdomnius and excessive breath patterns are some of the culprits involved in creating the environment for a diastasis recti to occur.

Preventing or healing DR requires a life long commitment to retraining and re education on correct body mechanics, looking at your diet, getting enough rest and managing stress levels. There is no quick fix,12 week program.

Minding the gap is looking at the gaps in lifestyle and filling them in.

Diastasis Recti session ready!
It’s not just about closing the gap, but improving the quality of the fascia. Learning to MOVE correctly.
“Crinkly” or saggy skin on your stomach after having a baby? This may be just what you need.

Wanting to get my son outside yet wanting to workout. Insert: Stroller workout. Pikes with bent knees
He doesn’t have the best view but 🤷🏼‍♀️

Every year in December!

~Teaser with Arm Circles~
This might be my favorite Reformer exercise. The extension over the box is so yummy!
-focus is on control & flowing movement
-engaging the TVA is key
-wide shoulders & sternum lifted
- don’t die
Leggings & top by Fabletics

Baby learning to walk? Don’t sacrifice posture! (Nursing does enough of a job on that 😜)
I may look a bit funny, but my back never hurts from walking with him!
Amazing leggings from Fabletics
My favorite socks from CALIA by Carrie

My youngest student 😊

[07/02/18]   No class tonight, Happy 4th of July everyone! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

My sincerest apologies 😂


Working on his planks 😊
#babypilates #pilates #7monthsold

Glowing Oasis Pilates, LLC's cover photo

May’s theme is PLANKS!
Which emoji is your reaction? 😬😱😄😍
I hope it’s one of the last 2. If not, I want to change your perspective because planks are such a wonderful exercise incorporating many different muscles and they have SO many benefits!
Hope to see you at class so we can get our plank on!

Single Leg Stretch with Baby
A 15 pound baby!! 😮🤪
*Not for those with Diastasis recti*
#pilates #postpartumexercise #pilatesmama #16weeksold

2018 Classes & Referral Incentives!

2018 Classes & Referral Incentives! - Group Classes and Private Sessions are now being held at the new boutique studio. I would love to see some of your friendly faces! Since my studio is home based, group classes are referral only. Your referrals mean a lot to me! Please tell your friends and invite them to class. When they sign up for...

Ab twists with baby 👶🏻

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