Stone Gate Stables

Stone Gate Stables offers horse boarding, training and riding instruction in the hunter-jumper disciples.

[01/18/20]   Safety first! Pushed back some lessons this morning after multiple reports of slick roads and spin outs!
Stonegate horse’s are fed, watered & have been turned so they get some outside time before we get to the “sleet & freezing rain” part of today’s forecast!

[01/07/20]   When the government closes for weather, so does Jane Nordstrom Training and StoneGate.
Traffic is a mess and the weather deteriorating. So drive carefully and rest assured that your horses and ours are comfortable with blankets and plenty of hay!

The South Barn at Stone Gate Stables in Aldie is coming available for lease in December. The full barn features 17 12x12 fully matted stalls attached directly to the 100x200 indoor arena which has a viewing area and show office/additional tack room. It has a wash stall with heat lamps and h/c water, a feed room, heated tack room and bathroom, washer/dryer and full-size refrigerator, blanket storage and large dedicated paddocks plus two medical paddocks. There is a large 150x280 outdoor arena with viewing stand. There is ample space for trailer parking.

Don't need 17 stalls? There is a possibility of leasing either the 10 stall aisle or the 7 stall aisle as well.

Stone Gate Stables is very conveniently located on Route 15, 2 miles south of Route 50 and 9 miles north of Route 66 close to Leesburg, Middleburg and South Riding.

Please call Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139 for more information or to schedule a tour.

[11/18/19]   If the cold weather of the last few days and the reports of a cold wet winter have you wondering how you're going to be able to ride through this winter, give me a call!
Stonegate Stables has a few stalls opening up December 1st, when one of our tenants moves to her new farm.
Stonegate features a large 100x200 indoor arena attached to both barns with brand new LED lights and great footing. 12x12 fully matted stalls, wash stalls with heat lamps & h/c water; heated tack rooms & bathrooms, free trailer parking and much more.
We offer highly personalized care from a staff passionate about the horses, which has garnered us the Best of MIddleburg for 5 of the last 6 years. Customized feeding program, unlimited hay, small group turnout, free blanketing and many other amenities, including picking feet daily. Plus we have a location right on Route 15 close to both Route 15 & Route 66.
For more information and to set up a time to come see what Stonegate has to offer, call Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139.

[11/03/19]   I’ve received several inquiries about the health of some horses recently welcomed to StoneGate.
The farm where these horses were had been under quarantine. After that quarantine was lifted, these horses were all tested by vets and found to be clear of any and all contagion.
It was only after being tested and cleared by a vet that these horses were allowed to move to StoneGate.
And, prior to their arrival, I received copies of these test results.
All horses on property are on a regular vaccination program and up to date on all vaccines.
If anyone had any questions or concerns, they are welcome to contact me directly or make arrangements to visit the farm and see for themselves the condition of our horses and the quality of our care.

Stone Gate Stables

[11/02/19]   So happy today to welcome four lovely horsewomen and their horses to our StoneGate family!

These women have been through a challenging time and all - including me -have waited patiently for their horses to be medically cleared before being able to move to StoneGate!

We had a fun moving day with all horses settling in well and we're looking forward to lots of good times with Karen Chonchar, Samantha Cole, Alicia Cole and Jessica Strong as part of an already wonderful group of boarders and lesson clients!
Welcome All!

The South Barn at Stone Gate will be available for rent beginning December 1.
Barn features 17 12x12 fully matted stalls, heated tack room, office, wash stall w/ h/c & heat lamps, ample paddock space, feed room, large hay loft and more. Barn connects to 100x200 indoor arena.
Access to all farm amenities.
For more information call Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139

[07/19/19]   Because of the heat, we will not ride after 11 AM. And, we will be turning out later.
All the horses are happily under fans with plenty of water and hay.
Stay cool & safe!

Taylor St. Jacques Workshop - NCAA & IHSA - What does it take to make a college team? An insiders look into what it takes to ride at equitation finals, competing on a college equestrian team and then continuing to show after your junior years. What are horses like in the college programs? How to balance college studies and competing? What are the differences between riding in the NCA...

Stonegate has one (and only one) stall available for boarding. We offer full-care board with highly individualized care, small group turnout, wash stall with h/c water & heat lamps, real bathrooms, grooming stalls, 12x12 fully matted stalls, fans in the summer & heated water buckets in the winter. Plus a 100x200 indoor arena for all weather riding. We are conveniently located on Route 15, close to Routes 50 & 66. For more information or to schedule a visit, please call Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139

[02/19/19]   We will have 2 stalls open on April 1st. Horses that were in for the winter are headed home... BUT that doesn’t mean you won’t need an indoor arena (given 2018’s record year of rain that seems to be continuing in 2019!)
Or, all the amenities and personalized care we offer, including 12x12 fully matted stalls, fully matted aisles and grooming stalls, wash stall with h/c water, real bathroom, large tack room, washer & dryer, small group turnout, custom feeding programs and experienced care.
Call Jane at 703-966-0139 for more information or to make an appointment for a tour.

[02/14/19]   The Stone Gate show on Saturday is still ON!
I'm obsessively following the weather for Saturday. The report is getting better, but still some light snow in AM - a dusting to under 1".
SO- to be on the safe side, I am moving the start time back to 10. Safety first!
PARKING! Trailers please use the North Gate: please park to the side of the lane leaving enough room for another trailer to pass you. Our lane is circular so you can just pull out straight when it’s time to go.
Smaller Two horse trailers can pull down and park behind and on the corner.
Cars should park where the Stone Gate trailers are parked.

Please join us for our Winter Schooling Show on February 16th. For more information, please message me directly or call.

[01/21/19]   Due to tomorrow's extreme cold, the barn will be closed to riding. Horses will be in. Each has a heated water bucket in addition to their regular one and the stalls got extra straw today to help keep them warm.
Hope everyone stays warm and safe!

Five checkpoints on the path to SUCCESS...

Five essential factors for safe, enjoyable, and successful participation in equestrian sport.

[08/15/18]   Friends! By popular request, Jane Nordstrom Training will be holding an Adult Riding Camp the last weekend in September (September 28-30). The camp will run all day Friday & Saturday and a half-day on Sunday. In addition to twice daily flat and over fences on full days, topics and speakers will contribute their expertise to the program.
Dr. Paul Haefner, a licensed clinical pyschologist who specializes in equestrian sports psychology with his Riding Far program will be part of the program. Stay tuned for announcements regarding other presentors.
Riders are welcome to ship-in their own horses, or ride one of our safe and experieinced horses.
Attendance will be limited in order to give participants a highly individualized experience.
For more information, call or email Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139, or [email protected].
Improve your riding, learn how to increase your confidence level in the saddle and in the show ring and learn more about the horses you love!

Watermark Farm

"No. 1. Get your tack and equipment just right, and then forget about it and concentrate on the horse.

No. 2. The horse is bigger than you are, and it should carry you. The quieter you sit, the easier this will be for the horse.

No. 3. The horse's engine is in the rear. Thus, you must ride your horse from behind, and not focus on the forehand simply because you can see it.

No. 4. It takes two to pull. Don't pull. Push.

No. 5. For your horse to be keen but submissive, it must be calm, straight and forward.

No. 6. When the horse isn`t straight, the hollow side is the difficult side.

No. 7. The inside rein controls the bending, the outside rein controls the speed.

No. 8. Never rest your hands on the horse's mouth. You make a contract with it: "You carry your head and I'll carry my hands."

No. 9. If the horse can't learn to accept what you're doing, it isn't any good.

No. 10. Once you've used an aid, put it back.

No. 11. You can exaggerate every virtue into a defect.

No. 12. Always carry a stick, then you will seldom need it.

No. 13. If you`ve given something a fair trial, and it still doesn't work, try something else—even the opposite.

No. 14. Know when to start and when to stop. Know when to resist and when to reward.

No. 15. If you're going to have a fight, you pick the time and place.

No. 16. What you can't accomplish in an hour should usually be put off until tomorrow.

No. 17. You can think your way out of many problems faster than you can ride your way out of them.

No. 18. When the horse jumps, you go with it, not the other way around.

No. 19. Don`t let over-jumping or dull routine erode the horse's desire to jump cleanly. It's hard to jump clear rounds if the horse isn't trying.

No. 20. Never give up until the rail hits the ground.

No. 21. Young horses are like children—give them a lot of love, but don't let them get away with anything.

No. 22. In practice, do things as perfectly as you can; in competition, do what you have to do.

No. 23. Never fight the oats.

No. 24. The harder you work, the luckier you get."

~Bill Steinkraus

(Charlie Weaver on Ruxton pictured)

Improve your riding with ONE simple thought...

For those riders attending our camp next week or the week after, here’s a preview of what one of our presenters has to say.

Created with Wondershare Filmora

American Association of Equine Practitioners

Depending on where you live, the temperatures may make it hard for you to ignore #NationalHeatAwarenessDay. Make sure you're prepared for the hot weather to come with these helpful tips to keep your horse cool. If your horse is displaying signs of heat exhaustion, always contact your veterinarian.

[04/03/18]   It’s April and several horses who came in for the winter have gone home. Two stalls are already reserved, but we have one that is still open!
Stone Gate Stables is one of the nicest boarding barns in Northern Virginia! We offer a 100x200 indoor with newly improved footing and a 150x250 outdoor also with improved rubber& sand footing. Both of which are dragged on a daily basis!
All stalls are 12x12 and fully matted. As are the grooming stalls & a wash stall with infrared heat & h/c water.
Other features include:
Small group turnout
European Hot Walker
Free trailer parking
Individualized feeding programs
Blanketing, booting & putting on fly masks included
Feet are picked daily and horses checked for any lumps, bumps or cuts
Plus we have an experienced and committed staff who are passionate about providing the best care possible.
Stone Gate Stables is conveniently located on Route 15 in Aldie - 2 miles south of Gilbert’s Corners with easy access from 50 & 66.
We do not have open stalls often, so come see why!
Call Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139 for more information and to schedule a tour.

[03/27/18]   Unfortunately, due to a health issue (human NOT horses), I need to cancel the Hunter show scheduled for this Saturday, March 31. We will be setting up some additional dates for the summer!

[03/13/18]   VHSA associate show will be held on Saturday March 31 in our spacious 100x200 indoor arena. New footing!
Got some older beginners?
Special Long Stirrup division just for them. Ponies, short Stirrup, lots of classes for greenies. Plus a $250 2’6” Hunter Derby.

Stay tuned for the prize list!

[03/13/18]   Next Stone Gate VHSA Hunter show is March 31.
Judge is Mary O’Connor
$250 Hunter Derby 2’6”.

[02/28/18]   We had a great show on February 10th! Lots of good reviews and 4 requests alone during IEA Regionals this weekend to hold another soon, in addition to non-IEA requests as well.
SO! Please mark your calendar for Saturday March 31 and plan on attending!
The prize list will be the same with the addition of lead line and a $250 2’6 hunter derby!

[02/10/18]   Just starting PM classes with Horse pleasure. Rain back but light

[02/10/18]   SHOW UPDATE: Looks like our Schooling break will happen at noon. Rain has stopped!
Please give yourself enough time to enter.

[02/09/18]   Some important information about tomorrow's horseshow at Stone Gate:

PARKING: Use the North Gate to enter the property. Parking at the Main Gate is for staff and officials ONLY.
TRAILERS: should park in the open area on the left side of the lane. If you are bringing a big rig (4-6 horses), you may park on the side of the land, but be sure to allow room for other trailers to get by.
CARS: please park in the designated paddock on the RIGHT side of the lane.

SCHEDULE: We have added a leadline division. It will be at the start of the show.
To help answer the question of "when do we go", we will be posting regular updates on the page.

FOOD: We do not have concessions. However, there will be complimentary coffee and pastries in the morning outside the show office.

COURSE: There is a posted IN GATE AND OUT GATE. Please advise your riders.

SCHOOLING: Schooling is allowed in the outdoor arena.


Saturday, February 10, 2018 Start Time: 9:00 AM
StoneGate Stables - 24556 James Monroe Hwy, Aldie 20105
Judge: Kristin Campbell Manager & Course Design: Jane Nordstrom
Class Fees: $15 Office Fee: $20

HUNTER SHOW: Schooling from 7:30-8:45 and during the show and after Class 19
1. California Warm-Up
2. Pre-Short Stirrup Eq WT
3. Pre-Short Stirrup WTC
4. Short Stirrup Eq WT
5. Short Stirrup Eq WTC
6. Short Stirrup Eq O/F
7. Short Stirrup Hunter O/F 18”
8. Short Stirrup Hunter O/F 18”
9. Short Stirrup Hunter U/S
10. Pleasure Pony WT
11. Pleasure Pony GAYP
12. Pleasure Pony WTC
13. Pony Hunter O/F (Small 2’, Medium 2’3’, Large 2’6”)
14. Pony Hunter O/F (Small 2’, Medium 2’3’, Large 2’6”)
15. Pony Hunter U/S
16. Pony Hunter Eq (Small 2’, Medium 2’3’, Large 2’6”)
17. Pleasure Horse WT
18. Pleasure Horse GAYP
19. Pleasure Horse WTC
20. Student Eq O/F 18” (Trot or Canter)
21. Student Eq O/F 18” (Trot or Canter)
22. Student Eq U/S
23. Low Hunter O/F 2’
24. Low Hunter O/F 2’
25. Low Hunter U/S
26. Green Hunter O/F 2’6”
27. Green Hunter O/F 2’6”
28. Green Hunter U/S
29. Child/AA Hunter O/F 2’6” or 3’
30. Child/AA Hunter O/F 2’6” or 3’
31. Child/AA Hunter U/S
32. Child/AA Hunter Eq O/F 2’6” or 3’
33. Working Hunter O/F 2’6” or 3’
34. Working Hunter O/F 2’6” or 3’
35. Working Hunter U/S

For more information, call Jane Nordstrom at 703-966-0139

[12/27/17]   VHSA associate show will be held on Saturday February 10 in our spacious 100x200 indoor arena. New footing!
Got some older beginners?
Special Long Stirrup division just for them. Ponies, short Stirrup, lots of classes for greenies.
Stay tuned for the prize list!

Jane Nordstrom Training

Here's the show schedule for Sunday's Show at Oatland's Farm in Gaithersburg, MD:
Hunt Seat Time Schedule
7:30 Schooling of All Horses
8:15 Course Walk
8:30 Coaches Meeting – includes horse draw for fences and flat
10:00 Competition Begins:
1. Varsity Open o/f 2’6”
2. Varsity Intermediate o/f 2’
4. Future Intermediate o/f 2’
3. Junior Varsity Novice o/f x-rails
5. Future Novice o/f x-rails
Ten minute break to remove jumps
6. Varsity Open on the flat
7. Varsity Intermediate on the flat
10. Future Intermediate on the flat
8. Junior Varsity Novice on the flat
11. Future Novice on the flat
9x. Junior Varsity Beginner on the flat- Walk/Trot (optional)
9. Junior Varsity Beginner on the flat- Walk/Trot/Canter
12x. Future Beginner on the flat- Walk/Trot (optional)
12. Future Beginner on the flat- Walk/Trot/Canter

[10/06/17]   Good news! Vega made it to Switzerland. In the middle of the night, but ok. Very tired, but ok!

Indoor arenas are not just for winter! They're great on rainy days too!
Jane Nordstrom Training has two stalls available to get you the rains of fall, the winter snow and April showers!
Besides our 100x200 indoor, we have 12x12 fully matted stalls, matted aisles and grooming stalls, wash stall with h/c, a real bathroom and changing area, highly personalized care and feeding programs. An all weather 140x280 outdoor and much more!
And, oh yes - we've been named "Best of Middleburg" for the last four years running!
Call now to make an appointment to see StoneGate for yourself!

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