Erika Larkin Golf Instruction

Erika Larkin Golf Instruction


Don't you hate when a silly 3-putt derails your round? Erika Larkin Golf Instruction is here to help with a drill that will help you dial in your speed and start avoiding one of golf's most frustrating mistakes.

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Erika Larkin demonstrates the five types of shot you can play with your wedges to get the ball close to the hole including low, medium, and high trajectory options to suit every situation.
Erika Larkin Golf Instruction
Heading to the course this weekend? Erika Larkin Golf Instruction has a FREE golf tip just for YOU!
⛳ Erika Larkin Golf Instruction breaks down the fundamentals to shaping shots on command from right-to-left and left-to-right. Watch now to control your golf ball better and shoot lower scores!

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#CelebratingWomenInGolf #WomensHistoryMonth
🏌️‍♀️ Erika Larkin Golf Instruction demonstrates how you can increase clubhead speed while still maintaining control of your swing.

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We're LIVE with Erika Larkin Golf Instruction from Callaway HQ to show you #RogueST in action. Drop questions in the comments below and Erika will answer LIVE!
Golf School Team Dinner! Great group of people! #hyattregencycoconutpoint Andrew Rice Golf Kerrod Gray Golf Coaching Erika Larkin Golf Instruction MAKE THE TURN Scratch Golf Academy
If you are hitting a ball that starts out to the right then slices further to the right, you are hitting push slices. Erika Larkin shows how to get your shots back on track.
Erika Larkin Golf Instruction
You will have good holes and bad holes, we all do. Erika Larkin demonstrates how to use damage control to get out of deep rough and other tough spots.
Erika Larkin Golf Instruction
My Top 5 Tips for Women Golfers
Erika Larkin covers the five most common issues for women golfers ... chest, wrists, speed, hitting the ground, and getting the right shoulder plane in the backswing. Erika Larkin Golf Instruction
Erika Larkin shows how to test whether you are turning properly in your golf posture with a great drill that you can easily do inside.
Erika Larkin Golf Instruction
Congrats to Andrew Rice Golf and Erika Larkin Golf Instruction on their nomination as Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teachers! Well deserved!! Golf Digest

This page highlights PGA Professional, Erika Larkin's #edutainment golf instruction and teaching philosophy, "A True Swing." Learn how to unlock your golf swing and a better game with fun and simple tips!

Learn how to unlock your natural, free swing and discover more consistency, confidence and joy! Erika Larkin, renowned PGA Teaching Professional will teach you simple keys that help you create effortless power, taking inspiration from the classic teachings of Ernest Jones combined with ideas from modern science and research of the golf swing and physics. Anyone can make a "True Swing" -- its time

Operating as usual


Welcome to “The Stable”@creightonfarms ! I think I died and went to golf heaven 🥰🏌️‍♀️!

This is the icing on the cake of an amazing year and best birthday/ Christmas present I could have asked for - the official opening of our gorgeous new learning and performance center! I have dreamed of this day for a longgg time- even before my tenure at Creighton. You cannot wipe the smile off my face😁😁😁😁 and yes it was worth the wait!

The Stable features:
2 large temp controlled indoor-outdoor hitting bays, trackman, video capture, 3D Motion analysis, fitting carts, club workshop and PuttView system (very soon)! Our outdoor space will be remodeled to include a larger fresh grass tee, an uneven lie zone, shortgame area, practice fairway bunker and more !
Thanks to our rockstar team for pulling this together in time for winter. Especially @robert_blumer and our GM Larry Spielberg, Tyler @trackmangolf and our Superintendent and crew. More work to do, but so much done these last few weeks🙏
Can’t wait to start coaching consistently in this space and add more cool things as we go!
@callawaygolf @titleist


❄️💨🥶 What’s your fav outerwear ( that’s comfortable for swinging 🏌️)? I’ve been wearing this piece a bunch lately and I love it @lululemon 🤍 Hoping it stays white 😅. I usually go baselayer, turtleneck , stretchy thin jacket and puffy vest if needed so I can still turn and swing my arms. I hate feeling restricted. Who’s playing this weekend?


Long shadows and short days 🧡💛🤎🌅 Sunset over hole 12 @creightonfarms


Give yourself a high five 🙌… I present to you - the High Clap 👏🏻 drill! Keep that engine moving 😃 @golfdigest


What side of the fairway would you hit ? Light green (right) or dark green (left) ?

⛳️I love when fairways aren’t mowed like this especially on doglegs.💚


Pivot! Your full swing foundational movement! 🏌️
This is the first in a series of vids on @golfdigest 💚 stay tuned for more !


Couldn’t resist a few swings before I left work yesterday… just a few easy half wedges. Connected, crisp, smooth, pivot, balance. Simple, satisfying. But seriously I need to make time to PLAY while the weather is still sooo good and the course is in perfect shape right now! Early Fall in VA ( all 2-3 weeks of it 😉) is why we live here, right? friends? Absolutely perfect. The sky has been clear and blue for dayssss now. Who else loves Fall?

Photos from Erika Larkin Golf Instruction's post 09/25/2021

I am so honored and excited to show you my first big feature article in this month’s @golfdigest 💚! I’ve contributed print articles before but not as a member of the GD Teaching Staff ☺️and not on this scale - 8 pages🙏! I hope you enjoy reading it and that it helps you strip away compensations and reset your swing for better for the long-run!
I’m thrilled with how this piece came together with this great team working their magic! Big thanks to @maddimacclurg ( congrats on your first feature 👏🏻 GREAT job!!) @peter.morrice @kaspriskeron @johnloomis @nicole.rae_ Lots more in the queue - IG vids, GD Schools video series ! Stay tuned!
Thanks to @creightonfarms for the amazing backdrop for this shoot and making me look good @foraygolfusa ( shirt) @ggblueluxesport ( skirt) @johnstonmurphy (shoes) @callawaygolf ( clubs)


Proud to be part of your journey @tlarkingross17 ! Congrats on an amazing year !… and I have a feeling this is just the beginning. 🙌💪🏌️

Photos from Erika Larkin Golf Instruction's post 08/07/2021

It’s the 😎✌️! Definitely clocked some hours this week! What day does your weekend start? For me it’s usually night after 🏌️lessons 💚 ! What are your weekend plans? Btw- this outfit 💙💙💙💙 gorgeous color but wish you could feel this fabric !!! It’s like a quick dry crepe. Sooo nice !!! I feel like a mil bucks in this look 💰thank youuuu @ggblueluxesport ! @johnstonmurphy 👟and of course nicely accessorized by @trackmangolf and @tifosioptics 👏🏻💪


Student: My wedges are so inconsistent!…I have no distance control and I used to hit my SW 80 yards now I only hit it 60.
Me: Well, you have plenty of speed… more than you need… but no SMASH….
Student: I don’t understand.
Me: When your ball speed is less than your club head speed you’re not compressing the ball at all. We need at least 1.0 ration on these wedges. You’re at .81 ….Try a shorter backswing, back up the ball position a touch and limit wrist hinge.
Student: ( hits a flighted wedge, sees numbers) wow, I just too a half swing and the ball went further and back to my distance.
Me: yes, less speed , less effort , steeper angle of attach ( shaft lean) , less ballooning, more smash!
Student: ahhhhh ok.
Me: There is no prize for how far you hit a wedge… so don’t forget about your gap and pw. Easier to control your distances without muscling it … just switch clubs.
Student: Won’t jt roll out too much?
Me: Not if if you pinch jt correctly you’re gonna have plenty of spin/stopping power.


Want to unlock your ? Spend the day with me @creightonfarms ! I host one day golf schools where we explore my teaching concepts and drills … Fall dates listed on my website !
This was my most recent group of swingers … they did amazing and I had a great time with them!


*PSA*: If you’re hitting a long hybrid or fairway metal into more than 4 greens per round… you’re playing from the wrong tee box! Tag someone that needs to 🏌️‍♀️🏌️🏌🏿‍♂️
Don’t make this game any harder than it has to be- consider playing up and have fun being able to score lower with shorter clubs in your hands- and boost your confidence !


Thank you @golf_com for the recognition! 💙 I’m thrilled you’re enjoying “watching” me and all my antics on social ⛳️😀😉 @lkerrdineen @lifeoftimreilly 🙏🙏
I’m honored to be in the company of @mikeburygolf @stonegolfsense @johngrahamgolf @alisoncurdtgolf @paxtonoconnor @patcoynergolf @davidprogolfer @johnbierkan @mdicksonpga @jameshonggolf @ricksessinghaus @msheftic @jsr_golf @clundberg @devan_bonebrake @jasonbirnbaumgolf & several more! CONGRATS to all and also to all the new GOLF Top 100s especially my friends @trillium_rose @andrewricegolf and @shaunwebbgolf 👏🏻👏🏻 🙌

Photos from Erika Larkin Golf Instruction's post 07/02/2021

With Driver, keep your head…..

✅behind the ball ( pic 1)
❌in front of the ball ( pic 2)
Until impact🏌️‍♀️
Try this dry drill in front of a mirror to see where your head is … also to practice that great unwinding sequence of lower body before upper while still building pressure on the lead leg. You should feel a big stretch down the lead side of your body!

How to set it up: Place the clubhead on ground at ball position. Take golf posture stretching arms out to touch top of grip. Shift and twist pelvis through leaving head slightly behind the ball position ( which is forward in the stance).

Photos from Erika Larkin Golf Instruction's post 06/29/2021

So how far would my driver fly at 5000 ft?…. What’s the slope adjustment ? +200 yards?? ⛰🏌️‍♀️😁💪 Swipe LEFT to see the tightest fairway of the day!😉🏞⛳️.

You know you’re a golfer when you travel clear across the country to go to a wonder of the world and thing about your 🏌️‍♀️⛰😎😂. Who else has done this ? ( or wanted to?🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏽).

Are you like me? I can’t get away from ! Actually —— It has been an awesome few days with my family at @grandcanyonnps and @zionnps lots of pics on my story/ highlights . More adventures in store then next few days!

Photos from Erika Larkin Golf Instruction's post 06/26/2021

How many steps in your pre-shot routine? Heres a checklist…

⛳️Aim and visualization behind ball
⛳️set clubface before body ( *see my latest reel to understand WHY!)
⛳️commit to your shot and swing thoughts
⛳️when you practice … next ball placed on ground behind previous divot😉

Also, Do you take a practice swing? When where and what is your focus. Are you actually transferring and committing to your practice swing feel in your real swing or losing focus? Staying present and intentional with your routine is important and underrated part of playing better golf.

I just had this convo with a student yesterday. If you click to my story you will see a screenshot of her whole routine laid out because she didn’t have one as a new golfer. Gotta start somewhere !
@golfdigest @ggblueluxesport @caliabycarrie @gfore @creightonfarms


2 weeks ago @arcadiabluffs with this all-star crew…Proud to be part of @golffanaticsteam💚 Have you signed up for our free daily golf tips or checked out our golf schools ? Consider subscribing to our site the content is QUALITY !! We have some really great stuff in the works you don’t want to miss ⛳️✨✨⛳️ @andrewricegolf @mttgolf @scratchgolfacademy


Step into my office😎⛳️... not a bad gig, huh? …not complaining but I’m still anxious to get a “real” desk soon in our new learning center @creightonfarms . One more month-ish to-go😅

Photos from Erika Larkin Golf Instruction's post 06/03/2021

Let’s play “I Spy”....

something black...
....something tiny but mighty
...its sneaky smart but incognito
....rhymes with “wink”
....give up?
.... it’s the @arccosgolf limited edition all black *Caddie Link* released TODAY!!!!!!!
⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️ ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️
-WHAT is that you ask???? This little lightweight device is worn on your lead hip. You won’t feel it or know it’s there. Totally legal for play... It works with the Arccos club tags/ grips to keep all your golf stats without needing to carry your phone in your pocket or even having it on during the round.👍🏻😎 Get yours today ! Use code LARKIN1 to save some $!
⬅️swipe left to see the up close image of the link... a perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Timeline photos 05/31/2021

Let’s remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice 🇺🇸, and thank all who have served and still do❤️🤍💙🙏


Seriously, there’s a drill in here for everyone🏌️‍♀️🏌️🏌🏿‍♂️!!! Which one do you need to try? How many of these have you tried ??
one of my best vids from almost 2 years ago! So many new followers lately - had to repost this one 😎. Enjoy !


time 🔥⛳️ !!!! I brought @pgachampionship swag home to share with you! To celebrate the week, my experience there and reaching 40k followers🙏🙌 .... enter to win! :

👍🏻 Follow me, @pga and @tlarkingross17 (you’re gonna want to follow this talented young players journey over the next few years !!)
👍🏻Tag a friend
👍🏻comment which prize you want to win!
Good luck !!!!

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