Tsaheylu Farm

Private lessons on a skilled lesson horse or your own. Connection with the Horse is of ultimate importance, there’s no yelling or forceful communication.

Riding lessons offered on both the flat and jumping. Indoor and outdoor ring offers all weather riding. Trailer in lessons welcome or lessons horses and ponies are available. The key to riding is in the relationship between horse and rider, and rider and trainer. From that relationship, confidence grows. At that point, any goal is possible.

Photos from Tsaheylu Farm's post

Freedom!! Lesson on the trail today. Alison Coley

Too perfect 👌 😂

More riders on the farm this past weekend.

This is how it’s done 😁

Mady rode Ms.Gia without “the rope” today, all by herself in the round pen!!

Sporthorse Apothecary

What a great spring it’s been at Merry Chase. I so enjoy teaching and there’s been lots of lessons, riding, training, and camaraderie; making for very full, very rewarding days.

Tsaheylu Farm

Merry Chase Farm now has it’s own FB page, check it out:)

Welcome to Merry Chase, where our love of horses rests on the foundation of a life-long expertise in horsemanship (Makendra/Tsaheylu) & athletics (Laura). We are about nurturing the horse to excel both physically & emotionally in a healing & embracing environment set in the incomparable countryside of Middleburg, Virginia.

Our facilities include exquisite Virginia rideout, an indoor arena well-equipped for gymnastics & free work (to allow us full view of the scope of the horse), an expansive outdoor arena with excellent footing, large & small round pens, well-maintained paddocks, and a beautifully remodeled stables.

Our team at Merry Chase includes experienced professional horse care by Alejandro Cortez, who lives on property; professional training & horse/rider development by Makendra Burns/Tsaheylu Farm; and expert care and boarding with attention to detail by Laura Luis.

We are here to help horse & rider find connection, wellness, and excellence! We look forward to your visit or inquiry (703) 868-6895.


Try The Latest In Calming Drug Technology—NIGHT TURNOUT™!

YES!!!!! Yes, yes, yes!! Turnout period; lots of it lowers injuries, increases fitness, improves happiness, and ability to handle stress, probably adds years to their lives and lowers costs. This. Is. A. No. Brainer. I’m a huge believer in 24/7 turnout, maybe a stall in the summer when it’s hot & super buggy.

chronofhorse.com “Ann, 2017 was a wild and crazy year in the horse show world. Between the debates about Depo, USEF hearings over positive tests, and an ever-growing range of products claiming to calm your horse and 'not test,' it’s hard to know what to put my sh...

Lux (the pinto) will soon be offered for half lease at our farm. Lovely dressage, jumping, and fun on trails. Includes 2 free rides and 1 lesson per week.

Soraya’s first ride on great, big, Gia. She was very brave and gained massive confidence quickly! Farrah Daly thank you for these lovely photos:)

Tsaheylu is unique in that lessons are offered on warmblood sport horses, bred and trained by Makendra. Even the younger, more advanced horses are trained to a high level of finesse. This offers the rider a chance to learn not only from the instructor, but from a talented sport horse as well.

Lessons are offered to riders of any age in english riding, jumping, dressage, natural horsemanship, groundwork, & lessons on the trail; all of which will enhance your overall horsemanship.

~1hr private- $75

~45min private- $60

~1hr semi-private (2-3 riders) -$55

~30min private- $50

Lessons are taught on Tsaheylu Farm horses or on your own horse. Trailer ins are welcome and encouraged!

Julia got to ride Firefly with Rowen & Pistachio yesterday. Ponies & kids are so fun!

Can’t wait to teach lessons out on the trails again. Spring’s coming!!! 🌸

Liberty is delightful!

Sophie & Firefly

Rowen & Pistachio

Savannah riding Gia

Johan cantering without bucking~ yay! The things that go on in a 4yr old horse’s mind sometimes 🤷‍♀️

What a fun afternoon at the farm yesterday. Lots of camaraderie, teamwork, and enjoyment of our horses and ponies! The snow didn’t deter anyone, but it was lovely to watch from inside the indoor.

Alison & Gia working on their rhythm at walk, trot, & canter today.

Julia’s first time trotting over poles in the jump chute. Excellent work!

Great day with the horses. Julia & Ms.Gia did a full lesson off the lunge line! So proud them!! She had beautiful walk, trot, circles, over poles in the jump chute, and navigated with another horse in the ring. Big leagues for her today and she nailed it! Her mama was so proud too and grateful for what a lovely schoolmaster Ms.Gia is.
Liberty a beautiful 4yr old Shire mare in training, is sharp as a whip and had some great ground work, followed by some work under saddle.

Orange County Hunt (possibly Piedmont Hunt) on Atoka rd this morning. Second field pass the farm. Listen to those clippity clops 😁🐴

Orange County Hunt this morning at the entrance to Merry Chase. ( or possibly Piedmont Hunt as we straddle their boarder) First field jumping beautifully. Thank you Alejandro Cortes Lopez for the footage!


Ribbons & Lace (Roxette’s) Sire 😍

At 29 years old this year, Riverman is still the King at Hilltop Farm. Available on a very limited basis through frozen semen.

Rode, free jumped, and did a little ground work with Johan yesterday afternoon. Super fun baby horse! His name is so fun to say too, especially calling him in the field: Yoooooooo-haaaaaaan! 😂 He definitely knows his name.

Have a beautiful night! ❤️ Spring is coming!

Mady & Juliet had fun riding Gia double after Mady’s lesson!

Juliet decided yesterday was the day to get back to riding, this time on a horse instead of a pony. Gia was perfect & Juliet couldn’t keep from laughing with joy through out half of her ride.

Not too cold to ride for this enthusiastic rider. Without the wind it wasn’t too bad and in the indoor perhaps even toasty. Lots of trot work, posting & in 2-point today.

Gorgeous day to be at the barn. The footing in our outdoor ring is so wonderful, Roo got a nice canter in and Julia rode Gia in the indoor with great finesse.

SO Many fun things to do with horses. That joyful fulfillment that only connecting with your horse can bring to your soul.


Freak Riding Accident? Hardly.

I do feel free & alive galloping bareback with no helmet. But I rarely do that now a days as I tend to agree with what this article states. It’s thoughtful & well written. My worst accident was when my horse slipped in the mud and pancaked, no time to react- we were both on the ground from a canter in a millisecond. I regained my memory 7hrs later in the hospital. I was wearing a helmet. I will probably still have times where I let my hair go free or pop on quick to school a horse in a lesson, but they are the rarity now as I have so much about life I love, I would rather not risk.

horsenetwork.com The horse world has lost some good riders in the last few weeks. Sadly, it happens all too often. Horses can be unpredictable and people get hurt. Some of it is unavoidable and some of it is totally preventable. Two of the most recent stories were especially hard: One was a 27-year-old professional....

100% Caipira

Anyone need a Show Jumper? 😂

Another young rider learning horsemanship & riding on Ms.Gia. This is her first time trotting on the lunge line. Excellent job!!!

Dave sent these two pics to me this morning. ~Secret says “Merry Christmas!”
~Lacey says “Baaah- Humbug!”
So fitting, I love these two horses!!

Zoomin Local Heroes

Huge respect & inspiration from this woman. Not only is she following her passion into uncharted territory, she is beautiful, strong, and a great rider!

The most badass woman you'll ever see, doing horseback archery.🐎🏹
Aida proves this is no longer a male only sport.

Roo & I on the far right. Great group of horse and riders!

Jo Emblin so happy to spend time with you and thank you for your help! Handsome Rubichez was my mount at the Devin Ryan clinic this weekend at Ohana Equestrian.

Roo learning and being awesome at the Devin Ryan clinic this weekend at Ohana. I love learning and participating in educational opportunities.

Julia has been working so hard on her position, aids, quiet transitions, endurance in the saddle, & connection to Gia. Here it is all paying off!

Laura Luís & I both love this philosophy. It brings great rewards!!
Merry Chase Farm & Tsaheylu bring this mindset into our work, care, training, & riding. We are creating an equine community which fosters and supports likeminded horse lovers.

Take your Time or Things Take Time are words to live by if you work with horses.

Reward and praise are a constant theme in Manolo's being with horses as is quietly standing by, while working in-hand. Giving horses the space and time to absorb a new situation, a new exercise, giving them the time to ground themselves before asking them to move one foot.

I have observed this quiet standing many time. Sometimes before working together with a horse. Sometimes while working with a horse and sometimes afterwards. it depends. If there is someone present, Manolo will be turned slightly away from the horse, in mid-distance or closer as he judges appropriate and he will talk away. If alone, he may lean on his bamboo and gaze in the horizon with mellow eyes...waiting without pressure, expectation, impatience.

There comes a softening in the horse which often is very discreet, like a wind ripple on a lake. Perhaps the neck lowers half an inch or the nose unwrinkles a wrinkle or two, the horse's gaze mirrors Manolo's.... then Manolo approaches. Casually, a friend greeting another with respect and pleasure.

He will caress the horse, run his hands in long, smooth motions over its body. Sometimes, he will embrace its neck or lean on its shoulder, an arm over its neck in comfortable companionship and he will stand a bit more. His long arms may gather the horse, one hand on its poll or chest, one on its croup..his chest lightly resting on the horse's ribcage, matching breath for breath. His touch connecting the horse from feet to ears, mind to body, connecting him to the earth beneath its feet, the arena space, the cavesson, the bamboo, the man. The lunge almost umbilical in its connecting role.

In silence and through touch, the horse is no longer alone, now there stands two united beings, present in the same stillness, sharing the same reality where before was a man and a horse, separate.

All of this the work of seconds or minutes or less or more depending.

"It depends" being something any student of Manolo will get accustomed to hearing... and learn along the way that being flexible and adapting to the horse you have today is a good way to train for the horse, and for his person.

In these photos from a few years back, Manolo was working for the first time with a Connemara gelding who had little training and was anxious about a new place, a new person, a bamboo and a cavesson. This was towards the end of the lesson, another opportunity to stand peacefully and reflect in quiet contemplation of all that is new and good. You can see the progression from unsure to slowly relaxing in his carriage, ears and gaze.

NOTE: Manolo's work is rooted in having grown up in rural Andalusia on a farm and learning to be patient planting rice, tending crops, watching over cattle, sheep and swines. You cannot hurry the land, you cannot hurry the ewes into giving births, or the orange trees into bearing fruits.

This is an experience that is very foreign to us who live in a world where we are asked to deliver results immediately (I NEED IT NOW) and do not get to experience for ourselves what it is like to be given time and space.

What Manolo does is not new but it is very liberating. It is ok to take time, to take weeks and months if needed, to be content with standing quietly today. And it is a gift you can give your horse, but also yourself.

Most importantly yourself - it brings back joy into horsemanship that can become very stressful and adversorial when it is focused on instant results.

Taking time gives us the time to figure things out, see patterns, connect the dots - things we miss because we are too focused on the doing.

Taking time, giving ourselves time and being given time are all expression of kindness and respect that I suspect we could all use a little more of in our daily lives. ( from a post by Caroline Larrouilh)

Photo credit: Pamela Stuart

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