Tsaheylu Farm, Aldie, VA Video January 3, 2019, 4:36pm

Videos by Tsaheylu Farm in Aldie. Private lessons on a skilled lesson horse or your own. Connection with the Horse is of ultimate importance, there’s no yelling or forceful communication.

Another young rider learning horsemanship & riding on Ms.Gia. This is her first time trotting on the lunge line. Excellent job!!!

Other Tsaheylu Farm videos

Freedom!! Lesson on the trail today. Alison Coley

This is how it’s done 😁

Mady rode Ms.Gia without “the rope” today, all by herself in the round pen!!

Sophie & Firefly

Rowen & Pistachio

Savannah riding Gia

Johan cantering without bucking~ yay! The things that go on in a 4yr old horse’s mind sometimes 🤷‍♀️

Julia’s first time trotting over poles in the jump chute. Excellent work!

Orange County Hunt (possibly Piedmont Hunt) on Atoka rd this morning. Second field pass the farm. Listen to those clippity clops 😁🐴

Orange County Hunt this morning at the entrance to Merry Chase. ( or possibly Piedmont Hunt as we straddle their boarder) First field jumping beautifully. Thank you Alejandro Cortes Lopez for the footage!

Rode, free jumped, and did a little ground work with Johan yesterday afternoon. Super fun baby horse! His name is so fun to say too, especially calling him in the field: Yoooooooo-haaaaaaan! 😂 He definitely knows his name.

Another young rider learning horsemanship & riding on Ms.Gia. This is her first time trotting on the lunge line. Excellent job!!!

Roo learning and being awesome at the Devin Ryan clinic this weekend at Ohana. I love learning and participating in educational opportunities.

Julia has been working so hard on her position, aids, quiet transitions, endurance in the saddle, & connection to Gia. Here it is all paying off!

Hunting with Snickersville Hounds on Halloween. Such a fun group of people with beautiful territory. Plus! They embrace both young horses & young riders. So I’ve brought both my son and my young horses out with this hunt, to experience the thrill of the chase and the beauty of the Virginia countryside.

Session 4: Well that didn’t take long at all. My first Time hula hooping on a horse. Time to be more creative... and graceful! The bareback pad made all the difference as I actually had grip with my feet. And Roo is a Saint 💗 thank you for the bareback pad idea Katie Cawood!

Session 3: More treats! Now he sees the hoop and moves towards me hoping for yummies. Today I stood on him first and tried to hula without the hoop (not easy!) and then got on with the hoop and waved it around. I think the thing holding me back won’t be Roo, it’ll be my ability to hula hoop on a horse~ I can barely stand! With my horses I use my voice to hold them steady, I find it really steadies them in uncertain situations.

Session 2: Moving the hoop around his body and getting on with hoop so he gets used to it above & behind him. Can’t say he loved it, but he didn’t hate it. His facial expressions are so funny, I couldn’t see them when I was on him.

Alison Coley & Lux in a lesson this morning.

Alison & Gia today

Roo did very nicely over this tiny course. The phone died at the end but he place 4th out of 14 in his second round of Low Hunters and improved immensely from his warm up, to round 1, to round 2. Lux was supposed to jump the 2’6 course but we ran out of time so he schooled nicely in the warmup.

Simple grid work with Lux yesterday morning

Lux slow mo

The trails around the farm

Horse paradise

If it’s this pretty on video, you can only imagine how heavenly is was in real life. And those birds chirping!

Horse TV

Lux having fun


Alison Coley ‘s first time cantering joyful & free thru the fields. Super fun sharing this moment with her during her lesson!

Alison free lunging Gia

Teaching on Gia

Johan’s first canter under saddle. Like riding a cloud. He’s following Fergie’s lead. The small blissful rewards of training young horses.

Johan under saddle for the 10th time. Smart, handsome, floaty, very uphill, and sweet- what more could I ask for in a horse! Oh and he’s sound, always a requirement 😁 He’s a joy to ride. (Contango x Argus) 3.5yrs Old

Alison & Gia working with excellent softness and subtle communication

Rebel begging Johan to play

Roo's morning greeting

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