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Full send on this one. Have to fight through the suck a little better next time. But fun and quick workout.


https://t.co/ENBAKkt3qc. Go check out some of the EPIC Football Gear on the @phenomelite site. You can go to the collections tab and find it there.

Epic QB Training 02/18/2022

Epic QB Training

Go check out some of the EPIC Football gear on Phenom Elite’s site. Can also go directly to their site and find it under Collections Tab.


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Here’s some clips of @bradycarmical throwing Dots all over field at a 7v7 tournament in fla this weekend.


@lukelopo1 throwing some dimes at a 7v7 tournament this weekend. Also had 2 other QBs that represented well down there. @bradycarmical and @kingcaleb.1 - check out Brady’s page for some of his throws.


@qblj2 back on his grind before he heads to LA to compete!


ODAC rookie of the year @stevenhugney back on the grind. This guy has always had the IT factor. But it never stops his grind. That is what makes him special.


New comer to EPIC @kingcaleb.1 ! Dude has some raw potential and an eagerness to learn. He had a big sophomore season and is getting ready to explode in his junior campaign.


@b1aden_nyce speeding up his release and learning to engage his core!


@joshuabarido focusing on the minor flaws in his mechanics. All QBs want to get to the place where we focus on some of the things you can’t feel, you can only see.


@tyler_football13 working on his arm slot. Big focus for him but made a big step this weekend and the ball got more consistent.


@lukelopo1 diving into the details. Focusing on the process and getting the ball out quickly.


@cameron4_6 focusing on posture and clearing his left hip. Ball is starting to jump out of his hand.


@b1aden_nyce working on quieting his left side. Have to teach in a static world but it must immediately translate to a dynamic world. Add different movements to what you have learned and see if the body has picked up on it.


@bradycarmical fine tuning his stroke. It’s crazy how much his technique has changed since he started. Keep grinding.


Congrats to EpicQB @jamie_.kaiser on earning 3 ⭐️ status.


@bradycarmical the grind this young has been on is special. To know where he started, where he is now, and of course, where he is heading is amazing. Keep it up.


@lukelopo1 working the pocket movement in his game this past week.


@lukelopo1 throwing dimes! Great throw and great win. Keep grinding.


@lukelopo1 throwing dimes! Great job and great win! Keep grinding.


Simple things that we work that show up in games. This kid has been on the grind for 1/2 a decade and putting it to use during game. @joshuabarido


EPIC QB Steven Hugney with a DUDE throw to win the game. Busted his tail in training and turns into an immediate impact player as a true freshman in college.


A freshman making plays on Friday night! Great job @bradycarmical


Just like we work! @lukelopo1 good job! Way to take practice and apply it to the games!


I see you @bradycarmical keep your eyes peeled for this EPIC QB.


http://www.hudl.com/v/2Fd0mX check out this guys first scrimmage. Tons of exciting throws.


When someone asks me why I don’t take on more clients, run camps, or large group trainings… there is a lane for everyone. I just prefer the personal side of the training.


Major technique day for this young QB. We tried some new things and fixed some problem areas and ended the day with this throw- it’s not a cool looking drill, just focusing on the basics and making his release quicker. Proud of the focus he had throughout his training.


A clip of ‘25 QB working different movements to see all parts of the field. The game has changed and the way we train should as well.


Working a little technique this morning with ‘24 QB C. Gillie. Working to calm the upper body and generate power through the core. I am the worst at taking video- if I don’t use it for teaching purposes, I don’t take it. There are a lot of talented QBs putting in the lonely work in the off-season to get better. I will try and share more of their progress.


The game has changed, coaching should has well. We will always work the basics- your hammer- but you have to have the tolls available to get the job done! Understanding the body and how to maintain power and accuracy on the move. @jamie_.kaiser


Want to shorten your stroke and get the ball out now! This kid grinds... everyday. Some school will get a steal. Great at pre snap decisions and now we can get the ball out fast. I promise you he will be a great QB and a great coach when his playing career is over.


Grip It and rip It!

Grip It and rip It!

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