KLA Equestrian Services

KLA Equestrian Services is a full service equestrian program run by Kristina Aaron. Offering training and sales for Hunter/Jumpers, Eventing, and Dressage

Kristina is 22 years old and has been riding since she was in 5th grade. She has trained with several well known trainers including Mary D'Arcy, and David and Karen O'Connor. Kristina believes in a very natural horsemanship approach to working with horses and riders of all ages.

Covid brings you the deal of the century. Balisto is an 11yr old Hanoverian gelding with three amazing gaits and lightly started over fences. He has the foundations in dressage and the beginning of jumping and ready to go in any direction with his new owner. This is a heartbreaking decision so please tx me with serious interest only. (817)994-8018 Located in Aledo, Tx. Video link has some small jumping at the end 1️⃣⏺⏺⏺⏺


Rios Rodianna is a 14 yr old Oldenburg mare. Rodi as we call her is just a sweetheart. She has extensive experience in the eventing but has been re focused to dressage for the last 6 months and is just excelling so fast. She has three lovely gaits that are sure to catch the judges eye and gives the rider a truely lovely feel, she’s given my students lessons and is the perfect one to teach position and aids off as she is patient with students but extremely rewarding when they are correct. I’ve never had a rider get off this mare without the biggest smile and having learned many things. She schools through 1st level with ease now and working on other movements. This mare is truely lovely and someone will be incredibly lucky to have her in their barn. Located in Aledo, Tx priced in the low five figures

Video is very brief, will be getting more ASAP

Rios Daybreaker

“Diddy” is a 8yr old Oldenburg gelding our of the top hunter sire C-Quito and definitely takes after his dad. He has the movement to win the hack and the scope and technique to win the derby’s. He has shown the baby greens all over and has won almost every time he’s stepped into the arena. He’s also schooled the 3ft courses with ease and shows even more talent over the bigger fences. Easy lead changes, has been packing around and ammy for the past few years. This guy is super special. Priced in the mid five figures. Located in Aledo, Tx


Reciprocity Thoroughbreds

** SOLD**
Commanders Castle “Spider” as we call him is the real deal. An Ottb Standing at 17hands at 6yrs old this boy turns heads of people who don’t even love horses. He’s a stunning boy, extremely well built, with 3 lovely gaits and a great jump. Along with the talent he has the brain we all kill for. I’ve ridden this guy in arenas, on the trails with donkeys and in big pastures and he’s the same great guy everywhere. He’s never offered to be bad and is a super quick learner. Moves nicely off the leg and into the hand. This guy is truly a one of a kind boy. Located in Aledo, Tx


Looking for that perfect amateurs horse that can dabble in lower level dressage and hunters and win in both? This is your guy! Balisto is a lovely 11yr old Hanoverian gelding located in Aledo, Tx!


Yerevan Song
2014 OTTB 17hh gelding. Song as we call him is simply stunning. With a big body and the lovely color we all love he’s sure to stun the judges. In addition to his looks his movement is stunning. His first ride we hopped right on him in the barn to ride into a super muddy field (you can hear the footing in the video!) and he was dead quiet and started figuring things out super fast. Rrp eligible. Located in Aledo, Tx 5️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣


Bored during the quarantine? This guy would love to keep you company both in the saddle and out! Balisto is a 11yr old Hanoverian gelding who is lovely on the flat and great over fences. He’s learning his changes and is ready for someone to finish him out! $17k in Aledo, Tx


We’re so excited that two of our boys found the most amazing homes last week! Congrats to the new owners of Limehouser and Sean we wish you the best partnership! We still have several amazing horses available so please contact us if you are on the hunt for your new horse!

Reciprocity Thoroughbreds

Cricket 2015 Grey OTTB gelding 16hh. Cricket is simply stunning, even more so in person. He has 3 lovely gaits, a great personality, and is that dark steel grey we all love. Has been ridden by an ammy and is just as well behaved! Lightly started over fences. Snatch him up before his price increases. RRP eligible. Jc name : Cats shining star . Located in Aledo, Tx 3️⃣8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣



Our sales horses are the best. Limehouser aka Nobles teaching a lesson last week! When we say our horses are ammy friendly you can bet they have proven it to us!

Here’s our full current sales list! Please contact me with any questions on these lovely horses! happy horse shopping! 🐎

Rios Early Arrival : 4 yr old Oldenburg Gelding 16.2, Earl is a doll! Ready to be your next hunter prospect. Mid to low five figures

Rios Rodianna : 14 yr old Oldenburg Mare 16.2 Rodi has years of experience with people of all levels, excels in the Dressage. Low five figures

Balisto : 11yr old Hanoverian Gelding 16.3 Bali is a total dream! Imported from Germany with 3 amazing gaits and a great jump. Low five figures

Limehouser : 6yr old OTTB Gelding 16.2 Nobles is a lovely all around type, has tons of show experience in the jumpers and has done a few events! Low five figures

Iron Knight : 5yr old OTTB Gelding 16hh Sir is an incredible jumping boy! RRP 2019 graduate, shown through 1.0m jumpers with tons of scope for more. Low five figures

Sean: 6yr old OTTB Gelding 17.1 Sean is a lovely big guy, three amazing gaits and shows tons of promise over fences, and dead quiet puppy dog type personality. Mid four figures

Joys Rally Finale : 6yr old OTTB mare 16.3 Joy is quite the stunning mare, even more impressive in person, she is nice and light on the aids and incredibly well balanced! Low four figures

Cats Shining Star : 5yr old OTTB Gelding 16hh Cricket is such a sweet guy, cute mover with presence for days! Three good gaits and cute over fences! Low four figures

Stardust : 6yr old Pony mare 14.2 Stardust is the best moving little pony I’ve seen in a long time, moves like a big horse without the height but has the body to carry someone of any size! Low four figures

Sarveilo : 5yr old ottb gelding 16.1 Leo is a lovely mover with an amazing temperment, due to spurs in knees hes best suited for a dressage, trial or husband horse type job.

This beautiful girl Rodianna is coming soon! A homebred Oldenburg with years of experience best suited for dressage.

Joy’s Rally Finale
2014 16.3hh OTTB mare. Joy is simply a joy to handle and ride. She is a big bodied mare, with great movement and brains to match. Light on the aids and willing to the fences this mare is a one of a kind. Located in Aledo, Tx 3️⃣9️⃣0️⃣0️⃣



2014 17.1 hh OTTB gelding. Sean is every eventers dream horse. He is built so classically and well developed. He has amazing gaits and a super laid back personality, our farrier even wants to steal him! This will be a top notch upper level horse. Located in Aledo, Tx



KLA Equestrian Services's cover photo

7yr old 14.2hh mare. Where to begin with this cutie! Stardust is an incredible moving little pony with a big body that can carry anyone. She has had 90 days of professional training and started over small fences. She has a great personality, in your pocket kind of girl in a respectful way. She’s ready to be finished out in any direction someone wants to take her. Located in Aledo, Tx 4️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣


Balisto : 11yr old Hanoverian Gelding 16.2hh , Bali is a barn favorite anywhere he goes. He has a loving personality and is just drop dead gorgeous. He was imported from Germany as a 6yr old and has been mainly a dressage horse since then, schooling through 2nd level. He is well established on the flat, but also loves the jumping and will make someone a dream hunter prospect. Started on his changes, jumping small courses, brave and willing! Located in Aledo, Tx. 1️⃣7️⃣k



11yr old Hanoverian Gelding 16.2hh , Bali is a barn favorite anywhere he goes. He has a loving personality and is just drop dead gorgeous. He was imported from Germany as a 6yr old and has been mainly a dressage horse since then, schooling through 2nd level. He is well established on the flat, but also loves the jumping and will make someone a dream hunter prospect. Located in Aledo, Tx. Mid- low Five figures.


We’re super excited to be offering some awesome horses for sale. Get ready for some cool horses to be made available this week! Here’s a sneak peak at Balisto, a Hanoverian hunter prospect

Reciprocity Thoroughbreds

** SOLD **

2014 16.3hh Bay Gelding. “Lil and Tuff”

Wow, where to begin with this guy, he’s just the real deal. Uphill and well balanced with 3 high quality gaits and already softly on the aids. Not to mention the brain he has, dealing with utter choas of dogs, cows and running horses all around him durning his first ride and he didn’t take a bad step. You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer big guy then this. See link for more information.4️⃣2️⃣⏺⏺



Rio’s Early Arrival
4 yr old Oldenburg Gelding 16.2 , this guy is a stunner. Sure to capture the judges attention in any arena you walk into. Earl is the barn favorite with his handsome face and sweet personality. He is dead quiet and super willing. Great dressage foundation and lightly started over fences. Located in Aledo, Tx


Big sweet Eli (jc name: Gentlmens Agrement) is a thoroughbred bought from the Reciprocity Thoroughbreds program by Piper Hunn who got to stay in training for a month!

We offer discounted training for 3 months for any horse purchased through Kristina! Both Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods

Kristina is now located out of Rio Paisano Farm in Aledo, Texas where she offers training and lessons for both warm bloods and thoroughbreds!

KLA Equestrian Services

We’re super excited to re brand and update this page as KLA Equestrian Services. Kristina has moved her business to the beautiful Rio Paisano Farm, a 100+acre facility in Aledo, TX. Where she now specializes in young horse training and sales for Eventing, Hunter/jumpers, and Dressage. In addition to the training program we offer limited spots in our lesson program. Each horse and rider are assessed by Kristina and put into a training program customized to them. Contact us today for pricing and more information!

KLA Equestrian Services's cover photo

Reciprocity Thoroughbreds

What a good boy Tucker was out xc schooling for his first time today! such a good brain, lovely movement, and jump on this one! Currently priced at $5,000 (price subject to increase as of 6/7 when he competes in his first USEA Horse Trials)

Pope Jude aka Tucker being a good boy at his first cross country schooling!!

Hey everyone! I realize this page has been super inactive in the past years but I’m excited to updated you all with what we are doing now!

Kristina returned to the US after her year off serving as a missionary in Mexico about a year ago and decided establish her training program out of Rio Paisano Farm in Aledo, TX where she offers partial and full training programs for Hunter/Jumpers and Eventers.

More updates to come!

[02/20/15]   The barn is getting busy as the spring season is quickly approaching! This year Kristina will be continuing to bring the green horses along in the USEA events but will also be focusing on the jumpers as well. As always we cannot thank everyone enough especially our sponsors Phoenix Bodyworks and Prestige Saddles. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year!

I absolutely love my NEW Prestige X-Breathe. This is a brand new saddle that was produced by Prestige as an ultra-light saddle. This saddle has a striking large aperture in the seat that serves a dual function for better air cooling for the horse and rider, as well as the therapeutic function of relieving pressure on the coccyx. I have always struggled with keeping my upper level mare Ms. Murphy from getting back sore and this saddle has proven to be a huge help in that process. She is happier to be in work than she has ever been. I would highly recommend this new saddle or any of the Prestige products to anyone. Feel free to contact myself or Charlotte Morris for any information on Prestige products or to demo any of the saddles.

Reciprocity (Jane)
Jane is a 4yr old OTTB. Jane is a petite little mare standing at 16hh. She has a great mind and is very smart and willing. Has just started showing and is currently competing in the 1.0 meter jumpers with the potential for much more. She will continue to move up in the jumpers and price will increase to reflect that. Currently asking $17,000.


CatchRide's Bank (Win)
Win is a 7yr old OTTB. Win is a super young horse that will take anyone to the top. With great movement, and a super jump this horse will consistently be bringing home the blues. Win is Mr. Personality in the barn and is a gentle big guy, previously used in a riding academy for the intermediate riders. Currently asking $25K OBO

Dressage http://youtu.be/2XmMydWYYQw
Jumping http://youtu.be/1M53FndqOaY

KLA Equestrian Services's cover photo

KLA Eventing is proud to offer two very talented young OTTB's for sale.

Data Plan - 4yr old bay mare. Data has been off the track since mid June and has adjusted very well to her new job. She is fantastic on the flat and has been started over fences, will show in future jumpers at the end of the month. Asking $12,500.

CatchRide's Bank (Win) - 7 yr grey gelding. Win is Mr. Personality in the barn. Gorgeous mover with tons of scope. Win has experience all disciplines but shows the talent to be an upper level event horse. This horse will win the dressage with his movement and has plenty of scope for both jumping phases. He is very brave out xc with a great gallop. Asking $25k.

Videos and more pictures to come soon. Please contact Kristina with any questions.


Human and Equine Massage Therapy, North Texas - Phoenix Bodyworks

Kristina is very excited to announce her newest sponsor Phoenix Bodyworks. Charlotte Morris is a wonderful massage therapist who has been working on Kristina to keep her healthy all spring season. Please visit their website at http://www.phoenixbodyworks.com

www.phoenixbodyworks.com Specialist in advanced therapeutic bodywork. Active Release Technique. Myoskeletal Alignment Spinal Reflex Analysis. Certified Equine Sports Trainer. Karsten Engleke saddlefitting. Over 1,000 hours of training.

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