Lotta truth to this!
Cant find on my phone and finally logged in on laptop. Workout at 5:30 this morning.
Little late checking in was there at 5:30 a.m.
Here's a little sneak peek of one of the activities we will be doing in Slim for Summer! Hint: do the old houses in the background look familiar?
Happy Hump Day! I just want to remind everyone to sign up for the Pack Order Challenge this weekend! No matter if you're already involved or are just ready to begin a FUN new challenge, click the link below to sign up! If you're not sure, send me a message, or talk to me, Jerry or Treves about it at the gym! It is a great way to challenge yourself and have something to always be working towards. The class will be held this Saturday at 11:15 and it will take approximately 1 hour! Be prepared to do a little bit of exercise! I really hope to see you there, ready to take your fitness to a new level!
Thriveology is amazing! Thanks so much for the card and glad to be back!!
Checking in - Get workout this morning thanks to Sharon Miller. Thank you!
Checking in for Charity - shout out to Thriveology, specifically Sharon, for kicking my butt this morning. Slowly getting there but I am getting there! Thanks!
If anyone is interested in playing coed softball we are looking for a few more people tonight game is at 7pm at plum creek church fields let me know if you are interested.
If possible could someone please post the recipe for the avocado brownies that was at card night on the 3rd. Thank you in advanced
Thanks for another AWESOME work out Jerry Scarlato. Robin Hatfield Felty you are my inspiration. I'VE GOT THIS!

At Thrive, our mission is to develop a community that enhances the lives of its Pack members, both Physically and Mentally.

At Thrive, our mission is to develop a community that enhances the lives of its Pack members, both Physically and Mentally.

This Saturday marks another year of heading to Perfect North with the Pack ❄️

If you’re signed up, we’re expecting you to be there 😉 You can arrive any time after 10:00am.

It’s going to be an absolute blast!!! 🥳 If you’re worried about being out on the slopes in this huge snow suit and trying to learn how to ski, don’t worry. No one will fall as much as Jerry, so don’t feel bad about looking funny (those are his own words...)🤪

Happy #workouttipwednesday‼️Today we get to learn about an Incline Dumbbell Bench Press. This exercise is used to build chest muscles while also using your shoulders and triceps. 🎉

⭐️ Using dumbbells will promote balanced strength among both sides of the chest. It can also help prevent shoulder and pec injuries when performing presses. ⭐️

Get ready/move:
- Pick up the dumbbells using a neutral grip (palms facing in). Position the ends of the dumbbells in your hip crease, and sit down at the edge of the bench (inclined)
- Lay back onto the bench and keep the weights close to your chest. Once you are in position, press the dumbbells to lockout at the top.
- With control, slowly lower the dumbbells down the the shoulders.
- Push the dumbbells back up to starting position.
- Repeat for desired number of reps.

- Keep the weights in a slightly tilted position in order to keep the elbows in a neutral position (45°)
- Don’t allow your back to arch 🚫
- Keep your core tight
- Keep your feet flat on the floor and don’t allow your lower body to move during the exercise
- Keep a good grip on the dumbbell 👍
- When pressing, imagine you’re pressing up like a 🌈 . That way you’re not pressing the dumbbells out to the side.
#getfit #fitness #thriveology #workouttip #thepack #inclinebenchpress #dumbbellincline #dumbbells #strong #betteryou #muscles #fitnessfacilty

💥 Happy Tuesday, peeps! 💥

We recently got some new equipment to work with! Check out this Functional Strength class learning to exercise with these new Mace’s. 🤩

If you’re curious how they performed the exercise, check out our highlights under “The Den” 🎉

Just maybe these will be a new Pack favorite 😉

#thriveology #getfit #mace #exercise #fitness #newequipment #muscles #strong #fitnessfacility #thepack
@ Thriveology

The Resolution Trap: Beating Instant Gratification to Achieve Lasting Results – Thriveology

✨ 90% of gym-goers will vacate the weight room this month returning to their normal routine.✨

For many #health & #fitness resolutions, this is the end of the road. This week's article shows how to overcome the #resolution trap by a simple #mindset change → If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who joined a gym after the first of the year ready to get back in shape, you’ll likely start to notice something different about the size of the gym crowd in the next couple of weeks. There’s a funny thing that happens the first week of Febr...

Another Monday = another weekly challenge! 👍 I challenged you last week to clean up your space. Meaning you should declutter, sanitize, organize and overall clean that space up! 🧼 What room did you choose to clean or did you clean the entire house? What day worked best for you to do this? Oh, and how much better do you feel being in a CLEAN environment⁉️

How often do you take time to sit down and enjoy life with your family? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I know, I know... life can get hectic and cause you to struggle to make time ⏱ for people in your life. We all have our own things going on and schedules don’t always match up, but when you continue to let that get in the way of your relationships, you soon realize you don’t know what’s going on in their lives anymore. ☹️ So much can happen within a week, so when adding multiple weeks up without spending time with them, they could be in a whole new season of life compared to the last time you were with them.

Keeping up with family and knowing what’s going on in their life is important! They’re often (often, not always) the people that love you the most and enjoy being with you! 🥰 So, this week I challenge you to sit down with your family and plan out a family night! A night where you all bond and get to talk about life. Whether that be a game night, movie 🎥 night, family dinner, or a fun family activity! Also, we can get distracted by our phones easily and this family night can turn into a “family night where we sit on our phones in the same room and don’t speak to each other” kinda night. I wouldn’t say that’s beneficial, so if you’d like, make it a no phone night as well!

You may learn about a new accomplishment or challenge someone’s going through. You might just realize how much you 💙 your family and wish you hung out more often. Be intentional with your time together. Enjoy a break from social media and your chaotic life, and just laugh with your family. It might just be what you need!

Last call for Project Recharge🤩

Monday starts our 6 week program that walks you through healthy habits and informs you on nutrition! 🙌

💪Look at Andi’s results from her six weeks of hard work 💪

What’re you waiting for?? Sign up TODAY!!

The minute you “try” is the minute you’re setting yourself up for failure because you’re not sure if you can accomplish it. 🤦‍♀️ You either do something or you don’t. If you do it and fail, then do it again and again and again. Don’t half 🍑 it, don’t doubt yourself and don’t give up! Just do it.

#notry #doordonot #thriveology #getfit #fitness #dedication #hardwork #betteryou #strong #muscles #thepack #motivation #fitnessfacility

Welcome back to another #workouttipwednesday💪 This week I’ll be informing you on a straight leg sit-up! You may be wondering... what’s the difference between straight leg and bent leg⁉️ Both of these sit-ups are fairly the same in terms of muscle activation. But, the bent knee sit ups use more of the hip flexors and and lower recurs abdominis. If you have a stronger core, bent knee sit ups may be a better challenge, but straight leg sit ups help you get the full range of motion when just starting out.

Get ready/move:
- Start in a sit up position laying on your back
- Straighten your legs out
- Tighten your core and pull your upper body up into a seated position
- Lower yourself back into your starting position
- Repeat for desired reps

⚡️Keep your legs on the floor, core tight, and you can either place your arms in front of you like a zombie 🧟‍♂️ or across your chest⚡️

#thriveology #getfit #fitness #straightlegsitups #situps #fitnessfacility #strongcore #strong #muscles #abs #hardwork #betteryou

We somehow got these social butterflies to lift some weights this morning... Bob, where’s yours?? 🤦‍♀️

#thriveology #getfit #fitness #deadlifts #workhard #betteryou #strong #thepack #heavyweights

Exercise Fallacy: 3 Non-Exercise Strategies for Busy People to Stay Fit – Thriveology

Many regular #gym-goers are also "sedentary-exercisers". While exercise is the grand-daddy of #fitness, you also need regular, intermittent movement for #optimal #health.

→ Learn 3 non-exercise tips to utilize for improved fitness outside of the gym 👊 You’ve probably been told once or twice that staying physically fit is important for your health and longevity. However, considering how bust the world is today, it can be tough to squeeze those hour-long workout sessions into your schedule. Understandably, you just have a lot of priorities lined ...

What’s up?! I hope this Monday of yours has treated you right so far. ✨ I’m obviously back with another weekly challenge for you all! Last weeks challenge was to create a gratitude jar. 🗒 Did you do it? Did it help you create a more positive mindset? Also, who got bonus points for making it a family activity??? I’m excited to hear about it!

We’re nearing the end of January and I’m sure we all know that people are getting hit with sicknesses all over the place. It’s the beginning of the new year, no one wants to be spending it sick. 🤧 That’s why I have a challenge for you that will hopefully reduce that risk!

This week I challenge you to take some time and clean up your space. Declutter, sanitize, organize, CLEAN 🧼 ! This doesn’t have to be the entire house. Maybe choose a room that gets used the most or that you’ve been procrastinating to clean. But, a clean environment can benefit you in SO many ways‼️

You know that feeling of coming home from a long day of work and seeing that the house is clean? It’s so refreshing and relieving, right?? A clean house = less stress and we all know we need less of that in our lives. 🤦‍♀️

Cleaning is reducing the risk of allergies and killing bacteria that can cause you to get sick. We want to fight away those germs! ⚔️ Now, choose a room (or a few) and get cleaning! You’ll feel so glad that you did 😊

Early-Bird Registration for Project Recharge ends TONIGHT!! ⏰

Ready to dedicate yourself to 6-weeks of hard work to better your health⁉️

Project recharge is a program used to educate you on areas that matter to your long term health & help you create habits to work towards your goals! 🙌

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and who wouldn’t want to get 20% off?! SIGN UP TODAY!!! 🎉

Also... lets acknowledge how hard Mendy worked during Project Recharge. 🤩 That hard work definitely paid off!

#thriveology #projectrecharge #getfit #fitness #beforeandafter #betteryou #fitnessmastery #thepack #strong #nutrition

Happy Wednesday! ⭐️ Today we’re going to be discussing Standing Band Rows!

This exercise requires very little equipment: resistance band & something to attach the band to. This fun exercise primarily targets the middle back. It also is working the biceps, lats, lower back, and shoulders! 💪 Band Rows are super simple, but it’s STILL important to have perfect form so you don’t hurt yourself while doing them.

Get ready/move:
- Wrap a band around a pole or secured structure
- Stand with a slight squat and keep a straight back
- Hold the handles of the band with your arms straight out in front of you (start with your thumbs facing each other)
- Pull the handles of the band towards yourself. As you do this, turn the wrists to where your thumbs are pointing towards the ceiling.
- Bend your elbows so your hands end up a few inches above your waist line.
- Once you have pulled the band in as far as you can, release with control and rotate thumbs back towards each other. (Keep your breath under control by exhaling as you pull back and inhaling as you return to starting position)
- Repeat with desired amount of reps.

💥Keep your shoulders down, back flat, and core tight as always!!! Your body should stay still and the only parts moving are your arms and hands💥

#thriveology #getfit #fitness #betteryou #workouttipwednesday #bandrows #muscles #strong #thepack #fitnessfacility #exercise

✨Teamwork makes the dream work✨

#thriveology #wallsits #getfit #fitness #thepack #teamwork #encouragement #strong #exercise #muscles

Metabolic Flexibility: Why You’re Not Burning Fat and How to Change it – Thriveology

#fatburning is about more than just hard #exercise or eating fewer #calories. Your body must be flexible in the type of energy that its burning.

I.E. you can't load up on carbs and hope to burn fat in the process. You must be #metabolically flexible → What if I told you that the bowl of oats that you had this morning was keeping you from burning fat? Or that healthy, whole wheat bagel that you had for lunch? Or even that whole grain, gluten free pasta that you’re making from dinner? It’s all keeping you from burning fat.

Happy Happy Monday! 🤩 It’s the start of a new week, so that calls for a new challenge! Last weeks challenge was to reach out to someone you haven’t talked to recently or an old friend‼️Did you take on this challenge? How did it make you feel? Did you meet up and do something fun? Let me know in the comments below ⬇️

Gratitude... something we ALL need to practice more often. It’s so easy for the chaos of this world to tear us down and shadow our thinking. So many spend day in and day out focusing on the negatives of the day rather than the positives. 😢 We allow that one person to ruin our entire day. That one mistake at work to ruin our week. Why do we do this? 🤦‍♀️ Why do we allow one small thing to overrule all the amazing things???

This week, I challenge you to create a gratitude jar. A gratitude jar is proven to help create happiness. 😊 It’s forcing you to focus on things you’re thankful for rather than the struggles you’re facing or that hurtful comment someone said about you. Practicing gratitude is known for improving your relationships with friends a family. Along with improving your physical and mental health. The more positive you see and realize the things your thankful for, the more positive your life is!

You may be thinking, “Okay, but how do I make a gratitude jar?” Wow, what a coincidence you asked! 😜 It’s super simple (I used the s word... so that means you’re going to make one, right?) You can make it as simple or as extravagant as you’d like! All you need is a jar, paper, and a writing ✍️ utensil! Each day, write one thing (or more) on a piece a paper. It can be what you’re thankful for that day, something that made you laugh that day, or an achievement! Anything POSITIVE that you’d like to write can go in there. Don’t allow this to stress you out, there are NO wrong answers 🚫

At the end of the week, set aside some time to go through your gratitude jar and look at all the positive things that happened that week. Truly think about what you wrote down and realize how blessed you are to have what you do!

Want some bonus points⁉️ Get your family to join in on this!! Make this a family activity that you all participate in and get to see the positives going on in each other’s life. Trust me, this gratitude jar can help pull you out of that negative mindset you might be creating.

✨Positivity can be so contagious! ✨ Having people in your life to build you up and encourage you is SO important!

#thriveology #thepack #encouragement #fitnessmindedpeople #strong #fitness #getfit #betteryou #fitnessfacility #fridaymotivation

Beast mode on ✔️

We gotta brag on Taylor a bit today... This girl is ALWAYS showing up and giving her all. 💪 Look at her killin’ those jam ball slams 🙌

Seeing her progress the last few months has been incredible. We’re so lucky to have her as a part of the Pack 💚

#thriveology #thepack #getfit #fitness #jamballslams #ballslams #muscles #strong #showup #hardwork #exercise #fitnessfacility #betteryou #beastmode

🏋️‍♀️ Welcome back to a new #workouttipwednesday! 🏋️‍♀️

This week we’ll be discussing a push-up position plank. We’ve discussed a forearm plank in the past and they’re very similar, but there’s a few differences!

Obviously, you’re in a push-up position rather than your forearms. This makes it harder to stabilize due to the fact that only your feet and hands are touching the ground. This exercise will work many parts of the body, but mainly focusing on the core! 🥵

⚡️Be sure to keep your back level and straight. Keep your butt down so you’re entire body is a straight line. Oh, and did I mention to keep your core tight??⚡️

Get ready/move:
- Plant hands directly under shoulders like you’re about to do a push-up. 💪
- Place toes into the floor and squeeze glutes to stabilize your body. Your legs should be working as well — do not lock or hyperextend your knees, but keep your legs straight‼️
- Neutralize your neck and spine by looking at the ground. Your head should be in line with your back.
- Hold the position for desired time.

#thriveology #getfit #pushuppositionplank #plank #fitness #workouttip #abs #buildthosemuscles #strong

Go #LSU! We had to break it down to LSU because Jerry Scarlato took off work to watch the game! Hope you enjoyed your trip while we sweated it out, Jerry!

Marla’s always working hard on her push ups 💪

#thriveology #pushup #thepack #getfit #fitness #strong #muscles #fitnessfacility #personaltrainer

Hey friends! I hope your Monday is starting off great‼️ I’m checking back in with a new weekly challenge. Last week I challenged you to find time to sit down and write out your goals for the month of January ❄️. Not only write them out, but also find out WHAT you’re going to do to achieve them. If you’d like to share one of your goals, place it in the comments. I’d love to hear about what you’re working towards 💪

How often do you randomly have an old friend come to mind? 💭 Maybe you’re doing an activity you used to always do together or you were scrolling through your camera roll and came across a picture of you two. Maybe it’s not even an old friend, but you’ve been so caught up with the holidays that you haven’t made time for them. ☹️

Living a healthy lifestyle does not just include your nutrition 🥗 and activity 🏋️‍♀️. It involves your stress levels, sleep 💤 , personal hygiene, RELATIONSHIPS, etc. Whether it’s having one fantastic friend or a big group, healthy relationships promote physical wellbeing, longevity, and optimal mental health. We’re also very social beings, so having people around you to walk through each season is VERY important 👯‍♀️

So, this week I’m challenging YOU to reach out to an old friend or just a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile! Meet up for lunch, plan a game night, or catch up over the phone.📱You never know, maybe that friend has been thinking about you, but they know how busy your life is so they haven’t reached out. Just maybe they’re going through a tough season and haven’t had anyone to encourage them. 🙌 I believe there’s been at least 1️⃣ person come to your mind while reading this post. Now, pick up that phone and call them! You have no idea how much it could make their day 🤩

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At Thriveology, our purpose is to improve the health & vitality of our members by developing a supportive community and delivering the highest quality service, coaching, mentoring, education, and accountability, day-in and day-out. We actually have a name for our members, and we call them The Pack. Our Pack consists of like-minded individuals who come to Thriveology for accountability, guidance and expertise to help move them toward their goals. Because we want our members to achieve the highest level of results possible, we make sure to fully integrate every part of health & vitality, including fitness, lifestyle habits and nutritional guidance.

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