At Thrive, our mission is to develop a community that enhances the lives of its Pack members, both Physically and Mentally.

At Thrive, our mission is to develop a community that enhances the lives of its Pack members, both Physically and Mentally.

🐺Happy Packiversary to Our Awesome Members🐺

Without our Pack Members, Thriveology would only be a faint afterthought. A big 👊THANK YOU👊 to these Members who are celebrating a milestone with The Pack:

🥳Mike Combs - 1 year
🥳Andrea Gibson - 2 years
🥳Lorrie Rawe - 2 years
🥳Annie Hegener - 2 years

We are grateful for you trusting us in your pursuit of ultimate 💪health and fitness💪. #PackLove #BetterTogether #BetterFitness #BetterYou #Thriveology

Over Quantified: When it Comes to Your Health, Focus on Quality...then Quantity

⏱How much time have you spent tracking calories, tracking steps, and tracking sleep, but not feeling like you're getting closer to your health & fitness goals?⏱

In the age of wearable technology, is super-easy to track just anything that has to do with improving your health. Yet, most of us are still struggling to find the *number* to push us toward our goals🤔.

Maybe we're just spending too much time focusing on the wrong thing. Maybe we should be focusing on ✨QUALITY✨ before quantity. Because without the basics, the numbers don't matter as much👊.

Check out this article to what types of quality you should focus on and how to implement this into your life for better health and better fitness 🎉.

If you want quality health and fitness info sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to our email newsletter here → #quality #lifestyle #betterfitness #betteryou #ThePack #Thriveology In business, there’s a saying that goes “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Which is absolutely true. If you want to improve a part of your life, it’s hard to know if you’re making progress without tracking it. When it comes to your health, you've been told over and over a...

Couples that 🐻 bear crawl 🐻 together, stay together

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☀️Happy Monday to everybody this morning☀️.

And a belated 👩‍👩‍👧Happy Mother's Day👩‍👩‍👧 to all the wonderful Mom's out there👊.

Welcome to the ⓶nd week of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. We're off to a comfortable start with last week's interval workout.

If you're not familiar with our workout programming at Thriveology, we run our workouts on ⓸ week cycles, with each week being harder than the last 🥳.

That means that this week's workout challenge will be a notch hard than last weeks.

The routine we're going to introduce today has a special place in the 💔hearts of many of our Members. We like to call it =Git R' Done=, and it looks like this...

✨Squat Jumps x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7

✨Eccentric Pushups x7 x6 x5 x4 x3 x2 x1

For those of you who aren't 🐺Pack Members, this may look confusing. So here's how it works...

1️⃣Start with the first exercise (Squat Jumps) and the first number of reps (x1)...

2️⃣Move immediately to the second exercise (Eccentric Pushups) and the first number of reps next to that (x7)...

3️⃣As quick as possible, go back to the first exercise. This time, you'll perform the second set of reps (x2). And the same with the second exercise.

You'll repeat this pattern allllllllll the way to the end until you've reached Squat Jump x7 and Eccentric Pushups x1‼️

Now, in order to do this correctly, there are a couple of important points to remember:

✅It's called Git R' Done just git r' done AS FAST AS POSSIBLE...

✅If you cannot to Squat Jumps, body squat will do the job as well...

✅Remember that the TOTAL number of reps for each set should be ⓼. So, if you get lost, do the simple math to add them up.

Try to fit this workout in AT LEAST 3 times this week. It should only take about 3-5 minutes, so NO EXCUSES‼️

If you're in, let us know by commenting below. If you want tips on how to fit make health & fitness a part of your life, sign up for our email newsletter by following this link→ #gitrdone #HIIT #cardio #metabolic #betterfitness #betteryou #ThePack #Thriveology

B-RI vs 185lbs.... swipe to see who wins 🏆
Obviously Brian does!! 🎉🎉
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😈Contriving changes to an upcoming Inferno😈.

Only for the betterment of The Pack of course‼️ #inferno #cardio #trainhard #playhard #betterfitness #betteryou #Thriveology

👉Progress = Happiness👈

If you think about the things in your life that you're not happy about, it's always some area you feel like you're not making progress in:

✳️Maybe you're having trouble losing weight, so you're not happy about your body...
✳️Maybe you have lots of aches and pains, so you're not happy about the state of your health...
✳️Maybe you feel lost in your career and it's impacting your whole life.

No matter where you look, if you're not making progress, you're not happy 😕.

And yet, many times, when asked what you're doing to make your goals a reality, you might say things like I don't have time to work on that right now 🤨, or I've already tried everything so what else can I do 😟, or it's too complicated and I don't know where to start 😩.

And these may be valid points... at the moment. Instead, when you feel these excuses popping up for justification of your lack of progress, ask a question instead 👩‍🔬...

If lack of time is a problem ➡ Ask "Am I spending time on things that are moving me toward my goal?" If the answer is "NO", what can you cut out to make room?

If you feel like you've tried everything ➡️ Ask "Who else has been successful in what I want to accomplish?", then do what they did.

If it seems to complicated ➡️ Ask "Who can I contact or hire to coach me so that they can teach me how to move toward my goal?"

As the great Albert Einstein once said:

✨Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.✨

Don't let yourself get caught up in the insanity-cycle 😤. Take action and start making progress *TODAY*‼️

Are you ready to move away from insanity and get your fitness on track⁉️ Set up your FREE Strategy Session by clicking here → #progress #happiness #success #betterfitness #betteryou #Thriveology

Members of The Pack: Nancy

🐺 Members of The Pack: Nancy🐺

We all have our stories that keep us from pursuing our health & fitness goals...

Many of them are small stories to justify why we haven't started the journey yet:

✅I don't have time because my schedule is too busy (after binge-watching Game of Thrones)...
✅I'm on a tight budget so I can't afford to pay for it right now (after going out to eat for lunch all week)...
✅I have an achy back so I don't feel like I should exercise too much (after sitting down at work all day).

On the flip side of that, other people have big stories. Stories that *SHOULD* keep them from wanting to make progress toward their fitness goals.

Yet, ironically, it's typically these big stories that drive people to make a change in their life that they didn't know was possible 🤗🤗🤗.

Take Nancy, for instance...

When Nancy joined Thriveology, her purposes were just like anybody else at her stage in life:

✳️Have more energy...
✳️Get rid of some aches and pains...
✳️Lose some weight along the way.

These are all formidable goals. After all, we all hate those nagging aches that creep up as we age (those don't have to be there BTW).

And then, 2 years into her fitness journey, Nancy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer 😲. News like this would put a normal person on their back (literally and figuratively).

Not to be deterred, Nancy decided to laugh in the face of her diagnosis and attack full throttle, maintaining and striving to 👉ELEVATE👈 her health & fitness along the way.

Check out what she had to say about the process...

✨ 21 chemo treatments, watching my abilities and weights go down, a colon resection, with no workouts allowed for 6 weeks. Coach Sharon expected me to be there. I was there. It is part of my life now. It's what I do. It is most likely why I am here. The doctors are amazed by my response to treatments...Am I tough? No, just *committed* - I want to be as healthy as possible. That will not happen from the couch. ✨

If anything sums her journey up, it's this sentence: No, just committed‼️

Which is an understatement considering that hurdles Nancy has navigated to get where she is 💪.
So next time you feel a story creeping up in your head, decide if it's true OR if you're trying to justify your in-action👊.

Are you ready to kick your fitness journey into high gear⁉️ Set up your FREE Strategy Session by clicking here → #noexcuses #bestubborn #committed #ThePack #betterfitness #betteryou #Thriveology

When I started at Thrive, it was maybe 4 years ago. I needed something physical to help balance an overwhelming emotional trauma that nearly rendered me out of balance to function. I needed a physical outlet. As a family, we have always been active but not intentionally regular. After a bit I was a...

Going on a Binger: How We Sabotage Our Health and Fitness Progress

🤫Saying "NO!" in the Summer can be hard🤫.

Whether you're going on vacation 🚎 or grilling out with friends 🌭 or hanging out pool-side 🏖, the temptations are plentiful.

This can be especially tough when you're trying to make some healthy changes in your life like some many people intend to do in the 🌼spring and summer☀️ months.

There is, however, a simple strategy you can use to overcome these temptations so you're not sabotaging yourself over and over again‼️

Check out this article so you can find out *HOW* we sabotage our progress in the Summer and *WHAT* you can do, instead, to keep moving toward your 💪health and fitness💪 goals.

Want to get more in-depth on staying away from self-sabotage in the Summer⁉️ Register for our Summer Sabotage workshop to learn strategies on staying fit this Summer → #Staystrong #summerfit #funinthesun #betterfitness #betteryou #thriveology In case you haven’t noticed, Summer is just around the corner. Flowers are blooming. Grass is sprouting. Trees are leafing (I’m pretty sure that’s not the right word…but, what the hell, it sounds good). And, soon enough, temptations will be rising as vacations hit, parties launch, and pool t...

🔥Movement Fundamentals Finisher🔥

• Squat Jacks
• Lying Cross Crawl
• ⛰Climbers
#thriveology #thepack #fitness #betteryou #mountainclimbers

🏋️‍♀️Happy National Physical Fitness & Sports Month everybody🏋️‍♀️.

Luckily enough, we have yet another month full of themed challenges to help push you to become a ✚better version of yourself✚.

For this month, we're going to change the pace a bit...

Instead of giving an overall challenge and letting you decide how to pursue it, we're giving you a workout you can do at home🏠, the office🏢, the elevator↑, or any other place where you have ⏱time⏱ to spare.

Each one of the workouts will take ⓹ minutes or less. And your goal is to do each workout ✱AT LEAST ⓷ times a week✱.

Finally, similar to our 4-week class cycles at Thriveology, each workout will get progressively harder. Meaning...

✅week 1 will be the easiest...

✅week 2 slightly less easy

✅week 3 a bit harder

✅with week 4 being the granddaddy of them all‼️

So, if you're ready to 🤘rock and roll🤘, let's check out the first workout for the month:

→Static Squat x20secs:

→Deadbugs x20secs:

→Plank x20secs:

REST x20secs

Repeat 3 Times

This workout is relatively simple to understand. Here are the rules in case you're new to the workout game:

*️⃣Do each exercise for the specified amount of time.
*️⃣Perform the 3 exercises in a row, with no rest, to complete ⓵ set.
*️⃣Move as fast you can from one exercise to the next to get the maximum effect💪

If you're in, let us know by commenting below. If you have any questions on how to perform an exercise or make an exercise harder, shoot us a message or leave a comment‼️

Remember to share with your friends so you can help them improve their fitness this month as well 👊. #physicalfitness #HIIT #Intervals #Bodyweight #Betterfitness #Betteryou #Thriveology

🥵You don't push yourself as hard as you can 🥵.

There's a hard truth out there that many of us don't want to confront...

✨We tend to give ourselves slack in most things we do✨.

But what does that really mean?

Think about the last time you worked out...

Did you actually finish your workout, or did you convince yourself that "you've done enough for today"⁉️

Did you do all 8 reps, or did you work hard for the first 4 and go through the motions on the last 4⁉️

Did you work for the full 30 seconds, or did you start to put on the breaks at 25 seconds⁉️

Okay. So maybe you can't relate to 🏃‍♂️working out🏃‍♀️ quite yet. What about your career. How are you doing there...

Are you still trying to grow in your profession, or have you put it on cruise control until retirement⁉️

Are you trying your hardest to develop those around you, or are you too busy watching your back so your position isn't taken⁉️

Are you busy complaining about how you don't like your job or are you actively finding ways to pursue the thing you're most passionate about⁉️

The fact of the matter is, we give ourselves slack's easier 🤭🤫

→ We give ourselves slack because "it doesn't matter anyway"...

→ We give ourselves slack because it gives us an excuse when things don't work out...

Maybe...just maybe...instead of giving yourself slack, you decide that you will stop when you're done💪.

✅You're done when the 🔈buzzer🔈 sounds...

✅You're done when 👊fulfilled👊 your passion and purpose in life...

✅You're done when you've exhausted all options and have nowhere else to turn (FYI, this rarely happens. You HAVEN'T tried everything)‼️

So the next time you feel yourself letting up, remember you still have more to give.

Don't stop when you're finished. Stop when you're done.

Get great info sent straight to your inbox by going here→ #passion #purpose #finishstrong #thrivethursday #betterfitness #betteryou #thriveology

The shirt says it all... always gotta keep our 👀’s on Dani! Look at that weight she’s pressing‼️🎉
#thriveology #thepack #kettlebellpress #fitness #strong

🐺Welcome to The Pack🐺

Showing some love for our new Pack Members who decided to take a 🔥BIG🔥 step in their health & fitness‼️

⭐️ Kelsey Amorini ⭐️
⭐️ Megan Kramer ⭐️
⭐️ Bob Schneider ⭐️
⭐️ Shari Zetterberg ⭐️

We're super excited to have you as part of this journey to 💪Fitness Mastery💪 that we're all on together‼️
🥂Here's to your SUCCESS in all things health & fitness 🥂 #PackLove #BetterTogether #BetterFitness #BetterYou #Thriveology

You Can Do It!: Why "Getting Motivated" Doesn't Work

📢Ahhh yes, good ol' motvation.📢

The one thing in life that we're all looking for, which is also the one thing in life we all seem to have trouble finding 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️😕.

Yet, have you ever stopped to think...

⁉️Is "motivation" really what I need⁉️

It seems like a crazy question. But, so is doing the same thing over and over again (the definition of insanity, BTW 😬).

In this article, you'll find out why *waiting for motivation* is keeping you from your ✨goals✨ forever, and you'll find out one *simple tool* you can use to ↑increase↑ your chances of success no matter what your goal is 💪. #motivation #habits #goals #betterfitness #betteryou #thriveology

If you want weekly fitness and nutrition tips sent straight to your inbox, sign up HERE →

The “daily recommended dose” of physical activity in the United States is 30 minutes. On the surface, this may seem like an insignificant amount of time. Which it is. However, when you look at statistics, it’s obvious that most people aren’t motivated enough to get in those 30 minutes on a ...

🐻Bear Crawls🐻... a fan fave at The Den
#thriveology #fitness #bearcrawls #thepack #betteryou

Slim for Summer | Have Your Fittest Summer Ever | Thriveology

😎Are You Ready for Your Fittest Summer Ever⁉️😎

Did I get your attention? Perfect, that's exactly what I was hoping for...

It's that time of year where we're getting ready to head to the pool🏊‍♀️, go on vacation🚙, and finally get out in the sun🌞.

So, with all the events and traveling coming up, let me ask you a question...

Do you know the best way to stay on track while you're on the road to keep moving toward your health goals⁉️

What about grill outs...what's the best way to enjoy that delicious food without overeating⁉️

And have about partying in do you get back on track after a night/day of eating and drinking debauchery⁉️

Well, if you struggle with any of these areas, I'd like to introduce you to your solution...

Say 👋HELLO👋 to Slim for Summer...

🔥Slim for Summer🔥 is NKY's only 4-week program programmed to teach you how to maneuver through the Summer months without gaining any unnecessary weight👏.

With the combination of 12 group fitness classes, an extra weekly Team Training Session with your fellow Slim for Summer group, and intensive nutritional education, you will get you the benefit of professional fitness training & healthy habit building for maximal results 👊👊👊.

To go along with all of this, you'll also get the following:

✔️The Slim for Summer Onboarding workshop
✔️Daily educational emails
✔️Weekly Facebook Live challenge
✔️Unlimited email and online support
✔️A Private Slim for Summer Facebook group

Also, remember that when you sign up before May 25th, you get the 🐦early-bird🐦 discount of 20% the regular registration price‼️

It's time to have your fittest Summer ever💪💪💪.

Go to the 🔥Slim for Summer🔥 page NOW and get signed up before space runs out. #BetterFitness #BetterYou #SlimforSummer #Thriveology #Lifestyle #Goals Prpject Recharge is our 6 week program that has changed the lives of its participants. Pre-register to be notified about our next session!

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