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PEAK Performance - Is a sports performance center located in Alexandria, MN featuring hockey treadmill and sport specific strength and conditioning programs for athletes of all ages to help them advance to the next level.

Peak Performance- Hockey will provide your athlete with enhanced off-ice movement skills, increased speed, explosive stride power, first step quickness, functional hockey strength, balance, rotary core power, and a highly developed anaerobic energy system which directly transfers to individual skating skills, puck skills, and game tactics. Each session will be customized to your athlete's age group, ensuring that they are performing age appropriate skills. The programs specialization and complexity is adjusted as your athlete develops and reaches the next level of development. Heartland Orthopedic Specialists is excited to announce that they will be adding a Hockey Treadmill to its 2013 fall programs, along with hockey specific skill training instructed by Ryan Severson. Sessions will take place at Hearltand Orthopedic Specialists new training center, located at their Alexandria Locaion on the campus of Douglas County Hospital. Opening Sept 9, 2013! The Hockey Treadmill program is a great training tool to help skating mechanics; increase skating stride power, speed, and quickness; and increase balance, strength, and coordination. Each session will be customized to your athlete's age group, ensuring that they are performing age appropriate skills. The programs specialization and complexity is adjusted as your athlete develops and reaches the next level of development. The Hockey Skills program will consist of a focused and fun training experience for hockey palyers of all ages and abilities. Training sessions will focus on hockey specific skills such as shooting, stickhandling, passing, and skating stride. Sessions will also enahnce other critical hockey skills necessary for success like quick hands, quick feet, hockey vision, and multi-tasking all in a safe, exicting atmosphere that will take players to the next level while also helping them reach their PEAK potential!

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Hockey season is fast approaching! Good little article for those that might be looking to get new gear. For parents of young hockey players, particularly those who have been around the game for some time, the annual equipment shopping experience is a fairly uncomplicated one. But for the many parents that are new to the sport, it can be a daunting process and more often than not parents can find the

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Summer is almost upon us! Check out what we have to offer for programs to keep your athletes going in the right direction! The sports medicine experts at Heartland Orthopedic Specialists are specialty-trained to diagnose and treat sports-related injuries so you can get back in the game quickly and safely. But we know that, to athletes, it’s not just about competing; it’s about competing at your highest potential. Th...

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[03/25/19]   Starting 3/27/19 there will be no PEAK sessions as Nate is out of the office until 3/31/19.

[03/18/19]   Baseball season is fast approaching is your mind ready?

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[01/11/19]   Great article on mental prep and visualization. Give it a read!

PEAK Performance's cover photo

Here is a look at the new facility!

[11/27/18]   We are back up and running!! For those that do not know yet we have moved out to the Northstar Sports Complex and are now up and running. If you would like to schedule a time for treadmill or other training please contact Nate Stark @ 218-280-3236.

[11/21/18]   **Treadmill update**

I am just waiting on power and we will be up and running again. Thank you for your patience! I have a list of people to call for scheduling and will be doing so once we are ready to rock. Have a great Thanksgiving!

[11/21/18]   Good article about putting your team first and having a great culture in place.

[11/05/18]   Just wanted to let all of our followers know that for the next two weeks the treadmill will not be running due to us taking it apart for the move out to the new sports complex. If you have questions please call Nate at 218-280-3236. We hope to have it back up and running in less time and will post agian when its ready to go. Thank you!

The Final Myth Standing in the Way of Youth Hockey

Check out this article on youth hockey. Throughout the summer Brad Hamacher has delivered an in-depth analysis on the state of the minor hockey system in North America. Today we welcome the third and final instalment as we all embark on another season. The question to ask yourself is this: what are you going to do this season to create a....

[04/10/18]   Looking for ways to get better at stick handling?? Heres a good article to help you out!

[04/03/18]   With the main chunk of hockey slowing down and people looking on ways to improve next year take a look at this article dealing with big situation pressure and how to handle it.

[03/13/18]   With the offseason of hockey shortly upon us here are some things to work on until next season.

[03/05/18]   Good article by Mike Boyle and worth a read.

It might be your son; it might be your daughter. It doesn’t really matter. In any case, you realize that you have a kid that has above average ability. Coaches start to tell you that your child has potential. People start talking about special select teams and year round dedication to one sport. The big question is, what do you do now? How do you continue to help them develop?

I know, everyone loves the attention but, remember, these are youth sport coaches, most with their own agenda. Don’t read too much into it. The key is to keep the focus on development, not on a scholarship. You’ve got a good thing going now; don’t let a bunch of arm chair experts tell you how to handle it. Also, don’t handle things the way you do at work. This is not a mini-adult, this is a child. What made you a success at work won’t necessarily work for your child. Think slow cooking versus a nuclear approach.

I understand that everyone would love for their kid to get a college scholarship. However, I love to say that development is like farming. It takes time and you can’t rush it. There is no such thing as speed farming. Here are two things to think about:
1.Exposure is a word used to get you to invest money to play in often questionable tournaments.
2.Potential is just that. Potential is a word used to describe what someone might do in the future.

The key is to attack things logically. If your child is young (under 14) hold your horses, keep it fun and don’t listen to these so-called experts. Most of the “experts” running youth programs really have no idea what they are talking about. These experts can range from opportunistic parents looking for good players to enhance their own kids’ chances, to entrepreneurs looking to make club coaching pay the bills.

In any case, spend your time and money wisely. After age 14 the number one way to get better is to begin to follow, what I like to call, the professional athlete model. In the professional athlete model two things stand out:
1.There is always a distinct off season. This off season period is dominated by training to improve physical ability (think strength and conditioning)
2.There is always an in-season training program geared to maintain or enhance the off-season program.

In other word’s pros don’t play year round but, do train year round. As kids get older, skills get harder and harder to improve. However, physical abilities (size, strength, speed) still have a significant window for improvement. Kids who don’t begin a training program, even if they are more skilled, risk being left behind by their harder working peers. We see this all the time where one kid (usually the one identified early as “talented”) plays a full schedule of weekend tournaments while another trains hard and plays very little.

The experts tell the parents that the kid not playing will be left behind his peers. However, as the real season rolls around the kid that trained hard and worked to improve, passes the “tournament kid”. The tournament kid spends time travelling for what amounts to a few minutes of playing time while the “training kid” stays close to home and physically improves.

Trust me, after 35 years I have seen it happen over and over. The “can’t miss” Pee Wee is forgotten and people are talking about the kid who’s been doing the work. The number one thing to realize is that long term success is based on a combination of talent, hard work and passion. If you have a talented child, start to add some of the work habits necessary for long term success and remember, don’t kill the passion.

Dr. Stuart's Tips to Fight the Flu

It's that lovely season so here are some tips to help combat the flu! With recent cases of influenza, especially from the H3N2 virus, including in and around hockey, Dr. Michael Stuart, chief medical officer of USA Hockey, has issued recommendations to help prevent the spread of the virus. Influenza is not specific to hockey and is by no means an epidemic. However,

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Be a Better Skater in 2018

Great article on skating which is the same things we teach here on the treadmill. As we ring in the New Year, hockey players who want to continue to progress in their development should resolve to work on a fundamental skill that is often overlooked as players get older: skating. Hockey has always been the fastest sport on ice, but today’s game is – and will continue to get �...

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Good article on becoming a better player! As hockey players grow in age and skill, the amount of time they have with the puck shrinks. Players who go on to higher levels will develop good passing fundamentals and be able to play with their heads up and find open teammates. The limited time and space gets less and less as players advance,

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With games fast aproaching hard work is needed more now then ever. Great read on working hard to score more goals! In hockey, sometimes your eyes don’t tell the truth when it comes to goal scoring. As a shooter, it’s important to look at goal scoring from the puck’s perspective rather than your own. Mike MacMillan, USA Hockey's national coach-in-chief, helps us understand the mentality of seeing things from th

[10/27/17]   For those of you attending impact testing at Heartland next week, we are having an open house for the parents while your athletes are getting screened, so please stop on by and check us out!

Peak Performance is proud to anounce our addition of a skills/stick handling specialist!!! We welcome Gary Steffes to our staff!

Gary is an FCA Hockey Staff member who has played professional hockey for the last 7 years at the ECHL and AHL levels. In 2015, Gary led the ECHL in goals with 48 and was chosen to the All-ECHL Second Team. In 2015 and 2016, Gary helped the Allen Americans to two consecutive Kelly Cup ECHL Championships, while also serving as a team co-captain during those years. Over the course of his career, Gary has played at the American Hockey League level for the Nashville Predators, San Jose Sharks, and Colorado Avalanche affiliates. Prior to his pro career, Gary played at Miami University-Ohio from 2006-2010, competed in two Frozen Fours, one National Championship game, and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and Health. He is a passionate people person, loves working with kids, and is committed to excellence in all that he does.

To get more info about skills or schedule please contact Nate Stark at Peak Performance.

[09/11/17]   I am very excited to announce that Peak Hockey Skills sessions are back! They will be offered by appointment so please contact Nate Stark to schedule or gain more information and pricing.

I know it took me some time to get these pictures posted of the finished room as It has been a busy summer here at PEAK but here they are!

Is Your Kid Talented? Talent. It’s a word that gets used frequently in the world of youth sports, and if we’re being honest with ourselves… we’ll admit we LOVE talent. We love watching the best players at any age perform skills beyond their years. We love it even more if it happens to be our kid who is drawing people’s

[08/10/17]   Hockey season is fast approaching! There is still time to work on stride mechanics to get them ready for the first day of practice. Call Nate at 218 280 3236 to get more info or set up a time to come in and skate!

Division I Recruits’ Advice for Youth Hockey Players

Good article to share so here is it. Blaine defenseman Emily Brown and Eden Prairie defenseman Nicky Leivermann love to play hockey – and they’re darn good at it, too. Leivermann co-captained the Eagles to a third-place finish at the 2017 boys’ state high school hockey tournament. He led all Lake Conference defensemen with 40 points

Senators strength coach alarmed over declining youth athletic skills

Great little article on playing more then one sport growing up. When it comes to kids in sports, specialization has become the trend. But to what end? Senators strength coach Chris Schwarz says the focus on year-round hockey has led to elite prospects who lack …

[03/22/17]   Great read on early specialization.

[03/09/17]   Great article on Building More Resilient kids.

The new room is slowly coming together! Thank you everyone for your patience during the move!

Being Confident vs. Cocky

Good article from Minnesota Hockey! The keys to building confidence vary according to age. But there is one thing that is universal, says Gerrit van Bergen, head coach of the Delano boys’ high school hockey team. All hockey players thrive on good news.” This year marks van Bergen’s 13th season coaching in the Delano hockey system

How to Motivate Your Child

Great read on motivation! It’s no secret that parents and coaches both play a key role in the development of Minnesota’s next generation of hockey players. But no matter how much we love, encourage and support our kids, the secret to their successes – now and tomorrow – is helping them truly become the boss of themselves.

Our Story

Peak Performance- Will provide your athlete with enhanced movement skills, increased speed, explosive power, first step quickness, functional strength, balance, rotary core power, and a highly developed anaerobic energy system which directly transfers to individual skills and game tactics. Each session will be customized to your athlete's age group, ensuring that they are performing age appropriate skills. The programs specialization and complexity is adjusted as your athlete develops and reaches the next level of development. Sessions will take place at PEAK Performances new training center, located at their Alexandria Locaion on the campus of Northstar Christian Acedemy. The Hockey Treadmill program is a great training tool to help skating mechanics; increase skating stride power, speed, and quickness; and increase balance, strength, and coordination. The programs specialization and complexity is adjusted as your athlete develops and reaches the next level of development.

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