Schutz Martial Arts Association

A martial arts school in Central Minnesota specializing in teaching students of all ages the benefits of martial arts training. Our instructors are licensed teachers and certified instructors in many areas.

We are so thankful for all our amazing families and students who support us year after year! Thank you for attending tonight’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. We sure appreciate you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

We are very passionate about giving and caring about others and we hope that we pass that on to not only our students, but our families.

As many of you know we serve at Place of Hope Ministries several times a year, in various capacities. Over the years, Place of Hope has become very near and dear to our family.

Place of Hope serves the St Cloud area community by providing food, clothing and a warm place to stay. For ANYone in need. At any time.

Our family will once again be packing backpacks with toiletries, blankets and mittens for individuals who need them. Last year we did over 100 and when we delivered them, there wasn’t enough. 😓

Our Taekwondo families generously donated full size bottles of shampoo and toothpaste. Toothbrushes and body wash. All of which was so greatly appreciated by the shelter. ♥️

We would like to extend the invitation once again to help us out this year by requesting any donations you would like to give.

We have already received several gently used winter coats and pairs of boots to bring with us as well! (Last year, there was a SHORTAGE of warm coats and mittens at the shelter and it broke our hearts to hear of individuals who were freezing.)

If you would like to bring us ANY of these items (winter wear, toiletries, boots, etc) that we can bring to the shelter, we would greatly appreciate it! A HUGE “Thank You” for all the winter coats we have already received!!!

🇺🇸We may not know them all, but we certainly owe them all. 🇺🇸 A HUGE “Thank You!!” to all of those in our Schutz Taekwondo family who have served. On a day like today expressing our gratitude doesn’t seem like much, but we sure appreciate your dedication and your sacrifice. 🇺🇸

These are the men we want to recognize and honor today, especially. These men are outstanding men that not only served their country faithfully, but their families as well. These men are outstanding servicemen and even MORE outstanding husbands and fathers (and two of them, Grandpa’s ❤️).

From Left to Right:
*Grand Master Kevin Schutz - US Army 🎖
*Master Marty Parker - US Marine Corp 🎖
*Dennis Tomford - US Army 🎖
*Dale Kittleson - US Navy 🎖
*Jesse Cabinaw (not pictured) - US Army 🎖

[11/11/19]   Happy Veteran's Day! Please honor those who risked their lives for your freedom today.

[11/04/19]   Just a reminder: no district 206 classes means no TKD class. So no class tonight 11-4-19. See you all tomorrow, Tuesday!

[10/31/19]   Reminder: No classes tonight! Happy Halloween!

[10/09/19]   White Belt (only) testing for the 5:00pm class tomorrow night (Thursday 10/10)! Good luck! 👊🏻

Fargo Open Championships Registration

Registration for the Kukkiwon Cup is now open! Register at In consideration of being accepted as a competitor, I, the undersigned, agree to abide rules and regulation of the tournament. I, the undersigned, further, do hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns waive, release, and forever discharge and all rights and claims for dama...

Alexandria Public Schools Fall Community Ed Catalog

There are still some opening left for the Women's Self Defense Class for Monday night at Woodland Elementary. Make sure to visit the Community Education page and get signed up today. Young ladies and teens are encouraged to join us. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: Alexandria Public Schools Fall Community Ed Catalog, Author: Alexandri...

Thanks yo all the volunteers who helped set up the 9/11 Memorial. Be sure to drive by and check it out tomorrow and say a prayer for all the families who lost loved ones that day. And remember how we, as a nation, came together in the aftermath and stood together - united. Don't wait for another tragedy to appreciate and love one another. Never forget how we can still be the UNITED States of America.

All students and families, please come helps us commemorate and honor those lives lost on 9/11. We will be setting up the annual memorial on the lawn between Cenex and 3M once again at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, September 10th. Never Forget!

Join us for this momentous event. The Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters, only chooses a select few tournaments to sanction for the Kukkiwon Cup Championship and this year the Fargo Open has been selected. This is a historic event for our area as this is recognized as an international tournament. Please share this event with all that you know and let's make history together.

What a fantastic first night of back to school classes!! If you are interested in having your child join us or even for yourself, come and check us out!!!

Red River Traditional Taekwondo

School is just around the corner! Taekwondo is that perfect sport to exercise discipline, respect and so many other character qualities that will HELP your student become more successful in school!

Classes start for the school year September 3rd! Come and check out our amazing school of instructors and students! Stay and try a class or two! We’d love to meet you!

Look at this amazing group of Junior Black Belts, Black Belts and higher ranks!!! They worked SO HARD tonight!!! We sure love our students and their families.

Classes ongoing through August but starting for the 2019-2020 School year, September 3rd for ages 4-100, including special needs classes!! We have classes FOUR days a week with unlimited class participation included with your membership!!! So you can CHOOSE which days work with your schedule!

Taught by the Lakes Area’s only International Kukkiwon Master Instructor and Test Examiner, 8th degree Black Belt Grand Master Kevin Schutz along with his exceptional staff of Black Belts!

Check us out for ALL the things we offer at Schutz Martial Arts! Free Family Fun Nights, Self Defense classes, Lock In’s, Birthday Parties AND Private Lessons and personal training! Contact us for more information! 👊🏻

Schutz Martial Arts Association

Classes ongoing through August but starting for the 2019-2020 School year, September 3rd for ages 4-100, including special needs classes!! We have classes FOUR days a week with unlimited class participation included with your membership!!! So you can CHOOSE which days work with your schedule!

Taught by the Lakes Area’s only International Kukkiwon Master Instructor and Test Examiner, 8th degree Black Belt Grand Master Kevin Schutz along with his exceptional staff of Black Belts!

Check us out for ALL the things we offer at Schutz Martial Arts! Free Family Fun Nights, Self Defense classes, Lock In’s, Birthday Parties AND Private Lessons and personal training! Contact us for more information! 👊🏻

[07/29/19]   Classes start back up Thursday, August 1st at 5:00!!! We hope you all had a nice July off and we are looking forward to seeing you all!

Rumble at the Runestone 2019

We are so thankful for all the support that we have received in the past at our event that we have hosted in June for the past number of years. Unfortunately, we have experienced some life changing family events recently that made us decide to postpone this event in 2019. I know that many were planning on attending this event and we appreciate your friendship and loyalty, but right now our family needs come first. We are planning another event for the Fall, so please stay posted. Thanks again and have a blessed day!

[04/24/19]   A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who tested last night! We are SO intensely proud of ALL of you!!!

I think this an excellent opportunity to say we are proud of who our kids ARE! Not just in what they DO. Yes. Testing is about seeing how far you’ve come in your training. And we are SO proud of your achievements! But it is what we witness OUTSIDE of testing that means so much more. We are so proud to see the kids and black belts encouraging one another on in testing. Hugging and speaking life-giving words to those who are disappointed when they find out they need to do re-breaks or do their patterns one more time, next week. Believing nothing but the BEST for one another.

It is your HEARTS that bring us the most pride. So be proud of yourselves just where you are at! Because WE think you all are amazing!

Well done everyone! 👊🏻👊🏻

This has been a long time coming!!!

When Mr. John started Taekwondo he started around the same time as his young son. As time went on we said over and over what a tremendous GIFT this man is to our gym. He patiently helps guides our students in class when he can. He is a faithful friend to all of us. He has a servants heart unlike any other. AND he is and incredible husband and father!

It is with the GREATEST pleasure we introduce to you our newest BLACK BELT.....Mr. John Rolin!!!! Congratulations, Sir! We are so proud of you!!!

By the way....his son also recently earned his Junior Black Belt. And together they are the father/son dynamic duo! 👊🏻👊🏻

May you find victory in all your battles because of what was done on the cross for you. 💗

Happy Easter to all our amazing families!

[04/13/19]   Words cannot even express the appreciation I have for ALL our Taekwondo family. Thank you for the lovely cards and pictures. I am blown away! I LOVE my TKD families and their kids MORE than you know. But your thoughtfulness has put you guys over the top as the BEST ever!!! Thank you!! ❤️❤️ - Miss Caryn

[04/12/19]   From GrandMaster Kevin:

I have been sitting here for the past couple of days going through one of the scariest moments of my life with my beautiful wife, Caryn, being completely overwhelmed by the the generosity, love and support from our friends, family, and church family. I truly cannot express my gratitude to all the outstanding people in our lives. It may be funny to feel that in what seemed to be our darkest hours that we could feel so abundantly blessed.

But isn't that a powerful way for God to work? Not only in our lives, but the lives of others. When we are weakest, He shows his strength. And what creates a powerful testimony to show others the goodness and the greatness of God's love? A test, of course! You can't have a testimonial without a test. So while outwardly this appeared to be a physical battle, it truly was a battle in the spirit. The enemy prowls like a lion looking to steal, kill and destroy. So why wouldn't he attack a cancer survivor on the battleground of health? Or attack her husband on facing that potential loss? All attacks from the enemy will focus on our fears. Why? Because it is really the enemy that is afraid of us! He knows better than we do what God has planned for us and he's scared that we will find out and step on his head!

God has given us power and dominion over the enemy and what was meant for evil He will turn to good. The enemy meant to derail both of us and it only made us stronger and closer to God's plan for us. I think the enemy sometimes forgets who our Father is and that NO weapons formed against us shall prosper!

Thank you again to all the prayer warriors out there that came along beside us and held us up. Remember, don't be afraid of the storm, the storm needs to be afraid of us.

[04/11/19]   Classes canceled tonight, Thursday, due to our spring “blizzard” 🥴

[04/10/19]   We are still having class tonight. Use your own discretion when driving tonight. Be safe.

[04/09/19]   They tell you to treat each day as if it were your last. We all hear that and think, “Hmm. That’s a sweet sentiment. Maybe I won’t yell at my kids today for throwing their shoes all over the entryway instead of putting them away”. But do we REALLY treat each day is if it were your last? Or if it were THEIR last??

What would you do? What would you say? Would the pile of laundry make a difference anymore? Would the fact that there just isn’t enough money to pay bills matter? You didn’t make it to the gym because you slept an extra hour instead and consequently have gained 5 pounds. You’re holding a grudge against your sibling because he/she didn’t answer you. Or DID answer you in that typical passive/aggressive sarcastic manner you just hate so much!

Does it all really matter? And if it doesn’t, what really does?

Let me share a few things that I think DO matter.

It matters to tell someone you love them. And more importantly, WHY. We can all say very flippantly, “I love you”. Much like telling others “Im praying for you”. But does it hold meaning?? Or was it just a cute little phrase. LOVE. Love hard. And be vocal about it. When a person is gone, those notes you left, pictures you took of special moments - loving - those will NEVER be forgotten. If today were your last day, will that person know you loved them?

Take TIME. Yep. We live in a busy world. We are always trying to work more. Have more. Pay off more. Take TIME to spend with one another. Yep. I get it. That person is super annoying. All they do is talk about the same thing over and over and over. It’s ok. But if today were your last day, does it really matter? They know they are loved because you took time to be with them. Listening. Hearing their hearts.

Make memories. If today were your last day would the people around you remember that you growled at them again because they didn’t make their bed. Or that you made rainbow pancakes with clouds. Did you buy them that cool toy they wanted so they’d quit bugging you to play with them or did you fly a kite in the backyard with them? Did you kiss your spouse passionately or just peck him on the know. Because if I kiss him he’ll want more. And I’m just not feeling it today. If today were your last day, what memory would your spouse and kids have. KISS him (or her). HUG your kids long and hard as they walk out the door.

We never know when our lottery ticket is up and we get to win our ride to heaven. But listen to me, as a mom and wife, a woman who is looking at the frailty of life, that if today were your last day, you better make it count. We don’t get to take ANYthing with us when we go. But we DO get to take memories and love with us.

So please, make today count. 😘

[04/06/19]   Belt testing scheduled for today is postponed due to a family emergency.

A HUGE, HUGE, HUMONGOUS shout out to The Sugar Shack of Alexandria for making cookies with our Alexandria Destination Imagination State winners team logos on them!!! These cookies were not only delicious, but outstanding! Please check out the Sugar Shack for YOUR unique team, family or business treat!!!!

[03/25/19]   Reminder: No District 206 school = No classes tonight. See you all tomorrow!

If “Titanic” was filmed in the Church
for the Harvest / Lakes Area Gymnastics / Schutz Taekwondo parking lot.

You all. I’ve been back there. Wear appropriate foot wear! 😉

We had the BEST time leading a Self defense class through Community Ed! We had more than 30 people in attendance! If you, your youth group, church or place of business would like us to come and teach you some basic self defense, PLEASE contact us!! We love doing this!


Master Nick hosts one of the BEST tournaments out there! It is so fun and well run! Please check him out if you are interested in competing this coming weekend!


We promise that OUR self defense methods will be much more practical and not quite as hilarious. Check us out. We have a Community Ed self defense class coming up!

I hope this brings happiness to u and ur family. 😩😂 *sound on
follow: Mouthbreather__
#nooo #selfdefense #monkeyfist #mouthbreather

[02/20/19]   ❄️❄️ALL classes cancelled for tonight, Wednesday. Stay tuned for make up days! And BE SAFE! ❄️❄️

[02/19/19]   There WILL be class tonight in order to make up for all the weather cancellations.

[02/14/19]   School is dismissed early again, so NO class tonight. 🙁 Be safe.

An evening to remember: Night to Shine returns to Alexandria...

We can’t wait for this to come around again next year!! ✨⭐️🌟 As the guests walked through the side-door of the New Life Christian Church, they were bombarded with shoulder-to-shoulder jousting and ear-piercing hollers from a crowd of nearly 400 people.Every one of them had a smile from ear to ear."Night to Shine," a prom night for people with specia...

We were all created so beautiful and uniquely different. Each of us with our own set of gifts and talents. Each of us equally important, no lesser than the other, and each of us deserving of love and attention.

What a FUN filled evening we all had at the Night to Shine 2019 event✨🌟⭐️, celebrating our individuality!!! Each guest was immediately crowned a prince or princess 👑👑 and got to walk the red carpet. The rest of the night was dancing, karaoke, pictures on the red carpet and Photo Booth, not to mention TONS of food and ALL with your volunteer “Buddy”.

We can’t thank enough all the people who made this event possible! 💕 What a class act our community is, coming together and making this happen!! 💕🌟🌟 And another HUGE thank you to the friends and friends of our gym, who volunteered THEIR time as well on this very special evening.

Looking forward to NEXT years event, we would love it if you have any gently used prom dresses, mother of the Bride dresses and men’s suits that we can donate for this event.

They are ALWAYS in need of more!! Feel free to drop them off anytime, at the gym, and we will make sure the event coordinators get them!

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