THE HIGH FLYING HALF MILE is the fastest dirt track in Minnesota located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. Racing through the summer on Saturday nights with the green flag dropping at 7pm.

Viking Speedway is a ½ mile semi-banked clay oval that that races five WISSOTA sanctioned classes; Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, and Limited Late Models on occasion every Saturday night from the end of April through Labor Day, including the Viking Fall Classic in October. More information can be found at

[07/06/19]   Reminder to all Drivers you must park on the inside pit. Thanks for your support and see you tonight

Attention drivers and fan NEXT weekend July 13th is The Bob Gierke #26 Modified and Midwest Modified Memorial Race!!! Details on pay will be posted ASAP. We will also be featuring the Wissota late models for this great event running for $1,226 to win $260 to start. Hope to see everyone here to support a great event for a great man!!

[07/03/19]   We need all the help we can get from 4-6pm on Saturday!!! Drivers, Crews, Fans we will be picking rock on the track to help better the experience for drivers and fans please bring buckets and screw drivers or any other tools you see fit to help! Please, Please, Please help!!! Let's make our racing surface great again!!!

[07/02/19]   2019 Viking Speedway
Demo at the Fair
2019 Viking Speedway Demolition Derby Rules

General Rules
The following items are not allowed on or in the cars: glass, windows, lights, no mirrors, loose objects, trailer hitches, door handles, vehicle ornaments. No profanity on the vehicles. All chrome side moldings, rocker panel moldings, balancing weights and hubcaps must be removed. All items must be removed PRIOR to entering the derby pit area.

Any vehicles with rims or tires in trunk, radiators inside of car, sand or cement in frames or any additional metal will be disqualified. You may use screening over your windshield.

All vehicles require a sign permanently affixed to the roof of the vehicle. The sign must be at least 12” x 12” in size and have the vehicle’s number clearly marked on both sides.

Driver’s must compete. No sandbagging. You must make a hit every two minutes. Hits must be aggressive. If officials feel you are not honestly competing, you will be disqualified.

Ramming of driver’s door will be grounds for immediate disqualification. If door is not florescent or contrasting in color, it becomes hard for the officials to catch.

No alcoholic beverages or drugs are permitted in the derby pit area. All vehicles in the derby or pit area are subject to search at any time.

All vehicles may be re-inspected at any time.

All electric fuel pumps must have shut off switch.

Drivers must wear eye protection and helmet and wear your seatbelt.

Drivers may not wear shorts.

Cars must have working breaks.

All vehicles must have 2 holes 10” cut in hood over exhaust manifolds for fire safety.

Battery must be inside car and must be covered in rubber.

Factor gas tanks must be removed. No plastic tanks. Must be covered in rubber.

(Full Size and Compacts)

All cars acceptable EXCEPT Imperials, convertibles and hearses
No more than 2 chains per door, each chain can only wrap 1 time.
Exhaust stacks are allowed
Hood and trunk allowed two chains each, one wrap and one bolt
Factory dash must be intact / no dash bars allowed
Factory transmission coolers only allowed
Factory shifter only
No ignition modification allowed
No pre-denting allowed
Must have factory bumpers – no added metal
Must leave original body mounts and bolts
Bumper brackets must remain stock for that make, model and year of car
D.O.T. street approved tires only
This will be a chain-and-go class – only modifications are as stated above
Absolutely no cutting or welding to car prior to demo derby.

Driver’s door ONLY may be welded shut
Each door is allowed one wrap per door – no welding allowed
No more than 2 chains per door, each chain can only have 1 wrap. Hood and tailgate will be allowed 4 chains each 1 wrap per chain.
Dash bar and bar behind driver’s seat will be allowed and can be connected to dash bar. Connecting bar on passenger side must be 6” from passenger door. No down bars or kickers from cage. 4” dia. max.
Transmission coolers allowed.
Rubber bushing may be removed from between the frame and the body.
Exhaust stacks are allowed
Shifting linkage may be modified
Welded position traction will be allowed.
Pre-denting will be allowed.
No added sheet metal around wheel wells – trimming is acceptable.
Engine may be chained – no welding
Minor allowances will be made for trucks previously ran in other demo derbies.
Sliding drive shafts will be allowed
Any OEM bumper allowed. Hard nosing allowed; no metal added to frame
Bumper brackets must remain stock for that make, model and year
OEM bumpers may be stuffed - 30” to top of bumper
Bolting of A arms is allowed if the bumper height restrictions remain in regulation
Pre-run trucks may have no more than 12” of plating per frame rail – no cradles swaps
Radi barrels and transmission coolers are allowed
Up to 8 bolts total may be used to secure box to frame – no more than 1” diameter
Lower engine cradle allowed
No full engine cradles
No mid plates allowed
No pully protectors allowed
No carb halos
No distributer protectors
Leaf springs allowed on 1974 and newer – NO extra clamping or welding – front springs must remain factory

All cars are acceptable except Imperials, convertibles and hearses
All doors may be welded shut – 5” on 5” off
Hood may be secured by no more than 4 – ¾” all thread. Only 2 may go to frame
Trunk may be welded 5” on 5” off or 4 – ¾” all thread. Only 2 may go to frame.
Transmission coolers allowed
Hybrid rear ends are allowed. No leaf conversions allowed
Rubber bushing may be removed from between the frame and the body
Exhaust stacks are allowed
Shifting linkage may be modified
Pre-denting will be allowed
No added sheet metal around wheel wells – trimming is acceptable
No mid plate
No pully protector
No carb halos
No distributor protectors
Lower engine cradles allowed
No full engine cradles
No gas tank protector
Minor allowances will be made for cars running in previous demo derbies at the official’s discretion
Sliding drive shafts will be allowed
Any OEM bumper allowed. Hard nosing allowed, no metal added to frame
OEM bumpers may be stuffed
Bolting or welding of A arms is allowed as long as the bumper height restrictions remain in regulation. 18” to bottom of bumper.
Pre-run cars may have no more than 12’ of plating per frame rail
No cradles swaps
Radi barrels are allowed
Transmission coolers are allowed
Cage may be 4” max. No down bars or kickers from cage.
No hump plates

Class includes mini trucks and mini vans
No V8 engines
No all-wheel drive
All trucks are acceptable including 4 x 4 trucks (one drive shaft must be removed)
No dash bar kickers
Kickers from core support allowed no farther than 12 inches back from the core support
Gas tank protectors are allowed
May cap C-channel frame from front bumper to fire wall only
Pre-run trucks may have no more than 24” of plating per frame rail
Motor may be welded in. Brackets must be behind engine pulley left to right up to four spots with no more than 4” of weld on frame.
Transmission coolers allowed
Chain hood to bumper with no more than one chain cut to length, with one strap and one bolt to hold chain together or may use 6 bolts up to 1” x 10” only to frame for securing hood.
Must have 6” hole in cab and box for gas line
Cage material no larger than 4 inch tubing
Eight extra bolts allowed in floor of box using no larger than 4” x 4” washers. No larger than 3” x 3” x ¼” angle iron can be welded inside to secure tailgate to box. Fenders and inner fenders can be bolted together using no more than 5, 3/8” x 1” bolts on each fender. Tailgate can be welded to rear bumper using a metal plate no wider than the width of the truck bed x 12” x ¼”
Front suspension can be solid. A-arms can be welded but no reinforcements. Reinforced tie rods accepted.
Bumpers can be welded (any OEM bumper) to the frame. No extension of frame. Bumper height no higher than 30” from the ground to the top of bumper. May have homemade bumpers.


All cars are acceptable except Imperials, convertibles and hearses
Homemade, stock appearing bumpers allowed
May replace stock bumper brackets with 14” x 4” 3/8” plate steel. Front A-arm forward
No reinforced suspension, no welded shocks or springs (no truck springs)
The trunk lid may be welded shut and trunk lid may be secured by no more than four one-inch bolts, only 2 to the frame. No straps may be welded to the bumper or frame
May fully weld all doors shut
Radiators must remain in stock position. Radiator barrels are allowed. they must be attached to core supports only and NOT to frame. 4 spots only, 3/8” bolts max or 4-4” welds – NO KICKERS. Radiator must be vented.
Transmission coolers are allowed, but must be covered in rubber.
Cars manufactured without a center post may be equipped with a strap no larger than 4” wide and ¼” thick welded on the roof and door
Halo bars allowed, can be welded or bolted the roof with 2 bolts and either welded to the floor tin or cage – NOT BOTH
Hood may be secured with 6 bolts 1” max – only 4 may be mounted through the frame
Transmission braces will be allowed
Hump plates are allowed
A gas tank protector is allowed. may be constructed with no more than 4” OD material
Distributor protectors will be allowed
Pre-demoed cars will be assessed by officials at the time of check-in and admission will be at their discretion
Hybrid rear-ends are allowed. may use any automotive rear axle with up to 9 leaf springs, max with 6 clamps per side. NO LEAF CONVERSIONS
Front A-arms may be bolted or chained down or welded
Sliding drive shafts will be allowed
Pre-run cars may have no more than 24” of plating per frame rail
Safety cage will be allowed, 4” max
Engine cradles will be allowed w/or without steel motor mounts
Solid front suspension bumper height = 18” max to bottom of bumper

These are the remaining classes that will use the Modified Rules
Refer to Modified rules
1976 & older GM and 1978 & older Ford and Chrysler – NO 80s and newer
1977 and newer GM’s, 1979 and newer Ford and Chrysler
No swapping suspensions on Vic’s must remain factory


Refer to modified rules
Compact modified – No V-8 engines
Maximum wheel base of 104 15/16” rear wheel drive to a maximum wheel base of 107.5” front wheel drive

Refer to chain stock rules
Compact chain – No V-8 engines
Maximum wheel base of 104 15/16” rear wheel drive to a maximum wheel base of 107.5” front wheel drive

Pits open at 3:00 p.m. and Derby starts at 6:45 p.m.
All Classes Running Friday Night

For more information on rules contact Robert Engfer at 320-760-9673

[07/02/19]   For the rest of the season we are mandating that all haulers must be in the infield we are having too many problems with no pit passes in outside pits and If someone was to get hurt without a wristband on in the pit area we would be shut down immediately. There is parking for tall haulers ONLY marked out in the pits. We are asking of those tall haulers being brought back in that no one stands on top of them because it obstructs the fans view.

This week we will also be making up the ROC race for the Modifieds. We thank you for understanding and hope to see everyone at the track!

[06/30/19]   50/50 winner. 996417

Viking Speedway Report with Justin Nieland - KIK-FM 100.7

Are you ready for another action packed Saturday night. Added bonus with some make up features. Races start at 6:30 sharp.
🏁 SEE YOU THERE 🏁 Justin Nieland stopped by the studios this morning for the Viking Speedway Report. It’ll be another great night of racing starting at 6:30pm this Saturday! Here’s the interview from this morning. That VIP Suite sounds fun! Free pop and pizza and 15 tickets to use the air conditioned suite all fo...

[06/27/19]   We will be running these make up features this weekend. Mid Mod, Super, limited lates time permitting

Beat the heat this weekend we have 2 VIP booths for rent for $300 you get complementary soda, 15 gate tickets, and AC to beat the high temps for Saturday!

We would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone last night for helping us get the show in and being patient. Without all the help of the drivers packing track not only once but twice, the crew members of every car helping them to prepare the cars to race, all of our track crew and the fans for being very patient during our rain delay we would not have been able to get the show in last night. Hats off to everyone and Thanks again for coming out to support us. See Everyone Next Week. 🏁

[06/22/19]   Folks we ARE racing tonight!!!! $1,000 to win street stock special with bmod and super make up features from a couple of weeks ago. Draw cutoff at 5:45 racing starts at 6:30!!!

Kenny Wallace (Official Page)

Very true story. Even if the forcast show's 90% chance but the radar is clear and the sun is shining the tracks are almost forced to cancel do to lack of car count and fans. If the track is racing please go out and support them .

I had to get this off my chest about Belle-Clair Speedway and the Weather Forecast.

This Weekend Florian Street Stock Special $1,000 to win for the Streeters!!! Also making up Mid Mod and Supers Roc race features. Draw cutoff is 5:45 with racing starting at 6:30.

[06/17/19]   Looking to borrow or rent a 3 point Harley rake . Does anyone one around the Alexandria area have one we could use.

With this last shot of rain we received at the racetrack and more on the way we are forced to cancel tonight’s races. We hope to see everyone next week with some nicer weather!!!

[06/15/19]   Races for tonight have been cancelled do to weather conditions. See everyone next week.

[06/15/19]   Reminder to Everyone Races start at 630pm sharp tonight. Hot laps at 615pm. See ya there.

[06/13/19]   Thanks to all the fans and drivers for your input on the start time. The pole was almost 50/50 6pm vs 7pm start time. We as a board have decided to compromise and split it down the middle so for the Remainder of the season the Green Flag will drop at 6:30 sharp. We will continue to move the show along very swiftly and try to keep it to a 3hr show or less . Please help us spread the word of the new 6:30pm start time. Thanks Viking Speedway board of directors. 🏁

This Weekend!!!! $1,000 to Win Florian Street Stock Special, plus there’s a chance to bring home an extra $150 clean sweep bonus for streets if you win your heat and feature brought to you by Jim Nieland Lazer Straightened Rearends.

Hot laps will take place at 6:15 to season the track for makeup features starting at 6:30!!! Running Order will be Limiteds, MWM, Super makeup features then onto the Streets, Limiteds, MWM, Super heats. Intermission then Limiteds, MWM, Streets, and Super features.

[06/12/19]   Effective immediately:
We will not allow negative or rude comments on our page. We ask that if you have something negative to say that you please contact a board member or PM the page.

Thank you all for your help with this. We look forward to a fun and positive rest of the race season!

[06/12/19]   Attention fans and drivers!! This weekend we WILL be dropping the A MODS we will be making up the bmod feature, limited late feature and supers feature from last week. We are hoping for a nice sunshiny day!!!
Races will start at 6:30 this weekend with draw cutoff at 5:45.
The reasons we are dropping AMODS is with other big events this weekend we don’t want them to have to choose point battle or go run for bigger pay next weekend we will run their makeup feature as well!

[06/10/19]   Please take a minute to vote. Would you be more likely to come every week if it was a 6pm or 7pm start time. We would like to get the fans and drivers feedback to see if there should be a change made from our current 7pm start time. Thanks for participating.

The Third and final winner of the free pit pass is the #44 Megan Blomgren

Second winner of the free pit pass drawing is the #28 Tony Arneson

First winner of a free pit pass is the #10 Justin Vogel

[06/09/19]   Thanks everyone for coming last night. We would like to extend out a sincere apology for the track conditions last night. With the rain moving in forcing us to cancel part way though the b mod feature we will have to make up some features the next few weeks.

The schedule will be as follows for next week.
Start time 6:30
Midwest Modified make up feature. Complete restart per wissota.
Super Stock make up feature.

Plus complete show.

Order of events will be determined later in the week.

It’s Race Day!!!! Nice and sunny day to grab some friends and enjoy some racing action in the lakes area!!! All 5 classes will be back in action tonight with a start time at 7pm.. hope to see you all here!!

This weeks races are brought to you by Hazel Hill Cabinetry and Walters Insurance Services

[06/07/19]   To clear up any confusion about start time tomorrow night we start a 7pm not 630. See everyone at 7

Attention fans!!! Beat the heat we have 1 booth available to rent for tomorrow night! For $300 you get 15 admission tickets and soda in your booth!

Races start at 7pm with draw cutoff for drivers at 6:15. This weeks races are brought to you by Walters Insurance Services and Hazel Hill Cabinetry

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