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Personal Training, Group Fitness (Body Sculpt, Boot Camp, Spinning, Stretch 45 Yoga), Silver Sneakers

IF you would be interested in attending a "5:15am-6am SPIN" class on Wednesday mornings, please simply type your name in the comment!

[12/27/19]   If you are interested in keeping up to date on the latest information for group fitness classes, and personal training, please "Like" our new page Body Dynamics Fitness & Training. Beginning January 1st, this page will no longer be active. Thank you!


Tues. - 8am - Body Sculpt
9am - Spinning
Thurs. - 6pm - Spinning
7pm - Yoga
Sat. - 9am - Spinning

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Group Fitness Class Schedule for January! Don't forget to buy your class passes!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

Holiday hours:
Tuesday, Dec. 24th - 8am-12pm
Wednesday, Dec. 25th - CLOSED
Thursday, Dec. 26th - 8am-10pm

Beginning January 1-31

*30 DAY CHALLENGE* - Specialty Class!

- Must purchase 30 Days to Healthy Living thru Carol
- Participant meeting (optional) Monday, Dec. 30 @ 7:15pm
- 2 workouts per week for 5 weeks
- Weigh-in and measure once a week
- Progress photos taken on 1/1 & last week of the program
- Private FB participation group page (tips, ?s, recipes, etc.)
- Constant Coach connection with Carol

Call Carol for details and/or questions, (859) 635-0800. Registration deadline December 20th.

NOW is the time to make a positive change towards living a healthier life, having a healthier mind and body, and reaching your goals!! New Year - New You!

Here is the Group Fitness schedule for the rest of December! Happy Holidays!!🎄🎅

[12/09/19]   By now, most of you have heard that Body Dynamics has SOLD! John and I are absolutely thrilled that the gym will stay in business, and we are thankful that we will still be part of it’s future! I will continue teaching group fitness classes (including Silver Sneakers), and we will both continue personal training at the same location, which will become T.A.C. Fitness, beginning January 1st.

There will be a NEW Body Dynamics Fitness & Training page coming soon, which will list prices, and schedules of classes, as well as any specialty classes* being offered. As always, if you are interested in personal training please contact me (Carol) directly. With the new year upon us, the time is now to make your commitment to a healthier lifestyle and meet your fitness goals! The 30 Day Challenge* specialty class will be a great start to the new year and new you!

We would like to thank all our members for their business and continued support. It has been our pleasure to service your needs over the past 5 years. We will be forever grateful for the many friendships we have developed since owning the gym. You hold a very special place in our hearts, and for that we are truly blessed.

*30 Day Challenge – Beginning January 1st. Call Carol for details.

[11/27/19]   Don't forget to get your workout in before Thanksgiving!

Body Sculpt tonight @ 6:00 p.m. & Yoga @ 7:00 p.m.

Don't forget to signup for a massage on Wednesday, December 4th by Silvie Barrie! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER!

[11/23/19]   This is great!! Just think if all trainers were this way!!😳😂

Do you accept the challenge, or are you already actively living this way?

Food for thought!

Halloween Spin & Silver Sneakers class! They're such fun and great sports!! Love our gym family!

[10/30/19]   Wed. 10/30 - Spinning 6pm
Yoga 7pm

No evening classes Thurs. 10/31

Happy Halloween🎃👻

Congratulations to members Jenna Cavanaugh and Randy Goins on participating and completing the Spartan Race in Indiana! Great pictures! I would like to give an even BIGGER CONGRATULATIONS on your ENGAGEMENT, which happened at the completion of the race!

[10/07/19]   Group Fitness classes resume at their normal day/time beginning this week! 💪😀

Congratulations and great job to Body Dynamics members, Sherri Lyn Rose and Kylie Koeninger on running their 5k this past weekend!!

[09/14/19]   Group Fitness Schedule for September:

Mon. 9/16 - Body Sculpt 6pm
Tues. 9/17 - Spin 9am, Boot Camp 6pm
Thurs. 9/19 - Spin 6pm, Yoga 7pm
Sat. 9/21 - Spin 9am

Mon. 9/23 - Body Sculpt 6pm

No Classes Sept. 24 - Oct. 5th

[09/11/19]   See you tonight at 6pm for Body Sculpt and 7pm for Yoga!

[09/09/19]   Group Fitness schedule for the week of Sept. 9th:

Monday - NO Body Sculpt
Tuesday - Spin 9am; Boot Camp 6pm
**Wednesday - Body Sculpt 6pm; Yoga 7pm**
Thursday - Spin 6pm
**Friday - Spin 6pm**
Saturday - NO Spin

[08/31/19]   Labor Day Hours:

Body Sculpt 8:15am
Spinning 9:15am

No evening classes!

[08/27/19]   REMINDER:
SPINNING tonight, Tues. 8/27 6pm-7pm

No classes the rest of the week!

[08/26/19]   Reminder:
NO Body Sculpt 8/26

Spinning instead of Boot Camp 8/27 6-7pm

NO classes 8/29 or 8/31

[08/20/19]   REMINDER:
No Boot Camp Tues., 8/20
No Yoga Thurs., 8/22

Frankly you should plank!💪

[08/05/19]   No evening classes Thursday, August 8th!

[07/25/19]   Here is a hot topic of gym conversations lately...intermittent fasting. What do you believe?

Proponents of intermittent fasting say it can help regulate hormones and aid with fast, sustained weight loss. But will it work for you? Here, we explore the idea behind intermittent fasting and whether it’s an effective weight loss strategy.

Intermittent fasting is more about when you eat rather than what you eat. A typical plan puts you on a scheduled fasting phase followed by a non-fasting phase. The former is where you may skip meals or eat significantly fewer calories to generate the energy deficit needed for weight loss. This allows more food flexibility and higher calorie goals in the latter phase.

A typical, calorie-restriction weight loss plan encourages a small daily restriction of 250–1,000 calories depending on how much weight you have to lose and how fast you want to lose it. While this may seem like a lot, it’s small compared to the thousands of calories slashed during the fasting phase of an intermittent fasting plan.

Intermittent fasting can be effective for weight loss although it’s not necessarily better than other methods, according to a 2015 review of 12 clinical trials. More recently, a 2017 randomized controlled trial of 100 healthy but obese adults found that after one year, weight loss was comparable between intermittent fasting and daily calorie restriction.

Choosing intermittent fasting over more traditional calorie restriction comes down to individual preference and biology. We are culturally conditioned to eat three square meals with snacks in between, but that doesn’t mean everyone thrives on this schedule. One person may claim skipping a meal gives them more energy while another goes hangry if they miss just one snack. Some people do better on daily calorie restriction because they like an incremental change and regular meals. Others may find daily restriction wears away their willpower, and they prefer intermittent fasting so they can front load their calorie restriction to just a few days.

Intermittent fasting can be a safe choice for weight loss, but it all depends on how you approach it and how your body responds. Fasting is not for everyone and you shouldn’t try intermittent fasting if you are pregnant, diabetic or healing from a traumatic event such as surgery. Critics of intermittent fasting also point out that all this emphasis on restriction can backfire and encourage bingeing and other disordered eating behaviors. Our physical and mental health histories are all different, so if you have trouble deciding whether intermittent fasting is for you, consult a healthcare professional. Generally speaking, though, there’s little evidence to say intermittent fasting isn’t safe for healthy adults who have a bit of weight to lose.

The human body is designed to deal with fasting. It did not evolve to have food every hour of the day. Fasting triggers hormonal changes that are beneficial for your body. When you fast, insulin levels drop, allowing your cells to release stored fat and use it more effectively. Fasting also stimulates a housekeeping process called “autophagy.” With no food around to process, your cells can use that spare time to remove damaged or misfolded proteins. It doesn’t matter if you choose intermittent fasting or daily calorie restriction, fasting for a few hours enables your body to fulfill this important task.

It’s important to note that fasting is not the same as starvation. Going for days without eating or eating a very low-calorie diet indefinitely is not safe.

For those new to MyFitnessPal, daily calorie restriction may be easier since it’s the default setting and it’s no less effective than intermittent fasting. For those interested in giving intermittent fasting a try, here are three popular plans:

Also known as “eat stop eat,” this plan involves fasting on 3–4 non-consecutive days per week. A 24-hour fasting phase is followed by a non-fasting day where you can eat as much as you’d like.

A 5:2 fasting plan means fasting on two non-consecutive days per week where you eat between 20–25% of your daily calorie needs. On non-fasting days you can eat normally.

With the Lean Gains and the Warrior Diet, you fast anywhere from 8–20 hours per day. You can eat freely during your non-fasting hours. Scheduling fasting hours overnight can make this plan easier.

There’s no one-size-fits-all diet for weight loss. Intermittent fasting can be helpful, but first consider whether it fits into the lifestyle you want to lead. If you try fasting and it’s not for you, cutting calories the old-fashioned way can still help you lose weight. Listen to your body, and pick the plan that works for you. Regardless, don’t forget calorie quality matters, too. As you’re losing pounds, nourish your body with nutrient-dense foods including fruits, veggies, grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.

[07/18/19]   Reminder:
No evening classes 7/18

Member spotlight: Aubree Forrer

About five years ago I found myself overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. That is when I discovered Body Dynamics and eating for health not for feelings. I used to think it was all about finding that goal number on the scale. I would reach that number and still be unsatisfied. So I ditched the scale and asked how did I feel? I felt great! Clothes fit better, stronger for my job, more energy and a better relationship with food. I noticed over the winter certain clothing became a little tighter so instead of going into a downward spiral I decided to take some pictures, take some measurements and change up my workout routine. No crash diets, no special "diet" pills, no self judgement. Just hardwork and great support from Carol and other gym members. As the seniors like to say at Body Dynamics, "Just keep going, don't ever stop." So that is what I will do!

Finish line!

I would like to congratulate Maria and Kia Bakunawa, and Sherri Rose for completing their first 5k!! Maria, I have been blessed to know you, become your trainer, and best of all become your friend. Your journey is so inspiring. Reflecting over the past couple of years, you have come such a long way! You went from barely being able to shuffle across the group fitness room, to running 3.1 miles!! Maria, you are such a kind, fun-loving person that everyone at the gym, who knows you, fell in love with! Your energy and optimism radiates through your eyes and smile. From the bottom of my heart I would like to say I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! 🥇👍❤🥰

[07/03/19]   Body Dynamic will be closed Thursday, July 4th. We will resume normal business hours Friday, July 5th. Be safe, and Happy 4th of July!!


To address the rumor that Body Dynamics is closing…

NOT TRUE! Body Dynamics IS NOT planning to close! Many of you have seen or shared a lease advertisement for space available at Body Dynamics’ location. Yes, this is true; we are looking to condense the size of the fitness facility to make expenses more feasible due to the decline in membership since the beginning of the year. However, the core of our loyal members have stayed. Our hope is to continue to gain new members, as well as returning past members.

Body Dynamics has been around for nearly 30 years, and it is our goal to keep it around for many more years to come! With that being said, we need YOU (and your friends/family) in order to make that happen! Word of mouth, ratings, and reviews on social media are extremely helpful when it comes to getting people to walk through the doors of a small LOCAL business. We offer FREE group fitness classes such as Body Sculpt, Boot Camp, Spinning, and Stretch 45 (Yoga). We also offer a wonderful Silver Sneakers program 5 days a week! Please visit our website at or ‘Like Us’ on our page at for more information.

Please see John or myself if you have any questions or concerns. This is your gym, and we have an open door policy to keep you informed, so please do not hesitate to approach either or both of us. We want to assure our current and prospective members that we are keeping our doors open, so keep walking through them!!

Thank you so much for your continued business and support!

John & Carol Sprinkle health fitness Alexandria kentucky body dynamics fit

CORRECTION: Cheer Clinic @ Body Dynamics will be held SUNDAY, JULY 21st instead of Sunday, July 7th due to the holiday weekend! See attached for more information. Preregistration encouraged...walk-ins welcome!

Please share!

[06/24/19]   5 Strategies for Hitting the Mental Reset Button:

1. Forget the bad, remember the good!

Sometimes it seems like the weight of all my sins is almost too much to bear: Most recently, it was the month of drinking (hey, it was my birthday!), followed by late-night snacking (ditto!) and morning hair of the dog (with the snacking, not the drinking).

Just thinking about it makes me want to climb into bed and order in food for the rest of my life. But I have to let go of my (overindulgent) past and start anew.

The bottom line: Get your mental eraser out and forget about all the drinks you drank and all the foods you forked into your mouth.

It happened, you can’t change it, so leave it in the past.

But do remember all the times you crushed it — when you were eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising, and feeling good about all of it.

If I take a few minutes to meditate, I can almost imagine myself back on my old schedule of healthy eating and working out.

Once you have that picture of the healthy you in mind, take steps to make it a reality (again), like focusing on hydration and fiber, or doing a 3-Day Refresh to give your body a kickstart.

2. Just put on your shoes!

When I first started training for a marathon, one of my trainers told me an important trick: Just focus on the first step.

So when I woke up groggy at 6:30 a.m. I would think, “Just put your on your shoes, you don’t have to go anywhere.”

And I did: I’d plunk my feet on the floor and lace up my shoes. With my shoes on, it was ridiculous to wear pajamas, so I’d get dressed and ready.

“Just go outside,” I’d then tell myself. “You don’t have to go running, just stand on your porch.” Of course, I would be dressed and standing on my porch. “Might as well start running, I’d think.

(You wouldn’t think this mind trick would work day after day, but it hasn’t failed me yet!)

The bottom line: There are situations where it may be more helpful NOT to look at the “bigger picture.”

Rather, focus on the small changes and tasks that you can do right now, and slowly but surely, you’ll be moving in the right direction.

Instead of trying to roar back into beast mode with your workouts, ease into it with some low-impact programs or fun dance workouts.

3. Believe that healthy will become a habit!

Some people form a habit in 21 days. For others, it may take longer. Research suggests it can take people anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a habit.

The researchers found that “people are reassured to learn that doing the behavior gets progressively easier; so they only have to maintain their motivation until the habit forms.”

The study also found that working hard for two to three months on instilling a new behavior is attractive if those doing it know it has a chance of becoming second nature.

The bottom line: Be patient and keep trying. You may actually be at an advantage since you’re not starting from scratch.

You already know that you can do it because you’ve done it before; you just need to course correct and get back to where you were.

4. Remove the obstacles!

Shawn Anchor, happiness guru and author of The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work, says that by taking his guitar out of his closet and putting it on a stand in plain sight, he was able to make practice a daily habit (even though taking the guitar out of the closet only took an extra 20 seconds.)

That’s why when I was running, I left my sneakers near my bed. In the summer, when I swim in the morning, I pack my goggles, swim cap, and towel the night before.

The proof is in the pudding: In an experiment, Google put the M&Ms in their kitchens in opaque containers in harder-to-reach areas and put the healthier options out in front.

They found that over a seven-week period, staffers in the 2,000-person New York office consumed 3.1 million fewer calories from M&Ms.

The bottom line: Don’t give yourself reasons not to eat healthy or work out. Set yourself up for success by clearing the way — literally and figuratively — of any roadblocks.

5. Go easy on yourself!

It’s so easy to get into an all-or-nothing mindset, which is how I fell off the health wagon in the first place.

Taking a few steps back (or sideways) is practically unavoidable, no matter what your goals are.

The bottom line: Be kind to yourself and get your motivation mojo back; it could be reminding yourself why you want to get fit or using SMART goals to reframe what you want to achieve.

The addition of all positive actions and habits will soon outweigh the less-than-healthy ones and you’ll be back on the wagon in no time. :)

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