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Dave Williamson's Musky Stalker Guide Service, LLC. Central Minnesota's premier muskie fishing guide service. Providing action filled outings on Lake Miltona, West Battle , Big Detroit , Pelican, and Lobster lakes.

Mission: To provide fun filled action packed fishing trips. I would like to be thought of as a teacher on the water. I show my clients the proper use of wide variety of lures and the right tactics to be using under different conditions.

Hey Guys...The 2019 Muskie Season is right around the corner starting June 1st 2019.. I still have about 10 openings in June and July, which can be some of best months of the year to get out to catch some huge muskies. Have proven tactics that are very unique and have put my clients on some giants that time of year. Full day trips are $425 for two clients and 1/2 days are $275 you can call or text me for open dates at 320.491.2898 or e-mail me at [email protected] for more information about Musky Stalker Guide Service, LLc you can go to my website at

Hey Guys.... My Early Bird Sign up is coming up pretty quick!!! If you book your 2019 trip by April 15th of 2019 you can get a full day trip for two clients for $350 ( normally $425) after the 15th. Been guiding clients for 12 years now and been able to put my clients on 1000s of muskies, average between 150 to 300 boated each season. Guiding some of the best lakes in MN right now, Lakes Miltona, West Battle, Detroit Lakes, and Pelican Lake. Not only do they have numbers of fish but fish with some great size as well. I provide everything you are going to need to make your trip a success, boat, tackle, lures, bait, and years of proven success. If you would like to get your 2019 season set up you can reach me Dave Williamson by call or text at 320.491.2898 or e-mail me at [email protected] . IF you would like more information about Musky Stalker Guide Service, LLC you can go to my website at

John Gillespie

It was our 2nd Annual Recon Boat Musky Fishing Trip this week with John Johnson, Pete Maina, and Dan Peterson from Amsoil on West Battle Lake in Minnesota. A huge thank you to our guides, Dave Williamson and Dustin Carlson. Make sure to tune in this weekend!
Pete Maina, Professional Angler and Muskie Expert
AMSOIL INC. Blackfish Gear Recon Boats John Johnson

If you want a shot a Pig like one of these from now until Ice up is Monster time on the lakes I guide in Western, MN, Miltona West Battle, Pelican, and Detroit Lakes. Trips are one of the best time of year for even the most novice of angler's the opportunity to catch a giant muskies. We are using easy tactics like Live Bait, casting, and trolling. I normally bartend on Friday's for years now but it has become too much to juggle with the late hours, and losing out on trips with good clients because weekdays do not work for them. So I have opened up Friday's for guiding in October and November. My open dates in Oct are now 5th,9th,12th,19th,26th, and 31. November 2nd,9th,13th,14th,16th,18th, and 21st. I am looking to add dates so will not switch existing booked dates. Offering from Dawn to Dark full day trophy trips for $425 for up to two clients. You can call or text me at 320.491.2898 or e-mail me at [email protected]

September is best casting bite of the season on the lakes I guide in Western Mn, Lakes Miltona, West Battle, Pelican, and Detroit Lakes. Catching big fish on fast moving baits and tons of boatside hits.On my last 4 trips out the last week we have gone 8 for 13 and moving around 10 other fish a day. I still have September 10th,11th,17th, also had some Sept Full Moon dates open up for 23rd thru 26, We were going to film TV show that week but moved it to the week after. Only have a few dates opening for Sucker Fishing and casting trips on October ,7th,9th, and 15th 1/2 day trips for two clients $275, full days $425. You can call or text me, please text me at least don't hear my phone all the time when guiding. at 320.491.2898 or [email protected] if you would like more information check out website at

Hey Guys, Only have a few openings for Leech Lake in month August, Have August 6th,7th,8th,14th, and week of full moon 26th-29th. This is my favorite bite of the year, catching big fish on fast moving small bucktails and topwaters. Being able to cast all day is a must and having good boat balance too, usually fish in wind. But a good day out there is hooking up with 4 or 5 fish and seeing 15 to 20. 1/2 day for two Clients $275 and full day is $425 you can reach me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected]

My favorite bite of the year is coming up in the Month of August on Leech Lake. Fun because we are catching huge muskies up shallow on fast moving baits like small bucktails and topwaters, last year our best day we caught 7 and moved another 10, being able to cast all day long is a must and having good boat balance too, $275 for 1/2 day for two clients or $425 for full day. You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected] check out updated website at

Minnesota Muskie Alliance

Ok here’s the latest. The legislators will not remove the Muskie language. It sounds like they lost a bunch of other things.
So believe it or not it’s still a problem if Dayton decides that something like that doesn’t give him enough heartburn to force it.
We need to call the Governor again. We understand the burn out from doing this over and over. And without your attention to this it would t even be on the radar.
We need to make them so sick of hearing the word Muskie they will refuse to even entertain it.
Tell anyone who fishes MN to call, anyone who loves Public water to call. Anyone who wants to see their license dollars used responsibly; to call.

Point #1 - No moratorium on Muskie stocking.

Point #2 - No $100,000.00 survey on stocking with a Jerry rigged anti-muskie stakeholder group.

Please call the Governor ASAP! 651-201-3400

Thank you and may the fish treat you well for your efforts.

Alexandria-Vikingland Muskies Inc

Our Sportsman's Banquet is coming up this Saturday at the Forada Supper Club. Doors open at 4:30! Tickets are available at the door. We have many great prizes up for grabs again this year. We hope to see you there!

Camino Al Mar Mazatlán

If you want a shot a catching a huge late fall muskie I only have a couple dates open Oct 15th,16th,18th, and 25th and November 1st, and 15th. Best time of year to get out for big ones use tactics that are easy and anyone can do to have success. Give me a call or text at 320.491.2898 or [email protected]

Big Late Fall Fatty time is here. If you want to shot at a truly big muskie October and November are the best months to get out in Minnesota, I use Live Bait, Casting, and Trolling tactics that anyone can use to catch a big fish. I still have Oct 9th,16th,18th,22nd,25th and Nov 22nd and 26th open too if there is still open water at that time.It is $400 total for full day trip for two clients includes live bait. You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected]

October is coming up quick and it is one of best times of years for catching monster muskies. I mix it up in the boat with some live bait rigs, casting, and fall trolling tactics, making it possible for anyone to catch a big muskie great time of year for Kids, the wife, and older clients that find it hard to cast all day at times. I still have October 9th,16th,18th,22nd,23rd,25th,29th, and 30th open for full trips, $400 total for two clients includes sucker minnows which cost me $8 a piece. Give me a call at 320.491.2898 or [email protected]

Come out and catch some September hogs like these one of my best casting bites of the season is in September on Western Minnesota lakes like Miltona,West Battle, and Pelican Lake still have September 3rd,4th,13th,18th,and 20th open for full day trips $375 for two clients or have September 13th,16th,20th,23rd,and 30th open for 1/2 morning trips $275 for two clients you can call or text me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected]

Some beauties from Leech Lake this last week still have the 28th open for a Leech Lake trip my last open Leech Lake date for the season. Give me a call or text if you want it, or email me at [email protected]

Client Josh with a horse of a fish we caught on Leech Lake today still have August 20th,21st,22nd,28th,29th, open for Leech Lake trips, really exciting bite big fish like this coming in on fast moving baits, 100% casting bite.You can call or text me at 320.491.2898 or email me at [email protected]

One of most explosive bites of the year is coming up in my boat. Every August for 7 years have been going up to Leech Lake for my favorite bite of the season, catching huge muskies in skinny water using fast moving baits like small bucktails, swim baits, and topwaters. I have a few open dates left for these trips, be able to cast all day is a must. I have August 14th,15th,20th,21st,22nd,27th-30th open. Would be $400 For two clients so $200 a piece. You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected]

Hey Guys it is that time of year to get serious about getting your dates booked for the 2017 season. I already have about 30 days filled of the 120 I guide each season and with the MN Muskie Expo coming up this next weekend at Concordia College in St Paul, MN you can bet I will fill another 30 plus days there too. I am offering an early sign up for $350 for full day trip for two clients until April 15th of 2017, full days after that will be $425. You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or at [email protected] or just stop by the Musky Stalker Guide Service booth at the show.

Hey Guys.......Starting to get my June and July dates filled up for this next coming season in 2017. I have had one of best bites going in MN for many season now that time of year. Just last season we already had 94 fish boated and lost at least another 50 by the end of July. It is a very unique bite and something that is not being done much in MN yet. I am running a Special if you you book your date before April 15th of 2016 you can get a full day trip for $350 normally $425. You can call or text me at 320.491.2898 or e-mail me at [email protected] to book your date.

Hey Guys.... Starting to book trips for the 2017 season, had a blast in 2016, my clients caught over 200 muskies and 23 of them exceeded 50 inches or longer. My full day prices for 2 clients is going up to $425, but if you book your 2017 trip before April 15th of 2017 you can purchase a full day trip for $350. You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected] to book your trip today...

Hey Guys, Now that the water temps have finally dropped the big girls are starting to bite, have caught 5 over 50 inches in last 5 trips out and caught 13 in the last two trips out, but still have the 26th,28th,and 29th of November for fall trophy trip in Western, MN just couple hours away from the cities. I am offering entire day trips for $350 for two clients, you can call or text me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected] believe me well worth being out in the cold.

Hey Guys......Water temps are finally dropping a lakes turning over bringing in the big girls for the tulibee spawn... I just had Nov 15th open up ( full moon) and also have Nov 22nd 23rd,28th,29th,30th open believe me worth getting out in the cold for a shot at the biggest fish of the season. $350 for 2 clients for entire day trips in Western, MN Miltona, Battle Lake, or Pelican Lake, You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected]

September casting season is here and with the water temps cooling down and the boat traffic going away on many lakes the fish are moving in to area's where we can catch them casting fast moving baits, for me it is the most exciting time of year to fish, fast moving fish many of them caught on explosive boat side hits.Kind of what muskie fishing is all about. Casting is a must for these trips. Offering full day trips for $325 for full day trips ( normally $400) for Miltona/West Battle Lake or $350 for Detroit Lakes, Sallie, or Pelican Lakes. Still have Sept 6th,9th,18th,20th-24th,29th, open you can call or text me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected] to book one of these dates.

Musky Stalker Guide Service, LLC has some openings for Oct and Nov sucker/casting trips. Sucker fishing has become more popular in Minnesota in the last few years and that is understandable because it is a great way for angler's that would normally not be able to catch a huge muskie casting, allowing them to catch a monster fish on a sucker minnow. Now it isn't just that easy, it does take some skill in boat maneuvering and right equipment to make it all possible, and that is something you could learn from me on our trip. I have Oct 19th-31st open and Nov 1st and 11th open. These trips would be entire day trophy trips, we would fish from crack of dawn until dusk, only take a break for lunch. They are $350 for two clients ( normally $400) We would be fishing on some of best muskie waters in MN in Western, MN. You can call or text me at 320.491.2898 or e-mail me at [email protected] if you would like more information about my guide service you can go to

Just had some cancellations thought I had the 13th-16th booked but it fell through...If any of you guys are good casters and want to get out for night bite from 6pm til midnight or 1am I guarantee you some nice fish will be caught. offering those trips for the super low rate of $225 because it is so close and do not want to miss that bite. You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or text or can e-mail me at [email protected]

Hey Guys........August is here and time to catch some giant muskies, the water temps are at there peak levels forcing the fish to feed more often. I have some amazing dates open for Full day trips that would give us a chance to catch some very large fish. The trip would be a split day trip we would fish the morning take a break in the afternoon, and then hit the water again in the evening and fish a few hours after dark. I have August 12th-15th,19th-22nd,and 27th-30th offering full days on Miltona or West Battle for $325 ( normally $400) or $225 for 1/2 day. Add $25 to those prices for Detroit Lakes,Sallie, or Pelican Lake. You can call or text me at 320.491.2898 or e-mail me at [email protected]

Hey Guys....Dave Williamson here with Musky Stalker Guide Service, LLC... Posting today because I have some openings for some full moon trips Aug 11th-15th, Aug 19th-22nd. The would be a split day trip we would go out in morning fish for few hours take a break in the afternoon and then come back out and fish the evening into the night. Awesome time of year to get out if you are looking to catch a monster muskie...These are 100% casting trips so being able to cast and use a bait casting reel is a must. You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or text, or you can e-mail me at 320.491.2898..

Hey Guys, Dave Williamson here owner of Musky Stalker Guide Service, LLC.. 2016 has been off to really good start in my boat I have guided 42 days between June and July and there has been 94 muskies boated on those trips with 9 of those fish exceeding the magical 50 inch mark. I have a ton of openings in August and September for some reason, and that is surprising because those are two of the best month's to fish muskies in MN. My August open dates are 2nd,5th-9th,11th-16th,19th-23rd,27th-30th, Sept open dates are 1st-4th,10th,11th,19th-21st,23rd-30th, I am offering full days on Miltona and West Battle for $325 or $225 for 1/2 day that is $75 off my normal rates. Or $350 for full day on Pelican, Sallie, or Detroit Lakes, or $250 for 1/2 day. You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or text me, you can also reach me by e-mail at [email protected]. If you need more information about my guide service you should check out my website at

Hey Guys, Dave Williamson here owner of Musky Stalker Guide Service, LLC. I have been guiding my clients to monster muskies in West Central MN for 10 years now and 2016 is off to an amazing start since June 4 my clients have caught 82 muskies on ours trips with 23 of those fish 47 inches to up 53 inches in length. Have some August openings from 1st-9th,11th-13th,14th-16th,19th-23rd,27th-30th, August will be a really good month to catch huge fish offering open dates for $325 for full day or $225 for 1/2 days for Lake Miltona or West Battle Lake or add $25 to these prices for Detroit Lakes or Pelican Lake. or $400 for full day on Leech Lake. You can reach me at 320.491.2898 or [email protected] if you need more info about my guide service go to

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