Inspiration 100

The Inspiration 100 is a self-supported gravel race starting and finishing in Garfield MN. The route takes you through the Leaf Mountain area around Inspiration Peak, in Otter Tail County, MN.

Click here to support Doom Family Fire Fund organized by John J Egbers

Hello! All around good guy and friend of the race Ben Doom recently suffered a setback. On Friday he returned home to find his house on fire. Fortunately, no one was home, but it did significant damage to the home and their possessions (before you ask, the bikes are okay).

If you can spare a few dollars, please donate to get the Doom family back on their feet in the short term. Let's support one of our own in the cycling community. Thanks! The Dooms have suffered a small house fire that has claimed the lives of their 2 cats and rendered 98% of their belongings lost to soot and smoke damage. It's so soon in this process that they are still discovering what they have lost in clothing, books, toys and the sundry everyday items that we...

2016 Inspiration 100 - Results and Pictures

2016 Inspiration Results and Photo Albums. Thanks to everyone who made it happen! We had a perfect day for the last Inspiration 100. Here are your big deal finishers. Men's Podium: Ted Loosen, Nick Vetter, Charlie Sch...

Eye Associates of Alexandria went all in this year and hooked us up with Oakley trail sunglasses for the first place finishers (male/female). The boxes are sealed so you just get this picture.

Eye Associates of Alexandria has donated the prizes for all 5 years of the Inspiration 100. Go see them for all of your vision needs. They rock! Thank you!

The #inspiration100 forecast, submitted without comment.

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2016 Inspiration 100: Everything You Need for Saturday

Waivers, cues, rules, schedule...All you need to know is at the link below.


Anybody have room/looking for a ride on race day?

Anyone want to carpool from the cities on race day?

I rode the middle 30 miles of the Inspiration 100 course with Noonan Sport Specialists own Mike H. on Saturday. Mike is looking to notch his first gravel century this coming weekend. He has been training all summer, and can still manage a smile after climbing one of the longer hills in the Inspiration Peak area. Both he and the course are ready for Sept. 10. Wish him luck if you see him before the race!

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2016 Inspiration 100 - Weekend Schedule

Here is the schedule and a brief overview of the course for next weekend's FINAL Inspiration 100. You are excited. The roster has also been updated, so make sure you are on it if.

Please note the cue sheets and waiver will be posted on Tuesday, September 6th. You will need both to ride on Saturday.

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great holiday weekend!

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2016 Inspiration 100 Roster

The roster for the 2016 Inspiration 100 is on the blog. Make sure your name is on it! I will have registration and route information next week. Get out and ride this weekend!

Race director Scott did some Inspiration 100 course recon this morning. It is all looking good and will be even better on Sept 10.

Since July 31 is a Sunday, registration is extended to August 1st. If you are on the fence, get that card in the mail no later than Monday. Thanks!


Quick note: If you have submitted a postcard for the 2016 Inspiration 100, you are in! Please plan on riding September 10. I will send email confirmations next week.

If you haven't submitted a card, there is still time! Drop it in the mail by July 31 and you are in. Details at the link.

Only a few days left to register for the Inspiration 100! Registration is a bit down this year, so there is plenty of room on the roster. Get your card in the mail no later than July 31 and you are in for the final running of the Inspiration 100 gravel race! Registration details at the link.

I had the pleasure of getting pulled around some local gravel roads today by Scott and Noonan Sport Specialists Mike. Mike is training for the Inspiration 100, which will be his first gravel century. Register now if you want to witness Mike destroy the course on September 10! Details at the link.

The last #inspiration100 is Sept 10! Register by July 31 so you don't miss it! Details here

Happy 4th of July! The first cards are coming in for the Inspiration 100. Tomorrow while you are at work attempting to look busy, make sure you remember to get your registration card in the mail. You don't want to miss the last Inspiration 100. Details on the blog.

Join us for the last Inspiration 100 on Sept 10. Registration details here


Registration for the LAST Inspiration 100 opens tomorrow (July 1, 2016) and runs through the last day of July. This is your final chance to participate in this (not-so) storied event. Tell your friends and neighbors, let's go out big!

Registration details are on the the blog. Do it!

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2015 Inspiration 100 - Results

Happy Groundhog Day! Here are your Inspiration 100 results, only a few (4) months late.

What? Our internet was out. #notreally

[09/11/15]   Hey guys! Please support our Inspiration 100 sponsors in any way possible.

Jake's Bikes for providing the early registration space. Jake will knock off 10% on anything in the store for riders who are registering tonight, so bring your bike wish list. Thanks, Jake!

Eye Associates of Alexandria for donating the sunglasses that will go to our first place riders tomorrow. They have done this every year of the race, and every year when we pick the sunglasses up, we are tempted to keep them. This year is no exception.

Zorbaz in Alexandria for donating the ice that keeps everything cold on Saturday. If you know how many coolers we have at the finish, you know this is a considerable donation. Please stop in for a beer or pizza at Zorbaz when you are in town.

Blue Ox Timber Frames, Ltd. for donating those big chunks of wood for our prizes. I have no idea where we would get those, otherwise. Maybe you should think about building a timber frame home while in town?

Thank you, sponsors!

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2015 Inspiration 100 - It is Go Time!

Everything you need for this weekend's Inspiration 100 (including the cues and waiver).

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2015 Inspiration Roster

The final roster is posted. Thanks to everyone who signed up! Keep an eye on FB and the blog for a course overview, the race weekend schedule, and the cue sheets plus waiver.

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2015 Inspiration Roster

The 2015 Inspiration Roster is posted on the blog. Make sure you are on it!

If you are still interested in joining the race, please contact me (my email is linked in the blog post). Thanks!

Hey everybody! I am a bit late on getting the roster put together. If you sent a postcard, you are in, so please plan on riding. I will put up the roster and start sending emails by the end of the week.

Numbers are a bit down this year, so if you know someone who may be interested in riding, please have them contact me.

It is going to be a great day on the bike! We look forward to seeing all of you on September 12.

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: Inspiration 100 - 2015 Registration and an Important Announcement

Quit procrastinating and get your #Inspiration100 cards in the mail! One week left! Entries must be postmarked by 7/31. Dangit! That gives me only 2 years to try and earn a woodblocked chainring! But on the Plus side, it does give me an excuse to use the word 'Penultimate' regarding this year's edition.

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: Inspiration 100 - 2015 Registration and an Important Announcement

If you want to have fun like @RevoSchad send your postcard for the 2015 #Inspiration100 soon! Dangit! That gives me only 2 years to try and earn a woodblocked chainring! But on the Plus side, it does give me an excuse to use the word 'Penultimate' regarding this year's edition.

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: Inspiration 100 - 2015 Registration and an Important Announcement

Registration for the second to last running of the Inspiration 100 opens today! Do it! Dangit! That gives me only 2 years to try and earn a woodblocked chainring! But on the Plus side, it does give me an excuse to use the word 'Penultimate' regarding this year's edition.

The Death of the Oregon Outback

Please read this and continue to leave no trace on the Inspiration 100. We want two more good events, so let's keep the course clean. Thanks! The Death of the Oregon Outback -photo and words by Donnie I guess I’m one of those naïve Midwestern boys who still thinks people are generally good and do the right thing. I’m almost 40 and I stil...

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: Inspiration 100 - 2015 Registration and an Important Announcement

Registration details for the 2015 Inspiration 100 are up, along with a very Important Announcement.

[05/05/15]   May the Fourth edition of the Inspiration 100 be in your future: 09.12.2015. Registration opens on July 1. #dontgetcockykid

Riotgrrravel 2015 Registration

This is a great event for those who are gravel curious. My wife did it last year and had a great time.

Dirty Benjamin: 2015 Registration

2014 Gravel Champs!

Go on a gravel binge to end the year! The following is from the Minnesota State Gravel Championships page:

The second annual Minnesota State Gravel Championships will happen on Saturday, October 18, and Sunday, October 19, 2014.

Registration for this year’s event opens on Saturday, August 2. As always (okay, as last year), registration is FREE. Just send a postcard:
MN State Gravel Championships
321 Division St
Northfield, MN 55057

The second annual Champs will be a lot like last year, but different: three races spread over two days (probably two events on Saturday, one on Sunday), events headquartered at local sites, good locally brewed beer, and of course a lot of gravel. A LOT of gravel. The second annual Minnesota State Gravel Championships will happen on Saturday, October 18, and Sunday, October 19, 2014. Registration for this year's event opens on Saturday, August 2. As always (...

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2014 Inspiration 100 - Results

The results for the 2014 Inspiration 100 are on the blog. Check them out!

Dirt Bag

There is still more gravel to grind! The Dirt Bag is happening next month in the St. Cloud area. Do it!

Okay folks...
Registration is now open for the Dirt Bag.

Send your postcard to:

Dirt Bag 2014
c/o JJ Egbers
800 12th Ave S.
St Cloud, MN 56301

Please include: your name (real or imagined);
Gender (real please);
What you are riding (multi gear, single gear, tandem, fattie)

Plan on the same 85'ish mile course as last year.

We may have the kitchen open and a pot of chili and Bouja on simmer. Anyone want to bring something to share?

Enjoy the great cycling weather,

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2014 Inspiration 100: Last Minute Route Recon

Last minute route report. TL;DR version: Stay to the right, be careful, enjoy the view, bring cash, and expect motorcycles. A lot of motorcycles.

See you Saturday!

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2014 Inspiration 100 - Cues and Waiver

The cues and waiver for the 2014 Inspiration 100 are live! Download and print both at the link below so you can ride on Saturday.

Inspiration 100 Ride for DLA - My Donate Life America

This is a great cause with a great personal story. My friend Jim Scott is doing his first gravel century at the Inspiration 100. Jim is also using the race to raise money for Donate Life America, a charity with the mission of increasing organ donation. Why is Jim doing this? His wife, Julie, recently donated one of her kidneys to a friend, because he needed it and she had one. Read the story below and donate if you are feeling generous. If you donate by Wednesday, Jim will wear a patch of your choosing on the Inspiration 100.

Bonus: Julie will be at the Inspiration 100 if you want to meet a true badass.

Jim's words:

"For those who don't know, Julie donated kidney to a friend back in July. We're fortunate that Julie's employer provides great support for organ donation so that -- other than the actual healing process from the holes in her abdomen -- the donation process has been painless for us. (And, especially, me.)

I will be attempting to complete the Inspiration 100 in September, which is a 100 mile gravel bike ride near Alexandria. I'd like to use this ride as an opportunity to raise some money to support other potential donors.

If you're feeling generous, please follow the link below and make a donation to Donate Life America, which supports organ donation. Any donation of $10 or more makes you an official sponsor of my ride. As a sponsor, you can send me any logo, motto or design which I will convert to a patch and affix to my sweet cycling jersey NASCAR style."

Thanks! Thank you for visiting. On September 6, I will be participating in the Inspiration 100 bike race up in Alexandria. I'm using the ride as an opportunity to raise a little money for Donate for Life, a charity that supports organ donation. Anyone who donates $10 will be an official sponsor for my ride.…

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: 2014 Inspiration 100: Schedule

The Inspiration 100 is in two weeks. The schedule is posted at the link below. See you soon!

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: Inspiration 100 T-Shirts

Inspiration 100 t-shirts must be ordered by noon on Tuesday, August 19. Go to the link below to find out how to get your very own.

We will NOT have shirts for sale at the race. If you want one, this is it. Thanks!


The #inspiration100 has a case of the drops. As a result, we could take 10-15 more riders. Contact me if interested either in a comment below or via email ([email protected]).

INSPIRATION GRAVEL: Safety First, and Taking Care of Yourself

Sign Up for Inspiration 100 at'

Hey kids, get your t-shirts here! Limited time offer!

We are selling Inspiration 100 shirts this year. If you want one, this is what you need to do:

1. Click the link below
2. Enter your size, name and email address
3. Do all of the above before noon on August 19th
4. We will submit the order and get the shirts the week of the race
5. Bring cash dollars to registration.
6. You will get your shirt with your registration packet.

The shirts will be $20-25, depending on how many we order. The more we order, the less they cost.

We will NOT have t-shirts for sale at the race.

This requires a bit of effort on your part, but this way we are not out on a limb guessing at sizes, quantity and whatever else.

This is an American Apparel t-shirt, and the finished product should look and fit very nice. All proceeds will go to support the race. Thanks! Inspiration 100 Group Sign-up SheetWelcome! Thank you for ordering a shirt and supporting the Inspiration 100! Be sure before you proceed. If you order a shirt, you will need to pay for it to get your registration packet. Thanks! Derek "Deek Surly" Chinn ([email protected]) What We're Ordering…

[08/01/14]   Confirmation emails for all postcards that had arrived by yesterday (7/31) have been sent. If you sent a card and didn't get an email, please contact me either here or via email. Find all relevant contact info at

Thanks to everyone that signed up!

I will post updates here and on the blog over the next month. Race cues and waivers will be posted the week of the race.

Keep riding and we will see you soon!

Today is the last day to register for the #inspiration100! Be at mile 102 for the last stretch of gravel on Sept. 6.

#inspiration100 registration ends tomorrow! Come see the rock forever known as Doom's Doom! (Hint: Mr. Doom is standing on it)

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