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Ali the Rescue Dog takes on Dog Agility

Kelli K Patrick/The Upland Huntress

Ali is my 7-month-old Boxer Mix, I adopted Ali at 8 weeks of age from an Animal Shelter, with not knowing what either parent was, I wanted to make sure I started training right away, to make sure good behavior and manners were well developed.

What I didn’t realize until about 14 weeks of age, was how smart this little girl was. By 4 months of age, Ali had over 15 commands down and already passed her AKC STAR Puppy Test. So, what is next for a puppy that is intelligent, full of energy and blazing fast??

I enrolled Ali in agility training, with not knowing anything about the agility dog sport, I began watching YouTube Videos, reading articles and blogs to receive more information on this new sport, I also been asking Ali and I’s training coach Debby Morris, owner of Paws Unlimited Dog Training, in Grand Rapids Minnesota about Competition Dog Agility. When Debby said, she was doing a dog agility class, I got Ali signed up!

To get our feet wet before class, I went to Home Depot and purchased wooden stakes to pound into the ground to see how Ali would do with weaving within them. I started with only 3 stakes, so I wouldn’t set her up for failure, after 20 minutes of working with Ali she had those down within 1 night. A few nights later we are now up to 5 stakes, and have our first agility class under our belt, which she did amazing.

Ali & I will be posting more of her agility training, as she starts to prepare for going after Agility Titles. We both hope you enjoy her weave pole adventures video!

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