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Body Building, Fitness and Nutrition Motivation 10/31/2018

Q Sciences: A Message From Our CEO
Marc Wilson, the CEO of Q Sciences, provides a brief introduction to the company's history, mission and products. Marc Wilson, the CEO of Q Sciences, provides a brief introduction to the company's history, mission and products.

[10/31/18]   I want to tell you all about a new adventure and new chapter in my life that I am embarking on. I joined a company called Q science they have an amazing product that does everything that it says I'm behind this product because I am in the health and fitness field and I'm always looking for the best vitamin mineral Amino for my clients and I believe we have found it it's also a business opportunity for anyone who might want to make some extra income. A side business with the potential to really change your life! If anyone has any questions contact me I would love to give you more information!

[08/26/18]   Training at Algonac fitness come see me and let's start your journey to a healthier you today

[07/28/18]   Keep training never stop moving your hard work will pay

[08/07/16]   Congrats to Shane Rose, down 60 pounds and ready to start building his new ripped body. Can't wait to see the new results in you physique!!

[05/14/16]   If you want to make a change in your physique, it starts by changing the way you think. Let's start today: diet, exercise and cardio. The most important thing you can do in this endeavor is change your eating habits. Eat healthy and start becoming healthy!! Message me your thoughts. We can put a plan together for you and get you started on the new you today!!

[05/07/16]   You don't have to be superman or superwoman to build a body you can be proud of. It just takes commitment and dedication.

[05/02/16]   CONGRATULATIONS to my client/friend Shane Rose- 34 lbs down in 5 weeks and building lean muscle! WAY TO GO SHANE- Bobby 05/02/2016

The 6 Principles Of Getting Lean Ready to declare war on fat and get ripped? These 6 basic principles will help you get lean the smart way! 04/29/2016

#1 Exercises Guide! Over 300+ Free Exercise Videos And Guides! Learn to perform every exercise! The Exercise Guide has exercise videos, photos, details, community tips and reviews to help you reach your fitness goals 04/29/2016

Ask The Nutrition Tactician: How Does Alcohol Affect Muscle Growth? What effect does alcohol have on your physique? Here's the latest research on the negative impact alcohol can have on your hard-earned muscle gains. 04/24/2016

Believe it and achieve it. Hard work and dedication are the keys to your body building future!



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