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I just finished my Zoom workout with Jerry! Thank you for making me do what I don't want to do 😄. I continue to see the results. You are a ray of sunshine on a blah Tuesday!☀️
A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM is our best defense
Move more and sit less!
Nobel Peace Prize Winning Discovery
By Dr. Barry Sears
Sitting too much hurts the immune system.
Moving opens the body’s internal pharmacy, our own “natural” medicine bottle.
Blood flows over the top of our internal medicine bottle and floods the immune system with lots of healing medicine.
Through movement is increased blood flow, and every organ in the body is flooded with “internal medicine” and immune fighting cells.

Movement creates an energy field… this is the winning Nobel Prize Discovery!
The better your blood flow, the better your immune system.
So, go outside and play! Move, exercise! Wave hello from afar to fellow immune building neighbors.
Create lots of good healing medicine in your body.
Just move!
Loved the video. I need to get a ball!
Just saying 🙂

We Get Results! Whatever your goals (weight loss, muscle gain, etc), we get you there. We're a private fitness studio with certified personal trainers.

Operating as usual


Good weather days calls for workouts outside! We love to switch things up here at MHF in Allen!


We hate to brag but we truly have the best clients! This one is in the gym FOUR days a week and always come in with a smile and ready to work 💪🏼


Now that record freezing days and nights are behind us, we wanted first and foremost, to send you and your loved one’s heartfelt thoughts of health, warmth, and safety. We hope everyone is okay and thawed out from the bitter cold.
If last week, not to mention the past year, has turned you to overindulging, do not fret. The sun is shining and there is hope!
Reflecting on the week of record setting storms and a year of quarantine, many of us reached for comfort and connection through no other than…FOOD. Sugar filled, fatty, overflowing plates of richness, hearty steaming goodness, too many cookies and crunchy bites, often provides just what we need in the moment. But then what? We are left feeling guilty and “blah”! In addition, it is likely an actual physical change takes place in the body, primarily the stomach.
Overindulging can stretch out the stomach and if this is the case, it takes more volume to make you feel full and satisfied. Think of filling and expanding a balloon with air or water, and then how it contracts once emptied. In very general terms, the stomach behaves remarkably like that of a balloon with the ability to contract or expand. We want to avoid the latter.
It is all about a mental shift so that your body, again primarily your stomach, can reset itself by contracting and remaining smaller, not stretched out. Although we are talking about the stomach, it all begins in your brain and a little self-control. Yes! It will take a bit of effort on your part!
The body is an amazing machine and with your mental fortitude, your body can hit the “reset button” and get you back to feeling in control, disciplined, and mentally strong, once again.! Put forth even the slightest self-control and your body will respond in a positive way, leaving you feeling satisfied, lighter, and best of all, mentally better.
Here is what to do. First, make a mental shift in your thinking. Imagine taking one, very mindful step at each meal by putting down the fork BEFORE YOU FEEL FULL. Give it 15-20 minutes and in nearly every instance, you will feel satisfied, without the “I overindulged again” mood. Making a habit of this at each meal is the key to giving your body, primarily your stomach, the ability to reset, contract (shrink), and make you feel fuller and more satisfied while eating less. Do this time and time again, and you might even find yourself losing a few pounds. Either way, your stomach will remain smaller and not so stretched out, leaving you feeling full and satisfied with less volume, mentally more positive, physically lighter, and overall, better about yourself. It might even give you more energy during your workouts. If so, your MHF Personal Trainer will be sure to up the reps and sets! We cannot wait to see you, and remember, put down the fork sooner than later.


See you tomorrow! Monday motivation! 💪🏼


AVOCADOS huge health benefits

Coming in at 160 calories for a medium size, avocados are one of the few fruits that contain heart healthy, monounsaturated fat. And yes, avocados are considered a fruit according to botanists who define this green gem as a “large berry with a single seed.”
The avocado consists of 73% water,15 grams of healthy fat, 4 grams protein, 2 grams net carbs (9 grams carbohydrate, with 7 of those carbs coming from fiber). In addition, avocados contain zero cholesterol. If you need another reason to incorporate this fatty fruit into your diet, avocados contain more potassium than a banana and can support weight loss due to its fulfilling, nutrient and fiber packed profile. A whole avocado has approximately 970 grams of potassium compared to a banana with 485 grams.
So make yourself a piece of avocado toast today and enjoy! #allentx #workout #gym #avocado #healthyeatting #fitness #nutrition #health #healthylifestyle #workoutroutine


What’s a better way to start your workout then with a strong set of slams! 💪🏼 #workout #fitnessmotivation #slamballs #hiit #allentx


Our studio is private, clean and waiting for you. At My House Fitness, it’s all about you!

Come join us and get started the right now!


Nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle are more than just body weight, food choices and endless calorie counting. Most “diet” plans have guidelines, which is fine. But if they come with rigid restrictions, be aware of not making your weight the only measure of success or failure. This can turn food into being the bad guy, making for an unhealthy relationship with anything we consume. And it should not be!
So, although weighing-in can be a healthy tool, please do not let it dictate whether you have been “bad” or “good”. It is just that, a tool, to help support your goals, keep you accountable and on-track.
More than we realize, our food choices are heavily influenced by what is happening in our life. Stress, time constraints, rushing around, emotions… all play a role in how, when and what we chose to eat today. And it is a choice.
Above all else, remember you have the choice to feel good, even when the scale does not land on the number you were hoping. Make food your friend, not the enemy, Food is your medicine and the way to vitality, energy, health, muscle building, strength, shared memories, and maybe the most important of all, time spent with loved ones.


Yes! You can eat bread!🍞 Even if you are trying to lose weight. These nutty, chewy breads may take getting used to if you have always insisted on the white variety but give it a chance. Incorporating these grainy, seedy options will keep you from feeling deprived. Here are 5 of the most nutritious and best tasting loafs. (nutrition per 1 slice).

1. Ezekiel Sprouted Whole Grain - you can choose from sesame or their sweet version made with cinnamon and raisins. Pairs great with almond butter and sliced banana. Also makes the best avocado toast. 80 calories/0.5g fat/ 15g carbs/3g fiber/ 0g sugar/5g protein. (Ezekiel English Muffins are also a great choice). Trader Joe’s makes their own version of Ezekiel, with a similar nutrition profile.

2. Arnold 100% Whole Wheat – a softer bread great for sandwiches.
110 calories/ 2g fat/160 mg sodium/21g carbs/3g fiber/3g sugar/4g protein

3. Arnold Whole Grain Protein - 110 calories/2g fat/170mg sodium/18g carbs/3g fiber/2g sugar/6g protein

4. Eureka Organic – if you enjoy a nutty bite, you will love this one! Filled with flax, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. 90 calories/2.5g fat/90mg sodium/12g carbs/2g fiber/2g sugar/4g protein

5. Dave’s Killer Bread – a bit more sugar and carbs, but a healthy, organic balance of fiber and protein. Makes for a great pre-workout choice coming in at 110 calories/5g sugar/1.5g fat/170 mg sodium/22g carbs/5g fiber/5g protein. This is a great one to try if you are transitioning into the whole wheat category.


when you show up to your workout matching your trainer 💕👯‍♀️ we sure do love this trainer - client combo!


A busy Monday night in the gym is what we love to see! Starting the week off right 💪🏼


Happy Birthday to our very own Kerri! Everyone wish her a big happy birthday!!🎉


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You asked, and based on nutrition, taste, ease and variety, here are the top 16 meal delivery services to help you eat and stay healthy. Order away!

•Home chef – Cook and serve customized plates.
•Sun basket - Paleo, gluten-free, lean & clean, family, & vegetarian options.
•Freshly – Heat and serve cooked meals.
•Everyplate – Premeasured ingredients, simple recipes to cook.
•Blue apron – Weekly recipe meal kits.
•Purple carrot – Plant based
culinary adventure.
•Gobble – One pan, 15-minute meal prep. Vegetarian available •Green Chef – Balanced meals, keto, plant-based options,
organic meal kits.
•Fresh & Easy -
Perfectly-portioned ingredients to prepare home-cooked meals in 30 minutes.
•Daily Harvest – Frozen, organic, farm fresh plant- based s
moothies, soups, oats, lattes & treats.
•Hello Fresh – Pescatarian, vegetarian, calorie conscience, and family options.
•Fresh Direct – On-line grocery shopping. Seafood, produce, dairy, bakery, frozen, wine & spirits.
•Fresh Kitchen -
Chef inspired, hormone & antibiotic free bowls.  Cold pressed juices & treats.
•Yumble – For KIDS and their busy parents. Heat & serve healthy kid’s meals.
•Martha & Marley Spoon – Martha Stewart farm fresh, pre-portioned meals recipes.
•Veestro – Entirely plant-based. Weight loss meal options available.


Looking for a gym that not only has cardio equipment, high intensity training, weight lifting, but also boxing? Come join Allen’s own Personal training studio! Where your goals are our priority! 💪🏼


Starting Over.....

If you are sick of ”starting over” than don’t quit. Did you made a new year’s resolution to get in the best shape of your life in 2021? The gravity of years maybe even decades of past behavior and habits maybe starting to pull you backwards.

You can feel it happening and it’s terrifying. You know what life feels like back there and you don’t want to go back.

The question is, will the momentum and force of change you have built up with us be strong enough for you to break free and start a new life trajectory?

You haven’t quit yet – the voice hasn’t won out – but it’s there whispering to you isn’t it?

Now, YOU listen to me!

Get up and push the fear aside – we are all in this together.

Day by day, workout by workout we are becoming stronger and not just in the physical sense.

This is your life, your dreams, your health and happiness – not a gym membership that you can cancel.

Let’s all keep going together ok?


Giving your sluggish METABOLISM a BOOST!

It is possible to change your metabolic set point and keep the body’s fat burning fires on high.  Here’s how…

•Eat small, frequent meals 5-6 times daily.
•Include protein at every meal. Protein satisfies and helps keep cravings under control.
•Safely, do high intensity 20–30-minute workouts 2-3 times weekly. Include interval training in your routine, alternating between high intensity and recovery. Ask your MHF Trainer the best method for you.
•Weight train! This is especially beneficial for retaining muscle during weight loss.  Losing muscle will further decrease your metabolism, so pick up those dumbbells.
•Sleep sound (most days). Studies are proving that adequate sleep is more important than ever for proper recovery, muscle building and effective weight loss.
•Enjoy a cup of green or black tea, or coffee, especially before exercise. Although nutrition experts differ on this subject, more and more studies demonstrate that consuming a cup of brew increases metabolism by as much as 11%. This in turn, increases the body’s fat burning furnace.

Increasing metabolism and one’s overall health is about making healthy lifestyle choices each, and every day. Small, mindful changes can make a big difference!


Happy Saturday everyone! Let’s talk on How to EAT WELL and it’s not what you think.

Forget about the latest and greatest diet fad. There is no one-size-fits all diet. Each one of our makeups are complex and unique, so if someone is telling you they found an easy “miracle” diet, it is probably not based in science or nutrition.
Instead of a diet, why not in a very non-judgmental way, make a list of your VALUES. Connect your behavior and choices to your values. Ask yourself what you value and how those values align with your food habits. 
It’s important to understand what drives your motivations, behaviors and triggers for food. Are you
hungry or merely craving unhealthy sugary or fatty foods due to not fueling your body with proper nutrition, or dealing with unsettled emotions?  For example, if honesty and respect are on the list, do your respect your body enough to fill it with proper nutrition? Are you being honest with yourself about why you’re eating the entire bag of cookies? Again, no judgement here. Only curiosity and a look inside yourself to help achieve your best self, inside and out!


Couple partner workouts are the BEST workouts! Bring in your spouses or friends and get this new year started off right!!! #mhfallen #allentexas #allentexasmom #personaltraining #workout #privategym


Our trainer April is bring us ALL the healthy receipts lately 🙌🏼 we are kicking the new year off right at MHF🫐

This nutritious, time saving powerhouse breakfast back by popular request.
Save time and kick start your day with protein packed BERRY DELICOUS OVERNIGHT OATS
½ cup rolled oats
½ cup Greek yogurt (2% or %5 fat will yield the highest protein content)
½ cup almond, oat or preferred milk
3 Tbsp. slivered or chopped almonds, walnuts or pistachios
½ tsp. vanilla or almond extract
½ cup fresh or frozen blueberries or mixed berries of your choice
Optional 1 Tsp. honey

PREP: In a bowl, combine berries, vanilla extract, milk and honey. Mash with fork and stir in oats and yogurt.  Mixture will be thick but as it sits overnight or at least 6 hours, it will soften.
Sprinkle with nuts and enjoy right out of the fridge. If you prefer, this can also be served warm by heating in microwave for 30-60 seconds.


If you put on a few pounds over the holidays or the past many months, adopt a new approach this year by keeping it simple. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the numerous fad diets and latest weight loss tricks but following these 3 simple steps will help you get back on track and stay healthy in 2021. By following this plan, you create a lifestyle rather then putting yourself on yet another, temporary “diet”.

1. FOCUS ON LEAN PROTEIN, VEGETABLES AND HEALTHY FAT. Each meal will consist of lean protein, a healthy portion of vegetables and a fat source such as olive oil or avocado. With this, make room for a small portion (1/2 – 1 cup) of complex carbs such as brown rice, quinoa or a slice of whole grain Ezekiel bread.

2. CUT BACK ON REFINED CARBOHYDRATES, STARCHY AND SUGARY FOODS. This can be done by incorporating a lower carbohydrate nutrition plan or replacing refined carbs with whole grains. Doing this will cause your hunger levels to decrease and already, you will be consuming fewer calories. Including whole grains as part of a lower, versus no-carb diet plan, slows digestion, provides necessary fiber, and fuels you for your next workout.

3. MOVE! Get with your MHF Personal Trainer 3 times each week for a heart-pounding, muscle building, calorie burning workout. Walk, squat, push, and pull! Although weight loss is attainable without exercise, working out increases metabolism, helps you retain calorie-burning muscle, and provides physical and mental energy. Moving boosts feel good endorphins and this helps create a more positive outlook and support a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.
Here’s to keeping simple in 2021.


Foods You Should Always Buy Organic🥕🍎🥬🍋
If buying organic becomes too expensive, keep in mind that there is some produce worth the splurge. Due to their high pesticide levels, the following fruits and vegetables are among the most important to keep organic when you can. 
Cherry Tomatoes
Snap Peas
Bell Peppers
Hot Peppers
Collard Greens

[01/04/21]   Listen to Bill Nicoson give a good New year chat!


Happy new year to our MHF past, current, and future clients! We can’t wait for you to ring in the new year with us and your first workout of 2021!🎉💪🏼


My House Fitness's cover photo


My House Fitness's cover photo


My House Fitness's cover photo


My House Fitness


My House Fitness


We hope you are getting yourselves ready for a great New Years Eve and an even better New Year. And that is exactly why I am writing you today. Because this is a big deal. This is a big moment in your life (and mine too.)

Tomorrow it will be 2021, saying goodbye to 2020 & moving into a new year! (AMEN!) It’s also a new chance to have the greatest year ever.

You get to wipe the slate clean and start FRESH on your promise to yourself to be fitter, leaner and healthier.

And I want you to know we here to help you do just that: Be healthier and happier in 2021 than you ever have before. But first we must get through tonight.

And it is my wish that you have a great night of fun and reflection while you wish 2020 a fond farewell and big kick in the New Year booty. Have fun, but above all remember to stay safe.

And once the sun rises tomorrow a new chapter begins. A good friend of mine recently gave some great advice that I'd like to share with you:

Make a PLAN, not excuses.

Change your expectations & demand the best.

Commit to making the right decisions.

Squirm and struggle if you must to do what is best for you in the face of temptations. Have a plan with 2 solutions for every obstacle that the world will put in your way tonight, tomorrow, and for the rest of 2021.

And there is one other saying that I find helps keep me motivated and focused on what I truly believe to be important:

No Pressure .... No Diamond
No Irritation .... No Pearl
No Struggle .... No Butterfly
No Endurance .... No Success

Whatever challenges the new year brings, face them head on. Be fearless and relentless in the pursuit of your goals and your happiness.

Wishing you the best in 2021,

Thank you, and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to write me back.

Committed to your success!

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