My Size Meals

My Size Meals offers Personal Custom Nutrition Planning, Personal Training, and Supplementation Consulting.

We staff a Nutritionist, a Dietitian, Cooper & NASM Certified Personal Trainers. My Size Meals is here to serve individuals that would like to lose weight, gain energy, increase performance, learn about nutrition, and have 1 on 1 consulting without getting painful injections or shots. Our Custom Nutrition Plans are unique to each person, and are easy to follow. You are allowed to eat the foods you like because we work with you and your personal lifestyle. Additionally, we offer you custom workout programs that you can do at home, in a gym, or with a trainer. If you have health conditions, or injuries that prevent you from working with just anyone, then we are the perfect place for you. My Size Meals is a family run, family friendly business, also helping couples, personal trainers, physicians, sports teams, and the community. You can visit us in person for 1 on 1 consulting, or we can work you you online 1 on 1. It doesn't matter where you are, we can get you to where you want to be.

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[12/21/12]   While living healthy is a lifestyle, many people become complacent in that lifestyle. Always push yourself. You ate healthy and went to the gym today. SO WHAT!! Set a goal for yourself every month and get on a program that helps you attain it.

[11/16/12]   Boost Your Metabolism, Today!

Are you looking for ways to boost your metabolism? Ask anybody who knows the basics and they’ll promptly tell you that the best way to keep your metabolism revving is by moving. More specifically, you need to exercise and build lean muscle mass and you must also stick to a quality diet consisting of high-protein foods that are low on calories. But, rest assured, there are other ways to get your metabolism going. We’ve come up with a list of five lesser-known strategies that should assist you in boosting your metabolism so that you more quickly reach your ultimate goal: a fitter and healthier you.

Spice it Up

Do you think it’s impossible to add flavor to your meals without piling on the calories? Are you afraid of what effect it might have on your metabolism? If so, you might be interested to learn about a study conducted by Canadian researchers aimed at determining the effects of red pepper. They discovered that adding red pepper to your meal forces your body to experience thermogenesis and your metabolism to surge. Sprinkle red pepper flakes on your favorite dishes and you’ll immediately please your taste buds while boosting your metabolism.

Quality Sleep

Never underestimate the importance of quality sleep. When you sleep, your body rests and repairs itself and this process is especially crucial in a muscle-building phase. A recent North Carolina study revealed that sleep deprivation creates increased ghrelin levels thereby sending signals to your brain that you’re hungry. Maintain proper sleeping habits by getting to bed at the same time each night, and creating a dark, comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom. Aim for eight hours. You’ll not only feel reenergized, but it’ll also positively impact on your metabolism.

Increase Water Intake

Want to increase your metabolic rate by as much as 30%? Drink a tall glass of water. German researchers discovered that study participants who drank a 16.9 ounce (500 ml) glass of room temperature water (22 C) had a thermogenic response of about 23.9 calories (100kJ). They indicated that roughly 40% of the response was as a result of the water being warmed up to normal body temperatures. Drink early and drink often. And, whenever possible, to maximize your metabolic boost, drink it cold.

Smart Snacking

Eat six daily meals. Researchers determined that athletes eating three daily 250-calorie snacks (in addition to three regular meals) lost fat, reduced daily caloric intake, and boosted metabolism. Why? Personal trainer Micah LaCerte explains that eating every two to three hours “curb cravings,” keeps your “blood sugar/insulin stable and encourages more fat burning.” He adds if your meals are separated by more than four to six hours, “your body can go into a survival mode in turn storing fat and burning muscle for energy” while slowing your metabolism.

Build Muscle and Counteract Aging

It’s widely believed that, for the average man, metabolism begins to decline at age 25. Don’t settle for average. According to the Mayo Clinic one of the reasons for this decline is because as you age, you begin to lose muscle mass. As a result, it becomes more difficult to burn calories and your body fat percentage increases. Buck the trend. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, and carry your groceries in a basket instead of using a shopping cart. Remember, every little bit helps.

[11/15/12]   High Step Ups For Shapelier Legs!

You won't find a better exercise for building the lower body than the squat. However, that doesn't mean squats should be the only tool in your toolbox!

Recently, single-leg training has been championed as a suitable alternative to bilateral squatting, with split squat and lunge variations being the go-to choices for folks seeking a break from the heavy barbell.

However, few trainers are prescribing the step-up, another functional, unilateral, multi-joint movement that has a high carryover to many activities of daily living and sport. And that's a mistake, cause the step-up is actually a lot more than just a "poor man's squat."

Drs. Angel Spassov and Terry Todd made the following observation in their article, Bulgarian Leg Training Secrets:

"One thing coaches in the Soviet Union and Bulgaria noticed was that those athletes, both lifters and those in other sports, who dropped the squat and used the high step-up developed more complete muscularity than those who simply squatted.

"Many of the coaches say that the legs of those who work hard on the high step-up look more like those of someone who did sprinting and jumping as well as squatting.

"Apparently, the balance required in the high step-up calls more muscles into play, producing fuller, shapelier development."

[09/27/12]   Custom Planning 1 on 1 with our Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainers, either in person or online. We are friendly, and provide easy snack and meal planning that anyone can follow. It doesn't matter where you are, we can get you to where you want to be.

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