I strongly recommend Roger as a excellent instructor for effective and safer tackling techniques.
Welcome to McKinney! We would love to have you out sometime. North Texas Barbarians Rugby
Great endorsement for shoulder tackling from one of the best in the game 🏈👌🏻💪
Good luck with the new venture Roger, looks a brilliant mission and you can prevent a lot of serious injuries. Parents, please contact Roger and find out more, he has been an outstanding professional rugby player for over 15 years.

Expert coaching and analysis, aimed to help players learn, develop and execute, safer and more effective tackle techniques. 🏈Improved Tackling Performance 🏈Fewer Missed Tackles 🏈Fewer Concussions 🏈30 Years of Experience

Operating as usual

As we approach our 2nd year anniversary we want to take the opportunity to thank everybody who has trained with us over the past couple of years!! We could not have done this without you 🙏

🚨Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we would love your feedback. Please post a quick Facebook review here or a Google review by clicking on this link:


Thanks!! 🙏

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Great chop tackle technique 🔥 @_jum3 #tackletechnique #choptackle #tacklesmart

Learn the building blocks of shoulder tackling to ensure maximum safety and excellent technique for many football seasons to come! 🏈🧠

✅ Better and Safer Technique
✅ Fewer Head Impacts
✅ New Drills For Coaches
📍 At Your Practice Field

📩 DM me to schedule your team's session today!

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When learning shoulder tackling, removing the helmet and pads creates a feeling of vulnerability which ensures accurate technique is practiced 💪🧠

🏈 Small Group Training
📍 The @hidden_gym in Allen, Tx
📆 Every Sunday Afternoon
🕑 2pm age 11-14 and 3.15pm age 15-18

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📢 Coaches/Parents! 📢
Get your little league team "TACKLE READY" for this season 🏈💪🧠

✅ Better Tackling Technique
✅ Safer Technique
✅ Fewer Head Impacts
✅ New Drills For Coaches
✅ At Your Practice Field

📩 DM me to schedule your team's session today!

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@ Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas

Tackling is more than just a collision 💥
Becoming a good tackler starts with good footwork and agility 🔥
Without this there will be no tackle!!!

✅ Close the space
✅ Stay leaned forward ❌ Don't sit
✅ Tag the near hip with 2 hands
✅ Get your feet in close

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As a parent, I know it has been increasingly difficult to keep our kids active lately. Given that, I am delighted to say that Tackle Smart is OPEN FOR BUSINESS once again!!! 💪🏈

✅ Small Group Training
✅ Team Training
✅ Pay-as-you-Train (Option)
✅ Health Precautions Taken Daily @hidden_gym.

📩 Get in touch and let's get some training scheduled!

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Roger Wilson tackling the problem of bad technique in Texas high school football

irishtimes.com Former Ulster flanker has found a niche for his rugby knowledge in Dallas

The boys at @grindhouse_elite_south 8u getting in some Sunday work in 💪💪💪🏈
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Sessions every Sunday

DM or go to our Website to reserve your spot ✅


Hidden Gym 📍

Who says size matters!
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LISTENING is a skill a lot of us could do with improving right now👂

Listening is not just hearing something. It's being able to take information, understand it and make sense of it. To help you form your own opinion. To help you decipher through all of the BS. Not just for your own agenda, but to become a better person, athlete, or member of the community.

We are taking steps to ensure that we are doing everything possible to maximize health & safety, whilst minimizing disruption during these difficult times.

@hidden_gym last night underwent an INTENSE DEEP CLEAN as part of many measures being introduced, including:

Increased frequency of surface cleaning✅
Multiple Hand Sanitation Stations✅
Increased frequency of disinfectant on the turf✅
Any staff experiencing illness will not be allowed to work at the facility✅

On top of this, Tackle Smart will be:

Wiping down all tackle bags and other equipment after every session 🏈
Limiting the number of people in each small group class to 5 🏈
Encouraging good hygiene before, during, and after all sessions 🏈

Hidden Gym

To our valued Members and Guests⁣

We wanted to inform you of plans to do our part to take responsibility to protect out staff, members and community in light of the COVID-19 situation facing us all right now. Whatever unfolds over the next days and weeks we will do our best to keep your health and fitness and the forefront of our minds. Below you will see a list of the increased cleaning list we are adhering to, as well as at-home fitness program we are providing for those that want to stay home during this time. There is also a small list of things you can do to help. ⁣

Cleaning Procedures:⁣
Increased frequency of handle and surface cleaning with CDC approved disinfectant⁣
Multiple Hand Sanitation Stations in facility⁣
Stock of antibacterial soap in all bathrooms⁣
We are performing a deep clean Sunday night after hours to further sanitize the facility⁣
We have added more disinfectant spray bottles around the gym⁣
We have ordered wet wipe stations for the weight room⁣
We have increased the frequency of disinfectant use on the turf⁣
We will discontinue rentals of boxing gloves and wraps – all class participants must provide their own equipment⁣
Bags will be wiped down after every boxing class⁣
Any staff experiencing illness will not be allowed to work at the facility⁣

What you can do⁣
If you’re ill, please do not come to the facility⁣
Please wash your hands before, during and after your workout⁣
Use the hand sanitizing stations⁣
Wipe down machines, and bars after use⁣

Want to stay home?⁣
For a limited time, we are offering FREE workouts delivered via our Training Mobile APP. This is exclusively available to members. If you would like access to these workouts during this time please email [email protected] for access. This service will be available early next week. ⁣


Some inspiration for the "littler guys" out there 💪

Over 100lbs weight difference here, but excellent textbook technique and big heart wins the day! 👌

Most importantly he cuts him down using his shoulder, with his head SAFELY in behind and not taking any of the impact 🧠


With all that is happening with the Coronavirus and schools remaining closed for an extended period of time, we are EXTENDING our Spring Break Exclusive Offer! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

As a parent, I know it how challenging it is to find last minute activities/classes to keep your kids occupied. This offer is designed to make your lives easier during this difficult period, whilst at the same time allowing your young football star to start learning these VITAL SKILLS for next season! 🏈✌

So.....WHILST SCHOOLS REMAIN CLOSED we are allowing your group (minimum of 3 - maximum of 8) to book a ONE-OFF session for $39.50 per child! *We normally have a 6 session minimum*

To reserve your class or for more details, Direct Message here 📩 or contact us via our Website www.tacklesmartsports.com

At Tackle Smart we have 6 buckets that we believe make a good tackler 💪🏈:


ALL of these are interlinked, and ALL can be improved 👍

QUESTION: How would you rank these in order of importance? 💭

At Tackle Smart our focus is not just on football! 🏈

We cater for all COLLISION sports, and here Coach Day of Lovejoy Hockey gives his thoughts on how we have helped create a program to make his players perform BETTER and MORE SAFELY on the ice 🏒

A huge THANKS to @hidden_gym for providing the awesome facilities for this program! 🙏💪

Did I mention Coach Day's team went 20-0 undefeated this season! ✌🏆


Players With C.T.E. Doubled Risk With Every 5.3 Years in Football

Reading articles like this remind me of how grateful I am for having been relentlessly taught how to tackle correctly as a child 🙏

Whether or not you agree with this article, tackling still remains the number 1 cause of concussions football, so it vital to teach kids the ABSOLUTE BEST techniques, with SAFETY being the priority ✅


nytimes.com A new study is the first to quantify the number of years linked to measurable brain disease.

Our @underarmour delivery has arrived perfectly timed for Spring! 📦🏈🔥

Delighted to enter into partnership with such a great brand to supply all of our kit going forwards ✌

#TackleSmart #underarmour #uafootball #partnership #shouldertackling #tacklefootball #kitsupplier #underarmourfootball

To celebrate Spring Break we're offering this one-off EXCLUSIVE for our 'Small Group Training' classes! 🎉🏈

FOR ONE WEEK ONLY we are allowing your group (minimum of 3) to book a ONE-OFF session for $39.50 per child! *We normally have a 6 session minimum*

This exclusive offer is only available until next Sunday (March 15th) and must be used by that date.

To reserve your class or for more details Direct Message here 📩 or contact us via our Website www.tacklesmartsports.com

Congrats to our @lovejoyhockey JV guys on their recent undefeated 20-0 championship season! ✌

Been a pleasure to have them at @thehiddengym in Allen to work on their collision training and see the transfer in power, confidence and technique to the ice 💪

So why do we as coaches/parents not spend more time making sure our kids are learning to tackle correctly? 🤷‍♂️

As a young kid I remember being taught tackle technique relentlessly when starting out at rugby. We would spend hours outside over the Winter in miserable weather being taught on 2 knees from the very beginning "Cheek to Cheek". At the time I thought it was so monotonous, but I went on to play a professional rugby career of 15 years, where ultimately what I learned as a kid allowed me to have such a long and healthy career✌

What you learn as a kid is vital for when you progress through high school, college, and beyond. Nothing is more important than your brain 🧠

Make sure you are teaching your kids the PROPER techniques when they are young, before they start picking up bad habits! 💪🏈


Can rugby shoulder football’s concussion issues? - Tackle Smart

How much can Football 🏈 learn from Rugby 🏉 when it comes to TACKLING?

For many football coaches/parents/volunteers, SHOULDER TACKLING is still a relatively new concept, given the way they were taught to tackle growing up (lead with the head and get your head in front).

tacklesmartsports.com Dr Bennet Omalu in the Film Concussion (2015): “All of these animals have shock absorbers built into their bodies. The woodpecker’s tongue extends through the back of the mouth out of the nostril, encircling the entire cranium. It is the anatomical equivalent of a safety belt for its brain. Hum...


Playing Tackle Football Before 12 Is Tied to Brain Problems Later

There is currently plenty of debate as to the merits of letting your child play tackle football before aged 12 🏈

Whether you are on the YES or NO side, let's continue to make it as SAFE as possible for the kids who do start early ✅

nytimes.com The Boston University study links cognitive and behavioral problems later in life — among all players, not just in the N.F.L. — to playing tackle at a young age.

A collision reaction drill using peripheral vision that I use with my hockey guys to help them be better, stronger and safer on the ice 🏒💪🧠
#hockey #hockeypractice #icehockey #checkhockey #lovejoy #lovejoyhockey #drylandtraining #collision #reactions #concussionprevention

Another one of our 7️⃣ FUNDAMENTALS for the CONTACT stage of the SHOULDER TACKLE is making 'ACCURATE SHOULDER CONTACT'.

Here is a 3 STEP drill that not only allows for training confidence in making contact with the top of the shoulder but also works on generating ISOMETRIC FORCE AND STIFFNESS in a short space of time (crucial for tackling) 💪

To learn more, check out our 3 STAGE COACHES' PROGRAM by clicking on the link below, selecting 'COACHES PACKAGES' and then 'DOWNLOAD BROCHURE' 🏈


Stage 1 (The Fundamentals) can be presented in a classroom setting or online✅

📩DM for more info


This is the true price of concussion in Rugby

Great watch!

The VERY REAL impact concussions have had within rugby as the game has developed over the years.

So much great work has been done around concussions in all contact sports, whether that be Rugby, American Football or Soccer, but it is clear there is still a long way to go with ongoing research, battling stigmas, education, player welfare etc.


In a new RugbyPass series, ‘Beyond 80’ takes an unflinching look at the reality of concussion in rugby. ‘Knocked’ sees a cast of players, referees, medical e...

At Tackle Smart we have 7️⃣ FUNDAMENTALS for the CONTACT stage of the SHOULDER TACKLE.

One of our fundamentals is INITIATING LEG DRIVE. Here is a simple drill that helps reinforce CHASING YOUR FEET through contact. 🔥

To learn more, check out our 3 STAGE COACHES' PROGRAM by clicking on this link and then downloading it 🏈


Stage 1 (The Fundamentals) can be presented in a classroom setting or online.✅

📩DM for more info

Way more than just a gym! 🔥🔥🔥 Proud to call @hidden_gym part of the family. Always feel a sense of community when you step inside the front door. Let the mission continue to spread in 2020! 💪
#hiddengym #gymlife #education #community #coaching #fitness #allen #family

As you may know, TackleSmart is a great advocate of @theironneck and its multipurpose use for building neck strength that will help reduce the risk of concussions 🧠

We use these products throughout our program and cannot speak highly enough of them!👌

🚨For up to 25% Discounts on bulk purchases click on the link below and use the referral code RWNECK in the Comments/Notes section of the Group Sales page when submitting.


#theironneck #neckstrength #concussions #concussionprevention #strengthtraining

Educating on shoulder tackling @glazier.clinics 💪

#glazierclinics #tacklesmart #shouldertackling

[02/07/20]   Ready to go for our Shoulder Tackling presentation at Glazier Athletic Performance Clinics 💪


Athleticism vs Skill - Tackle Smart

Are we guilty sometimes of spending too much time in the gym to the detriment of skill development?

tacklesmartsports.com In my professional rugby career, there were almost always two schools of thought related to players. Those who believed that natural athleticism honed and channeled in the right way in training could be superseded by individual skills development in terms of time, effort and energy. Then there is th...

Be the first to hear about our:

✅Tackling Tips & Advice
✅Coaching Discounts
✅Equipment Discounts
✅Exclusive News
✅Upcoming Events


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Safer Tackle Training

TackleSmart was created by a parent for parents. Since moving to Texas, Roger Wilson (CEO and founder) became increasingly concerned with the thought of his own son one day playing football. A big admission from someone who played contact sports professionally for 15 years. He soon realized he wasn’t the only parent with concerns. Becoming aware of the fact that participation levels had been on the decline at youth level in recent times, he wanted to dig a bit deeper as to why that really was. It will be of no great surprise to know that the overwhelming response was ‘concussion’. Further exploration was needed. How were these kids being taught to tackle? How were older players being taught? Who was teaching this to them? Why were they teaching them this way? There were a million questions.

Working a brief spell at Michael Johnson Performance in McKinney provided the opportunity to meet and get to know various football players from middle school all the way to the NFL, and speak to them about the issues surrounding concussion. Along with this Roger discussed the concerns with as many former players and parents of players as possible. There is no doubt that great steps have been taken with new initiatives being introduced from rule changes to educational coaching programs, however the conclusion was that there is still a huge amount that could be done.

TackleSmart originated from the need to create a safer emphasis around tackling. This has already been recognized in the state that football reigns king, where just recently the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) and the University Interscholastic League (UIL) made it mandatory to have all high school and middle school coaches throughout the state certified in new safer techniques that are very similar to the rugby style of tackling. With TackleSmart however, you would be learning from somebody who has been using these techniques for over 30 years. Techniques that when repeated over and over will become second nature on game day. We not only address the tackle itself, but combine it with the sport’s scientific knowledge to improve athleticism needed to make up all the components of an effective tackle that will ultimately help make America’s great sport both safer and more enjoyable at all levels!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Allen?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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