Camp 26 Fitness

Our mission is to develop, promote, and regulate a fitness lifestyle for youth and families to mitigate and eliminate obesity.

AdvoCare provides a wide variety of products to help everyone reach their potential. My mix for today’s events include: Spark, Pro-20, two different favorites of AdvoBars, protein drink and topped off with banana. Looking for healthy, science proven, pro athlete taking, body cleansing, business opportunity allowing options? Contact me via Direct Message........................My question for you is....What are you doing to make 2018, the healthiest year of your life? #Advocare #Camp26Fit #BeBetter #Familytime #GenerationFIT #BeTheDifference #GoodNeighborAthletics

More than 12,500,000 children are affected by obesity! They learn from the people around them and pick up the good and bad habits. My mom stayed on my brother and I, now it’s our turn. Do your part to help the future of America, the future of your caregivers, the future of your bloodline, and the future of your LEGACY. #GenerationFIT #Advocare #Camp26Fitness #GoodNeighborAthletics

I Love My Family.... My Aunt Lou and Aunt Co Co came in town with workout cloth. They asked for a Camp 26 butt kickin... While, I was happy to oblige! Wifey kicked butt and Marlon hung in there... Boxing, Battle Ropes, Kettle Bell Swings, Planks, Sliders, Medi Ball, Stairs, Tires, Supermans, and Heels to Heaven! #GreatDNA #NoDaysOff #BecarfulWhatYouAskOff #FamilyFit #Camp26Fitness #GluttonForPunishment #WonderWomen

I want to give a huge Congratulations to Matt and all the coaches and cheerleaders at Envy Cheer! It's has been one of the most entertaining, complicated, stressful, but yet accomplished season thus far.
Matt has been a great aid in the growth of Camp 26 and a poster for the changes we can accomplish with work and dedication.
Bow Down👏🏾👏🏾Get Crowned👏🏾👏🏾Let's Go Envy!!

Card Game
Looking to add a little variety to your workout, well try the Card Game! I promise you won't look at a deck of cards the same way again.

2 - 10 = # of Reps
Jack = 11 Reps
Queen = 12 Reps
King = 13 Reps
Ace = 14

Hearts = Tire Flips
Clubs = Box Jumps
Diamonds = Medi Ball Wall Toss
Spades = Kettle Bell Swings

Have Fun and Enjoy! #Camp26Fitness #TrophyFitnessClub #CardGameFit #WhoShuffled #ISworeIAllReadyDidThisSet #JesusTakeThisWorkout #GreatWeather

Camp 26 Boulder Shoulder Workout
BB Military Press 3x26
Lateral Raise 3x26
BB Upright Row 3x26
BB Shrugs 3x26
Cable Face Pull-ups 3x26
Cable Cross Rear Delt Flys 3x26

Let's get it! #Camp26fitness #Camp26 #shouldertheworld #TrophyFitnessClub #TrophyFit #GetReadyForSummer #OnlyYouCanPreventForrestFires #Fit4Life

AB Work with Swiss Ball & You
Time to get ready for the Summer Time Swim Time Ab Work with the Swiss Ball. These exercises are a few that I provide to my Camp 26ers to strengthen their core. The core is a very important part of a healthy fit body and gets overlooked very easily until there is a problem.

Complete these movements in a circuit with a 1-2 minutes break in between.
Glute Bridges: 4 x 15-25
Ab Pikes: 4 x 15-25
Swiss Ball Knee Tucks: 4 x 15-25
Planks: 4 x 30-60 seconds

#Camp26 #Camp26Fitness #TrophyFitnessClub #SummerGetRight #AbWork #QuitPlayingAround

[03/21/17]   We have Spring in the air and I still got a little Spring in my step. He are my specs: 37 plus years old, a minimum of 3 knees surgeries, both Achilles Tendons repaired, non professional athlete (except in my heart) and willing to be placed on the Cowboys roster.
Game plan for the Cowboys- Stephen and Jerry, move Bryon to CB, Church (if he still got him) to SS and well....Put me..... On the Practice Squad ... #Istillgotalittle #camp26 #camp26fitness #trophyfitness #cowboyshollaatme #justsaying #letsbereal

[01/26/17]   There has been a lot of changes in 12 months. Goodness! #Camp26Fitness #Camp26 #iAmCaseyStrong #Change #Family


What's your excuse? 10.99 100m and blind..

The Men's 100m T11 is the race for fastest men on the planet with no vision, they run with a guide. In a great finish David Brown from the USA wins gold and sets a new Paralympics record!

The new Camp 26 #iAmCaseyStrong shirts have been printed and are ready to go. Hit me up if you would like to show your support!

Camp 26 Fitness's cover photo

Camp 26 Fitness

[06/24/16]   13 Easy Ways to Burn Fat All Day (And 12 Don’t Include Exercise)

Everyone has met someone who seems to have the perfect metabolism. Regardless of what they eat or how often they exercise, they maintain a slim waist and always seem to have plenty of energy. Of course, you cannot change the genetics you were born with or what your natural metabolism is like.
However, with these 13 tips, you can boost your metabolism and burn more fat all day long.

No more skipping meals to try to save calories! In fact, you may want to increase how much you eat. Getting three meals and two snacks per day helps your metabolism runs smoothly all day long, while going long periods without food may actually slow your metabolism down.

Fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains should make up the vast majority of your diet. Processed foods are difficult for your body to digest and they may make your metabolism sluggish.

Metabolism slows down overnight while you are sleeping, not eating, and not being active. Eating a good breakfast right away lets your metabolism know that you are up and moving, so it should be too.

Sunlight does tons of good things for your health. It can also help your metabolism stay speedy. High vitamin D levels are linked to healthy metabolism levels, and the best way to get vitamin D is by getting into the sun.

Regular movement keeps your metabolism functioning at max efficiency. This does not mean hitting the gym multiple times per day. Just taking the stairs or taking a quick walk break around the office is enough.

Protein is a superfood for your metabolism. Instead of carb-heavy snacks, which may digest quickly and leave you hungry for more, stick with protein-based snacks.

You do not need to spend an hour or more in the gym to get the effects of a workout. Short HIIT workouts are fantastic for your metabolism and your fat-burning ability. Try to get a workout in first thing in the morning to kick your metabolism into high gear.

Hitting your calcium intake everyday has been demonstrated to support metabolism. Your body needs calcium to process the vitamin D you’re getting from the sun.

This means eating a large breakfast, a medium-sized lunch, and a small dinner. This means that your body isn’t trying to digest a huge meal when your metabolism is least active—at night.

A nightly Epsom salt bath can draw out toxins and kick up your metabolism. Just add one cup of Epsom salts to your bath.

A cold shower early in the morning can shock your metabolic system and help it move into high gear.

Water is one of the cornerstones of your health. Make sure you are staying hydrated all day long to support your metabolism.

Metabolism suffers when your sleep suffers. Getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night preps your metabolism for the day ahead.

With Time comes Change, With Change comes the Opportunity to Better Yourself, Our Situation and Our Environment!

Camp 26 has been blessed with Phrase 26.1 upgrades. Thank You to all that have joined the family and we forward to further growth.

Chase is scheduled to put the finishing touches on his United States Air Force Enlisting. He is a wonderful young man and he has put in some serious work. He dropped from 217 to 180 as of yesterday.

Pardon Our Dust!
We are in the process of renovations!

I love it when my hommies test me and I'm able to complete the challenge. This is a great core exercise and I will be adding it to my routines.

Wednesday was the 1st night for Da'Jana. She gets at it and really pushes India. This is a great addition to the squad. Welcome!!! Who's Next???

C.A.M.P. 26 provides and promotes an environment of Competition and Accountability which Motivates a Positive experience. We push each another while getting pushed internally. Chase and Matt are family and no one pushes you more. They work will together to go over and beyond the call of duty. P.S. I have a ball with these two pit bulls.

I want you to know, I'm very proud of India. She has been doing a dang up job at the gym.! Today we implemented a Card Workout and she smashed it. There is no better feeling then a completed great workout.

I'm proud to announce Chase has made weight and has verbally committed to the United States Air Force. He has been with Camp 26 for about 8 mths. He started with me at 217 and weighted in today at 182. With several kicks in the a$$ from a loving Uncle (Matt Sturgis) owner/operator of the award winning Envy Cheer Gym, Chase has gone over and beyond in his training and really represents the Camp 26 culture.
C ompetition
A ccountability
M otivation
P ositivity

[03/17/16]   Good Morning, Just wanted to provide a health tip for the day.

How many carbs should I be eating every day?

The USDA recommends that 45% to 65% of calories you eat come from carbohydrates, largely because the sugars and starches in carbohydrates provide fairly quick energy for you body in the form of calories. Different amounts of carbohydrates may be better for different people – this isn’t really a one-size-fits-all thing!

Something that IS a one size fits all thing, though, is the fiber recommendations. Women should aim for at least 25 grams of fiber a day, and men for 38 grams a day.

As you probably know, the recommendation for sugar is to keep intake low, but there isn’t a consistent recommendation. Some sources recommend that less than 6% of your daily calories come from sugar, and other recommend that less than 25% of calories come from sugar—two vastly different numbers!

The recommendations for carbs in general aren’t super specific, but if you focus on fiber you’ll be on track for very healthy carbohydrate digestion!

This young lady is putting in the work. 8 station 1:00 long with 20 second rest. 2nd week and she is killing it. Great Job, India!! Newest Member to the Camp Fam...

Great work tonight with the Campers. We knockout: 8 Laps, then High Knees, Butt Kicks, Lunges, Hamstring Stretch, Quarter Eagles, Lateral Shuffle, Frontal and Posterior Shuffle, and Burpees with Jumps, LOL! Then it was time to go to work..
3 rounds of 40 seconds of activity with 20 seconds of rest for 10 stations.

Late Night Workout:
Mini band work for upper and lower body activation. Then, we when to work!
10 stations with :45 secs of activity and :30 secs of rest and rotate.
Battle Ropes
Tire Flips
Band Tricep Extensions
Kettle Bell Good Mornings
5x Medi Balls Toss with Stairs Engagement
TRX Pulls
Lateral Glider Lunges
Times ✌🏾️#camp26fitness #envycheer #noexcues

Late Night Workout:
Mini band work for upper and lower body activation. Then, we when to work!
10 stations with :45 secs of activity and :30 secs of rest and rotate.
Battle Ropes
Tire Flips
Band Tricep Extensions
Kettle Bell Good Mornings
5x Medi Balls Toss with Stairs Engagement
TRX Pulls
Lateral Glider Lunges
Times ✌🏾️#camp26fitness #envycheer #noexcues

Last night's workout at Camp 26 included 4 stations with 3 exercises. The crew came through and put in a great workout. My Moms even came through. (Bum knee and all, what's your excuse!!) Love Ya Momma! #camp26fitness #noexcuses #envycheer #wegettinright #imawarrior

I believe football drills had me in some of my best physical and mental physiques. The consistent movements, cardio and core strength. #noexcues #camp26fitness #envycheer

"Anxiety in the heart of a man weights it down, But a good word makes it glad" -Proverbs 12:25

So does a great workout.. #camp26fitness #envycheer #makeitwork

Camp 26 Fitness's cover photo

I'm so proud of this group. After speed hurdles, box drills, battle ropes, boxing, Medi Ball toss, planks, kettle bell work, and tires...They still let me take a picture. They are a great group and you need to join. Come to Camp and "MAKE IT WORK"! #camp26fitness #noexcuses #gotgoals #envycheer #wegetitin #burn500in60

Ok, the game plan is to have the whole squad doing superman 360 push-up before summer. Let's Get It #camp26fitness #envycheer

At Camp 26, we can bring the sweat without weights and staying in the same spot. #camp26fitness #envycheer

Cardio Thursday: Magic Matt and future Airmen Chase sweating it out with Camp 26. These gentlemen are well on their way to being lean mean goal reaching machines. #camp26fitness #envycheerworkouts

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