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Welcome to the world of Morgan Oaks, Alvin's premier apartment community, featuring brand new one, two and three bedroom luxury apartment homes.

Morgan Oaks combines quality accommodations with an extensive array of services, conveniences, and amenities from washers and dryers, to a fabulous fitness center, and even a lagoon style pool with a waterfall, clubhouse with business center, controlled access gate, and a spectacular playground area! At Morgan Oaks you'll be close to everything! Need to know about schools nearby? Kids can walk to

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Practicing Good Laundry Room Etiquette in Our Apartment Community

We’re all in this together, sharing space with neighbors here in the apartment community. And as members of the community, we need to be kind and respectful to all residents. As a friendly reminder, here are some tips on practicing good laundry room etiquette!

* Clean up after yourself: Pick up any trash, such as snack wrappers. When you clean out the lint trap between using the dryer, discard it in a trash can. Avoid spilling detergent, bleach or fabric softener on the machine.

* Leave people’s laundry alone: Sometimes people are a bit late in getting back to the laundry room, resulting in no machines being available. Either they are in use, or someone has not yet emptied clothing at the end of their cycle. Please be patient. But if no one shows up after 20 or 30 minutes and you’re running late, you could remove clothes from a dryer and put them on a table or machine top.

* Keep track of the time: To avoid making people wait for you to empty a machine, set an alarm on your phone to remind you that it’s about time for a load to finish.

* Use headphones: When watching videos, listening to music, or playing games on your device, avoid disturbing other residents using the facilities.

If you have any questions about using the laundry facilities, please get in touch with us in the office. We will be happy to help!

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What Are Some Little Things to Remember Around the Apartment?

When you pay close attention to the details, you can get more out of your apartment life. Through the bustle of daily life, it’s important you don’t forget about the little things that need to be done around the apartment. Check out this short list of some important little things that will help make your awesome apartment lifestyle even more awesome!

Smoke Alarm ~ The smoke alarm is one of the most frequent items that must be maintained on a regular basis. When the battery in your smoke alarm runs out, it will beep continuously in most flats. If yours begins to beep, it implies the battery is low, and you should replace it or contact your apartment manager.

Air Filter ~ Another item that should be checked and changed out every 1 to 3 months is your air filter. It traps all of the hair, dust, dirt and other gunk as your A/C intakes air to heat and cool your place. When it gets clogged, it can make your A/C work harder and drive up your energy bill. Call and let us know if it needs to be changed. If you would like to do it yourself, let us know that, too!

Leaks ~ Is your refrigerator running? Well you’d better go catch it! Leaks, on the other hand, can be a serious problem. Not only in terms of damage, but also in terms of your water bill. If you see a leaking faucet, running toilet, or broken refrigerator, please notify us right away so we can dispatch maintenance to address the problem. Leaks won’t go away without maintenance, so make sure you take care of it now.

Remember, the management team is on you’re on your side! Let us know if anything needs to be taken care of. And one last sure to turn out the lights when you aren’t in the room. You’ll save money on electricity and you’ll also save your bulb life. It’s the little things. Remember’em!

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Wishing all of our residents a Happy and Safe Easter Holiday!

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EGG-Cellent Living! Book a tour with us today!

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How to De-stress and Get More Enjoyment out of

If you’ve been experiencing more stress lately, there’s no reason for you to let it get in the way of having fun this spring. Here in the manager’s office, we have our own share of stress, but we know it’s important to relax.

Check out some fun ways to de-stress for more enjoyment this spring!

* Get plenty of rest. Proper sleep is essential for minimizing stress. It also gives you the energy to go outside and have fun.

* Join an exercise class that takes place outside. From tai chi to yoga to boot camp workout programs, there are plenty of opportunities to get your body moving to manage stress better.

* Play like a kid! Adults can have fun with coloring books too. Plus, you get the satisfaction of filling in the lines and seeing the picture take shape.

* Hang out with friends and family. Taking advantage of the nice weather during spring, you’ll find stress diminishes when spending time with loved ones. Go to the park, enjoy a movie or concert or just relax at your favorite restaurant.

The world has been through a lot of stressful situations during the past year. If you find yourself experiencing more than usual stress, practice deep breathing exercises. Slowing breathing in and out helps you relax and push stress aside.

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The Easiest Spring Snack Mix

This could be the simplest snack mix you’ve ever made! It’s straightforward, yet very tasty.

Spring gatherings, potlucks, family get-togethers, and school parties will all benefit from this Spring Snack Mix. It’s the ideal balance of sweet and salty.

1 cup pretzel (any shape)
1/3 cup chocolate candies (M&Ms, etc.)
1/2 cup mini marshmallows
1/3 cup raw nuts (cashews, peanuts, etc.)

Take a medium-sized serving bowl and set it aside.
Toss all of the ingredients together in a mixing dish until they are uniformly distributed.
Serve and have fun!

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Lets us know in the comments below :)

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How much should I budget for groceries and eating out every month?

Just follow your nose. It’s no secret that plenty of our residents love to cook. You may have been intrigued by the delightful aromas coming out of your neighbors’ homes and have grown inspired to cook more yourself.

There’s not always enough time to prepare every meal in your apartment. Meals from restaurants (eaten there or delivered) help when your schedule is full. So, a question that frequently comes up for apartment dwellers is how much to budget for eating out and buying groceries.

Of course, the answer will vary from person to person, based on your income and desire or ability to cook. But as a rule of thumb, the average cost each year for groceries in the United States is $4,643, or about $387 per month, according to a recent article from U.S. News & World Report.

Another way of looking at budgeting for food is to note that Americans spend approximately 9.5% of their “disposable income” on food, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The amount was divided by roughly 4.9% on groceries and 4.6% on restaurant meals.

If you find yourself spending more than you intended on food, whether prepared at home or made in a restaurant, you can improve things by creating a budget and sticking to it. At the same time, you’ll want to write a shopping list, so you remember to get what you need. This will also help you avoid making impulse buys at the register!

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Sprucing Up Your Home: Time for Spring Cleaning!

Now that spring is here, the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming, showing off their beauty. With the change of seasons, many residents in our community want to beautify their homes too. Your apartment will be spotless in no time with a little organization and the appropriate technique. Here are some tips to get you started!

Cleaning Supplies ~ If you haven’t done much cleaning since last spring, you might have run out of cleaning products. Make a checklist of items to replenish, such as rubber gloves, glass cleaner, sponges, dusters, and towels.

Eliminating Clutter ~ When it comes to spring cleaning, sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by clutter that has accumulated, break the project into a series of tasks. Focus on the kitchen one day, and then take care of your bedroom the next day, for example.

Change the Bag in Your Vacuum Cleaner ~ Double-check the vacuum’s bag and empty or replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Look Everywhere for Dirt and Debris ~ During spring cleaning, you want to check out every area inside your apartment. For example, remember to remove couch cushions and use the vacuum to get rid of dirt. Of course, clean under the couch as well as below the bed.

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Happy St. Paddy's Day ☘️

Shamrock Rice Krispies Treats Recipe 03/16/2022

Shamrock Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Yummy treats to make for St Paddys ☘️

Shamrock Rice Krispies Treats Recipe The secret to a great St. Patrick's Day Rice Krispies treats recipe is more marshmallow than cereal. Here, the secret on how to change the color of Rice Krispies treats, too.

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Your new home awaits! 🏡

📞Call or Walk-in to take a tour with us today!

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Many people have made new year’s resolutions to get into better shape in 2022. If you count yourself among those who want to be more active, here are some things you can start doing now to get moving throughout each day.

* Carry a pedometer: Keeping a small device to keep track of the number of steps you take each day will motivate you to do more. Or use a smartphone and pedometer app. A smartwatch will track your pulse rate too.
* Use a standing desk while working: Raise the desk while doing tasks such as reading emails or reviewing a spreadsheet, and sit down when you are tired or need to focus.
* Try a treadmill: To stay in motion, walk or jog on a treadmill periodically. You can do this while on video conference meetings, for example, or when taking a break to watch a movie.
* Use commercial breaks wisely: When watching TV, use commercial breaks to do activities, such as 3 minutes of pushups or lifting toning weights.
* Park at the far end of parking lots whenever you go to work or run errands to get more steps in every day.

Making small but important changes in your daily routine to get more active is essential for maintaining health. The management team wishes good health for each resident in our community. Staying in motion will be immensely helpful in reaching this goal.

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Find a pawesome apartment you and your four-legged friends will go mutts over!

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Picture all the memories you’ll make in your new home by touring our community!

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You'll L❤️VE it here! Call or Stop by to tour our community!

54 Valentine's Day Crafts That Are Creative and Full of Love 02/09/2022

54 Valentine's Day Crafts That Are Creative and Full of Love

Valentine's Day is a holiday perfect for a crafting spree. While your loved ones will appreciate the usual bouquet of flowers and delicious boxes of chocolate, there are other ways of showing them how much you care — including gifting them a personalized Valentine's Day card or any other heartwarming DIY gift. 💕

54 Valentine's Day Crafts That Are Creative and Full of Love They are literally made with love.

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Let’s All Be Considerate of One Another and Observe Our Community Parking Rules....

For the safety of everyone and to ensure we are considerate of all members of our apartment community, we want to remind you about the importance of following our parking rules.Please follow posted signs about parking here!

For example, in a parking area with assigned spots for individuals, we must respect the rules and not park in someone else’s spot. If someone parks in your space, it might be accidental. Please practice good etiquette and leave your neighbor a friendly note asking not to park in your space.

When you park, make sure your vehicle is positioned so it doesn’t prevent someone from getting into or out of their own space. A car that is parked right on the painted line may cause the next driver to park further to the side too, which everyone else will have to do also.

Of course, we must also respect the property of our neighbors. This means not sitting or leaning on someone else’s car. And when sitting in your car, it’s nice to be respectful of others by keeping your sound system at a level where you don’t disturb others, no matter how great the songs sound to you!

Finally, when preparing to park or when leaving a parking space, it’s prudent to double-check in all directions. Drive slowly and keep an eye out for pedestrians. A child or animal might suddenly dart out into the street, so be cautious.

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Refresh and Renew 🍃

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Get Better Rest By Making the Best Do-it Yourself Blackout Curtains! 😴

Good morning! Or good evening, if you happen to be reading this tonight. Here’s hoping this newsletter finds you sufficiently rested. But we know that for some folks, it can be hard to get enough sleep. One of the secrets to good sleep is having a comfortable, dark place to snooze. That’s not so easy when the sun is up, unless you have a good way to block out most of the light.

Whether you are in need of sleep during daylight hours or have a baby that you need to put down for an afternoon nap, slumbering in darkness is ideal. With that in mind, you might be in the mood to make your own DIY blackout curtains.

If you are handy and have experience using a sewing machine to work with large pieces of fabric, a do-it-yourself project is a great way to bring blackout curtains into your apartment.

Begin by measuring the window. Add at least one foot of material to this length so you’ll have enough material for hemming. Then, it’s a simple matter of pairing a section of blackout liner with the same size of the curtain material.

An experienced tailor will be able to make short work of sewing the pieces of fabric together. You will then hem them and attach tabs at the top for placement on the curtain rod.

Blackout material is available at your local fabric store or online, where the sales people you interact with can help you select the ideal fabric for your project.

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Your next apartment home is ready! Schedule a tour with us today!

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Brand New Year, How About a Brand New Living Room?

Begin by looking for things to remove. Eliminating clutter will help you see the living room space more clearly. Sell items or donate them to friends, family or charity. With the additional space you’ve cleared, you’ll have more to work with.

A new couch will do wonders as the focal point of your living room. If you don’t want to budget for a whole new piece of furniture though, you can put a new slipcover over the couch instead. As an alternative, add some splashes of color, get some fun throw pillows to serve as accent points.

Add potted plants to the mix. Bringing some green into your apartment will make you feel better and you’ll actually have more fresh air to breathe.

How about swapping out your old coffee table for something new, in a color that better fits with your sense of style? Another easy way to change the look of a living room is to place a throw rug.

And don’t forget the walls! Some new paintings or framed photos will do wonders for updating the look and feel of your abode.

As for the bookcase or bookcases in your apartment, you can spruce up their appearance quickly by adding some adhesive paper to the back walls, changing the color immediately.

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Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅

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Be a Better Neighbor By Practicing Good Package Etiquette

The last thing you’d want during the holiday season is to upset neighbors because you were careless about packages being delivered to your apartment. Check out these tips on practicing good package etiquette.

~ Get to Know Your Neighbors: If you haven’t already introduced yourself to your neighbors, now would be an excellent time. After all, you may find yourself needing to meet with them to get a package they received on your behalf. Or, you may find yourself accepting a package to hand over to them. So it would be nice if you were already acquainted!

~ Check in With the Management Office: In a large apartment setting, the management team can be a big help in sorting out packages. Check in with management about their policies about package deliveries. If you are having a package delivered that they accept for you, you’ll want to arrange to get it as soon as possible. You don’t want to take up space in their offices, especially when so many other people may be needing to get their items too.

~ Be Timely With Package Pickup: We all get extra busy from time to time. But that’s not really a good excuse for leaving packages to collect at your front door, or to allow them to remain too long with a staff member of the apartment complex. Make a point of checking for packages being left for you, especially when you are tracking their delivery and know the approximate time they’re due to arrive. No one wants the hallways to be cluttered up with a bunch of boxes.

Our Story

Morgan Oaks combines quality accommodations with an extensive array of services, conveniences, and amenities from washers and dryers, to a fabulous fitness center, and even a lagoon style pool with a waterfall, clubhouse with business center, controlled access gate, and a spectacular playground area!

At Morgan Oaks you'll be close to everything!

Need to know about schools nearby? Kids can walk to Longfellow Elementary.
Alvin's growing downtown area, with shopping and restaurants is within walking distance; and there's even a hike and bike trail less than a block away.

When it comes to luxury apartments in Alvin, Texas, Morgan Oaks
is simply the finest!

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