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Full-care boarding and training facility. Tailored boarding options for retired horses, young horse turn-out and short term care for horse owners on vacation.

Full-care horse boarding tailored to individual needs in a secure and tranquil environment.

Operating as usual


A bonus to our lamness exam, skeletal anatomy with Dr Marvin Beeman at Littleton Equine. Facinating!

Photos from Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation's post 10/10/2021

Beautiful fall at Ute Creek Ranch!

Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation updated their phone number. 08/30/2021

Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation updated their phone number.

Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation updated their phone number.

Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation updated their address. 07/23/2021

Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation updated their address.

Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation updated their address.

Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation updated their address. 07/22/2021

Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation updated their address.

Ute Creek Equine: Training, Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation updated their address.


Mustangs at sunset near wild horse mesa


Nicole Chastain Training Stables

I post at least every year. There is just no good reason to ride 2 yr olds. Or, really, even 3 yr olds. Considering where we sit is the last place to develop or that the lower and caudal and cranial vertebrae take a lot of flexion doing things like sliding or flexing....why can’t we just slow it all down? And lunging and lunging and lunging with horses heads pulled down by fixed side reins or draw reins? I’ve not ever claimed to know everything and everyday I learn and evolve. There are some things I only need to learn the hard way. Once. For the love and longevity of the horses we need to evolve our ideas and training practices. And please save me from the my horse was futuritied and still is going at 20. Many a horse has a bigger heart than we could ever have and will give you their all despite being sore and broken down. The best ones...It’s built into their every cell to not show weakness.

paulickreport.com 10/29/2019

Casner: Studies Show Some Therapeutic Medications Do More Harm Than Good - Horse Racing News | Paulick Report

paulickreport.com Arthur Hancock's powerful Op-Ed challenge “If Not Drugs, Then What is Causing Fatal Injuries?” spurred me to share some science that in my opinion makes the answer blatantly obvious. Recently, in preparation for a meeting, I gathered studies and data off of PubMed (National Public Medical Librar...


nearing the final phase of haying, waiting for windrows in the meadow to dry before baling, always a nice sight


Final product, grass alfalfa mix, great harvest this year, contact us if interested


Hay production at Ute Creek Ranch, beautiful hay this year!


Baler going through windrows


Kraig Kulikowski, DVM, Equine Veterinarian

Well spoken testimony on horse welfare, applies to all sport horses

Dr. Kulikowski testified at the Public Hearing on the Welfare of Racehorses in New York State before the Senate Standing Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wage...


Ride Me Back Home by Willie Nelson (Mini Music Documentary)

Even if post Memorial Day, timeless... https://youtu.be/lPYonm2NMZw

Willie Nelson sings Ride Me Back Home, from the CD of the same title. (Mini Music Documentary)


The spring rains have finally given way to sun and left us with a beautiful green meadow.


Working with horses in this way has made a huge difference in the development of young horses and gaining trust and confidence in horses who have been over faced. Creates a deep bond and communication between horse and human/rider.

I think one of the most important concepts I have learned as I study how to become a better trainer/rider/teacher is around the concepts of INTROVERT and EXTROVERT behavior patterns.
Understanding and gauging the amount of time a horse needs to process a concept runs a close second.
The pictures below are from an event horse when she first came to us for training [the bay.] She was initially withdrawn, described as "lazy" and "dull to the leg".
In her situation at the time, that was an accurate description of her response to aids. It was not an accurate description of her sensitive nature.
No rider wants to discover [I hope] that they have been overwhelming their horse with their aids, but the "lazier" and more "dull" a horse is, the greater the likelihood is that they are sensitive horses that need some time- the irony being that time consists of separating the aids, but also in many cases, starting from the ground. By offering the horse a chance to feel they are being heard- Are you ready for the halter? The bridle? To move your feet? Then by listening to the answer- not ready? I can wait... it is REMARKABLE how rapidly the tables turn, and the happy, alive horse comes to the surface.

It is the melding of these "Two Worlds" : on the ground AND in the saddle - that facilitates awareness, questions, and reading the answers accurately.
In the picture on the left, we were waiting for her to finish processing and say "Yes. I am ready." The picture on the right is the "Yes".
The final picture, different horse, was what happened after about 3 weeks of sensitive ground work with an FEI horse who had arrived in a state of "I can answer everything at once." He would have been described as a full time extrovert- but not a very happy or relaxed one.
One day, after weeks of very small questions, kept to 2 or 3 maximum, he lay down and SLEPT for about 20-30 minutes. For a horse who had learned that to be around humans was to be quick and move his feet, this was an amazing moment.
In my opinion, we are all, horse and human, born with dominant traits. The sign of healthy awareness is when we can consciously balance them.
The shut down event mare is currently quite sensitive and easy to ride, two years later I have to remember what her initial state was. The overwrought FEI horse is confident, much more through his back, and WAY more willing to wait for an aid.
The attainment of "relaxed suppleness" is mental and physical. Finding that balance is the lifelong Dressage quest- and life quest, for me!


Ute Creek Equine: Horse Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation's cover photo


Ute Creek Equine: Horse Boarding - Retirement, Short-term, Vacation's cover photo


Pharm Aloe is a great all around supplement, helping all of our horses year round, young and old, retired and competition horses. We notice all horses have better overall condition due to beneficial gastric qualities of aloe. Retirees move around better, working horses are happy and healthy. If your horse is not maintaining weight, has a dull coat, seems a bit creaky or cranky with cold winter weather, give Pharm aloe a try! Contact us for more information and products available.

Q: How do I know if I'm buying a quality aloe vera product? There are so many on the market!

A: Many products claim to have 100% aloe vera, but they don't. Look at the independent laboratory results below.


Remember to let your horse have fun with you, spend time doing something he really enjoys, he will appreciate it and you will have fun spending time with your magnificent creature on a completely different level. Archie loves water, so what better way to spend a warm day splashing around!


Out for a ride in the meadow at Ute Creek Ranch. Monsoon rains finally arrived greening things up. Contact us for info on boarding and horse/rider vacations.


And why do we do this?

Funniest thing I’ve seen on Facebook in a long time 😂😂 Wish I could give the author credit but have no idea who wrote it.


1. If you really want to get better at dressage, take it up at an earlier age - and grow an extra 3 inches of leg.

2. A dressage test is a test of your skill against another competitor's luck.

3. Dressage is about achieving a harmonious working relationship with your horse, whose only idea of harmony is eating grass in a field with his buddies.

4. If you want to end a drought or dry spell, wear a new jacket and hat to an outdoor arena.

5. Untalented, difficult, aggressive horses have robust health, good hocks and long lives.

6. Talented tractable horses are accident prone and have OCD lesions.

7. You will ride the best test of your entire life just prior to being disqualified for not wearing your gloves.

8. Never keep more than 300 separate thoughts in your head before a test.

9. Never keep less than another 300 separate thoughts in your head during a test.

10. Horses do not improve their paces because you are wearing expensive German breeches.

11. If you chose a disco theme for your dressage to music test then the judge will be more than 90 years of age and Swiss.

12. The less skilled the rider, the more likely they are to share their critique of your test.

13. If you are considering the services of a horse clairvoyant to help you with training then you have reached the point of total desperation - try the German breeches.

14.Your horse has never heard of Podhajsky, let alone read the book.

15. No matter how badly you ride a test, it is always possible to ride a worse one.

16. If it ain't broke, try shifting your position and it will be.

17. Judges only suffer from temporary blindness (or kindness) when they are judging someone else's test.

18. If you fall off your horse in the arena you will have paid to have the test videoed.

19. If you are feeling confident before a show then three of the USET dressage team will turn up to give their young horses some "experience."

20. Your horse will perform its best piaffe ever when you ask for extended canter.

22. Since runs of bad competitions come in groups of three, the fourth competition is actually the beginning of the next group of three.

23. No one cheats at dressage because no one has worked out how to do it.

24. It is surprisingly easy to end a test with a perfect square halt once you have scored a four for every other movement.

25. The result of an expensive lesson from a top pro is that you will stop believing in that tiny piece of innate ability that was holding your riding together.

26. Remember when buying a dressage horse advertised as "needs experienced competitive rider" this really means "needs the skills of Isabelle Werth just to stay on board."

27. If you think your test was better than someone else's, it probably wasn't.

28. If you pay 60,000 for an imported WB, you will be beaten in First Level 4 by a Quarter Horse.

29. Clinics given by someone with an interesting accent are not necessarily superior to those given by the homegirl.

30. If you go to the expense of raising an expensive WB foal, he will have a talent for jumping and no walk worth talking about.


Spring has arrived with warm weather and green pastures. We have 2 openings for retired equines. Give your horse the golden years he deserves.


Great week in Ocala. Attended 2 Worlds Together. Classical training meets natural horsemanship in the interest of more effective training methods In the horses best interest. Having happy willing horses is the outcome. Anything that will improve the welfare of horses is a positive and it is finally happening at the top. Hope this information will spread and have wide acceptance


Kids day at Ute Creek Equine, a beautiful fall day enjoyed by all, large and small.


SportHorse Solutions-PEMF

I will be in New Mexico this week! Beginning Oct 11.
If you are in the in the Taos/ Santa Fe or surrounding areas and are interested in learning more about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or would like to schedule an appointment please contact me through Facebook or call/ text
303 947 4005
*** Please try to contact me before wed. I will have very little cell service


Have had amazing results with Complementary Horsemanship with OTTB's and young horses, so special to be with your horse in this dimension.

Stressed Horses
Dressage horses are bred to be sensitive to extremely slight aids, and if their training is pursued correctly they stay sensitive and respond easily to minor shifts of body weight combined with very subtle changes in leg and/ or rein aids.
As their training progresses many Dressage horses excel just from the logical and methodical development of their muscles and mind that good Dressage training creates.
However, for sensitive horses the pendulum can also swing too fast, causing them to either shut down or blow up as a way of acting out on their confusion.
I have had a number of FEI horses come to me for training, and when I sit on them I get a nauseous feeling, which I believe is because these horses are so disconnected from their body that the middle of their back feels dead. These horses can be held together with legs and reins, but there is not honest self carriage or self confidence in their body.
I have found these horses benefit tremendously from being allowed to process. To facilitate that we allow them to "go back" in their training to the basic steps taught in the 10 blocks of Complementary Horsemanship. This process always begins with a very simple concept- the horse can do whatever they want and there are only two rules : do not come into the handlers space and do not pull on the end of the rope. By reducing all stimulus to only these two items, horses who have been overwhelmed are able to "reset" their brain, and seem to start to be able to focus on their handler in a very new way. I have also found that OTTB's ( off track thorobreds ) really change radically with this approach.
For most overstimulated horses their assumption is that we are lunging them, and therefore having a round pen or an arena with walls is the best place to start, as you can stand by the wall to help interrupt their assumption that we are looking for movement.
The reset we are looking for is that the horse realizes that we are not asking anything of them except to share space without demands but with boundaries.
For most people this is a difficult concept- it was for me- until my "training brain" learned to OBSERVE what the horse is doing instead of CREATING what the horse is doing.
With my background as a Grand Prix Dressage trainer, my education had admonished me not to "waste time" with a horse - there was too much to learn, and too much for them to develop to make it to Grand Prix. There was a definite push to "use" your time in the saddle, and to "educate, test, educate" both the horse and the rider to gain steady progress. Relaxation was to be obtained by forward riding and putting the horse "through" the aids. Please do not misunderstand me - this is correct riding, and it does result in correct and balanced horses- physically. And for many, depending on the skill of the rider, mentally.
But what I wish I had known then- and the most powerful tool I have now - is the ability to observe the horse and offer times of quiet where the horse could digest- with me - the lessons being taught. I thought I was accomplishing this on the "stretch down" and in the free walk- again, valid and essential training exercises. What I did not realize was that if my relationship with my horse was only about what he could do in response to me, that a huge chunk of the equation was missing. Once we tune in to our horses and wait to see/hear how they are feeling, it opens a new dimension in the horse/human relationship.


Ute Creek Equine September Clinic with Sarah Martin enjoyed by everyone. Building successful communications for riders and their horses. October clinic will be held the 11th and 12th.


Ute Creek Equine will have 2 openings for boarding starting in October. Providing quality full care board, specializing in retired horses.


Old yellow Lab in an old yellow truck. Sadie, Bud and Elsa helping with meadow grass hay harvest.


UCE Sarah Martin Clinic and ground work session. Enjoyed by everyone, equines large and small, and their humans, expanding understanding and relationship with horses. Fall clinic dates to be announced. Stay tuned!


Forging ahead in the world of Dressage at the Santa Fe Dressage show, so proud of Archie and the progress he is making.


Another beautiful sunset at Ute Creek


Spring at Ute Creek Ranch bringing greener pastures and happy horses.

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Hay production at Ute Creek Ranch, beautiful hay this year!
Baler going through windrows




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