Enter The Rainwater

Aspiring martial artist on a journey of self discovery. http://www.youtube.com/user/JasonRainwater Born on June 27, 1979 in the year of the Earth Sheep, and raised in Alabama, USA.

Half Asian (Korean descent), Half Caucasian. Martial arts is my passion. My formal training is in Yoshukai Karate & Kobudo, but I openly explore other styles when the opportunity arises. I enjoy documenting my life journey on YouTube:

Enter The Rainwater updated their information in their About section. 12/09/2019

Enter The Rainwater updated their information in their About section.

Enter The Rainwater updated their information in their About section.

Kobudo (Sai) Kata - Yosei 09/04/2017

Kobudo (Sai) Kata - Yosei

Kata Practice

Weapon: Sai
Style: Yoshukai
Form: Yosei

Having gone about 10 months unable to use my sai, I finally found an opportunity for some much needed practice during a family picnic. Decided to practice my favorite sai form, the Yosei kata. It had been so long since I practiced this one that I was happy enough just to remember it. I had my girlfriend film me while I went through the moves just for personal reference. Initially, I wasn't even going to share this since I felt it would be a bit rusty from not doing the form in such a long time. However, she loved what she saw, and had shared it on Facebook, which led to a lot of positive comments. After some encouraging feedback from friends I decided to share the kata on my YouTube channel :)

I've always loved traditional martial arts forms, and always feel myself coming alive when I practice them. In addition to the mental focus & physical conditioning, it's a really spiritually refreshing exercise. Training with traditional weapons is particularly a lot of fun for me. I love cultivating my understanding of the weapon through training, becoming one with it, and having it become an extension of my self expression. Using it as a tool to help explore myself as a student of 'The Way.'

I'll try to post this kata again someday once I've polished it up again so that next time I can perform it at 100% spirit. This one here was just a walk through of the moves, and I merely wanted to time capsule a moment in my martial arts journey with this video :)



Kobudo (Sai) Kata - Yosei Kobudo kata practice at the park in Brno, Czech Republic. Filmed on Sunday, August 13, 2017. Brought my sai with me to a family picnic so I could refresh my ...

DojoLife: Yoshukai Karate Camp 2016 (Part 3 of 3) 08/23/2017

DojoLife: Yoshukai Karate Camp 2016 (Part 3 of 3)

My time living at the dojo was the most fulfilling period in my life because it was the one place I had found in my lifetime where I could make a difference simply by being myself while doing what I loved. Late last year I made a huge life transition which took me overseas to the warmth of my new family where I hope to settle down and make a difference equally as meaningful. However, if my time at the dojo confirmed anything, it was knowing would always be a part of me. So the memories contained with this video, and all other installments of the Yoshukai Karate of Anniston playlist are deeply treasured. Whenever I miss my karate family, or just feeling nostalgic, I can easily revisit and go back in time with my videos.

So check out this last episode of 2016's Summer Dojo Camp series, and stay tuned. More content being prepared! :)


DojoLife: Yoshukai Karate Camp 2016 (Part 3 of 3) Yoshukai Karate of Anniston. Dojo Camp Highlights Part 3 of 3! Filmed during June of 2016. In this final installment of my summer camp series the kids learn ...

So This Is Heartache? I Miss You! (Music Video) 04/27/2017

So This Is Heartache? I Miss You! (Music Video)

"I have a real soft spot for melancholy. I've done a lot of videos about love that celebrate how exquisite it is to be enamored... to experience consummation with another... to stare into the iris of a lover's eye... but I've also explored the dread, the haunting paralysis, of realizing that all is temporary. Even our greatest ecstasies are tinged by a bit of darkness. This moment will pass, this moment will end.

I studied film because I've always loved movies. Cinema allows us to share subjectivity... to feel connected to somebody else who's also experienced what we have felt. That's kind of amazing because we feel less alone in that moment. I think my own desire to make media about this stuff is that, at least if I can explain to you how I have felt when I have probed and contemplated loss, it makes the sadness less acute, because at least we're in it together. At least I can communicate what something felt like.

Also, making media about these sensations allows me to go beside myself and aestheticize a human experience. Once I've turned an experience into an aesthetic work, at least the aesthetic work is not fleeting.

So I may have lost her, I may have lost this moment, but now I have this piece of content that I can always go back to, to remind me of the intensity of that.

That is an example of raging against the darkness, of saying,
‘I will not forget this, I will not forget you.‘"

~Jason Silva


So This Is Heartache? I Miss You! (Music Video) Music by: ONE OK ROCK Song: Heartache Check out ONE OK ROCK on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ONEOKROCKchannel Happy Birthday, Charish! As you watch t...

DojoLife: Yoshukai Karate Camp 2016 (Part 2 of 3) 02/07/2017

DojoLife: Yoshukai Karate Camp 2016 (Part 2 of 3)

Sometimes, you just gotta let everyone unleash their fury! :o Prepare for the dramatic battle where water balloons are thrown without mercy, and people are left splattered with shaving cream pies! >.<

Enter The ! ^_^

This is Part 2 of both the 2016 DojoLife Karate Camp series, as well as a sequel to 2014's park battle video ( which was part 3 of the 2014 camp series)! Lots of fun and laughs in this one! :)



DojoLife: Yoshukai Karate Camp 2016 (Part 2 of 3) Yoshukai Karate of Anniston. Dojo Camp Highlights Part 2 of 3! Filmed Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Enter the water balloon and pie battle! In this episode, exper...

DojoLife: Yoshukai Karate Camp 2016 (Part 1 of 3) 01/18/2017

DojoLife: Yoshukai Karate Camp 2016 (Part 1 of 3)

is more than just a hashtag, it's a term I've used to describe my livelihood living at a karate dojo. Life at the dojo consists of teaching, learning, training, and so much more! For a martial artist, and student of 'The Way' like myself, it was a dream home where I got to do what I love everyday!

One of the most fulfilling aspects during my time here was engaging with the students, especially the children. I remember when I first began teaching I actually was too afraid to teach the kids. They seemed like such a handful, and I doubted I could instruct such a hyper bunch properly. However, over time, teaching the kids actually became something I enjoyed very much! :) It definitely takes a certain skill to interact with each of them, because every child is unique in the way they learn. Patience is a must! However, it's truly worth the effort to see them progress, and to feel the joy in their experience! ^_^ It's all about letting them have fun in their training, and learn in a way that also teaches them how to strive for excellence in all they do during their journey of self discovery, both inside and outside the dojo.

The videos in my 2016 Yoshukai Karate Camp series really capture the fond memories I have, and energy I experience with my karate family

DojoLife: Yoshukai Karate Camp 2016 (Part 1 of 3) Yoshukai Karate of Anniston. Dojo Camp Highlights Part 1 of 3! Filmed Monday, June 6, 2016. First day of camp got off to a great start! And this was just the...

Zen Dragon Martial Arts Combinations 01/15/2017

Zen Dragon Martial Arts Combinations

Short collaboration I did with the creator of Zen Dragon! Finally getting back to editing, and trying to catch up with videos I started from 2016. Dojo camp, and summer travel vlogs coming soon! In fact, another video will be released possibly as early as tomorrow, if wifi cooperates! :)

The following video guest stars my friend, Michael, the man behind Zen Dragon: http://www.facebook.com/BetterYourLifeThruMartialArts

Originally, the video was going to be both of us performing martial arts combinations, but due to time constraints and travel I was unable to film what I wanted. So I decided to give Michael center stage in this one! ;)

My Enter The Rainwater page focuses on my personal journey of discovery and self expression, as well as sharing the passions and philosophies of others whom I can relate with and learn from. Like me, Michael is very passionate about the martial arts, and sharing what he loves to do on YouTube. If you also enjoy the martial arts, check out his channel on YouTube! Link in the description of my video! :)

Stay tuned for my next video, coming in another day or so! ^_^

Zen Dragon Martial Arts Combinations Guest starring, Michael, from the Zen Dragon channel! Some basic martial arts combinations, both with empty hands, as well as kung fu weapons. Be sure to vis...

Timeline photos 06/02/2016

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open… No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a q***r divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.”

~Martha Graham

DojoLife - Last Days Before Europe 02/17/2016

DojoLife - Last Days Before Europe

Those close to me have already seen this video on my personal page, but it wouldn't upload on my YouTube channel until now! So if you've already seen it, thank you! If you haven't, this video came from my heart, and is dedicated to the Yoshukai Karate of Anniston dojo, which has become my home.

For those of you who don't closely follow my life, I lived at this dojo from May 3, 2013 - December 14, 2014. I left to travel to Europe and be with someone I fell in love with. However, my life led me back to the dojo, which I am living at as of writing this post in 2016. The video itself feels like a goodbye message, which it kind of was at the time. Not a forever goodbye, but I had no idea when I would return at that point, so it was an emotional time full of feelings I can't possibly convey with words alone. You may be able to see my nervousness come out in my intro speech, as I was scared of leaving behind such a special part of my life for an unknown part of the world. It was a lot to take in. DojoLife was my dream, and the personal growth I made here was built up over many years.

Teaching karate isn't just something I do, it's who I am. This is the only place where something inside me lights up with that feeling which hits and says, "this is me!" It's also a place where I've been able to make a difference simply by being myself and doing what I love. When I didn't have the dojo in my life anymore while I was away, I felt very limited in self expression. So much that I felt lost again... Like everything I worked so hard to find just disappeared, and I didn't have a voice anymore... You really know at moments like this that you've found something that is so essentially you that you're not your true self without it!

Everyone in life flourishes when proper seeds for growth are planted and nourished. All of us deserve to feel useful, needed, loved, acknowledged, appreciated, and accepted. That's what I feel here, and that's something every person should feel in their lives! Just as my spirit has been cultivated by my teachers, I find myself in a place where I can rain my own nourishment on other students of The Way who are seeking to find themselves on their own paths. So while some my find my life humble at best, I have never felt more rich than living in a place where I can not only do what I love every day, but I can also make a positive impact in others by doing so. That's an amazing feeling that you may not understand unless you can relate in your own unique way.

I hope you, the viewer, will feel my passion for living at a dojo and teaching karate through this presentation, and can relate it to your own passion, whatever it might be! :)


DojoLife - Last Days Before Europe This is the story of my preparation for Europe, and reflecting on all the wonderful memories of my DojoLife. A period of time that has become one of the most...

Timeline photos 02/15/2016

"The point is to utilize the art as a means to advance in the study of The Way."

Living has taught me much as a . It would be hard to express this in words alone, so I'd like to start communicating this growth with videos in the near future.

I have already uploaded a video over a month ago which was created as sort of a love letter to the dojo, expressing how much living in this spiritual sanctuary of martial arts has meant to me on a personal level, and how grateful I am to the people who have been an important part of my life here. I've only shared it with a handful of people on my personal page, but after receiving so many positive responses, as well as encouragement from friends to share this story with everyone, I have been motivated to upload the video to this page very soon!

I'm going to be raining down some of my deepest thoughts here on this page whenever the inspiration hits. Unlike my personal page, which is more casual, random, and filled with eventful kind of posts related to my everyday life, this Like page will focus more on my philosophical side, and will serve as a means for me to express a more authentic side of who I am. That's my aim anyway. I'll also be using this page to share videos from other artists of life which inspire and help me elaborate my own thoughts and feelings a little better.

So get ready to ! I will be posting content here starting this week and onward!

Timeline photos 01/04/2016

Aiming to kick off the new year right! If you're following this page, prepare to ! I plan to post content here very soon!


Bruce Lee - Have Faith In Yourself

Happy 75th Birthday, Bruce Lee!

It has been one year to this day since I've posted on this page. It just so happens that on this day last year I posted under the same inspiration, which was Bruce Lee's birthday. His day of birth has once again prompted me to share another post. I suppose it's because his influence in my life has been particularly meaningful to me. I'm wanting this page to be an outlet of expression for my most authentic self, so naturally, Bruce Lee's philosophy of honest self expression plays a big part of that.

Of all Bruce Lee's philosophies, his emphasis on honest self expression has captured me the most. As I grew up, particularly in my teen years, I found the journey of discovering who you are is one thing. To have the courage to then express yourself in the face adversity, or in the midst of those who would have you believe you're wrong for it is another thing. One of my biggest fears was to be myself, so Bruce Lee's influence was very important to me at this time in my life.

"One thing I have learned in my life is to always be yourself. To express yourself. To have faith in yourself. Do not go out and find a successful personality and duplicate him! That is the most important thing. People always copy mannerisms, etc., but never start at the very root of their being and ask, how can I be me?"

While anyone can give you the advice to be yourself, Bruce Lee was a walking example of it. Even in his films, he is the most honest actor I've seen, not just in acting, but in his physical movements, his mannerisms, and everything! He was just being himself, and was so confident about it!

So while there are MANY reasons why Bruce Lee has inspired me, the journey of self discovery and honest self expression is probably the most important for me :)

~Jason Rainwater

Enter The Rainwater

The aim of martial arts is not to hurt, but one of the avenues which life opens its secret so us. It is a path, not so much to defeat an outward opponent, but its primary goal is to overcome our inward limitations, humble the ego, and aim to better ourselves.

The point is to utilize the art as a means to advance in the study of 道 ’The Way.'

The philosophy of martial arts has been a central theme in my life. However, I’m very passive by nature, and have never walked this path with the intention to be a physically superior fighter against another human being. Indeed, self defense is a part of its components, and I strive to be the best I can be in that department. However, it’s not the piece of the puzzle that drew me in.

Self discovery, for me, is the key drive, even before I was aware of it.



1331 Noble St
Anniston, AL

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