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Awesome photo from Chaka's competition this weekend. It just goes to show how fortunate you all are to have Richard. What an amazing athlete and coach!! It was so nice to meet a few of your newer members. They represented crossfit Hershey well and you should be so proud of them. Miss you guys! I hope our gyms can do more together in the future!!! ❤️
You are all invited to support PTSD Awareness!

Free Event. No registration fees! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

All invited!

Always repping CFH whenever I have the chance! Even in the middle of the open ocean 🛳 🏖 🏝 🌊
I loved being able to say “no thank you” when asked if I need help loading those 21 bags of mulch!
#FunctionalFitness. #ladiesnobarbellclass
10.5’x6’ rogue infinity rig for sale. It has 2 speal bars, vertical portion is 11’ tall for ring muscle ups, angled pull-up bar section, squat rack section with 2 J cups. 1 year old and great condition. Cost over $1000 but drilling for $750 obo. Email me at [email protected] if interested
We are so proud of these girls for their off-season training with Coach Richard Essig - and now they get to utilize their training on the court. We are excited for opening day! Go get 'em ladies!
Last week if u come into Reebok you get 50% off and your crossfit discount too. Most Nano 8s and all Nano 2s included.
Hello my fellow Crossfit family. My cow lady ( for the past two years) has a whole steer she is looking to sell. It is grass fed beef and will be taken to Burpak in Myerstown to get butchered. (that is where you will pick up your meat)

If you are interested a whole, half or quarter please give her a call or text. Stacie 717-269-7924.
Weigh in with Brandi😂

We serve the entire person by addressing mobility, safe strength and conditioning, nutrition, adequate sleep and healthy relationships. We Pursue Excellence, Improve Health, Empower Others and Employ Generosity.

We are a top tier Strength and Conditioning facility specializing in CrossFit classes, rehabilitation services, personal training and individual program design. We also offer nutritional counseling for both members and non-members. Our goal is to build a more fit community in the Palmyra/Annville area.

Operating as usual





Screaming CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK to Richard, Paige, Dustin and Danielle as they head into a big week! Get after it! We are rooting for you! #CFHProud #crossfithershey #crossfitcommunity #crossfit #quarterfinals #LETSGOOOOO


Ron Baysinger has spent his last 3 birthdays celebrating at CrossFit Hershey. He wanted another memory to pop up in his Facebook memories for next year, so we commemorated #51 with a pic. “Merry Ronica” aka Happy Birthday, Ron!


Former CFH member?? We'd love to show you what's new at the reimagined CFH! Contact Jenna for more details and to set up your FREE opportunity to join us for a week. // #CrossFit #CrossFitHershey #SupportYourLocalBox


Saturday! 9am class, with open gym before & after. Start your weekend with some gains! // #CrossFit #CrossFitHershey #SupportYourLocalBox #weekendvibes


"Consistency is the belt that fastens excellence in position. If you don't do it repeatedly, you'll not excel in it." #CrossFit #CrossFitHershey #SupportYourLocalBox #crossfitaffiliate #bettertogether


Environment is a huge factor in success and growth. Surround yourself with like minded others// #CrossFit #CrossFitHershey #crossfitaffiliate #SupportYourLocalBox


Today, we had the opportunity to spend our morning with Clean Plate Nutrition! Not only did they hand out delicious samples but they also shared information on their different meal plan options and the convenience they provide in ordering.

Eating healthy is at the forefront of living a healthier life. Interested in learning more? Head on over to Clean Plate Nutrition and check them out! 💙

Thank you so much for coming out, ladies!


Be the best version of yourself:

* Prevent chronic disease
* Build a better immune system
* Lose weight
* Reduce stress
* Improve mood

Train better. Live better. Join us!

*Offer valid through Feb 6th!

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We've been working hard this week. Have you? // #joinus #CrossFit #CrossFitHershey #CFH #SupportYourLocalBox #crossfitaffiliate #centralpa #crossfitcommunity #betterthanyesterday #livehealth #livebetter


Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional. Here's to growing this week! // #CrossFit #CrossFitHershey #CFH #SupportYourLocalBox #crossfitaffiliate #centralpa #crossfitcommunity #betterthanyesterday #livehealthy #livebetter #functionalfitness


New year, new you! No better time to start than now-- really though, this is a pretty wild deal. Contact [email protected] for more information! #crossfit #crossfitcommunity #centralpa #beabetteryou #betterthanyesterday #freshstart




Repost from one of our owners: Bryan Laudermilch


As 2020 comes to a close, I reflect on what the past year has taught me. Safe to say we have all learned to be more resilient, more adaptable to our environment and our circumstances - we continue to show up, overcome and forge ahead.

This year has shined a spotlight on our health - and the importance of proactively taking care of ourselves! For those that don’t October, amidst a global pandemic, I (along with my wife and friends) decided to buy a gym. Given the landscape, many questioned the decision. Surely I already had enough on my plate with a growing family and busy career in healthcare.

For me, it was about purpose, giving, creating. An opportunity to be a steward for the community - to lead and be an advocate for health & wellness. You get the point.

Like health, life is about taking ownership in order to create and be the best version of you. Yes, there is a lot we can’t control. More importantly - there’s a lot that we can!

If you want the next chapter to be a better read, I have attached a goal-setting template and tools to help you design the life you want. This is given to our gym members to help create a vision, goals and action plan to get results. Use it as you see fit. The framework is there. My hope is you accomplish your goals in 2021 and live a happier, healthier life.

If you have any questions regarding your health & fitness, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If I cannot answer them for you, I will put you in touch with someone who can. Don’t wish to be healthier this coming year. Take action!

At CrossFit Hershey, we have the coaches, expertise and fitness & nutrition programs to help you be a better version of you. We have an entire community supporting one another's journey and celebrating each others’ successes.

Here’s to a better you in 2021! I wish you all the best! 🎯💪🏻👊🏻


"The journey of thousand miles begins with one step." -Lao Tzu #thereisnotimebetterthannow


CrossFit Hershey

Give us 8 weeks of your time and we will give you 8 simple ways to kick off 2021 with your best foot forward. The cost is $75! Ask us about payment options! Contact [email protected] to grab your spot today! Challenge starts Monday, December 7th. #beabetteryou #healthiswealth

[12/04/20]   Give us 8 weeks of your time and we will give you 8 simple ways to kick off 2021 with your best foot forward. The cost is $75! Ask us about payment options! Contact [email protected] to grab your spot today! Challenge starts Monday, December 7th. #beabetteryou #healthiswealth


This past weekend, 14 CrossFit Hershey members competed at an event hosted by CrossFit Gamma to benefit local animals at Homeward Bound Animal Rescue. Out of four local boxes, CrossFit Hershey raised the most money coming in at $1,642! In return for raising the most money, we won a ski erg to add to our current family of ski ergs!!! 🤗

Our community continues to amaze us every single day. Leading you is truly an honor💙 THANK YOU again to all that donated, competitors that participated, spectators that came to cheer us on, and CrossFit Gamma for inviting us to such an awesome event to support an amazing cause! #crossfitcommunity #locallove


We don’t know them all but we owe them all. To all of the men and women in our armed forces, near and far, THANK YOU for your service and your sacrifice 🇺🇸 #veteransday2020 #redwhiteandblue


Change your life by improving your wellness with a supportive community and coaching staff by your side! Contact [email protected] or message us today!


Former CFH member?? We'd love to show you what's new at the reimagined CrossFit Hershey! Contact Jenna for more details and to set up your FREE opportunity to join us for a week! [email protected]


CrossFit Hershey's cover photo


CrossFit Hershey


You may have missed it. Contact [email protected] to learn more.


So fresh and so clean, clean... 10/15/2020

The Heart, Part 11: Myocardial Remodeling and Salvage

Need another reason to try out CrossFit Hershey?

"How could one induce and titrate the dose of cardiac hypoxia needed to drive angiogenesis? Exercise. Low doses of exercise have been demonstrated to enhance collateralization in both healthy and diseased hearts. One can conjecture that programmed and regular higher intensity exercise that pushes an athlete into more profound and transient systemic hypoxia may be effective in driving collateral growth and protecting the heart from future damage. While we can assemble a strong data-driven argument to support this conjecture, most research in this area is performed on ponies, pigs, and rats, who generally don’t or won’t do CrossFit in the laboratory."

Since the ponies and pigs won't try it out, we propose that YOU do your best to avoid heart attacks by giving it a shot and optimizing your position to fight such devastation! What happens during a heart attack? How long is the window before permanent damage begins to occur in the heart’s tissues? Here, Lon Kilgore, Ph.D., describes the series of events that follow a complete or partial blockage. He also discusses innovative research into how high-intensity exercise mig...


It's a good day for an obstacle course warm up with Coach Lauren!


Four of our CFH members participated in a great competition this weekend. 2 Days of workouts... Thanks to Chaka Crossfit for hosting!

Congrats to Elise, Kevin, Richard and Justin for a job well done. All 3 of these gentlemen took FIRST place in their respective divisions and we could not be more proud. It's always our goal to model sportsmanship and be respectable competitors - and we know these four represented us well.

Great job, gang! Way to go!!!!!


“It’s the small habits. How you spend your mornings. How you talk to yourself. What you read. What you watch. Who you share your energy with. Who has access to you. That will change your life.” -Michael Tonge

Do you need some like-minded people to help support you? Join our crew! Email [email protected] to get started with an orientation, which will prepare you to successfully join classes!


Lots of hard work this week... so it's time for a 'regen' day! Thursday is all about dialing it back, working out those sore spots and recovering well.

Then tomorrow we get after it again!!


**HERO Workout = Workout with Emotional Purpose**

We had one great partner workout this week already... but tomorrow brings another. This time, it will honor the lives of the First Responders who perished in their heroic efforts on 9/11. Always remember!


Rather than wish we had been healthy when illness, accident or pandemic occur, our members are doing their best to prepare their bodies and minds for whatever lies ahead.

You may have heard the Abe Lincoln quote, “If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six sharpening my axe.” We liken our pursuit to this concept and wisdom. It is far better to be diligent and proactive here and now - than to be full of regret later (and have an uphill battle to fight).

If you would like to improve the state of your overall health by working alongside likeminded individuals who can help you to become more healthy, please contact us! We all start somewhere and are on our journey towards Impoved Health!


If you have been feeling isolated or alone, please consider a place that will accept you and welcome you with open arms.

Many of our members have struggled through difficult times of life, trials, health concerns, and heartache... but have felt the amazing support of this CFH family. We are better together. Won't you join us?

Email [email protected] to see if we may be a good fit for you!


"Habits will form whether you want them or not. Whatever you repeat, you reinforce." -James Clear 08/25/2020

Why Does CrossFit Make You Feel Good? | BOXROX

CrossFit might not be the cure to all of life’s problems, but it certainly will make you feel good. This feeling of elation can be traced back to a couple of reasons:

-The release of “positive” hormones during exercise
-Benefits to brain functions, such as memory and learning, as well as self-esteem
-Improvements in our body’s systems (increased health)
-The benefits of social exercise

The physiological effects of exercise include heart health, a stronger immune system, decreased risk of many diseases, and stable body structures – athletes have a reduced mortality risk compared to sedentary people. Next to the physical benefits of exercise, CrossFit makes you feel good for the following reasons...

*click to continue reading: The effects of intense exercise extend from the physiological to the psychological.

Our Story

We are a top tier Strength and Conditioning facility specializing in CrossFit classes, Rehabilitation Services, Personal Training and Individual Program Design. Our Personal Training services include specialty areas such as Postpartum Corrective Exercise, Pelvic Floor Restoration, Posture correction and Breathing training, and Post-Rehabilitation strengthening.

We also offer Nutritional Counseling for both members and non-members. We serve the entire person, through an improved wellness approach by addressing mobility, safe strength and conditioning movements, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep and healthy relationships.

We strive to create a community-focused environment where we Pursue Excellence, Improve Health, Empower Others and Employ Generosity. Our goal is to build a more fit community in the Palmyra/Annville area.

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