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Year ✌🏾: Precision 🤝 Dundee-Crown Cross Country

Thanks again Connor Stankus for an awesome workout and team building opportunity. My DCXC athletes loved it!
MORE EXHAUSTING THAN A WORKOUT: Watch the process of re-vamping Precision Training for Phase 2 then Phase 3 now Phase 4. The CBS Chicago Morning Insiders detail the constant revisions this business and others are undergoing to financially survive COVID-19.
Thank you Precision Training for motivating us, teaching us and helping us become stronger!
Today I was reminded why I love Precision Training. I went to Lifetime for a workout. It was beautiful - a café, pool, gyms, every piece of equipment you could ever want. And I was working out with an absolutely awesome person who made my workout both productive and enjoyable. In spite of all the bells and whistles, it still just felt - cold I guess would be the right word. Nobody said hi to me when I walked in. People were all in their own little worlds - no support, no friendly trash-talking - it just felt lonely. When I walk through the door at Precision I get something so much better than bells and whistles. I get personal attention and friends who support me through whatever happens to be going on. I get a great workout designed just for me to help me reach my own goals. I get each and every time. Thank you Wade for developing such a terrific culture in the first gym I've ever actually looked forward to attending.
For us gals 😂
Keith Gulliford PT/ Wade Merrill can I come tonight instead to do the workout?? Sometime after 4:30 is good for me. Sorry to switch but I have a conflict with tomorrow.
Precision P.T. made a strong entry into their first Floataway wreath decorating contest. Nice wreath guys!!
Another reason why I love training with Wade Merrill...
5 hours after I left my workout, while sitting at my table up to my elbows in homework, he sends a text to say ,"Great job today Jen! Really glad to have you back"

Thanks, Wade for always believing in me and encouraging me!💪🏻🏋🏻
Challenge workout time....DB Thrusters kicked my butt :(
Here's a workout motivator for all the ladies out there!!
You're in Barrington Lakes?

At Precision Training, we care why our client's train with us because our passion is your progress.

Precision Training is much more than a mold-cast fitness guild. We exist to redefine the "dad bod", make moms strong, help firefighters, teachers, nurses, and accountants experience a new level of vitality and strength through disciplined, personalized training programs and group classes. At Precision, you will find exceptional support, not only from our coaches, but from the community of Precision clients.

Operating as usual


Our partners at just launched their $50,000 6-Week Challenge !

Not only can you win giant sums of cash, but they also are giving away gift cards, prizes, recipes, delicious protein shakes, and some surprises.

Join the group..


Ben Turnwald has been a client of Precision for 8 years. He has trained with every trainer, explored every style of training we have to offer, and consistently shows up to get work done 2-6 times per week, every week.

Prior to his wedding in February of 2022, he expressed that he wanted to “get shredded.” With the help of every trainer at Precision, he got his body to a place that he loves - both in performance and in aesthetics.

Consistent, hard work and trust in people who care makes the difference over time. Identify your goal, find people to support you, and go after it.


📢 Join Our Growing Team at Precision Training! 🏋️‍♂️💪

Are you passionate about fitness and making a positive impact on people's lives? 🌟 We have exciting opportunities available at Precision Training for two enthusiastic and skilled trainers, as well as an admin position. 🚀

As a premier fitness facility, we take pride in our friendly and personalized approach, helping clients achieve their goals with intentional program design and genuine care. If you're a certified personal trainer with a NASM-CPT qualification or possess exceptional administrative skills, we want to hear from you!

Join our close-knit community of fitness enthusiasts and be part of a team that prioritizes individualized attention and client success. 🤝

Ready to take the next step in your fitness career? Don't miss out on this chance to grow with us! To apply, click on the link posted in the comments below.

Let's create a healthier and stronger future together! 💪


Trainers - your job is NOT just to facilitate a workout. We are in the transformation business. It is your job to help your client understand (as well as apply) specific behaviors that will move the needle toward wherever they are trying to go.

1️⃣Define the variables that they need to do CONSISTENTLY (aka - 90% of the time or more) to help them progress.

NOTE: If they can’t be 90% consistent, the behavior is too hard or you need to have a hard conversation about what their goals really are and what they mean to them. Understand what they are willing to sacrifice so you can coach them appropriately.

2️⃣Help them track those behaviors CONSISTENTLY.

3️⃣DRAW THEIR ATTENTION to the areas they are struggling and HELP them either adjust the behavior or come up with a plan to overcome whatever is causing the struggle.

Without these steps, your clients will get through workouts and may get fitter, but their progress is limited. Take control as the health and fitness expert and find other ways to permeate their lives with positivity. They’ll see more progress, trust you more, and in turn, they’ll be your biggest cheerleader.


“Training is an incredibly positive thing for our clients, and as trainers, we’re happy to see people working towards their goals and staying consistent. But sometimes, progress doesn’t come easy. It might feel like we’re not getting anywhere, and we’re stuck continually teaching the same movement in a loop.

The remedy to that is the intentionality of our explanation and the integrity of our eye. If we don’t tell our client how to do something and correct it, in a way where they can actually IMPLEMENT that, then who will?

What’s ultimately going to get your clients the results they want is not only the efficacy of your programming, but also your integrity and the standards with which you communicate. Our job isn’t just to lead people through exercise, but to get them to move in a way that has their safety and progress in mind.

In this example of the press, the client isn’t connecting how the movement is supposed to feel. It’s up to us to communicate how to feel and do that movement properly in a way that’s not only comprehensible, but fun and engaging. That can make all the difference between your clients getting their results and itching to come back for more, or getting nowhere and giving up.” - Kevin Kryszak


Do you facilitate your clients’ workouts, or do you lead them?

Coaching is a science…AND an art.

Do you intake a client, put them into the same programming you have for everyone else, and facilitate their workout each week? Or do you listen to their goals, their fears, their desires, gain their trust through care, and lead them from their current state to the next best version of them?

If you’re going to challenge your clients to do big things, you better be ready to help them get there.


is more than a Nutrition Coach. She is a certified Master of Health Coaching, currently working on becoming board certified by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching.

To us, achieving a healthy lifestyle is so much more than controlling your exercise and nutrition habits. Deep health means having control and consistent, positive actions in many areas, including the following:

👯‍♀️Social: connection to others in a safe and positive way
💪Physical: performing and functioning well
💭Existential: feeling a sense of meaning and “purpose” in life
❤️Emotional: experiencing (and regulating) a full range of emotions
‼️Mental: being alert, focused, competent, thoughtful, learning and solving problems well
🌻Environmental: your everyday surroundings support your wellbeing

Do you have ways that you focus on each of these areas in your life?

Photos from Precision Training's post 04/10/2023

Do you help your clients incorporate fitness into their lives, or do you expect them to make it last by just adding a piece to the puzzle?

Oftentimes, clients approach us wanting to add something - working out - to their schedule. What they don’t consider is that to make a lasting change, they have to envision what it will mean to make changes throughout their entire life.

Do they plan for the extra sleep they’ll need?
Do they plan for how they’ll take what they’re currently doing during your workout hour and moving it somewhere else?
Do they plan for the changes they’ll need to make to their diet to get the most from their exercise?

As trainers, it’s our job to not only point these opportunities out to clients, but to educate them as to how they’ll change their experience in the gym AS WELL AS guide them as they work to make widespread, lasting change.

Just being there for their workout isn’t enough. Ask yourself - are you training or are you leading?

Photos from Precision Training's post 03/27/2023

3️⃣ Reasons Why You Need a Personal Trainer

Reason #1️⃣ - Accountability
There is something to be said about having an appointment you’re “supposed” to show up for and a person waiting for you to be at the gym when you said you would be.

Reason #2️⃣ - Expertise
Trainers spend years learning about the body and perfecting their craft while training. Find someone to take into account your goals, lifestyle factors, and your body’s abilities and combine them into workouts that help you progress.

Reason #3️⃣ - Connection
Having a human who knows you helps you learn faster, adhere to your plan better, and navigate challenges when they come up.

Photos from Precision Training's post 02/17/2023

Avoiding basic functional movement patterns (squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, carry etc.) in your clients’ programming because they hurt is rarely ever the answer when it comes to helping them achieve their goals or prepare them for a long, pain-free life.

Rather, the issue is not having a strong idea of how to strengthen and stabilize the right areas to promote success in those movements and positions.

1️⃣ Identify pain points or movement incompetencies in a lightly loaded (or bodyweight), regressed version of that movement pattern or activity.
2️⃣ Use other movements and exercises to regress the pattern appropriately and build up strength in the prime movers and accessory muscles. This is also where you build competency in the general function of the movement pattern.
3️⃣ Adjust volume and load to what the person can control and tolerate. Progress it strategically over time and eventually train these patterns without pain or fear of injury.


This is a GREAT opportunity for new mommas who need a little extra help getting back into the swing of working out and take time for THEIR own bodies!

📣There are only a few spots left in our upcoming MommaFit program!
🫵Take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your body and get back to feeling like yourself.

8-week program, beginning February 25th, and ending April 22nd (excluding March 25th).
If you can't make a week due to a scheduling conflict, we would still encourage you to sign up. We will have video content to keep you up to speed, so you won't miss a thing, momma.


Ever wonder what it means to bulk, cut, and maintain? In preparation for his 2022 wedding, worked with Precision to shed away the body fat he had gained while trying to put on muscle in previous years with us.

Since the wedding, he has been intentional with both his training and nutrition, and has found a way to not only maintain the progress he’s made, but ADD additional muscle mass and LOSE additional body fat. That’s the power of working at your maintenance level!

Ben is living proof of what you can do when you feed well, work out intentionally, and maintain a generally healthy lifestyle. Forget “shredding for the wedding” - Ben got shredded (and healthy) for life.

Photos from Precision Training's post 02/03/2023

How do you keep the progress moving? ☝️

Photos from Precision Training's post 01/20/2023

Checking the box is not usually enough to see the progress you may be looking for. Showing up is the first piece of the puzzle, but being intentional about your workout OUTSIDE your sets and reps is what really matters the most.

1️⃣ Drink water. Your body can’t perform well if it’s not hydrated. Keep a reusable water bottle on your desk or in your backpack, and refill it often.

2️⃣ Eat well. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein, and healthy fats are all part of a balanced diet that will give you the energy to get the most from your workouts.

3️⃣ Move and mobilize. A tight body doesn’t function well. Ensure you stay moving so your body is ready to perform and stay injury free.

4️⃣ Sleep. Find a routine and stick to it as often as you can. A body that sleeps well recovers well and performs even better.


Applications for our first Trainers in Training cohort of 2023 are now CLOSED!

Thank you to all who applied. We are very excited to expand our team.

Didn’t get in on it this time? No worries! We will open applications again in March for our next round of the program. Keep an eye on our social media for all important information regarding the Trainers in Training program.

Photos from Precision Training's post 12/31/2022

A coach of course needs to have a comprehensive understanding of exercise science, programming strategies, anatomy & physiology, etc… BUT almost more importantly a coach needs to be able to communicate with their client.

For Clients: Ask questions, give feedback on what you’re feeling, and try to help your coach learn as much as they can about you. It is only going to help them help you reach your goals quicker and more efficiently.

For Coaches/Trainers: Explain your programming and thought processes more, you don’t have to dive into the nitty gritty of exercise science and biomechanics,(unless they really ask for it) but having an open dialogue with your client will only improve the relationship between you both, and help make you a better decision maker in relation to the choices that affect the clients goals.


Happy Holidays from the entire Precision Training team and community. We hope you enjoy time with friends and family, delicious food, and a break from the hustle of life to breathe, reflect, and re-engage before 2023.


Rich Ammentorp has been training at Precision since he began preparing for a trip to Machu Picchu years ago. Since then, he’s completely changed his life.

Rich says…

“When I got to Precision, I thought…’Boy-am I out of shape!’ But what was even more amazing is the body analysis that Wade performed - and discovered basic physical limitations due to previous injuries sustained in a car accident. I went from “getting in shape” to tackle the trip to total overall improvement in my physical well being. Because of an accident in 1984, I had limited ability to turn my neck. After working at Precision for about a year, I realized while driving on the highway that I could turn my head without turning my body! I realized in that moment how much my mobility had improved.

Classes progressed to one-on-one training and recovery and getting specific help from a referral to a chiropractor to correct my movement. Now, my focus is on stability and balance. At 72, I’m bound and determined to improve. I have never felt better and more in shape in all my life.”

Photos from Precision Training's post 12/12/2022

Are you a trainer who wants to build a career in the fitness industry?
Do you want competitive pay and employment benefits?
Do you want to learn not just how to facilitate exercise, but how to train people to excel at their goals?

Precision Training has opened its applications for the next round of the Trainers in Training program. Across 12 weeks, get paid ($1200 minimum) to learn from some of the best in the industry, with the potential for employment as a Precision Trainer upon graduation from the program.

As a Precision Trainer, you will enjoy…
🔸A BASE starting salary of $39,000 per year, with opportunity for biweekly bonuses and commission
🔸 Paid time off
🔸 No minimum sales goals. We help you get clients!
🔸 A teamwork-based environment

Visit to submit your application and learn more about the program, and contact our General Manager, , with any questions!


Are you a trainer who wants to build a career in the fitness industry?
Do you want competitive pay and employment benefits?
Do you want to learn not just how to facilitate exercise, but how to train people to excel at their goals?

Precision Training has opened its applications for the next round of the Trainers in Training program. Across 12 weeks, get paid ($1200 minimum) to learn from some of the best in the industry, with the potential for employment as a Precision Trainer upon graduation from the program.

As a Precision Trainer, you will enjoy…
🔸A BASE starting salary of $39,000 per year, with opportunity for biweekly bonuses and commission
🔸 Paid time off
🔸 No minimum sales goals. We help you get clients!
🔸 A teamwork-based environment

Visit to submit your application and learn more about the program, and contact our General Manager, Ashlyn Worcester, with any questions!


Happy Thanksgiving from the Precision Family to yours.

We are thankful for the new faces we’ve been able to meet since opening our Arlington Heights location just over a year ago.

We are happy to have grown our team (and for the prospect of continuing to grow it).

We are so grateful for our amazing community today (and every day) for continuing to support us, care for us, and allow us the chance to do what we love most.

We wish you happiness, health, delicious food, and some gainz on this wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat up!!


Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be the end of good nutrition for 2022.

Follow the hand portion control method to give yourself a taste of all the best goodies while coming away from the table feeling full (but not stuffed) and ready to take on everything the rest of the weekend has to offer!

🍗 Load up on protein! Fill at 1/4 of your plate with ham, turkey, or whatever protein you’re gathering has to offer!
🥦 Opt for bigger servings of plain veggies, or enjoy smaller 2-3 bite portions of those in casseroles. Shoot for 1/2 the plate in combination of fruits and veggies.
🍞 Bread is NOT the enemy (and neither is gravy)! Start small and give yourself time to digest before grabbing more. Our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs!
🍰 Have one larger serving of your favorite dessert, or bite-sized servings of several!

Give yourself time to digest between dinner and dessert, and drink PLENTY of water! When you wake up on Friday, resume life business as usual!

See you in December!!


How do you translate your goal into action and progress?

🔸How LONG do you want that goal to take to reach?
🔸 How many DAYS per week are you willing to commit to pursuing that goal?
🔸 What ACTION steps will bring you consistently toward that goal?
🔸 Are those action steps SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, and ATTAINABLE enough that you’ll be able to consistently implement them?

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is the first step of many. Before starting something new, be sure to blow out your goals to prepare yourself to stay consistent, be specific and efficient in your action steps, and be ready do adapt against the inevitable bumps in the road.


🎃 Happy Halloween!! 🎃

This time of year, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of “eating what’s available.” While it’s important to give yourself and your nutrition grace to spend time with family and enjoy the foods that you don’t get to enjoy often, it’s also important to remember that the holiday festivities don’t account for every meal for 3 months out of the year.

Enough “waiting until January!!” Take control of your choices, starting today, by implementing these simple tips when choosing what treats to enjoy:

🎃 Pick and enjoy items that you genuinely LOVE. Don’t eat the Almond Joy just because it’s sitting on the counter. Enjoy your favorite piece of candy, in moderation.
🎃 Separate treats that are in big batches (and easy to overeat) into single-serve containers. That will make it easier to stick to one portion at a time.
🎃 Store treats away from the kitchen counter, off the table, and somewhere you have to GO get them. This will prevent you from eating them when you should be prioritizing other foods.

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN have control. Set yourself up for success and feel better than ever when January 1st rolls around!

Photos from Precision Training's post 10/21/2022

Ever wonder what a nutrition coach eats in a day? A balanced meal should have each of the following…


Swipe to see how our Nutrition Coach, fits these into her meals each day and next time you’re not sure what to eat, try it for yourself! Food doesn’t have to be complicated.

Step 1️⃣ - Learn more about what’s in the foods you’re eating.
Step 2️⃣ - Begin pairing your foods together to build a balanced plate.
Step 3️⃣ - Get to eating and reap the benefits!


The seasons are starting to change!!

And it’s time to start thinking about your nutrition. How do you want to feel about your body, your habits, and your health by the time the holidays roll around?

Our fourth cycle of Basecamp Nutrition Coaching is coming up and starts on October 3rd! Join our exclusive group of 5 clients to learn how to eat for your body (and your lifestyle) and use your nutrition to help you progress toward your aesthetic and fitness goals.

If you commit to your spot by the end of August, you will receive $100 OFF your first month!

4 Ways to Get Started
📱Mindbody App
📞 (224) 353-6560
💬 on Instagram


School is back in session! Don’t lose out on moving your body every day just because summer is over. Try a Small Group Training class - available Monday-Saturday (morning and night) to keep your body active!

First class is always free!

3 Ways to Get Started
📱Mindbody App
📞 (224) 353-6560


Your 👏 shoes 👏 matter 👏

Do your training shoes help or inhibit your foot stability? Some people are surprised to feel how hard it is to improve their movement until they see how the shape of their shoes (and how they mold to their feet over time) prevents them from getting into - and holding - a good position while training.

Examine your shoes - not just for training, but in life! Do your toes have room to breathe and spread out? Do your ankles have room to move and stabilize? Do your arches have room to flatten and re-form?

If you’re working on simple movement patterns without load, try training barefoot! Spend time USING your feet for what they’re intended - connecting to your environment via the floor - and you might be surprised by the feedback your body gives you.


Our SGT classes are available several times a day, 6 days a week!

6 am - M / W / F / S
10 am - M / W / F
7 pm - M / W
6 pm - T / Th

And not only that, each day has a different training focus, giving you a chance to hit every area of your body, as well as high intensity conditioning (if that’s your jam) every week!

First class is always free! Find us in Mindbody and book with us to try it for yourself!


Not just a sweat session - it’s intentional, strength and stability weight training balanced with high intensity and endurance-focused cardio training.

11 classes per week.
$15 per class.
Endless opportunities for gains. 💪

3 Ways to Get Started
📱Mindbody App (Your first class is always free!)
📞 (224) 353-6560

Photos from Precision Training's post 06/18/2022

Client Spotlight Saturday! These clients crushed it this week with their trainers and we couldn’t be more proud.

Want in on the action? 1-on-1, SPT, and SGT slots are limited, so get in before the summer rush while you can!

3 Ways to Get Started
📱Mindbody App
📞 (224) 353-6560

Photos from Precision Training's post 06/17/2022

Just like training, mobility shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all.

Adjust to work within your limits and watch your range slowly improve.


Individualized experience, from beginning to end.

Our approach tailors to your…
🔸Training preferences

Schedule your free consult call and let’s discuss how we can guide you to feeling like you’re in the best shape of your life!

3 Ways to Get Started
📱Mindbody App
📞 (224) 353-6560



Find out how to balance the summer fun of food and drink with positive nutrition and lifestyle changes.

The next cycle of Basecamp begins on July 4th, and we couldn’t be more excited! There are only 3️⃣ spots available, so if you’re ready to make a change, then now is the time.

Don’t wait until the cold weather hits (or after) to worry about preventing the winter fluff. Start now and prepare yourself in advance.

To get started…
📱Mindbody App
📞 (224) 353-6560
💬 ashlynv_worcester on Instagram


Summer SGT is in full swing!! We currently have openings in all of our Small Group Training classes and are ready to take you in!

If you’re looking for a summer training option that is…
🔸Has flexible timing

And most importantly…FUN…

then you’re in the right place!

Classes meet Monday through Saturday, several times per day.

3 Ways to Get Started
📱Mindbody App
📞 (224) 353-6560


Precision Training values the professionals we work with in the healthcare industry and beyond. Because of them, we can not only provide our clients with services outside of our scope of expertise, but can improve their training quality tenfold by working closely with those professionals to determine what our clients really need.

Inertia Health Center, owned and operated by Dr. Kyle Goerschler, is one of those businesses. With a focus on addressing pain and movement dysfunction at the source, his clients find their greatest success comes from combining his chiropractic work and expertise surrounding the body and its mechanics with Precision Training’s willingness to understand and apply his findings to their training.

See our community corkboard for more information on Inertia Health Center and to grab one of Dr. Goerschler’s business cards. We’d love to connect you!

Photos from Precision Training's post 05/28/2022

Our newest addition - the community chalkboard - is coming together!

We are so proud to showcase our amazing community each and every day, and can’t wait until this entire wall is full of photos of strong, committed, humble, hungry, and happy individuals who have chosen to be a part of our little family.

We have tons of space in all of our services for the summer, so if you want in on the action, visit our website and fill out the form on the “Start” page!

3 Ways to Get Started
📱Mindbody App
📞 (224) 353-6560


Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Which are you…?

“I can’t do it.” ➡️ “I’m still learning. I’ll keep trying.”
“I’m not good at this.” ➡️ “What can I learn to get better?”
“I’m afraid to make a mistake.” ➡️ “Mistakes are how I learn and get better.”
“This is too hard.” ➡️ “With more practice, it’ll get easier.”
“I give up.” ➡️ “I’ll try a different way.”
“I don’t know how.” ➡️ “I can learn how.”
“They are better at it than I am.” ➡️ “What can I learn from them?”

Having a growth mindset creates opportunity in work, everyday life, and in the gym. Don’t box yourself into your current level of expertise. Seek growth and watch new opportunities and benefits unfold.


☀️Summer is officially incoming!!☀️

And it’s time to start thinking about your nutrition. How do you want to feel about your body, your habits, and your health by the time the Labor Day BBQ comes around?

Our third cycle of Basecamp Nutrition Coaching is coming up and starts 🎆July 4th🎆! Join our exclusive group of 5 clients to learn how to eat for your body (and your lifestyle) and use your nutrition to help you progress toward your aesthetic and fitness goals.

If you commit to your spot by the end of May, you will receive $100 OFF your first month!

4 Ways to Get Started
📱Mindbody App
📞 (224) 353-6560
💬 on Instagram or Facebook


For the last few months, Precision Training has had the privilege of getting to know and work with our neighbor from just across the street, !

Dr. Angie Recendez and her team specialize in pediatric and pregnancy care, and share a vision very closely with that of Precision.

“Bright Futures Chiropractic’s Mission is to empower families in the community toward optimal health and wellness. By correcting the root cause of your current health condition, they strive to facilitate the natural healing powers of the human body. Their goal is to be a bright light for many people and show that there is always hope for their health.”

We are so excited to continue working with Bright Futures and to help even more of our clients (and theirs)!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Arlington Heights?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Arlington Heights, IL

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 8pm
Tuesday 5am - 8pm
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Saturday 6am - 12pm

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