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Kids had a great time today doing their Quarantine Boot Camp with Cordaro Fit! Realized my children need to work out with Ms. Sheila more often, especially my son who is REALLY inflexible...especially compared to his sister!😊
Christmas Eve Sweat Sesh!
It's been a tradition for a lot of these peeps for 10 years! So fun seeing so many show up for this workout.
Nick Cordaro, thanks for being the cameraman.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Arlington's Premier Boot Camp! Offering group fitness, Corporate events, and personal training.

Operating as usual


💦Everybody needs a little cardio in their day!🥵 This combo will have your heart beating against your chest like drum strokes on a bass drum.
4 sets
👉🏼tuck to star
👉🏼cross country skier
👉🏼side lunge hump shot
👉🏼rumble squat touch
👉🏼alt knee raises
👉🏼side stride jab

📌SAVE for your next quick cardio blast.

Best of Arlington Survey 2023 - Arlington Magazine 09/07/2022

Best of Arlington Survey 2023 - Arlington Magazine

Do you love your Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor? 😉😁

Please vote for me in Arlington Magazine’s Best of Arlington readers’ survey in the Fitness & Beauty category! There are only 2 days left to vote. I appreciate you and your time. Just click on the link below.
Thank you!
Your trainer,

Best of Arlington Survey 2023 - Arlington Magazine Best of Arlington Survey 2023 from Arlington Magazine

Photos from Cordaro Fit's post 09/05/2022

Being the aunt to this great kid is a blessing. Moments like this are special. This 7 year old and I chatted about life, our fears and things she wants in the near future. I was thinking of keeping her safe and returning her to shore unscathed. She was thinking of a science lab that she wants her dad to build for her so she can “learn more things and be better at math”. 🥹
She asked what would happen if the boat capsized. I assured her that we would float. 😂
The long trip was worth this moment.

Cardio Kickboxing 08/22/2022

Cardio Kickboxing

Arlington Peeps, I'll be back LIVE IN-PERSON for 2 NEW classes at VHC!
Fitness Fusion
Thursdays, 4:30-5:15 pm
Begins 9/15

Cardio Kickboxing
Thursdays, 5:30-6:15 pm
Begins 9/15

· Classes meet in person at VHC Health – 1701 N. George Mason Dr., 22205

· Register via the links below for the 7-week session - $54

· To join in progress at a pro-rated fee, call Health Promotion: 703.558.6740

Hope you can join one or both of these classes! I'm excited for this new venture!

Your Trainer,

Cardio Kickboxing - Park in the Zone C (GREEN) Lot - Exit the lot & follow the crosswalk toward the main building - Follow sidewalk to the right, alongside the building - Take stairs / sidewalk up to the main, Zone C Lobby entrance - Enter Lobby and turn immediately left to reach the classroom - Zone C Lobby Classroo...


👉🏼Quickie workout.
💪🏼Set 1 is a fun combo in reps of 4. Try 3 sets.
🔥Set 2 is core work.
All you need is one weight!
Have a blast.
Your trainer,


We are currently accepting requests for the BOYS GOTTA RUN! program at Arlington and DC Public schools.
We hope to see you in the fall!


Try something new.
Challenge yourself.
Have fun doing it!
You’re never too old.


Did you know?
A study in ‘Mayo Clinic Proceedings’ from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases provides NEW EVIDENCE that the connection between cardiorespiratory fitness and brain health is significant. It relates to the regions of the brain involved with cognitive decline and aging. The results are "encouraging, intriguing and contribute to the growing literature relating to exercise and brain health.” -Science Daily (Jan 2020)

Our cardiovascular system and brain change over time but exercise can extend our functional longevity! So, tell me, why are people reluctant to exercise regularly? If research can provide solid evidence that exercise is directly linked to brain function and aging, everyone should find a way that excites and motivates them to move. Walk, swim, hike, climb some stairs or a mountain; there are endless possibilities to move.

Exercise is a celebration of what the body can do, not a punishment. Start celebrating.

In fitness & in health.
Your trainer,


💪🏼Would you rather have OK arms OR strong, toned ones.
7 minute workout focusing on the upper body muscles.
Grab some weights and let’s goooo!

Sports top:


There’s nothing like a good QUAD BURN with some added CARDIO!
6 minutes and 6 exercises.
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👉🏼It’s all about the CORE for 6 minutes!
That’s all you need is 6 minutes.
No weights. No bands. Just a little time.

👍🏼LIKE and 📌SAVE for your next quickie core workout at home or wherever your device goes!
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Photos from Cordaro Fit's post 05/30/2022

👉🏼Setting goals, sweating profusely, and fulfilling dreams.
We’ve decided to take up tennis…again.
Complete an Ironman…in the next 5 years.
One of us dreamt of doing a pyramid, so.

☺️Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.

💛Today we celebrated the health of our bodies and it’s ability to move.


Thank you!🙏
I can't tell you how thankful I am to have loyal followers & clients who take the time to cast their votes for these "Best of" contests. I appreciate you all!
Your votes put me on the map as one of the BEST in the category of "Specialty Fitness" in Northern Virginia.
Owning and managing two businesses in the Fitness Industry is rewarding, challenging and exhausting so accolades like this give me a boost to stay focused and strive to stay at the top of my game.
I enjoy serving this community. It is a fulfilling job.


Happy Easter from the Cordaros.


6 minutes is all you need.

Photos from Cordaro Fit's post 03/29/2022

🍾Erik Pelton is a class act. He assisted me in my first trademark experience several years ago. He remains connected, responsive, informative, experienced and a genuinely nice guy.
✅If you were looking to trademark a business or an idea I recommend reaching out to EMP&A.
Thanks so much for the crafty cookies, Erik!


6 minute B***Y BLAST
6 Exercises / 10 reps
Grab a band and a set of weights.


6 exercises / 10 Reps


A quick and easy 7 minute workout to activate the QUADS & LATS. All you need is weights!

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Do you have a Middle Schooler who loves to run? (or not) 😁
COR FIT is offering a Run Club on Tuesdays for 8 weeks.
Register today!



Run club for Middle Schoolers and Rising 6th Graders.
Save your spot today!

SPRING RUN CLUB by CORDARO FIT ®️ Check out this Facebook post designed by Sheila Cordaro.


💥DAY 28 of the 28 day ABS & ARMS CHALLENGE 💥

You’ve come this far and reached the goal. Congratulations.
Now get ready for February’s Challenge.

🏔Ski pants:
Ski boots 🎿:

Sweet Utah cousins: Canyon and Crew


➡️Day 27: ABS & ARMS challenge

🎿 🏔




💪🏼DAY 23: ABS & ARMS

👉🏼10- Jack/ jabs
👉🏼20- Alt lat pull downs
👉🏼30- Supine Side crunches

Sports bra:


Day 22: ABS & ARMS

💥10- Bent over TRICEP extensions
💥20-Arnold presses
💥30-Bicep curls


🥶DAY 19: ABS & ARMS (…and it’s 19 degrees out.)

10 1/2 plank hip lifts
20 push-ups (arg)
30 standing alt knee to opp elbow

🍋Making lemonade out of lemons is more beneficial than squirting them in your eyes.




Think that you can and you will.



🤦‍♀️Let’s face it, January is a depressing month.
It’s the Monday of months. We’re left with the memories of a festive, fun December filled with all the glitz and glamour of parties, family gatherings, and promises of a new start with resolutions. What we have to look forward to are the resolutions we loosely set for ourselves, the thought of having to keep them, the occasional friend’s January birthday celebration (you’re welcome), snow (which I happen to like sans the cold 🎿) and shorter days.
If you’re one of those incredibly positive, optimistic people, I applaud you. You may think I am one of those people but in all honesty, it’s a struggle some days. So, I feel you if you’re struggling too.

Vogue has some great tips on how to survive this blasted month and live our best lives even while fighting misery. 😁

To name a few, Vogue suggests:
➡️Breathing! Ha! Yes, we need to be reminded of that every so often.
☀️Let the Sunshine in. Open your blinds!
🤔Identify your thoughts and feelings.
⭐️Reward yourself.
…and this one is my personal fav, EXERCISE! Yup. Straight from Vogue’s written material to your eyes, they suggest that you EXERCISE. 💪🏻 Well, I’ve got you covered. 😉
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇


At-home abs and arms workout

💥Day16:ARMS & ABS

Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.

Top: special


👉🏼DAY 15: ABS & ARMS


💪🏼💥DAY 14 (not 15 as I said in the video): ABS & ARMS

It’s 10% where you go and 90% what you make of it.

T-shirt: by Jojo
Hat: handmade by


💪🏼DAY 12: ABS & ARMS
👉🏼28 day challenge

10 push-ups
20 V-ups
30 Russian Twists

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

Athletic bra:


🧢DAY 11☀️
ABS & ARMS challenge

👉🏼Don’t wait until you’ve reached the 28th day of this challenge to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every day that you’ve completed each workout.

Top: &
Trucker hat:


💥DAY 1️⃣0️⃣💥ABS & ARMS 28 day challenge

IF YOU WANT to reach your GOALS you must SHRINK the size of your BUT.

👉🏼No excuses.

Sport watch:


28 day Abs & Arms challenge

💥DAY 9️⃣💥 ABS & ARMS challenge

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” -Zig Ziglar



💥DAY 9️⃣💥ABS & ARMS challenge

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” - Zig Ziglar

Long sleeved athletic top:


Day 8: 28 day ABS & ARMS CHALLENGE

Day 8: ABS & ARMS 28 day challenge.

Do what you can. Don’t overdo it. Stay focused and get it done.

Alo Moves Target Nike MICHELE

None 01/10/2022


Hi Folks! Will you please take a moment to cast your vote for the Virginia Living "Best of" Contest for 2022?
Cordaro Fit has been nominated in the category of "Specialty Fitness"!

The survey ends on Jan. 31. Click below to get started!

Vote in as few or as many of their 103 categories and/or five regions as you like.
You don’t have to finish the survey all at once; visit it later on the same device and your previous responses will be saved.
AND, you don't have to be a virginia resident to vote!
Thank you so much!

None Our 11th annual Best of Virginia Readers’ Survey is now open! We invite you to join thousands of other Virginia Living readers and vote for the best restaurants, shops, museums, and more through Jan. 31.



💪🏼Stick with your plan.

Crop Top:
Trucker hat:


Day 6: ABS & ARMS

Consistency is key.

Top: COR FIT special
Trucker hat:


💪🏼DAY 5: ABS & ARMS 28 day challenge.

No matter how you feel, GET UP, DRESS UP, SHOW UP and NEVER GIVE UP!
🤔Changing your mindset can make a huge difference in how you view the world and what it throws at you.

Tiara: 1984 NYS


💪🏼Day 3: ABS & ARMS 28 day challenge

10 plank to squat
20 1/2 plank hip lifts
30 alt straight arm lateral raises

This set can be performed in 1-3 sets depending upon your desired level of challenge.
Listen to your body and modify as needed.

Athletic bra:


ABS & ARMS Challenge: Day 2

ABS & ARMS 28 Day Challenge. DAY 2


👉🏼January brings with it an Abs & Arms challenge!
28 days
Day 1:
10 push-ups
20 alt bicycle crunches
30 bent over last rows

Our January FB fitness tribe will perform 1 set -3 sets depending upon what we did in bootcamp that day. This workout can be used as a challenge, a supplement to your current fitness routine or as an entire workout when you add 10-15 minutes of cardio to 3 sets of the challenge.
Each day presents different exercises so stay awake!

Awesome high tops:

Photos from Cordaro Fit's post 01/02/2022

January Fitness Classes: Virtual. Join the COR FIT virtual Fitness Tribe.
Build Muscle. Burn Calories. Boost Metabolism.
FaceBook LIVE sessions
Full Body HIIT with Sheila 8am-9am M W F $50
Stretch & Core with Kathryn 6am-6:30am T TH. $30
No special equipment needed.
Offering classes 5 days a week.
Register at

Photos from Cordaro Fit's post 12/19/2021

🏅👊🏼 COR FIT was a “TOP VOTE GETTER” in the “Best of Arlington 2022 Fitness & Beauty” section of the Arlington Magazine.
Congratulations to the other Top Vote Getters in this category!
Thank you to the readers of the Arlington Magazine. I appreciate you and your votes!

If you’re in town on December 24th, we are holding an in-person workout at the Yorktown HS track at 8am!
DM me for more details.


Happy hump day!
👍🏼Like this post if you plan to move your body and feel great today!
Only have 15 minutes to fit in a work out? I’ve got you covered!
💪🏼We did these exact same exercises in today’s Facebook LIVE sweat sesh.. This is an abbreviated, 15 minute version of our one hour session this morning.
⏱ 45 second timed intervals / 15 second recovery. 3 sets of each exercise.
1️⃣Gliding side lunge/ reach
2️⃣Squat/ kettle bell swing passing weight between hands
3️⃣8 Alt knee drive -shoulder presses / 4 Jacks
4️⃣2 sidestep squats / hop to squat touch
5️⃣Reverse lunge- 4 shoulder presses / T stand reach
6️⃣Elbow to opposite knee (4 second isolation) / 3 bicycle crunches

👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽
Comment below and tell me how you usually fit your strength and cardio into your day. I’d love to hear! And if you’d like the rest of the demo videos of this workout check out the comment section!

Save 📌for your workouts and share with a friend!

Top & leggings:

Videos (show all)

💦Everybody needs a little cardio in their day!🥵 This combo will have your heart beating against your chest like drum str...
CORE CRUSHER 6 minutes is all you need.
6 minute BOOTY BLAST6 Exercises / 10 repsGrab a band and a set of weights.
6 Minute CORE CRUSHER6 exercises / 10 Reps
💥Micro-workout!A quick and easy 7 minute workout to activate the QUADS & LATS. All you need is weights! •📌 SAVE this POS...
💥DAY 28 of the 28 day ABS & ARMS CHALLENGE 💥••You’ve come this far and reached the goal. Congratulations. Now get ready ...
➡️Day 27: ABS & ARMS challenge••🎿 🏔 Backdrop: @snowbird #snowbirdresort #absworkout #armsworkout #athomeworkout
💪🏼DAY 23: ABS & ARMS••👉🏼10- Jack/ jabs 👉🏼20- Alt lat pull downs👉🏼30- Supine Side crunches••Sports bra: @athleta Joggers:...
Day 22: ABS & ARMS💥10- Bent over TRICEP extensions💥20-Arnold presses💥30-Bicep curls
🥶DAY 19:  ABS & ARMS (…and it’s 19 degrees out.)••10 1/2 plank hip lifts 20 push-ups (arg)30 standing alt knee to opp el...
DAY 18: ABS & ARMSThink that you can and you will. #28daychallenge #athomeworkout #Justtry. #thinkyoucan #absandarms #qu...




Arlington, VA

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