Evolve To Fit, Personalized Wellness Coaching

Evolve To Fit, Personalized Wellness Coaching


"Direction is more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast. Don't work out. TRAIN. Train for a reason"
~ Evolve To Fit, Personalized Wellness Coaching

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We combine personalized nutrition and fitness coaching. Specialties include pain reduction, movement, postural correction and strength training.

Operating as usual


🙏🏽 THANK YOU! 🙏🏽

Our humble little studio was a top vote getter in Arlington VA in the "fitness/gym" category 🎉.

For those of you that don't know Arlington and it's sheer size and population, we are very grateful 🙏🏽.

COVID continues and so do we, providing live and virtual classes in a safe space.

People are starting to believe that they can actually heal their own bodies and also, take them to another level never thought possible 📈.

There is NO OTHER like us and what we do 🚫.

YES, you can improve your posture/mobility here ✅.

YES, you can train strength like a gymnast, AS AN ADULT ✅.

All you need is curiosity and a bit of action.

Next step?


Thanks @arlingtonmagazine for providing the forum for our community 🙏🏽.

Thank you Mauricio, April, Praveen for your contributions and of course, to all our students/clients that continue to train mindfully with us 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. Love you all ♥️


💫 ARLINGTON, Heal & Strengthen With Us In 2022 🎊

💫 SHOULDER FLEXION Core Stability Drill 💫

👉🏽 As a regression, this is done EXACTLY the same way while laying on the floor 👈🏽

👉🏽 To PROGRESS, we add standing and a light resistance band attached to a PVC pipe 👈🏽

Many of us tend to lose core engagement as we reach overhead 😑.

This is no bueno 👎🏽.


A properly stacked spine is structurally more stable than hyper-arching the lower back and protruding the head forward, as many do because of poor mobility/posture.

Use this drill to "program in" better mechanics when lifting arms overhead ✅.

Whether putting something away in the cabinet above, lifting weight overhead 🏋🏻, or doing a handstand 🤸🏻‍♀️, you NEED better shoulder mobility.

Better yet, just spend 2022 with us learning to MASTER your own body 🎊 .

Let's go 📈🎄❄️


✅ Hey ARLINGTON, Learn Bodyweight MASTERY The Right Way ✅


"C" came to us with the specific goal of obtaining a muscle-up. With a goal to compete in future CrossFit competitions, I explained to her that her goal was to be accomplished w/a gymnastic mindset, not a CrossFit one 👀.

She understood- so we WORK patiently and BUILD over time...

We need strict pull-ups and dips, increased ranges of motion, better shoulder mobility and technique training. So here we go...

Make time, take time for your goals. It won't be built in a day. But it WILL be built 💪🏽.


🌟 Come & LEARN, NOT Just Mimic 🌟


Short answer is NO 🚫.

The long answer is IT DEPENDS 🤷🏻‍♂️.

If you have the requisite shoulder mobility for it, it's a solid variation because of the strong scapular depression and retraction capability.

But if you have stiff, immobile shoulders, you have to address that FIRST ☝🏽💯. That's why consistency and patience are 🔑.

Need better mobility overall? Yes, we have classes for that ✌🏽.

It was quite a birthday month for me (September). Now I'm focused on losing a bit of the extra weight (yes, I realize I don't NEED to, but I perform better a few lbs. lighter). It isn't just about aesthetics.

Despite celebrating a bunch, I never stopped training. You don't have to be "perfect." There will be times when you're "less than." But you know you'll be back. That's how I always feel. Training will ALWAYS be a thing for me. And life has its ups and downs. But for me, without consistent training, I don't feel good.

That doesn't mean that I don't miss a session here or there, or have less than stellar weeks. But I'm not NOT coming back 👍🏽. This I know for sure.

Do you? If not, work on developing training as a HABIT, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. You may miss a day or two, but you'll always get back to it 🦷 🪥 🚿.

Now go get clean 🧽 😂.



🎼 MUSIC- Otis McDonald, "The Bounce"

Ultimately, that's what we are trying to accomplish for everyone that walks into the studio, or works with us virtually 👀🎯.

It's not about aesthetics, but PERFORMANCE 🎭. Your "ideal" body will reveal itself through nutritious eating MOST of the time. Notice I didn't say "all." I will not tell anyone not to enjoy their life, as long as the eventual goal is LONGEVITY and you work toward moderation🍷 🍕. Now, if you can't stop drinking for 2 months at any time, then you may have a problem, for example. You'll have to figure that one out for yourself 🤷🏻‍♂️.

It's the same with fitness. You don't have to be PERFECT bc there's no such thing. All you have to do is show up MOST of the time and put in honest work. That's it. You do that over the rest of your years and you'll reach currently unimaginable goals. I'm barely at the beginning of my journey (I have very high physical aspirations, as should everyone, if fitness is important to you) and I wouldn't have it any other way. But I'm not super intense about it. I have a plan, I'm unemotional about the fact that it may seem monotonous to most people bc it does take hundreds of thousands of reps, maybe more, of the same things over and over again. That's why most people won't stick with this type of training.

But that's not you, is it? That's why you're on this page, no?

As Coach Sommer would say, "don't exercise...TRAIN."

That means there are real, definable goals. Need a hand 🙋🏻‍♂️? That's why we're here- hit us up in our DM's 📲



Come visit our MAIN PAGE Evolve To Fit Academy 👈🏽


☀️ ARLINGTONIANS- Training Results Should Make Life EASIER, Not HARDER 😐




Come join us 💪🏽


🌟 ARLINGTONIANS, Take The B.S. Out Of Your Training 🌟


🛑 ARLINGTONIANS- If You Aren't ACTIVELY Getting Stronger, You Are PASSIVELY Getting Weaker 🛑


Let's go, let's go!


☀️ HEY ARLINGTON, You Can Learn Handstands AT ANY AGE ☀️

Come on in. We'll be waiting for you 😎


Do this 🙏🏽


Please read and FOLLOW our MAIN page Evolve To Fit Academy

Skip the gym - do THIS instead | Ep143 03/17/2021

Skip the gym - do THIS instead | Ep143

If I had to "prescribe" one thing you should do for exercise for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, it's walking.

Walk fast, walk with purpose, look around and notice things.

Anything under 7000 steps daily and you're fu**ed.


Skip the gym - do THIS instead | Ep143 Everybody knows that walking is good for you – right? But could walking actually be better for you than heading to the gym, lifting weights… or even running?...


🚨 Hey Arlington, Are You Actually Being COACHED? 🤔



📉 DECREASE Shoulder Discomfort With This One Exercise 👀

Frankly put, we need MUCH more of it, as we seem to be devolving 📉😐.

All the pain between the shoulder blades/front of shoulder neck area can potentially be helped just by this one exercise.

Please listen to the cues first and attempt with bodyweight, trying to perfect form. That will feel good too 💯☀️.

If you notice a big difference from one side to the other, you'll know what to work on to help your shoulders and spine feel just a little better.

Please give yourselves some TLC 🙏🏽❤️.


Joint Health IS health 🙏🏽

Living into your 90s 02/17/2021

Living into your 90s

Take heed and WATCH 🙏🏽

Living into your 90s 60 Minutes looks back a groundbreaking 2014 report on factors that can lead to a longer, healthier life. https://cbsn.ws/3nReC4fSubscribe to the 60 Minutes C...















In this sitting culture that we are living through, where 3D movement seems non-existent, where people's bodies seem to "forget" how to link from the ground up, I'm finding some common imbalances and weaknesses 😑. But that's 👌🏽. We all need to work on a few things.

Even the "simplest" of exercises require tremendous presence and attention to detail. Actually, I should say that ESPECIALLY the "simplest" of exercises need attention to detail because we tend not to pay attention to the "simple." So please watch and apply 🙏🏽.

Whether our students/clients train with us in person or virtually, we still demand that kind of attention to detail. If we are going to do something, we may as well try to do it right and to the best of our ability. After all, excellence requires it 🙏🏽💯. See you all on the flip side 😎😉.


🥣🥫 SOUP CAN SERIES- Massage Yourself 🥣🥫



Do this


Use the info that I will repost from my other page 🙏🏽


Part of what cured my Ulcerative Colitis was keto- the other part is of course my favorite, fasting.

They told me my disease was incurable. They told me I would be on meds forever. They told me that they would have to remove my colon. They told me that I was more susceptible to cancer than the average bear.

After 6 years of suffering through this, I decided that I was done being sick. I haven’t looked back since 😎- 8 years, no meds, no surgery, no cancer, no disease 🙂.

Food is medicine. Environment is medicine. Relationships are medicine. Sleep is medicine.

If you lack any great versions of any of these, make sure to focus on how you can improve them. You’ll be happier in the end 🙏🏽🌈.

Why Sleep is More Important Than Diet | Shawn Stevenson on Health Theory 07/24/2019

Why Sleep is More Important Than Diet | Shawn Stevenson on Health Theory

Dealing with sleep issues now and it’s sucks. I feel like I’m going insane. But I know it’s value and it will be ok. RESTFUL sleep is necessary to recover and repair. I hope to get some soon 😴

Why Sleep is More Important Than Diet | Shawn Stevenson on Health Theory Shawn Stevenson, host of The Model Health Show and author of Sleep Smarter, joins Tom to discuss why sleep is necessary, how a lack of sleep impacts your eve...


Pretty self explanatory here. There are NO EXCUSES not to do these. That posture will not fix itself. Get off your lazy butts 😬👍🏽


Mobility Drill For Your Lateral Line and Hamstrings...

REPOST Evolve To Fit, LLC, GymnasticBodies DMV

Everyone seems to be rounding into form and it’s really impressive 👏🏽. I’m really proud to see this type of attention. I think that there is something really bonding about struggling together 🌍. Plus, it takes a level of discipline and patience that really isn’t celebrated these days 🤷🏻‍♂️. I’m so glad that there are still people out there that are okay with doing things this way. Serious, but fun. They aren’t mutually exclusive 💪🏽😎.



These Wall Slides in a staggered stance are helping my client Nick with proper scapular upward rotation mechanics. He didn’t have it coming in, especially on that right side. This is just one of the exercises we use to assist with good scapular mobility 👍🏽.

1. Staggered stance, at lease hip width ✅.
2. Hands about level with the face, elbow below chest ✅.
3. Keep anterior core engaged, back in neutral ✅.
4. Exhale slowly AS YOU raise your arms overhead ✅.
5. When upper arms are about parallel, shrug the shoulders toward ears as you drive arms overhead ✅.
6. Make sure to maintain core engagement ✅.

It honestly helps if you have someone watching, that knows what they’re looking for. Tighter shoulders generally require wider hands/arms ✋🏽↔️🤚🏽. If none is available, FILM 📲. This movement serves a purpose. If it isn’t done right, it doesn’t serve the purpose and is wasting your time ⏳. You don’t want to waste time, do you 🤔? I thought not 😉.

Evolve To Fit, Personalized Wellness Coaching updated their phone number. 06/19/2019

Evolve To Fit, Personalized Wellness Coaching updated their phone number.

Evolve To Fit, Personalized Wellness Coaching updated their phone number.

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💫 ARLINGTON, Heal & Strengthen With Us In 2022 🎊
✅ Hey ARLINGTON, Learn Bodyweight MASTERY The Right Way ✅
🌟 Come & LEARN, NOT Just Mimic 🌟
📉 DECREASE Shoulder Discomfort With This One Exercise 👀
Mobility Drill For Your Lateral Line and Hamstrings...



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