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Garrett Waller

This guy is another trainer at my gym. He’s awesome!

⚠️ Proceed with caution.
Don’t try these at home (unless you’re doing virtual training with me 🙂).

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Battle Rope Exercises (0:13)
Milly Rock: (:57)
More Battle Rope Exercises (1:09)
Surfin USA (1:35)
Bloopers (1:47)
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Vernon Griffith on Twitter

I love these variations for adductor and abductor work!

“Messing around with the kettlebell today exploring the frontal plane with a little added attention on the groin and adductors. Always exploring.” 07/13/2020

60 Second Deadlift Tip #4

I love it when a fitness guru like Tony Gentilcore agrees with my point of view! Here is why I have my clients use the hexbar for their deadlifts. The last time I sent one of these out was pre-COVID. Sorry... ...didn't mean to leave any of you hanging. Especially given my intention was to send out one "tip" a week for the foreseeable future. I guess if there's any excuse for a mulligan, it's a global viral pandemic. Or, a zombie Apocalypse. Or... 04/23/2020

Hourly 4-s Sprints Prevent Impairment of Postprandial Fat... : Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

VERY interesting abstract! HIIT really works! i.e.; 8-h of inactivity) with hourly cycling sprints of only 4-s duration each (i.e.; 4-s x 5 per h x 8-h = 160-s per day; SPRINTS) improves PPL. The 4-s sprints employed an inertial load ergometer and were followed by 45-s of seated rest. Methods Four men and four women participated in two trials.....


I love this hip mobility drill! 07/14/2019

Blood Flow Restriction: The Holy Grail of Gimmicks? - Tony Gentilcore

Good article here! I have used BFR myself and with clients for over a year now. It really does work!! As this post goes live Lisa and I are en route to Australia. I’d like to sit here and say I’m doing something productive with 20 hours on a plane like reading a book, catching up on some writing, or, I don’t know, looking lovingly into my wife’s eyes. But in reality I’m probably watching..... 02/21/2019

The Top 19 Nutrition Myths of 2019 (that just won't die!)

I LOVE evidence-based nutrition articles! This one actually cites all the research when debunking these myths! So many myths it’s hard to know where to start. Covering carbs, (saturated) fat, protein, eggs, and a lot more. 07/17/2018

Old Bodybuilding Tips that Still Work Today - Bryan Krahn

Oldies but goodies: old-school bodybuilding techniques that I have been known to treat my clients to from time to time. The old-school guys knew a thing or two about training, and many of their tips work just as well today. These are my favorites. 04/18/2018

Is saturated fat bad for your health?

Very good, evidence-based summary of what we know about saturated fats. Worth reading! We look at the full body of research to figure out if saturated fat is actually bad for your heart and your health. 01/13/2018

4 Ways to Use Density Sets for Hypertrophy - The Strength House

Here is an article from the guys at The Strength House that shares some stategies for hypertrophy training. Some of my clients should look forward to my implementing a couple of these that are new to me! When it comes to building muscle, you can't always add weight to the bar. Try these 4 density set methods to increase your workload and spark muscle growth.


Ukrainian Dance World

Great exercise for the Glutes!

This is how it's done. Any questions?

Follow us - we'll take you there! :-)


Eric Cressey

Here's a newer article that reinforces my view on stretching!

Today's guest post comes from Dean Somerset, who does great job discussing active vs. passive range of motion, and how to train both. 11/19/2017

What is the Keto Diet? (And Should I Try it?)

Good overall information here for those that are curious about the Keto Diet. Is the keto diet the approach you need? Here’s everything you need to know -- from fat loss to sports performance -- about the high-fat, low-carb trend. 11/19/2017

[Infographic] 25 ways to eat well on the go. Game-changing tips to help you, or a client, stick to the plan.

There's real good stuff here!! Traveling for work? Going on vacation? Running your kids from soccer game to violin practice? Being away from home is one of the most common nutrition challenges I hear about. So I asked Precision Nutrition’s coaches for the tips and tricks they use to eat well on the go. Below, 25 ways to do stick… 11/02/2017

A Lesson From the Biggest Losers: Exercise Keeps Off the Weight Physical activity made all the difference to participants who managed to keep the pounds from returning, a new study finds. 07/16/2017

10 Things Every Lifter Should Be Able to Do | T Nation

Very interesting. I can do all of these things. Can you? If strength, health, and longevity are what you're after, then you should be able to easily pass these tests. If not, you have work to do. 05/27/2017

Could this arm training program be any smarter?

Wow, a fantastic research based approach to arm training for increased size! By Adam Bentley, S&C Research columnist If you are a regular reader of S&C Research, you might have noticed that things have been very serious recently, with lots of articles about technica…


My mama used this modern course from 1952 to address her skinny legs! 12/04/2016

Why You Should Do More Bulgarian Split Squats - BarBend

My clients know that this is one of my favorite exercises! And there are so many ways to do them at my studio - using a bench with dumbbells or kettlebells, a Smith Machine, a TRX apparatus or even a Hammer Ground Base Squat Lunge Machine. They are AWESOME! It's not just a back squat substitute; the Bulgarian split squat could just become your go-to lower body exercise. Here's why it stands on its own.




Reverse biceps curls


Reverse biceps curls by Doug

Doug Wiggins, reverse curls.


Brad Crutchfield, ps.FITNESS's cover photo 07/10/2016

The Top 7 Bodybuilding Methods of All Time | T Nation

I've picked up more than a few good ideas from this article and am posting it here for easy reference! Training mainly for size? Then this is your hypertrophy bible. Here are seven guaranteed training methods to get you bigger. 07/10/2016

Is Obesity a Choice?

It's especially easy to simplfy obesity if one has never had a problem with it. Here's great article that explains how complex the problem really is. Do you believe that obesity is due to laziness and a lack of will power? Do you think the solution is simply choosing to eat less and move more? Consider this story: For many of you, this story may… 06/12/2016

The Beginner's Guide to Intermittent Fasting

This is a nice summary of intermittent fasting strategies. Intermittent fasting is one of the simplest strategies that can help you lose fat, gain muscle and live healthy. Read this article to learn more.


I'm happy to be training Dave Barnett in his preparation for the International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago next month. His determination is INTENSE!

I'm happy to be training Dave Barnett in his preparation for the International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago next month. His determination is INTENSE!

DOUG WIGGINS 04/24/2016



Work in progress


Dave Barnett with some nice oDB overhead triceps extensions


Dave Barnett and DB lateral raises


Dave Barnett biceps


I'm happy to be training Dave Barnett in his preparation for the International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago next month. His determination is INTENSE!

I'm happy to be training Dave Barnett in his preparation for the International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago next month. His determination is INTENSE!




Everything you need to know about smashing the gym and lifting...

by Casually Explained


Stefan Havlik

Not a bad ab workout!

How often do you train ABS?
Ako často cvičíte brucho?

Videos (show all)

Craig having fun with Goblet Squats
Reverse biceps curls by Doug
Dave Barnett with some nice oDB overhead triceps extensions
Dave Barnett and DB lateral raises
Dave Barnett biceps
Band-resisted pushups, by Frank O'Brien
From being able to do a few diamond pushups on a bench, to rocking out medicine ball pushups now: amazing progress!
Doug has made so much progress with his single-leg Romanian Deadlift!!
Remember the old arm-blaster? Still works great!
Frank O'Brien, Bulgarian Split Squats, 35lb Kettle Bells
Frank took this video so I could see what my back looks like doing pullups.
Doug making his triceps grow!




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