Thanks for a great core yoga class last night Beth! and Thanks Sarah for making me feel like Norm from Cheers :)
Check out the balance basics class on Thursday at JOURNEYoga. Just an OPS pass class. Sign up here -
Hey prenatal yoga grads (i.e. new moms), I'm working on a postnatal wellness app and would love to get feedback from real moms like you. If you've had a baby in the last two years, can you please take 10 minutes to help out, so we can create something to help moms after birth, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

I miss Journeyoga so much! I wish I had a video of one of the core classes and one of the flexibility classes.

We're an Arlington, VA yoga studio that teaches yoga to inspire joy and well being. We're a vinyasa flow yoga studio located on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA.

We offer variety of classes with some amazing teachers. Whether you're new and want to learn the fundamentals, or you're experienced and want to become a human pretzel, we've got options with just the right amount of challenge for you. At JOURNEYoga we're all about safety, fun, and well being. Come and try us out. Our intro offer is a month of unlimited classes for $50.

Operating as usual


JOURNEYoga will close its doors forever on Friday, October 5th.
There are classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Friday, October 5th
5 - 7:30 Open House and Stuff Sale

I love the community of JOURNEYoga and I am honored to have been your teacher and the teacher of many of your teachers. It is time for my journey to continue in a new direction. It’s been eleven amazing years, two locations, international and regional retreats, teacher trainings, workshops and special events. There have been 8 folks helping with Administration, 59 teachers and 11,635 unique students. It's been an incredible JOURNEY!

Your journey needs to continue. There is a plan to keep your practice going without missing a day. YogaWorks will honor any unused classes. There will be more information coming with details on this. I will be teaching 4 classes a week for the last three weeks of October at YogaWorks and many of our teachers will show up on the sub list there as well. I respect YogaWorks immensely and hope you can find a home there.

If you want to take a piece of JOURNEYoga home with you, we are selling the props & furniture. Come and say good-bye, Friday night between 5 and 7:30. I hope to see you all very soon.

With all the love and gratitude and tears,
Padma - Sarah Lynn


DNS:Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
This weekend training is a fantastic crossover between physical therapy and yoga! Learn to approach stability in transitions and asanas using Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). DNS is a movement technique which reflects how babies initially learn to control their bodies, restoring and stabilizing movement while optimizing core strength and diaphragmatic breathing.

Applying DNS techniques to yoga will help you and/or your students protect joints, breathe with the diaphragm and move with control and confidence. This is a unique offering taught by Martina Jezkova, MPT who is flying in from the Prague School to teach us!

DNS Yoga Specific Rehabilitation Course
with Martina Jezkova, MPT
Saturday December 1 & Sunday December 2, 2018
9 to 5 both days
Advanced Kinetics Sports Performance, Annandale VA
$800.00 or $750.00 Early Bird by November 1

Course Objectives
- Foundations of the basic principles of physiological movement through functional joint centration and their applications in asana practice.
- Feet and hand support relationships, principles of skeletal symmetry, muscle balance/ imbalances.
- Watching for functional joint centration during static and dynamic loading.
- Working in closed/open kinetic chains.
- Correcting dysfunctional patterns with coordinated co-contraction of antagonists.
- Applying all these principles to the specific groups of yoga asanas –standing poses, sitting poses, forward bends.

Martina Jezkova, MPT

Event Sponsor
Advanced Kinetics

Sign Up Now!

Timeline photos 08/20/2018

If I didn't already have a job I love, I would work for Advanced Kinetics Physical Therapy!

AKPT is now hiring a full time front desk assistant! If interested please send your resume to [email protected]


We know all our JOURNEYogis are pretty rad; and we know that running a Ragnar is pretty incredible, so we know that the Yogi who left this definitely needs it back!

Is this yours?! Stop by the desk!!


YES! It's a beautiful Sunday morning and Sarah Lynn is so excited to be teaching Yoga II! 10:30am, come play!


We hope all our JOURNEYogis had a fantastic Fourth of July, this mid-week day off does well to give our minds a break, but confuse our bodies too!
Find your way to your mat tonight to twist and stretch and flow right on into your weekend!

YOGA @ 12pm
CAM @ 4:30pm
CORE & YOGA @ 6:15pm
CORE & YOGA @ 7:30pm


JOURNEYogis, it may not be the first thing on your list, but making regular visits to the SAUNA this summer is SUPER beneficial.

But...It's hot out already and that humidity is ridiculous.

BECAUSE... Releasing the toxins from your body when you're the INFRARED sauna is doing more than just SWEATING. It's working on a microscopic level by literally turning on your cells, increasing circulation and releasing lactic acid build up in your muscles (sore legs? yep.) which helps your body RECOVER, while it's DETOXING.

Amazing Karma's theme in JULY is DETOX. Two classes are being held, one for the morning crowd on JULY 12, and another for the night owls JULY 18. If you attend a DETOX class, you'll get a pass for 50% off a SAUNA session.
(Yes, 50% off even if you've been in the SAUNA before!)

Amazing Karma class + Sauna = Knowledge & Experience that will Empower YOU.


Catch Julie at 10:30am for FLEXIBILITY FOCUS and start your weekend feeling renewed and open!


On the fence about the pretty new mats in the studio?
Once upon a time we were too.
Want to FEEL the difference and the impact it makes in your practice? Just ask Sarah Lynn to borrow one for class.
You'll feel the way your feet form a better foundation with the earth, you'll discover your hands staying firmly planted, and you'll love it. 😉

$60 for a 68"
$65 for a 74"


Has this weather also got you feeling a little off balance? You already know the solution is found on your mat! Join us tonight as we roll right on through the middle of the week with the variety of classes we have on the schedule!

Want to blend some ab work with asana?
CORE & YOGA @ 4:30pm
Want to unwind, and reset?
Slow Flow @ 6:15pm
Want some extra challenge while you balance?
Yoga II & Meditation @ 6:15pm
Want to completely let go and relax?
Yin @ 7:30pm
How about enjoying a vinyasa flow with some great tunes?
Yoga @ 7:30pm


We're SO happy to be filling the OM room throughout the week!! Each night there's a special class and there's even two on Wednesday & Thursday nights!
Have you been to one yet? Which one?!

Tonight is Meditation & Philosophy with Sarah Lynn at 7:30pm.

Slow Burn at 4:30pm
CORE at 6:15pm
Yoga at 7:30pm

Photos from JOURNEYoga's post 06/22/2018

It's the weekend, JOURNEYogis!! It might not be warm sunny weather outside, but it's always love and laughter inside the studio! How will you get on your mat this weekend?

8am-POWER HOUR w/ Caitlin
9:15am- HATHA w/ Robin
10:30am- FLEXIBILITY w/ Julie

9am- YIN w/ Beth
10:30am- YOGA II w/ Sarah Lynn
12pm- Prenatal Yoga w/ Michelle
6:15pm - Yoga w/ Cathy
7:30pm- Candlelight Yoga w/ Cathy

Photos from JOURNEYoga's post 06/21/2018


So much gratitude for the wonderful yogis who practice with us at JOURNEYoga every week. Namaste 🙏🏼

With today being the summer solstice, the longest daylight of the year AND international yoga day; let’s make the time to get on our mats!

Yoga: 12pm
CAM: 4:30pm
Prenatal Yoga: 6:15pm
Core & Yoga: 6:15pm
Flexibility: 7:30pm
Core & Yoga: 7:30pm


Don't let your Monday get away from you; come play on your mat and make the most to the start of your week!


POWER Hour is kicking off at the studio this morning with Caitlin; but Robin takes over st 9:15 with HATHA and then Julie wraps it up with Flexibility Focus at 10:30!
How are you getting on your mat today?!


The Jade mats are a HIT in the studio! We're so glad you like them as much as we do. Come play on your mat on this wonderful THURSDAY, with lots of great options to strengthen, balance and flow!

Yoga at 12pm
CAM at 4:30pm
Prenatal Yoga at 6pm
Core & Yoga at 6:15pm AND again at 7:30pm
Flexibility Focus at 7:30pm


The middle of the week is the time to find balance. Find your way to the studio, bring a smile on your face and a mat for your feet (or borrow one!) and let's find the balance together.

Core & Yoga: 4:30pm
Slow Flow: 6:15pm
Yoga: 7:30pm

Yoga II & Meditation: 6:15pm
Yin: 7:30pm


Sometimes the thing we need to do is sit, go inside ourselves and be still. It’s simple, but it’s hard to do when our lives are busy. Make the time, block out the hour and come play at the studio. Your Monday will be awfully happy you did.


SO pretty, SO comfortable and CURRENTLY available at the studio! Yep! The new shipment is in and these colors are great!

.. why Jade mats? In a nutshell, they tend to grip our toes and feet so that we don't slip. Beyond that, JadeYoga is a wonderful company doing great things for the environment; every mat plants a tree!

Stop by the front desk on your way into class and see if your favorite color happens to be looking for a new yogi-home!


The weather might have ya feeling a little off-center; so join us in the studio to find some balance and light!

Yoga II with Sarah Lynn at 10:30am
Prenatal Yoga with Michele at 12pm
Yoga with Cathy at 6:15pm
Candlelight Yoga with Cathy at 7:30pm

P.S Keep an eye out for schedule changes that start TOMORROW!

Photos from JOURNEYoga's post 05/28/2018

We love a full studio on a rainy day! Yes we sure do!

Thank you for sharing your practice with us today. 🙏🏼


*Memorial Day Schedule at JOURNEYoga*
If your schedule has you home from work tomorrow, make a plan to join us in the morning and make time to practice on your mat.

Three classes in the AM, evening classes cancelled.


Friday Power Hour Alert! May 25th @ 6:15pm!

What do...
..breaking out a warrior pose in the Garden of the Gods, ...holding Tree at the Grand Canyon
..flowing through dancer's pose in the Smokey Mountains &
..binding a side plank in Vermont.. have in common?!

These poses are 'Traveling America through YOGA' which is Beth's THEME for POWER HOUR on Friday!

It's the LAST time we're going to have a FRIDAY POWER HOUR class! SO, if you've been thinking of checking it out, this is your LAST chance!

Sign up:


Happy Sunday, JOURNEYogis! There's amble opportunity to get on your mats today, practice and find your peace as you prepare to head on into your week! 🙏

YIN: 9am
YOGA II: 10:30am
Prenatal: 12pm
YOGA: 6pm
Candlelight Yoga: 7:30pm


Lindsey is teaching POWER HOUR today at 6:15, and that means an opportunity to get some blood flowing, some arms moving and maybe even some sweat on this rainy day! It’s exactly what you need to shake off the cloudiness and create your own 🔆 sunshine. 🔆

Gut. Brain. Microflora. Immune System. 05/16/2018

Gut. Brain. Microflora. Immune System.

Ready to sign up for Gut. Brain. Microflora. Immune System.

Gut. Brain. Microflora. Immune System. Amazing Karma - Learn to balance the universal laws of cause and effect in order to maximize wellness. The Gut-Brain axis is connected through the immune system. The micro flora, bacteria and other micro-organisms, help with communication. OPS Pass I'm Ready to Sign Up!

Instagram Photos 05/15/2018

So...what’s the monkey mind?

Ever sit to meditate and find yourself thinking about the grocery list, the person you met last week and that thing you forgot to do...last month? All at once?

Mind going all over, thinking about this, that and the other thing... and oh yea, you’re supposed to be thinking of nothing..wait, are you breathing? Breathe!

Yep. That’s the monkey mind; and that’s just how we may experience it on the mat!

Laurie is sure to help you learn how to tame that monkey mind, with Mindful Yoga Tuesday’s at 6pm.

Namaste, JOURNEYogis. 🙏🏼

Got monkey mind? Join me yoga this week as I share different ways to quiet the monkey mind. Tonight join me for yoga 🧘‍♀️ at 7:30. Tuesday for mindful yoga at 6. Thursday morning at 6 am

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Arlington?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Sunday at JOURNEYoga
Sun Salutation





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