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FuturElitez focuses on training aspiring soccer players in becoming better players in both their skills and mindset, with a holistic approach!

We are currently located in the Northern Virginia area! So, contact us for more info!

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You're Not "Too Tough" For Yoga: Prevent Injuries and Muscle Pain⬇ 01/21/2024

It's time for our 🤩📚 Check it out below⬇

You're Not "Too Tough" For Yoga: Prevent Injuries and Muscle Pain💪
Ever wonder how those pro athletes manage to juggle it all? Well, get ready for a wellness boost – Yoga. In this chat, we're spilling the...

You're Not "Too Tough" For Yoga: Prevent Injuries and Muscle Pain⬇ Ever wonder how those pro athletes manage to juggle it all? Well, get ready for a wellness boost – Yoga. In this chat, we're spilling the beans on why everyone, from soccer moms to weekend warriors, is sneaking in a bit of yoga magic. Let's dive in. Mind-Body Mastery for Busy Lives: Picture this: ...


Her opinion - 🆓✔️
Coach Parsa’s Reaction - PRICELESS ✅😂

Just some funny moments to give us the we’re all needing. 👏🏽

Which club team do you support? 💭Comment below⬇️


Check out these 3️⃣ tips on how to catch those coaches/scouts attention during our 💪🏼

Soccer coaches are looking for these types of players nowadays. How will you stand out?🤔

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in full force ⚽️👏🏽
Check out our recent Soccer IQ session below⬇️

As a striker you must not only be able to score, but also be able to assist.
Not only did Joshua Zirkzee just assist he didn't give up on the play even when the ball was nearly impossible to get a perfect touch.
He was aware where his teammate was so if he did get a touch he knew exactly where to place the ball.
Coaches are looking for players who are adaptable and aren't looking for the perfect ball, but how can a player adjust to the situation and make the most out of it!
Remember these tips in your next game!
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So happy to share Arjun's reaction to his player eval! ⚽At just 7 years old, his happiness is contagious and heartwarming. Witnessing our players, regardless of age, pushing themselves to improve everyday truly brings us so much joy 🫶

Let's celebrate the spirit of growth and dedication in our young athletes!🤩


Just what you needed on this 🧠

!? Why Was FuturElitez Created
it's only a matter of time that besides creating/developing real ballers, we will create more strong minded human beings (both boys & girls).
Life will test you from the day you come to life, the question is will you react to each test the same as you used to do when you were a toddler?


Exciting News⬇️
Our FuturElitez Futsal Team has their first game of the season today 🤩 Join me in wishing them the best of luck and congratulating the team on their hard work! 🤞⚽
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The Key To Improve During Winter Time: Reflection 01/07/2024

🤩 It's time for our ! Check it out below ⬇

The Key To Improve During The Winter Time: A Reflection
In the fast-paced world of soccer, it's easy to get caught up in the thrill of the game, the wins, and the losses. However, it's crucial...

The Key To Improve During Winter Time: Reflection In the fast-paced world of soccer, it's easy to get caught up in the thrill of the game, the wins, and the losses. However, it's crucial to take a moment and reflect on your journey. This short blog will dive into five key points that not only help soccer players appreciate their progress but also e...


Big shoutout to Gabby after an awesome Soccer IQ session! 📚👏 Our game analysis was top-notch, and the whole team is pumped about the progress we're making together. 💪🏼 Keep shining on the field – your dedication is inspiring us all! ⚽💛


It’s a great day for a with 🤩 Happy New Years Everybody!
Embrace the power of a positive mindset in 2024. In our latest Mindset Training session, we're turning setbacks into setups for success. Shake off those challenges with a smile, learn from every stumble, and keep moving forward. 🔝
Let's conquer the rest of the week with resilience and positivity! 💪🏼


Happy Holidays FuturElitez Family 🫶🏻🎊🎁


Congratulations to this year's Most Improved Players (MIPs) 🎉👏🏽 We're incredibly proud of our dedicated players and the hard work they've put in. Thank you to all of our FuturElitez Family members who attended our ceremony. Your support means the world to us🫶🏻

For everybody who couldn’t make it, show your support for this amazing group of kids by liking and commenting below 💪🏼🏆


It's a SHOWDOWN ⚽🔥

It may be cold outside, but Sara's bringing the heat with Coach Roger in our series! 🔥🎤We've got Rog Mic'd up and Sara cooking on the field.
Showcasing her 1v1 skills, Sara is a force to be reckoned with.

Who's ready for a Firedup Friday Challenge? 🔥💪 Tag your crew and tell us who you think you could beat 1 on 1 with your eyes closed! 😄⚽ Let the games begin!



Idk about all of you but after feeling this cold weather lately, we know that winter soccer vibes are 🔛! We're not using the cold as an excuse to take a break; it's our chance to level up!
Peep this sneak peek from our recent Mindset Training session.
We're building elites from the inside out! 🧠🔥


It's a different kind of
Just wrapped up an eye-opening Soccer IQ session, and wow, did we dive deep into the game! 🤯 Focused on the center fielder's role, stalling tactics, sheilding, and fine-tuning reaction time --- Learning directly from the pros brings a whole new perspective to the field.

Stay tuned for more insight from us here at FuturElitez and let's keep elevating our soccer minds together! 💪⚽



It's time for some 💪
Just had to share this incredible moment from Tanvi's recent 1v1 training session with Coach Parsa! 🙌🏽⚽️ We can't express how proud we are of her hard work and dedication to leveling up her soccer skills.

Picture this: After putting in the sweat and effort, Tanvi absolutely nailed a challenging move during training - and her reaction? A cartwheel that radiated pure joy! 🤸‍♀️😄 It's these moments that make every ounce of effort worth it.

Big shoutout to Coach Parsa for bringing out the best in Tanvi and making these sessions so much more than just drills. It's about building confidence, skills, and having a blast on the field!

Couldn't be prouder of our soccer superstar. Here's to many more cartwheels and victories on this exciting journey! 🌟⚽️

Performance Anxiety: Where's the easy fix? 12/10/2023

Ever wondered how Erling Haaland, the powerhouse himself, overcomes those pre-game jitters? 🤔

📖 Check out our blog post on Erling Haaland's secret to conquering performance anxiety and unlocking his full potential: https://www.futurelitezsoccertraining.com/post/performance-anxiety-where-s-the-easy-fix

From visualization techniques to the importance of rest, discover the playbook that fuels Haaland's success and could be YOUR key too!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and let's build a supportive community where we all conquer those pre-game jitters. 🔥

Performance Anxiety: Where's the easy fix? So, let me paint you a picture. It’s the morning before your big game, and as you’re getting ready, you start to have this weird feeling in the pit of your stomach (you know, those “butterflies”) and as you're traveling to the field, those feelings start to intensify. You can hear your heart...

Photos from FuturElitez Private Soccer Training's post 11/13/2023

what an amazing experience and feeling to be able to help the local mental health organizations to be able to help more teens/adolescents

it was great meeting the staff at the Ryan Bartel Foundation which is an organization dedicated to help prevent the rate of suicides in the youth, based in Northern Virginia

We’re so happy to be a part of this kovement and helping them 💪🏼🧠

I believe we must promote good deeds more often on the social media, since the world is too focused on the negative things, it’s time to shine more light on the positive things 🔦

FuturElitez Private Soccer Training


And That’s a Wrap for FuturElitez’s Halloween 1v1 Skills & Defending Clinic!!

So many improvements in our players’ performance & confidence in just 2 days 📈⚽️

Until the Next Halloween!


FuturElitez Private Soccer Training 1v1 Skills & Defending Clinic 1/3: ✅🤩⚽️

Photos from FuturElitez Private Soccer Training's post 10/21/2023

A Culture in a Making …

When a bond is strong enough, no one and nothing can break the bond, which means … anything & everything is now possible 😎


📍Northern Virginia


This is what EFFECTIVE specialized training does 💪🏼⚽️📈

so proud of you, Ezra!

FuturElitez Soccer Training Programs 09/14/2023

Our New Programs!!

FuturElitez Soccer Training Programs FUTUR ELITEZ SOCCER 2-4 Y/O FUN SOCCER LESSONS! NORTHERN VA YOU'LL SEE IMPROVEMENTS IN: • LOVE FOR SOCCER • COORDINATION • MORE SLEEP TIME ONCE ARRIVED HOME! Starts 09.16.23 Introductions to: Running Dribbling Scoring Goals Coordination Location: Ends 12.02.23 To Learn More, S


👶⚽ Introducing Elitez Jr +: Where Soccer Dreams Begin! ⚽👶

Hey Soccer Parents! 🌟 We're thrilled to announce our brand-new soccer program designed especially for your little champions aged 2-4! 🙌

🌈 Elitez Jr + is all about FUN, FRIENDS, and FUNDAMENTALS! 🤗 Our goal is to make learning soccer an absolute blast for your tiny tots while helping them build essential coordination skills which will help them throughout their life 🎉

🗓️ Starting September 16th, join us every Saturday at 9:30 AM for action-packed sessions filled with laughter and soccer magic! ⚡

Let's nurture their love for the game from the very beginning. ⚽❤️ Don't miss out on this exciting journey! Sign up today and watch your little ones score big smiles! 😄🥅


We're so excited to announce our new program that has been highly requested by the parents: Elitez Jr + for our 2-4 y/o kiddos in NoVa!

If you have a 2-4 y/o child or know of others who do, make sure to register as we have limited spots for this program.

Link to register: https://www.futurelitezsoccertraining.com/service-page/elitez-jr

Schedule: Saturdays 9am
Location: Ashburn, VA (Message us to learn more)

At this age (2-4) it's all about allowing the kids to experience fun through soccer and constantly help them with their coordination and athleticism build up.

We believe this program is going to help a lot of kiddos!

Link to register: https://www.futurelitezsoccertraining.com/service-page/elitez-jr

FuturElitez x Gregorio's Trattoria Fundraiser 08/27/2023

We're so excited about our partnership with Gregorio's Trattoria! We're holding a fundraiser event for Monday, August 28th where you can dine or order for take out, at the Gregorio's Pizzeria & Trattoria at the Reston location or any other locations near you and 10% of your bill will go to FuturElitez Private Soccer Training's growth to get closer to having our own facility in order to provide more high quality soccer programs for your children!

All you need to do, is to let them know you're coming from FuturElitez Soccer!

Location to Gregorio's: 1428 N. Point Village Ctr, Reston, VA
Restaurant Number: 703-689-4894

FuturElitez x Gregorio's Trattoria Fundraiser Join us Monday, August 28th for a Delicious Combination: FuturElitez and Gregorio's Trattoria! ⚽


🙌 A Huge Shoutout to Our Amazing Sponsors! 🙌

We couldn’t have done it without you!

🏟️ : Thank you for providing us with the amazing field space to showcase our talent and passion! Your generosity has given our camp the home it deserves, and Leonard, what you have done for us will never be forgotten 🤝

👕 : Your attention to detail and commitment to quality shine through in our camp shirts! They're more than fabric – they're a symbol of unity and long lasting relationship.

🍔 : A heartfelt thank you for fueling our pro trial camp players with delicious nourishment! Your support kept our players energized and ready to give it their all.

💰 The Cunningham Family: Devon and Jimmy, words can't express how grateful we are for your generosity. Your contribution covered equipment costs and made our camp experience complete.

🏡 : A special shoutout to Devon Cunningham Realty! Your dedication to the community is inspiring, and we're proud to be associated with your realty business.

💼 C&M Consulting: Jimmy Cunningham, your consulting firm's support has been invaluable. Your commitment to excellence reflects in every aspect of our camp.

To each and every single one of you, thank you for believing in us and investing in the future of soccer. Together, we've created unforgettable moments and lasting connections.

Here's to a future filled with even more growth and success! 🌟🤝


The Moment We've All Been Waiting For! 🌟 Let's give a round of applause to our 3rd and final winner of FuturElitez’s Pro Trial Soccer Camp: Wladimir II Gassant! 🏆🎉

✨Wladimir's exceptional skills have earned him this opportunity, and FuturElitez Soccer is thrilled to announce that he'll be having his pro trial with Loudoun United 🇺🇸⚽️

📍Loudoun United is a professional soccer team based in Loudoun County, Virginia. They compete in the prestigious USL Championship, which is part of the US’s League (USL) system in North America.

‼️Loudoun United serves as a development team for Major League Soccer (MLS) club D.C. United, making it an ideal platform for Wladimir to showcase his talent on a highly competitive stage! 🌐✨

Wladimir's calmness with and without the ball is extraordinary and we're eager to see him shine at Loudoun United! 🌟💪

Stay tuned for updates on Wladimir's journey as he takes on this incredible opportunity! Let's cheer him on as he aims for soccer stardom! 🎊🎊


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Her opinion - 🆓✔️Coach Parsa’s Reaction - PRICELESS ✅😂Just some funny moments to give us the #thursdaymotivation we’re a...
Check out these 3️⃣ tips on how to catch those coaches/scouts attention during our #workoutwednesday 💪🏼Soccer coaches ar...
#tacticaltuesday in full force ⚽️👏🏽Check out our recent Soccer IQ session below⬇️As a striker you must not only be able ...
Arjun's Reaction Video
Just what you needed on this #mindsetmonday 🧠!? Why Was FuturElitez Createdit's only a matter of time that besides creat...
Exciting News⬇️Our FuturElitez Futsal Team has their first game of the season today 🤩 Join me in wishing them the best o...
Big shoutout to Gabby after an awesome Soccer IQ session! 📚👏 Our game analysis was top-notch, and the whole team is pump...
It’s a great day for a #MindsetMonday with #FuturElitezSoccer🤩 Happy New Years Everybody!Embrace the power of a positive...
Reflecting on an incredible year with FuturElitez Soccer – filled with victories, growth, and unforgettable moments on a...
It’s #firedupfriday and we’re mastering patience – orchestrating every move with precision. Watch Jude as he stays cool,...
Which player are you? 💭.                    One negative player can bring the mood down, but being the positive influenc...
#MidweekMotivation with #FuturElitezSoccer ⚽️Embrace the power of a positive mindset this Wednesday! 💪 In our latest Min...




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