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From co-owner/ founder of E60 Fitness: Personal training, online and in-person, for dedicated individuals and athletes/competitors.

In my 18 years of training, this is my first time using a PitShark! Leg Day #2 for the week complete 💪🏼

Say what!? Thats me! 😎 My book is officially available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle) as well as my new website @back2basicsfitguide where I’ll also be posting workout plans, nutrition guides, celebrity workout programs, fitness blog posts, and more.
This book is NOT another fad workout guide that claims to shred your body in 4 days. This book provides information on how exercise works, and how your unique body type and composition play a role in what forms of exercise are most effective for you. It provides a physical assessment to know where you stack up. It provides information on how to structure a workout plan. It provides instruction on the primary functional motions your body should be able to perform before adding resistance AND it also includes full workouts (bodyweight and resistance training) to get you started or get you back to the fundamentals of an effective program.
This is an everything you need to know about exercise book. It’s intended to help you make the best decisions when it comes to your health.
Buy the book. Read the book. Share the book with others. We all deserve to be healthy and happy!
Cheers to healthy living!

Functional training from today:
- High bar jumps to side pullups to standard pullups
- Hand stand walks with rotations
- High box jumps

Today is back day for me, which is one of my favorite lifts. A strong back can lead to serious gains in the gym. Here’s a glance at my back workout for tonight:
- Lat Pull Down: 12,10,8,8,6
Superset with Side Bends
- Seated Cable Row: 10,8,8
Superset with Leg Raises
- Machine High Row: 12,10,10,6
Superset with Machine Low Row
- Single Arm Row: 10,10,8
Superset with Chicken Wings
- Upright Row: 12,10,10
Superset with Inverted Row

Do you know your current body composition (fat to non-fat ratio)? Do you know your body type and how it might influence what forms of exercise your body will respond to most? Do you know where you currently stack up (fitness or body composition wise) compared to your age and gender? If you don’t know the answers to these questions then how can you set appropriate goals? Weight is relative. It doesn’t mean much without other data. You want to know how much of that weight is from fat vs lean muscle or other mass, and what a healthy percentage is for your age, gender, and body. The percentage of fat on your body is what can have heavy health implications. Once you have that information, you can set appropriate goals and then tailor your exercise and diet plan to the activities that will help your body composition the most. Getting information about your body composition isn’t difficult, many fitness centers and supplement stores will provide body composition tests for free. Make informed decisions about your health. There’s no need to guess.
Want to know more about how this all works? Head to and download my Exercise Guide!

When all other gyms are crowded on New Years, buy your own! Please don’t actually do that, but please do your research before choosing a gym or fitness program. If you’re choosing to buy a gym membership and workout on your own then you MUST have a plan developed ahead of time (to include specifics on the muscles your working on which days, exercises to perform, set and rep schemes, rest periods, etc.). If you don’t have a plan, then hop online and find one ( or get with a trainer to at least get you started. If your plan is to join a group fitness program, then make sure to identify the intention of the program up front and what exercise disciplines it covers. There are so many ineffective group fitness trends out there these days, it’s easy to get lost in a program that won’t actually help you. Do your research, ask questions, use free trials, make a plan, and if all else fails, ask your friend, ME. I’m happy to help! Now let’s crush those 2019 goals!

Here’s a leg scorcher that will leave you wobbling. Perform every exercise in the circuit back to back, and complete 5 full rounds:
- Heavy Goblet Squat to Bench x 10
- Bent Knee Bear Crawl (Back and Forth 12-15 ft) x 3
- Reverse Lunge x 6 per leg
- Goblet Side Lunge x 6 per leg
- Calf Raise on Bench x 20
Happy lifting!

It’s officially 2019! We all look forward to the new year. It’s another year for opportunity, another chance to improve yourself or your life, and a time to give back. As we look forward to the year many of us create goals and with that we create expectation that this year is going to be the year. Most new year goals however are dropped within weeks and never accomplished. In order to make it your year, you need to focus on taking action, not just setting goals. Your plan for making moves is more critical than the goals themselves. Goals can’t achieve themselves, and the only person who can change you or your surroundings is you. Focus on action. Focus on taking steps. What action are you taking in 2019 to make you better?

Can you guess what we’re up to next?? BIG things are coming! @trainwithjaime

For those of you starting to contemplate workout plans to get into, I urge you to start with the basics!
1. Understand the difference between cardio exercise and resistance training (or other anaerobic methods) and how they impact your body differently.
2. Identify your current fitness level and body composition (fat vs non-fat mass) so you have a baseline
3. Develop specific, measurable goals with milestones and timelines
4. Start with a workout plan that hits the fundamental motions.. your pushes, pulls and hinges (squat, overhead press, chest press, deadlift, lunge, rows, etc.).
5. Add variety and increased resistance or intensity once you’ve mastered the fundamental motions so you can keep your body challenged
With all of the crazy fitness fads, quick fixes, and jumbled information all over the internet, it’s hard to identify what actually works and how you should invest your time. I’m currently developing a guide to help with just that.. explaining how different exercise impacts your body and how to tailor your workouts to provide the best outcome. PLUS I provide a complete workout plan to get you started. Stay tuned or DM me for details.

Santa’s working on a new look this year. Health is all the craze, which is crazy, because it should have always been that way. Your life depends on your health. What’s more important than that? Happy, healthy holidays all!

Don’t underestimate the side jump game. These get the quads, calves and core screaming. Try something that takes 90%+ effort to hurdle over. Don’t cheat yourself. Let’s get it

What? The bag deserved it. Are you using the time off to reflect on you? Identifying what it is that you really want out of this life and putting together a plan to achieve it? Life is what you make of it. Now lets make something of it!

One of the most underrated accessories in the weight lifting arena are resistance bands. With resistance bands the tension changes through the motion as the band stretches, and that makes it easy to adjust positioning and work a different range of motion then when gravity sets in with free weights. I often use them before my lifts to open up the joints and get the muscles firing, as well as within my lifts. They’re not just a cheap tool to use when you don’t have access to a gym, they’re a great tool to use inside and outside of the gym.

Sometimes you have to go to the gym with the mindset of upping the intensity, throwing sh*t around, and pushing your limits. I love lifting big weights, but regardless of the exercise, nothing feels more empowering then knowing you went ALL out

In a comprehensive approach to fitness, you’d work on exercise, stretching/flexibility/mobility, rest, nutrition, and more. A lot of us forget those components outside of the exercise itself. Exercise (and our daily activities) can take a toll on our bodies. It’s important to identify and correct your imbalances, your stiff/tight areas, your pain areas before they create a problem. A big thanks to Dr. Hooman Hamidi @district_wellness for fixing me up today. If you’re in the DMV area, I would highly recommend. Cheers to healthy living!

Whenever I’m too sore from leg day, I just use my hands to walk instead 😎

I was so reluctant to get into wrestling, because I didn’t understand it at first. My big brother talked me into it, and I obliged. I had played just about every other sport growing up from soccer to football, and I was a pretty decent athlete. Nothing about wrestling was appealing to me. That first season hit me hard. It was the most grueling sport I’d ever encountered. I thought about not going back the following season, but during the off season I started to realize how much it had helped me grow. From discipline, to strength, to confidence, to camaraderie and so much more. There was even something in the pain and difficulty of the sport that was appealing. It was a big challenge, and that’s when I fell in love with challenging myself. That’s when I learned that I had to take action to learn, grow, and shape myself into what I wanted to be. I was lucky enough to walk on to the Virginia Tech wrestling team in 2006, and though my tenure was short, it’s one of my most proud accomplishments. This sport that I was so reluctant to get into, is what I can attribute many of my good qualities to today. This sport ultimately lead to my passion for fitness, nutrition, health and helping others better themselves, and I’ll never forget it.

They say life is about balance 😎

Made some renovations and enhancements to @e60fitness per my usual inability to sit still, and my constant mindset of always making things better.
- Punching bags are now mounted on the newly painted concrete
- 3 new sets of dumbbells were setup strategically so group classes have enough of the same weights in a close location
- Mirrors were added to the back wall so you can see your form fully
- Battle-rope stations were set up behind the rowers so we can do a full group on ropes!
If you haven’t yet, come by and see the place. Even if you don’t workout, it’s easy on the eyes. @ E60 Fitness - Arlington

Happy early #flexfriday No shame in a shirtless selfie when your proud of your accomplishments. Be healthy and happy, and go do you

Front squats are quickly taking over as my new favorite squat variation. They’ve helped me and a lot of clients get into a better squat position and carry out the mechanics of the squat better, leading to more effective muscle activation, reduction of pain in joints, and more. Remember it’s not just about doing something, but how you do it that matters.

Once you master a motion by itself, you have to add a new component, a greater challenge, a variation that makes your body work as hard as it did the first time you tried that motion. Here are some weighted dips, to increase the challenge factor

Not all workouts are created equally. Staying active is something every body needs, but the way you do it is what determines the impact to your body. What we’ve created at @e60fitness is an all-in-one workout that merges the best of several exercise disciplines into a comprehensive, well-rounded routine that covers all bases. We pack serious variety into the workout and change the exercises daily to keep your body challenged and prevent plateau. Exercise is not just about moving and sweating. It’s about so much more, and we’d be happy to teach you all about it.
Try a full week of free workouts at

The biggest meal of the year is over, and people are starting to think about diets and healthy new years resolutions. That means it’s the time of year when I (and other trainers) get bombarded with silly questions like “which diet should I do in the New Year?” and “how can I lose 20lbs in a month?”. My advice to all who are thinking about health is this: health is long term, and it requires a long term commitment.
Long term doesn’t mean is has to be a daunting, difficult endeavor. It means that you need to be thinking for the long term, for your life, not just for a short sprint. You should be identifying ways to incorporate healthy habits into your life, and/or reducing unhealthy habits.
From a food perspective, as opposed to identifying a fad diet, you should be identifying what foods in your current diet are unhealthy and should be reduced, or what foods you are not consuming that you should. You should be thinking about the volumes of food eaten at each meal, and whether or not you’re eating for fuel or just to eat. Eating for proper nutrient consumption is a great approach, and you’ll learn a lot about what you’ve been eating along the way, which can help inform future decisions.
From an exercise perspective, a similar thought process should be followed. Think about what types of activity you can/should incorporate into your life routine, not just a short-term push. Think about what day/times you can incorporate these activities with the least chance of you cancelling or neglecting them. Think about getting a partner to join you so you can keep accountability and have some fun in the process. Also think about what the most effective things are for your body and your lifestyle. We are not all equal, and all workouts will not work the same way on all bodies, just as diets don’t work the same way on all bodies. Identify a program with proven results, set some achievable goals, and track your progress.
Health is something all humans can relate on. You’re not alone in this challenge, and if you need some extra guidance, I’m here to help!

One of my favorite exercises is the barbell overhead press. It’s one of those exercises that gives a great pump and just feels good through the motion and afterwards. It’s very effective for building strength and size. I try to even out behind the neck vs in front, but take caution in the behind the neck work if your body isn’t used to it or if you have limited range in your shoulders. Happy lifting

Testing our creativity on some new functional circuits today. This wasn’t the prettiest, but I got it done!

This landmine row with the stacked grip is a great one for the back, but also activates the chest and shoulders on the descent for a nice all around upper body pump. Core and quads are activated to keep the body in position, so everything is fired up. Small tweaks can make a big difference. Happy lifting

It’s that time of year again. With the New Year rush of healthy resolutioners on the horizon, I’m upping the marketing for the best training facility in the VA/DC area E60 Fitness - Arlington
If you haven’t yet, now’s a great time to try our top-rated all-in-one workout for free, or get setup with dedicated personal training at

No matter what, I’m always looking up. There’s always something to climb, something to aspire to, something to grow into. I’ll never be content, and that doesn’t mean I’m not happy. My happiness comes from the growth process, the learning process, the putting in work and seeing results process. I’ll always aspire to be better, be stronger, be smarter, and have a greater impact. To me, that’s what this journey of life is about. #growth #alwaysimproving

Functional training is by far my favorite type of training. The explosiveness, the mobility, the strength, the power, and that endorphin rush are incredible. Beyond the enjoyment of it, it packs some serious benefits for your body and your performance. DM me for some great functional workouts that will improve your athletic ability and have you enjoying the gym again.
#functionaltraining #workoutmotivation

Working your muscles comprehensively and effectively is not all about the weight you’re using, but also the set structure, the rep scheme, the form, the variations, the exercise pairings, the order of exercises, the time between sets, the time between workouts, and so much more. That being said, sometimes you just want to push some weight! Lift smart my friends

Life goal = biceps as big as head 💪🏼 I still hear people talking about that window of time after their workout by which they need to take in protein or other nutrients. I’d urge that we all just use logic when deciding when to take in those nutrients. Just because the window could be up to 2 hours, does that mean you should take that chance/risk? Just because your body can go several days without water, would you do that? Whether its 1 min to 2 hours, take the safe approach and get nutrients in as soon as you can. Don’t fret about not getting them the minute after your workout, but do your best to take them in so you can secure that progress you just made in the gym. There’s no exact science. You just need to make smart decisions and do the best you can with the resources available. Cheers to healthy living my friends!

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