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Premiere Fitness Center and Performance Training Facility in Ashburn, VA. This gym was designed for function and is fully equipped. No contract memberships

Exclusive Functional Training Facility in Ashburn, VA offering:
- Open Access to state-of-the-art Cardio and Strength Equipment, as well as Custom-built Functional and Athletic Equipment
- Personal Training
- Small Group Training
- Team Athletic Training

Get to the gym and push today! Hold yourself accountable, focus on your goal, and make strides. The greatest thing about great health is that it’s unlimited. You don’t have to take away from someone else’s in order to have yours. In fact, it’s often contagious. Let’s work on great health today!

It’s upper body day! That means a focus on the chest, shoulders, back, bis and tris with a gut-busting, Calorie burning high-intensity workout. Come join classes tonight at 5:45pm and 7pm!
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There's No Such Thing As No Time To Workout | Commit To Yourself -

You get one life, why not live it to the fullest!? What you do in the gym enables you to do more in live. To live more, longer, healthier, happier. Make the commitment to yourself and let’s get moving!
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Working out CAN be fun, even for those who don’t enjoy working out. Grab a friend, coworker, or family member and make it a sweat social. The great thing about working out is that it’s something everybody needs to be doing, like drinking water, or brushing our teeth, so everyone can relate. Are you ready to enjoy doing the things your body needs most?
Grab a friend and sign up for a group training class or grab a FREE WEEK of gym access at

Discover A New You | Columbus Day Hours -

These ladies unleashed some energy last night in our small group Elevate 60 class by @e60fitness During the class they burned enough Calories to drink 11 glasses of wine (hopefully they didn’t), and then burned some more afterward as the class is designed to keep providing benefits long after it’s over. Come try it out for yourself! You’ve got nothing to lose, except maybe some pesky bodyfat.
Find out more about our fitness classes at

Did you guys know we have group training classes almost daily now? And not just any group training, we run @e60fitness top-rated workout that incorporates strength, cardio intervals, and functional movement into one well-rounded class.

Our class times are as follows:
- Mon: 5:30am | 6:30pm
- Tues: 5:30am
- Wed 5:30am | 5:45pm | 7:00pm
- Thurs: 5:30am
- Sat: 8:00am

Use code ‘TRIALCLASS’ to try your first session for just $10!

You won’t regret investing in your health!

With rainy humid weather, a nice air condition fitness center may be your best resort! Seriously though, this is the best time to get into the gym, focus on you, and make some changes. Let’s get motivated!
Redeem a free week of open gym at

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How well do you know your body? Did you know that bodyfat is a much better indicator of your physical health then weight or BMI? Bodyfat readings tell you how much of your body is currently made up of fat, vs how much is muscle mass, bone, water, etc. These are highly helpful, because you may be gaining weight on the scale but decreasing in bodyfat which leads to a much healthier body. Alternately you may have a low weight for your height and body type but have excess bodyfat. Here’s one of our great associates, Ricky helping people take their bodyfat readings.
Set up an appointment for a free bodyfat reading with us at Ashburn Fitness! DM or email @ Ashburn Fitness

The Bulldog 200: Stone Bridge reaches 200th win in record time

Congrats to Coach Thompson and SBHS! Not many fans left the stadium early, despite the lopsided score and the beckoning of the rest of their Friday night. As large as it was, almost the entire crowd

This morning’s free outdoor bootcamp was a success and we’re all setup for the Goose Creek Block Party today from 12p-2p!

There’s a ton of great activities going on at the great businesses of Goose Creek Village along with discounts, raffles, and giveaways so stop by today with the whole fam!

21020 Sycolin Rd Suite 115
Ashburn, VA @ Ashburn Fitness

Full house in our strength and performance area today for a big group training session. Working out is always better with a buddy (or more)! Contact us for group or personal training that is sure to help you on your journey to better health.

Ever wave your hand gently and feel your arm continuing waving? You may be in need of some extra tricep work. Good news is there are several ways to isolate the triceps (back part of the arms) to build solid muscle. Besides tricep pushdowns in the cables, and dumbbell extensions, one of our favorites is the overhead suspension strap tricep extension as it is easier on the joints and you can adjust the resistance on the fly just by re-positioning your feet. Stop by today and give these a try!
To train with a fitness expert, check out

Come Celebrate Goose Creek! New Tenants and More -

One of our favorite muscle groups to work with TRX / suspension straps is core. There are countless variations of great exercises using these straps that allow you to isolate core muscles that are hard to reach otherwise. Here are our top 3 core exercises with TRX:
- Plank Wide Leg Knee Tucks
- Leg Swings
- Pike Ups
Skip the situps and try these out today!
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Happy Monday #fitfam ! It’s another day to be great, so let’s start off the week right with an effective and comprehensive workout from yours truly. We’ve got class at 6:30pm tonight, and the workout of the day is posted! Go be your best self!
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These may look silly but these glute raises are no joke! Just with your own bodyweight you’d be surprised at the tension you feel in your hamstrings and glutes. It’s always a good day to work those legs!
Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Open Gym at

It’s THE WEEKEND! Gloomy weekends like this are a great time to get things done and work on improving you. There’s always time for an effective workout at Ashburn Fitness.
For the best in fitness, check out @ Ashburn Fitness

The best time to start on your health journey is now. Not before your next big life event, holiday, or trip. Health is on-going, it’s long term, and it’s more than just looking your best. You won’t regret getting in great shape and improving your quality of life. Talk to a fitness expert today!
For the best in fitness, head to or give is a call at 703-858-4410

Your health is your life, your longevity, your happiness. You use a professional (doctor) when your health isn’t well, why not use a fitness professional to get ahead of good health?
This is one journey you don’t have to do alone, and one that you can reap significant benefits from doing the right way.
It’s not all about how you look (though we all want a rocking bod), it’s your mental health, your strength, your energy, your ability to fight illness, your ability to keep up with your kids, your ability to perform and excel at work, your ability to perform and excel at life.
If you value your life, you should value your health. Let’s work on a healthier you today!
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Is it time to step up your core game? Our core is a critical component of our physical strength and performance; I mean, just its name “CORE” implies importance. Situps and crunches are great, but there’s so many more effective exercises to shred and strengthen that core. Let’s add some variety in!
Try our core class, or have one of our fitness experts write you up a game-changing plan. Find out more at

Everyday is another chance to get stronger, eat better, live healthier, and be the best version of you. You are in control, let’s do something today that your future self will thank you for.
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Set Your Weekly Workout Plan Now | Your Best Body -

When the weather’s nice, we take the workout outside! Check out all that new construction in the background. @goosecreekvillage is making some serious gains with new luxury apartments, storage, and of course more great retail coming soon!
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Exercise is about movement, about activity, about increasing your heart rate, about challenging the body, about performing motions that help your body function, learn and grow. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, or long, or involve heavy weights. There’s several forms of exercise, and we support them all. Exercise is for EVERYONE! Now let’s get out there and move today!
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Oh the split squat, one of our favorite leg day exercises. This motion is great because of it’s ability to work strength, balance, and mobility in a single exercise. Don’t let its friendly demeanor fool you, split squats are a scorcher! Grab a bench, grab some weights, and try them out today!
For the best in fitness, check out

This class crushed lower body day today, burning serious Calories and building lean muscle in the process. Whether it’s group training, personal training, or online training, come feel the impact of having a fitness expert help you on your journey!
Find out more about our services at

Don’t forget: Our newest class time of E60’s top rated class, Elevate 60, is tonight (Monday’s) at 6:30pm with Sidney!

Enroll at
Or give us a call at 703-858-4410

Take your first class for just $10 using code TRIALCLASS at checkout!

Additional Class Times | Budget Friendly Body Transformation -

Strength and performance area was lit tonight! We had small group training, couples training and open gym rocking the house and working on lean muscle. Come by and check out the AF difference!

We’re not the gym that wants you to pay for a membership you’ll never use. We’re the kind of gym that encourages you to workout, enables you to workout more effectively, and supports your goals. That’s why we don’t sell you on unnecessary amenities, or pack our gym with isolated machines you won’t use. Our equipment encourages functional movement. We have resources online and within our facility to help you with your workout programming, your form, and more! Come experience the difference with a full week on us.

Dumbbell swings are a game-changing exercise. These provide a great pull on the hamstrings and glutes, are great for hip mobility, AND they’re fun to perform. Focus on the thrust of the hips, keeping your back in line, and letting the weight swing up based on momentum.
Find out more from the best in fitness at

[08/14/18]   Try the Top-Rated Elevate 60 Class for just $10

Have you considered working with a fitness professional? Exercise and nutrition are such a hugely critical component of your health, isn’t your life and wellbeing worth investing in?
At AF, we have training options for every budget covering workout programming to individual personal training sessions with an expert AND we only take on clients we know we can help!
DM, call or email for info and pricing.

Clean and mean, come let out some steam! 👈 Doug’s Dr.Seuss line of the day. Tell us you don’t want to put on some gloves and go HAM on these bags!

This happy #fitfam (Mother, Father, and Son) crushed their group workout together with strength, intensity, and encouragement. Talk about family bonding time!
Sign up for group training at @ Ashburn, Virginia

The work you put in when no one is watching is what matters; that’s self-discipline. Know what you want to achieve, set goals, and put in the work no matter what. There’s plenty of reasons to not do something, find the reasons to do something. Now let’s get active!

Happy Saturday All! Start this weekend with some healthy habits and you’ll feel better about those indulgences later. Every human body needs activity and nutrients!

Core crawls! The core (abdomen and lower back) is an essential part of the body and is activated in so many motions. We must not neglect it, we must respect it!

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21020 Sycolin Rd. Suite 120
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 05:30 - 22:00
Tuesday 05:30 - 22:00
Wednesday 05:30 - 22:00
Thursday 05:30 - 22:00
Friday 05:30 - 21:00
Saturday 07:00 - 19:00
Sunday 07:00 - 19:00
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