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TopKick Martial Arts Ashburn - Broadlands


Thank you Instructor Jeremy for leading another great graduation.
Thank you so much for an amazing and strong semester. Sam and we are incredibly grateful for the hard work the instructors Jeremy, Karen, and Jenny have poured into the students.
Here's hoping everyone is back at the dojang soon!
Thank you, Miss Karen for the 1:1 with Sam today!
Instructor Jeremy - Sam REALLY wanted to show you “Sport”, the pit bull/mix we literally got 18 hours ago. Thanks for the great workout challenge today during class!
Jeremy Bordelon - you’ve created a monster... in the best way. 😀
Happy Holidays to y’all! Grateful for all what you do.
Great summer camp! Kids love all the fun activities and it keeps them so active.
Amazing administration and we love topkick !!
My son and I both learn amazing skills, get a great workout in, and spend quality, healthy time together. The instructors and staff are like family to us!
My son, Ian, has been coming for a month now. He has gained a tremendous amount of confidence and focus, due to the wonderful instructors. He loves attending classes, and is always excited to go back. We highly recommend TopKick Martial Arts in Broadlands!
What an amazing Black Belt test today...exhausted and happy, Master and Student...

Fun and Family Friendly Martial Arts School where we Empower our Members Human Potential in our Martial Arts Classes, Camps, and Afterschool Program!

The key in choosing a martial arts school is finding one that can motivate students to actually stick with it—martial arts are not quick or easy. We believe that convenience, professionalism, flexibility of memberships, proven curriculum, and atmosphere are crucial elements in supplying this motivation. The most difficult thing when getting started in martial arts is taking the first step. We’ve worked to make this incredibly easy and very educational. Many schools will offer a free class or two, perhaps a free week and then expect you to sign up for a lengthy membership. We don’t believe that is enough time to get to know a school, the instructors, and staff. We’ve discovered that at least a month of trial time offers the perfect amount of time. Our EasyTrial offers the perfect no-obligation way to try TopKick—we’ll work with you to identify good days and times from our convenient class schedule. On average we tend to offer many more class times than other schools. We focus heavily on our scheduling and work to supply convenient options while still maintaining a productive instructional environment. We’ve also tried to make our membership options equally convenient. While many schools offer only long-term annual memberships TopKick offers both annual (which offer savings) and month-to-month options that allow you to cancel at any time—we believe that much in our programs. Our core offerings of traditional Taekwondo classes for adults, families, and children are goal oriented and motivational. We offer classes Monday through Saturday from early day to late evening that are typically about 50 minutes long. Join us for classes and discover the benefits of study with TopKick. In addition to our traditional Taekwondo programs we have developed specialized, martial art based, youth programs for our younger students. Programs such as our A+ AfterSchool program and SummerCamp program offer members a constructive option for children. It’s our members who often tell us that, among other things, the atmosphere at TopKick distinguishes us from others. We believe in supplying members a professional, inviting, and family oriented atmosphere—a place where students and families feel at home. Although we honor martial art traditions that go back centuries, we are dynamic and constantly seek new and innovative ways to teach and service our members.

Operating as usual

[02/19/21]   ANNOUNCEMENT: TopKick's Distance Learning/After School Camp is CLOSED today 2/19 due to weather. We will let you know ASAP about our evening traditional classes. Stay Safe!

[02/18/21]   ANNOUNCEMENT: TopKick's Distance Learning/After School Program is CLOSED Due to the Weather! All Virtual Classes will still be held tonight! Stay safe!

LCPS CLOSED! Snow camp available today from 10:00am to 6:00pm. register here: Free for after school students. Enter code: afterschool

$20 for family and friends!

Drive safe!

SNOW DAY CAMP available today 2/2/21 from 10am to 6pm. Register at $20 for families and friends! Free for After School/Distance Learning Camp members with code: afterschool. Thanks and stay safe and warm!

TopKick's Distance Learning/After School Program will be CLOSED tomorrow due to inclement weather 2/1/21. Our virtual classes will still be held. Thanks and stay safe!

Opening this weekend, Downtown Leesburg's newest coffee shop Goosecup! Bring the family for a warm beverage during these cold winter months!

After years of planning, we look forward to welcoming you to Goosecup this weekend.

We won’t be perfect (no one is), but we can assure you of one thing — you’ll always feel welcome here.

We look forward to having you with us on this journey.

Summer Camp 2021 Sale going on Now! Only $199 per week! The 3 day sale ends tomorrow. We are so excited for 2021 Summer Camp. VERY LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE. for more info.

Snow Day Camp - 12/17/20

SNOW DAY CAMP! 12/17/20
9am to 6pm. FREE for all distance learning camp and after school program members!
register here:

Be ready for some fun! This EVENT is FREE for After School Students.  Use Discount Code: 

[12/16/20]   DISTANCE LEARNING CAMP is CLOSED due to the incoming weather. We follow the same closing policy as LCPS. We will let everyone know about evening classes! Stay Safe!

Join us for an awesome themed WINTER BREAK CAMP!

Try a day for FREE! Enter code: "newcamper" at checkout

Themed with all your child's favorite games: Among Us, Roblox, Minecraft, Mario and more! to register!

DECEMBER 23, 28, 29 & 30

Cool Scavenger hunt being put on by our friends at Eat the Frog Fitness!

#LoCoStrongerTogether Scavenger Hunt Business Spotlight 🤩

Over the next 20 days we have an incredible Scavenger Hunt going on that starts here at Eat The Frog Fitness Broadlands and takes you to 20 other amazing Loudoun County businesses with killer deals! Check out our first two businesses we are highlighting that are a part of the Scavenger Hunt ⬇️
1️⃣: At TopKick Martial Arts Ashburn - Broadlands you will receive a voucher for either: 1. A free month trial, worth $120, of virtual or in-school martial arts or 2. Two free weeks of our distance learning camp/after school program, worth $600. Uniform included!
2️⃣: Blend Coffee Bar is giving every scavenger hunt participant 100 loyalty points (worth $5 off their next purchase) with any purchase! AND every 10th participant will win a FREE Blend Branded water bottle!!!

We are grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing businesses and we cannot wait to share more! Now come on in and get started with the #LoCoStrongerTogether Scavenger Hunt 🎉

Distance Learning Camp


We've got over a month of Distance Learning Camps at TopKick under our belts, and the time has been full of learning new things, playing together, and supporting one another through this school year!

If you or someone you know could benefit from some virtual learning help, check us out.

We have a FREE WEEK TRIAL so you can see how it works for you and your family.

We are so excited to see your faces IN PERSON at our Halloween Event being held at Legacy Park on 10/24! Register here:

Hello members! Here is our most updated class schedule. Register for class at or via the TopKick App in the "class schedule" section! See you on the mats!

Look who stopped by to say Hi today! Great to see you Ms. Karen!

Distance learning camp was smooth on day 1 and the kids are having a blast on day 2 as well! If you need assistance, we can help!

NEW SCHEDULE! Starts 9/8/2020!

TOPKICK CLOSED MONDAY 9/7/2020 for Labor Day! to schedule your classes. Or you can register via the TopKick App

Farewell from Miss Karen:

Students and families, it has been an amazing 13 years of working with you.
Friday, September 4th will be my final day with TopKick
I've had the pleasure of watching many children persevere and
reach their goals in Tae Kwon Do all while having fun!
I was so proud of every adult that decided to join their child on the mats!
Wonderful memories from
Graduations, Black Belt tests, Ninja Nights, Holiday Potlucks,
Field trips and chit chats
I will cherish.

Connecting with families was one of my favorite parts of my job.
I learned so much from all of you in being the big TopKick community we are.
I learned that a great place can bring together great people.
As I move on I know my years of serving you all will help me greatly.
Thank you for letting me be part of your lives.

Wishing everyone safety and good health.

This isn't goodbye, it's 'until next time'.

With Love and Gratitude,
Miss Karen


We are so sad to announce that Ms. Karen will be moving on from TopKick Broadlands in the next couple weeks. Ms. Karen will be moving on to pursue other dreams and goals and she will be missed dearly. She was a GIANT part of all the success we have had here at TopKick and we would like to emphasize all of the amazing things she has contributed to our community over the years. While we are very sad to see her leave us, we are excited for her future, and thankful for all she has done for us!

If you know Ms. Karen, you know she always has a smile on her face and was always willing to help whenever anyone needed it. It was because of her generous attitude and kind nature that she was able to excel at her job… working her way from a teenage gold stripe student helping after school when she could - to a full time, confident, 2nd Degree Black Belt Manager of a successful Martial Arts school. She is an amazing team member who gave us an incredible 13 years of her dedication to help build us into the business we are today. On top of that, she is a great friend who is extraordinarily smart and kind. She loves TopKick and it shows in her work. I know she will miss all the friends she has made over the years in the students and family members. Please be sure to drop her a message at [email protected] to tell her how much you appreciate her! You can also feel free to leave a comment on this post. If you’d like to swing by to say goodbye, I’m sure she would love that as well. Her final day with us will be September 7th.

Thanks for everything you’ve done Ms. Karen, and best of luck to you in all your future endeavors. Please never forget us, and come back and visit whenever you can! You always have a home here at TopKick!

The TKBL Team
Karen Michelle Chavez Jeremy Bordelon Kevin Wilson Jenny Scheer Jasmine Ogletree Sophya Hargenrater Kevin Cassidy

Bitter sweet! Wishing Miss Sophya and Miss Katya good luck at Virginia Tech! Go Hokies!

Thank you for all the great years here at TopKick! We will miss you! TK BL team forever!

This isn’t “good bye”! This is “until next time”!
💗❤️ 🥳🎊🥋🥋

Please help us in wishing Instructor Jeremy Bordelon a very happy birthday! You continue to adapt and improve. Your hard work is inspiring! Make it an amazing year ahead sir!

With LCPS' decision to begin the school year with 100% Distanced Learning, we want to continue supporting you whether you need assistance virtually or in-person. Our goal is to partner with families to provide the best possible experience no matter the circumstance.
Our school care camps have the following enrollment options:
-Half Day Camp AM Session 7:30am-1:00pm (available 1 to 5 days per week): for families who need care and extra assistance with distanced learning. Our team will facilitate distanced learning and provide a lunch time and recess break at TopKick.
-Half Day Camp PM Session 1:00pm-6:00pm (available 1 to 5 days per week): for families looking for physical exercise, safe small group interactions and fun! Our team will run a martial arts class, physical games and crafts.
-Distanced Learning Full Day Camp 7:30am-6:00pm (available 1 to 5 days per week): for families who need care full day care. Our day will begin with distanced learning and end with exercise and physical games and crafts with friends.
For more information and to register, visit

First Time in Camp or After School? Use discount code "firsttime" at checkout.

It was a hot week but we had a ton of fun at TopKick Summer Camp! #chefweek #safedistance and local parks!

It’s Give Back week! Our campers wanted to give back to the animals by building them a shelter out of sticks they found lying around! 🌿🐿

All of our creative artists made the first week of summer camp a blast! 🎨

Phase 2 re-opening starts 6/22! Please see our schedule and Register for your classes at In-School Classes available, Virtual Classes still available as well! Questions? Give us a call at 703-723-5425

Jeremy Bordelon Karen Michelle Chavez Jenny Scheer

Our Summer Campers are loving being back at TopKick and doing what they love with friends!

Please help us wish Ms. Karen Michelle Chavez a very happy birthday! We appreciate you so much! Be sure to wish her the best today! Have an amazing year!

It is so great to have the kids smiling faces back in our facility! Social Distancing can still be fun!! Jenny Scheer Karen Michelle Chavez Sophya Hargenrater Jeremy Bordelon

Happy Birthday Instructor Kevin Wilson!!! Make it a great year ahead and hope you have an AMAZING birthday!!!

Our team is super excited to be opening our doors again, even if it is only for a limited amount of summer campers! We are preparing and making sure our facility is super clean and safe for our members when we open for camps on June 1! Jeremy Bordelon Karen Michelle Chavez Jenny Scheer Kevin Wilson

Very cool! Jeremy Bordelon Karen Michelle Chavez Jenny Scheer Minh Wilson

"We own the TopKick Martial Arts located in Broadlands, VA and are co-owners of the InCourage Martial Arts locations in Ashburn, Lansdowne and Purcellville.

Before Covid-19 hit we ran an afterschool program, summer camps and martial arts classes. We are missing the smiling faces of our students and families that use to fill our facility daily.

The outpouring of love and support from our community has kept us in business and allowed us to continue supporting our full time team members. There are no adequate words to express our thanks and gratitude to our wonderful members. We are here and we are still kicking because of them.

All of our programs are now offered virtually. It has been such a bright light for us to be able to stay connected with our students and families over live zoom classes, private 1on1 lessons and daily educational, fun group lessons.

In the midst of everything, we are trying to keep as much "normalcy" as possible for our students. All students are still able to test for their progress tips and even advance to their next belt level. We just hosted a virtual forms tournament and are launching our virtual birthday parties.

Our goal is to provide families with as many tools as we can to keep kids happy, healthy and socially interacting!"
-Kevin and Minh Wilson, Owners of TopKick Martial Arts Ashburn - Broadlands and InCourage Martial Arts Ashburn

Please visit to see the profiles of local business owners and to share your story. #loudounstrong #loudouncounty #loudounbiz #loveloudoun #takeloudounhome

So excited about our first belt pick up for our virtual program! Happening from 12:00-2:00 today! Great work everyone! Karen Michelle Chavez Jenny Scheer Jeremy Bordelon Kevin Wilson

Attention Students and families!

We have extended the turn in date for our!

TopKick Virtue Projects: Self Discipline Journals!

Now giving everyone until Friday May 15th. 😎🤩✨

Email them to [email protected] by 8:30pm 5/15/2020


In addition to the all location classes, we will be hosting Broadlands only belt specific live classes with Instructor Jeremy and Ms Karen!

We look forward to running more intimate, personalized, interactive classes for our TopKick Broadlands family.

Easily access all our live class links and 1on1 scheduling through our TopKick app (code 7037235425) or go to this link

Be sure to join our private facebook group for the most up to date information:

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Ashburn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Distance Learning Camp
Stick Drop Race Game
Upper Body workout!
Lower Body home workout




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