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Native Barre is the fastest way to change the shape of your body. Using a mix of isometric movements and lateral holds, this method tones beautiful bodies. 03/09/2018

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Buti Yoga tonight at 6:30PM at our 8 Jay Street studio. Come move and groove with Angela!


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Thank you Bob for this amazing article!! You are an inspiration and we are ever grateful for your support. You are a true warrior!! Xx

A Guy Walks into a Barre

Fitness has been a very important goal in my life. I have vowed to always be able to see my belt buckle. Sounds pretty silly, but it’s a real motivator. I started lifting weights when I was 13 and have never looked back. That’s not to say that I have been diligently follow a fitness program since then. Been a bit all over the fitness map. Some of my favorites forms of exercise have been walking, weight lifting, light trail running, yoga, pilates and inclined treadmill work. As I grow older, joints aren’t want they used to be, knees have taken a beating and the old SI joint speaks up every now and then. Did the gym thing for awhile and was fairly happy. Some of my favorites were the battle ropes and the inclined treadmill. They were killers but were what I needed.
My mother was a yoga practitioner and had always encouraged me to give it a try. The nicest part of practice was that it was just and always will be a practice. No perfection necessary. And there was no need to compare myself to others. Too many times in the gym, I found myself looking at others and being frustrated because I could not do what they were doing. Things like hard core lunges, heavy weight work and some serious running. I found a yoga studio and began my practice. I began to discover flexibility, patience and a real peace of mind. Some of the poses were and are tough but I hung in and found a certain sense of happiness. Hell, I actually was able to do a headstand. Gotta love inversions. Life throws you curves and I was the recipient. My yoga teacher and dear friend was relocating. Yikes, what next.
A friend recommended a program called Native Barre. After hearing what it is all about, I figured why not. Here is where my love affair with this program began. I am open minded and willing to try anything. My first class was on a Saturday morning at 8:30. Here is where I met the founder of the program and owner of the studio, Bridget Chase Wilson. She is one of the most amazing people and extremely inspirational. As part of the program involves actual use of a ballet barre, often times you are given the option of using a bolster rather than the barre (less height). I think my yoga work allowed me to put my leg up on the barre. Yay!
This is a 75 minute class that works all muscle groups in a certain sequence. Stretching is a major focus. I can’t say enough positive things about Bridget. She motivated you to dig deep, hang in and find that inner strength to push through twitching muscles, lactic acid buildup, and the mind telling you to hang it up. She incorporates an awesome playlist of music that you can focus on and help you push through. For me, I will always hear Flo’Rida and the song “Who’s With Me” when I do pushups. The music works. It helps me to focus on the tunes rather than when my muscles start to shake and lactic acid makes it appearance, and I am able to keep at the exercise. Pretty cool. I also am truly amazed that so much can be accomplished with wait for it…3 to 5 pound weights. In a few of the classes, I have been put to the test using 5 pound weights. Mission accomplished.
Now here is the wrinkle in all of this. I am probably one of a handful of guys who are all about the Barre. I have no problem being in the minority. In some classes, I am the only male. I have seen guys give it a try and then disappear. My response to the guys is to give it a chance beyond one class. This workout leaves me feeling energized, happy and at peace with myself. Pretty damn cool. And beyond the endorphins, is the spiritual rush.
Now, a few words about the ladies of Native Barre. Bridget is a technician who keeps us in the real. Some of her wisdom…if you hate it, then its not gonna work but if you love it good things will happen. This is one that really hit home, “Stretching is not pulling, rather it is unwinding”. I liken it to a basket of knotted ropes. Her energy is amazing, uncompromising and inspirational. I am so blessed for walking into the studio that Saturday. Maureen is amazing. When I was attempting plank, she came by and said “I know you are stronger than that”, and adjusted my position slightly thereby making the exercise really count. Karen seeks for those of us in class to remember to have fun. This shouldn’t be punishment. Class is full of joy and giggles and for that I am forever grateful. Audra pushes us to reach just a little further. She is a joy. I hope soon to take classes from the other wonderful ladies. Each and every one of you rock it.
As a male, I am totally over the moon with Native Barre. At my age (63), I am looking for long, lean muscles rather than bulk, for a strong posture, and continued flexibility. I have no problems heading into the studio and being the only male. For me this program delivers everything that I am looking for. I consider myself blessed that I have met Bridget and become a true devotee to Native Barre. I have goals in the program. One is to do a headstand again, a split stretch (to the best of my ability) and get my foot a touch further up the mirror.
To all that seek a fitness program that gives you an incredible workout and some fabulous body stretches, please come and meet me at the Barre. You will not regret it. And remember, a guy walks into a Barre…




43003 Waxpool Rd.
Ashburn, VA

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