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[03/13/17]   A note about ball position – A very important pre-shot fundamental.

Ball position depends on the club you are using and the way in which you are swinging on a given day. You may have to adjust your position on a given day when you are not as flexible with your body turn. The following are guidelines for ball position:

1. In the middle of your stance for wedges and 9-7 iron.
2. One ball forward of mid-stance for 6 iron through hybrids.
3. Two balls forward of mid-stance for fairway woods/metals.
4. Driver is just off the heel of the front foot.
5. The longer the club, the further up in your stance the ball is positioned.


Chair Drill for Turn

Here in northern Virginia we are getting a snowstorm in the next couple of days. This is a great time to practice indoor golf drills!

This drill is appropriate for all levels


Business Card Drill

This is a great drill to reinforce club head lag with the irons.

This drill is appropriate for intermediate to advanced levels


Step Drill

I am posting some of my golf drills that should assist you in preparing for the upcoming golf season. 03/11/2017

Swing Under Your Head to Stop Going Over the Top

A good drill for those players who tend to have an "over the top" move on the downswing. Karen Palacios-Jansen, National Vice President of the LPGA T&CP has a quick drill to help you with the common swing fault known as 'coming over the top'.


Deb Vangellow Golf

Big changes coming to the Rules of Golf in 2019, if proposed changes are implemented.

Good! 04/28/2016

Tombs: Improve your driver swing | Golf Channel 2014 LPGA Teacher of the Year Tina Tombs reveals how to improve your angle of attack and increase center face hits with the driver. 04/26/2016

Are You Playing Golf Swing Or Playing Golf?

Great A question students often ask teachers is "Why do I hit the ball better on the range than on the golf course? Why can't I bring my swing to the course?"

[02/21/16]   I am very excited that in April and May, I will be serving as an instructor in a PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere ) program, which is the first ever golf instructional program in the US run by PGA Hope, where female only veterans are taught by only female PGA and LPGA members.

[11/18/15]   Check out the link below. Recently spent some time in Asheville, North Carolina. Found a great place to stay! 09/22/2015

Sean Foley: It's Your Turn

Just had to share this even though most of "my friends" are not true that taking a big backswing isn't a key to hitting the ball far. Your energy should go TOWARD the target! You'll hit the ball better with a shorter backswing.


Step Drill

This drill will help in the proper sequencing of your golf swing! Spring weather will be here soon! 03/15/2015

Cathy Jones Golf

The golf season is now upon us, finally! If you are looking for some drills to get "In the Swing", go to I now have video drills in my Student Resources section. Welcome to the Cathy Jones Golf website. I am an LPGA Teaching Professional at the Steve WenPetren Golf Academy, Brambleton Golf Course in Ashburn, VA. Whether you are an adult, child, junior, or senior, I am here to serve you. Golf is the sport for a lifetime. People play golf for a variety of reas…

[03/15/15]   IF you're looking for good courses in Myrtle Beach, Grand Dunes is beautiful and challenging! Nothing compares to Caledonia in the Pawleys Island area. It's a bit pricey, but worth every penny. 02/28/2015

Cathy Jones Golf

New in 2015: Blending Golf and Work...A Golf Networking Class for Women

This small-group class consists of 8-60 minute lessons designed specifically for women who are new to golf and want to learn the game primarily for networking in their jobs. Students will learn the fundamentals of golf, along with putting, short game, and the full swing. Basic rules, etiquette, golf terminology, equipment, and attire will also be covered. This class will also include one lesson of on-course instruction. The goals of this class include not only learning the basics of golf, but how to use it as a networking tool to further your career. Whether you are seeking to relate better to your peers and supervisors, or discuss business with clients, having a working knowledge of the game of golf can be a valuable asset to anyone in business or government. Class maximum is 6 students.

Go to for more information on this new class! Welcome to the Cathy Jones Golf website. I am an LPGA Teaching Professional at the Steve WenPetren Golf Academy, Brambleton Golf Course in Ashburn, VA. Whether you are an adult, child, junior, or senior, I am here to serve you. Golf is the sport for a lifetime. People play golf for a variety of reas…

[02/11/14]   Played golf 4 times in a week when it was in the 40's with no wind. It was really pretty comfortable. You would be surprised! Of course, this was about 6 weeks ago, just before we got 7 inches of snow. Now, we will be hit with another storm tomorrow. Are you yearning for the golf course, like I am!!!!!

[08/19/13]   After following the Solheim Cup today and watching the end on tv, I have to say it was great watching the camaraderie of both teams. Watching the Euros celebrate was really fun. They deserved it. They played better. They are all such great competitors on both sides, and when young girls watch great female competitors like this, hopefully, it will make them want to try this great game of golf!


2013 LPGA Brand Campaign "See Why It's Different Out Here"

[12/28/12]   I hope everyone had a good Christmas, not measured by the material things, but the spirituality of the season.

No golf today....too cold and some snow coming.

Thought for the day....." Focus on your target, not the ball. Your energy and visualization should be going toward the target."


New and improved website for

New and improved website for

[12/07/12]   Played golf today at Brambleton by myself. Great time to practice! I like walking when it's colder. Love getting the exercise and my tempo is better. It sure beats shopping!!!

[12/01/12]   Playing Golf in the Cold Weather: For those of us die-hard winter golfers, a couple things to remember.

1.The night before you play, keep a few golf balls in the house to warm up. Also, switch out your ball on alternate holes and leave the othe ball in a warm pocket.

2. Take more club for a given shot as the air is heavier in the cold so the ball will not go as far.

Happy Golfing!

[11/28/12]   Well, since I can't play golf today because it is too cold/windy I will have to tell a golf joke: My husband says if I don't give up golf he'll leave me. That's bad luck. I'm really going to miss him.

[11/27/12]   Offering Holiday Discount Specials. Contact me for more information.

[11/27/12]   Played Brambleton Golf Course today. What a gorgeous day!




42180 Ryan Rd
Ashburn, VA
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